Take the kids to Qingdao, so that playing is both fun and rewarding!

Qingdao has a pleasant sea breeze and beautiful scenery, which is a popular destination for domestic family and children. However, it is a headache for many parents to go out to play. It is necessary to know that the things that children are interested in are not the same as adults. Then, how to play with children in Qingdao can make children happy and able to have some Harvest, this guide will tell you the answer.
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Where do you live with your children?

A major problem with traveling with a baby is the accommodation problem. The accommodation is not good. The rest of the day will be ruined. Therefore, choosing a suitable hotel is the basis for traveling with the baby. You can choose the kind of special parent-child hotel. This hotel is specially designed for parents who have a baby. In addition to the double bed for adults, it is usually equipped with a small bed for children to sleep, and some also have In the game area, the carpet is laid out in the corner of the room, and the toys are ready, which is very suitable for families with children.

Where do you go with your child?

1. Crabs on the side of the trestle

Catch crabs on the trestle

The Trestle Bridge is one of Qingdao's landmarks and is of course the first in Qingdao's must-have card. At the end of the trestle is the Huige Pavilion. It is said that the logo of Tsingtao Brewery is based on this building. Huihui Pavilion can enter the tour, but it is necessary to collect tickets, which are some paintings and old things about Qingdao, and the children may feel bored. But the reef on the side of the trestle is definitely a paradise for children. The rise and fall of the sea leaves many small puddles on this reef. The children look for small shrimps and small crabs in the puddles, and many stick to the reefs. The oysters on the oysters can be smashed down with a hand, very interesting, and the children will be very happy.
Transportation: Bus No. 2, 5, 6, 8, 8, 25, 217, 220, 223, 225, 301, 304, 305, 307, 308, 311 Road, 312 Road, 316 Road, 320 Road, 321 Road, 325 Road, 412 Road, 501 Road, Tunnel 2 Road, Tunnel 3 Road, Tunnel 6 Road can all be reached.
Opening hours: all day


Qingdao's earliest military-only artificial dock is Qingdao's landmark building and famous scenic spots. · The octagonal building inside the southern end of the breakwater is called the "Return Pavilion." With this in mind, you can enjoy the shocking scene of one of the ten scenic spots in Qingdao. · The north side of the coast is known as the "Trestle Park". The garden is lush and lush, with stone chairs for visitors to relax and enjoy the sea and sky scenery. Tips · There are a lot of tourists on the trestle, especially for various holidays. You need to pay attention to safety while walking on the trestle, and keep your belongings. · Huiyi Pavilion is currently only open to the first floor. The maximum daily carrying capacity of the first floor visitors is 40 people. You can get a tour card at the entrance for free, and you can enter the pavilion for free.

2. May Fourth Square feeding seagulls

Feeding seagulls at the May Fourth Square

Everyone knows that Qingdao is a summer resort, but Qingdao in winter also has a unique scene. From November to February of the following year, hundreds of thousands of seagulls come to Qingdao to winter, and these seagulls are not afraid of people, they can be close Contact with people. To say the best place to see the seagull, then I think it must be the May Fourth Square. On the other side of the May Fourth Square, a large number of seagulls were gathered. The dam on the beach was just the height of the seagulls. You can buy a bag of chopped taro pieces for a dollar, and the seagull will be taken directly from your hand when you put the taro block in your hand. Putting the taro block on your head will also attract the naughty seagull to stay. Let the child get in close contact with the seagulls, and this opportunity can also educate the children how to protect the animals.
Transportation: Bus No. 317, 601, City Sightseeing Line 1, Metropolitan Sightseeing Line 3, get off at the “May 4th Square” stop.
Opening hours: all day

Qingdao Wusi Square

· May Fourth Square is named after the “May 4th Movement” and is the most iconic central square in Qingdao. Compared with the Music Square, there are more tourists here. · The sculpture in the middle of the square, shaped like a spiral of red fire, is called “The Wind of May”, which shows the solemn, solid and vigorous patriotic feelings. · The square is centered on the “May of the Wind” and extends westward. There is a romantic European-style music plaza, and the east is connected to the Olympic regatta.

3. The second bath is to dig sand

Take the kids to dig the sand together

The second beach is also known as the "Taiping Point Beach", which is located in the Badaguan Scenic Area. The second bath is different from other beaches in Qingdao. Tickets are for two yuan, and the management is relatively complete. The second beach is the cleanest bathing beach in downtown Qingdao. The beach is very good, the sand is soft, and the bare feet are very comfortable. It is best for children to dig sand and pile sand castles. With a shovel and a keg, the bear child can definitely have fun playing for an afternoon.
Transportation: Take bus 26, 31, 202, 206, 223, 228, 231, 304, 311, 312, 316, 317, 321, 370, 501, 604, 605, get off at Wushengguan Road Station, then Walk to the second bathing beach
opening hours: all day

Take the child to the sun on the beach, even if there is no sun, you must apply sunscreen.

Second bathing beach

· The second bathing beach is also called “Taiping Point Beach”, a beach bath adjacent to the Badaguan villa area, which is smaller than the first bathing beach. · Summer is a dedicated bath in the interior, closed management, free access in other seasons. · The beach is soft and small, and many people often sunbathe on the beach during holidays.

4. Acquire knowledge in the aquarium

Embarrassing sea animals

Since you are in Qingdao, you must take your children to the aquarium. There are two large-scale aquariums in Qingdao, one is Qingdao's old underwater world, and the other is the newly rising Haichang Polar Aquarium.
The underwater world is currently the largest marine museum with the largest variety of marine animals in China. There are various rare fish species such as colorful fish and luminous fish. Moreover, there is a submarine tunnel in the underwater world where you can see super-multi-ocean animals. Various fish, sea turtles and the like have been seen from the top of the head, very dreamy, children will definitely like it.
If you like watching the beluga dolphins, you can go to Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean World. In the Dolphin Performance Hall, Ocean Polar Museum, Ocean Science Museum, and Joy Theater, you can watch the performances of polar bears, dolphins, penguins, seals and other animals. If you are lucky enough, you can also interact with the beluga at close range. When I was young, I was interacted with the beluga, I touched the fins of the beluga, and let the beluga gently rubbed my cheek. Definitely remember the unique experience of a lifetime!
Submarine World Transportation: Bus No. 26, 202, 214, 223, 311, 231, get off at Lu Xun Park Station.
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00
Polar Ocean Pavilion Transportation: Take the No.11, 317, and 102 cars and get off at Qingdao Polar Ocean World Station. Take Bus No. 222, No. 225, No. 232 to Haiyou Road Station. It is 100 meters eastbound; take bus No. 104, No. 110, No. 125, No. 301, No. 304, No. 321 , No. 361, No. 501 and get off at Wangjia Maidao Station 200 meters south.
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

Qingdao Polar Ocean World

As the name suggests, there are beetles, dolphins, sea lions, walruses and other polar animals and marine animals performing on the same stage. Not only are the quiet worlds where some whales dance, but also the unprecedented events of small animals participating in the Olympic warm-up match, here is the world. The largest polar ocean theater. It is mainly composed of six major functional areas, such as Polar Ocean Animal Museum, Marine Science and Technology Museum, Bar Leisure Food Street, Seaview Commercial Street, Four-Star Seaview Hotel and Fisherman's Wharf.

5. Fangte Kingdom

I believe that there should be no children who don't like amusement parks. Bringing children to Qingdao Fangte can definitely make children go to the sky. Different from foreign amusement park brands such as Disney and Universal Studios, Fangte Kingdom is more rich in Chinese characteristics. Qingdao Fangte is also equipped with projects full of local characteristics. For example, “Lushan Taoist” uses a series of high-tech special effects. The legend of the local Lushan Taoist in Qingdao, the children will be interested. In addition, Qingdao Fangte also has a number of parent-child projects, life light, children's dreams, etc., entertainment and knowledge are very strong, very suitable for parents and children to experience together.
Transportation: Bus from the Quartet long-distance station take the 765 road to the Fantasy Kingdom of Dreams; drive away from the Jiaozhou Bay Expressway to Red Island and then to the Fantasy Kingdom.
Opening hours: 9:30-17:30

Qingdao Fangte is located in Chengyang District, a little distance from the urban area. If you bring children, it is recommended to drive by car or charter.

Qingdao Fangte Dream Kingdom

This theme park has high-tech large-scale amusement equipment. The high-altitude flying experience project "Flying over the limit" takes you around the world. "Qinling Adventure" takes you to the mysterious expedition of Qin Shi Huang Palace, if you want to learn magic "magic castle" "The magical experience is definitely not to be missed. The "Shui Man Jin Shan" will be screaming from the top of your head... There are also fireballs, challengers, waves rolling, brave turntables, high-altitude flying, speeding windmills. Wait. Food in the garden is more expensive, it is best to bring your own food. Count the time before you go, otherwise some projects will not catch up.

6. Close contact with animals

Cute ring-tailed lemur

The wildlife park in Qingdao improved many pavilions last year, adding areas for feeding and close contact. The Giraffe Pavilion has a feeding area. The taller ones can see the giraffe's cute face at a close distance, and you can buy big branches to feed, which is very much a child's favor. A large group of ring-tailed lemurs are not afraid of people. When they enter, there are monkeys jumping on their backs. The small claws are soft and soft on the hands. There are also flamingos and parrots that can be observed and fed up close. Don't be afraid that these animals will harm your children. These animals that can be in close contact with each other are mild in character and will never hurt people. Encourage your child to feed the animals, gently touch them, and observe the animal's posture and habits with the child, both to exercise the child's guts and to develop the child's ability to observe the world.
Transportation: From Qingdao City, you can take the tunnel 1 to the terminal, the front of the Bay Harbor Road, turn to the 6th road to the Zhushan Scenic Area; take the Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel or the Cross-sea Bridge to the Huangdao District via the Yongjiang East Road. The Yellow River West Road is the world of wildlife.
Opening hours: 9:30-17:30

Qingdao Wildlife Park is located in Huangdao District, which is far from the urban area. It can save time by chartered or self-driving Jiaozhou Bay Cross-sea Tunnel or Cross-sea Bridge.


Let's go to Qingdao with your children to play, let TA see this novel world, blow the sea breeze, listen to the waves, not only can increase knowledge, but also have a good time.

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