Beijing, these spaces, the collection of their own world

Sometimes, the pride of a city is not exposed to what the tall buildings built, but rather what is the room for people to forget. As a stranger, I came to Beijing for two years rarely go to those places of interest, but hidden in the city or the outskirts of the museum, art museum and library, it touches on a lot. They are holding the world very temperature, to Beijing to add a lot of personality.
beijing three shadow hall film festival

The reason for their likes is simple. They do not like the hustle and bustle, the environment of the few people always make you think they are looking forward to your arrival; their exhibition has a life cycle, after a period of time exhibits to run elsewhere, you have to keep thinking (although the library Is an exception, but every time you read the chapter will not be the same as the last bar), so keep "fresh" is that they teach me. Beijing's photography, art galleries, libraries are small tricks, all listed is impossible, I will talk about the current heart of this few it

Visual Beijing

Luo Hong Photography Art Museum

My first job in the vicinity of the airport, to and from work on the road always in Shunyi Yang Lin exports to see a place surrounded by secret construction, it is said to surround the years, a little mysterious. And so when it was officially opened, only to know that this is the capital of the largest personal photography hall.
The design of the whole art space is very rich, the outline of the building was streamlined, the external walls with pure white block splicing, glass doors and windows transparent and bright, the main entrance and the restaurant surrounded by the courtyard, stone pear there are duckweed and swans. But I do not know what device, where the water mist is always filled, fairy look.

Luo Hong Photography Art Museum appearance by official website

The owner of the studio is called Luo Hong, he is the founder of the good lucky cake, or a well-known natural scenery photographer. As if he prefers his second identity, so perennial in Africa, the Americas, Antarctica and other places to shoot wild scenery and wild animals, exhibits will be updated.
Tickets into the exhibition hall, you can go to the screening room to see a short film, about 15 minutes, from the screening room can go out into the exhibition hall. Hall of the black, photography hanging on the wall, each picture after the light box to make it bright, so watch will be "immersive" feeling. I like his aerial works, those who capture the volcanic eruption and migratory birds migrate the picture is shocking, like back to primary school to re-"natural" class.

Inside the cinema by the official website

Out of the photo gallery after entering the black swan cake flagship store, with a child to the words, you can give him (her) to buy a small cake to eat. The restaurant has afternoon tea and dinner, need to make an appointment in advance, the price a little expensive There is a large lawn behind the gallery, where you can have a picnic or a kite, and occasionally see the plane take off and land. Bear children who are not interested in photography are the most crazy here.

Studio lawn by official website

【Luo Hong Photography Art Museum】
Tickets : 150 yuan / Zhang / person; young people under the age of 15 and children free of charge (official website and official WeChat to buy)
Address : Beijing Shunyi Airport high-speed Yang Lin Avenue exit 200 meters left
opening time : (April - November) 9: 00-21: 00,20: 00 stop admission; (December - March) 9: 00-20: 00,19: 00 stop admission.
Phone : 010-53859905
official website :

Front desk ticket office by official website

Three shadows

I was in Beijing to see the first photo exhibition is the three shadows planning, exhibition is the Monsanto Avenue black and white portrait works. The Sino-Japanese co-founded nonprofit photographic art museum was founded in 2007, the park and landscape architecture design from Ai Weiwei hand. In addition to regular exhibitions, book publishing, professional photographers to provide support, and its education program is also very attractive. If you live in Beijing and love image creation, you can pay more attention to its annual art photography courses and lectures, some for non-professionals. In addition, the studio set up the "three shadows photography awards" are held every year, for those who love photography art creation at home and abroad, the contestants have no age limit.  

Ai Weiwei design of the three shadows

【Three shadows】
Tickets : Free
Address : Chaoyang District, Beijing grassland 155  
opening hours : Tuesday to Sunday, 10: 00-18: 00, Monday closed (during the exhibition period and the national statutory holidays closed)
Tel : 010-64322663
official website :  (its Douban home page and microblogging have Spreadtrum)

Three shadows exhibition hall

Art Beijing

Red Brick Art Museum

At the beginning of the year, there was a letter to read the program "see the word as the surface" quietly fire up, and its recording place in the red brick art museum. Museum of its name, red brick of this rough material put up the architectural space itself is like a grand exhibition, rich in detail, diverse levels. I do not understand the architectural language, but the interior design and outdoor landscape always feel that there is not enough, different angles can see completely different art museum, is not monotonous. It is good for friends who like art, design, photography and architecture.

"See the word in the face" in the red brick art museum, the audience sat on the masonry.

Red Brick Art Museum planning exhibition cycle is almost in a month or so, encounter a popular exhibition may also postpone the weekend to go, but a lot of young people. The exhibition hall is more diverse than the studio, in addition to painting works, there will be avant-garde art exhibition, furniture design exhibition and installation art exhibition, Spreadtrum can be obtained through the official website. In addition, the red brick has its own collection, are interested can also see.

"Noah Garden" - works by Deng Guoyuan

[] Red Brick Museum
Tickets : 40 yuan / person (full price); 20 yuan / person (students, teachers); red brick art museum members, children, the disabled, military personnel, 70 years old free of charge  
Address : Chaoyang District Cui Township, Hezhuang Village, Shun Road, Maquan Camp West Road, West 100 meters Road, North
subway : Line 15 Maquan Camp Station B  
opening hours : May 1 - September 30 Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 (17:30 stop ticket); October 1 - next year on April 30 Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 17:30 (17:00 stop ticket)
Tel : 010-84576669
official website : http: //

Today Art Museum

Its name is quite interesting, as if to say that today's art museum is the most fresh and most artistic creativity of the space. And red brick more attention to foreign contemporary art is different, today is more committed to participate in and promote the development of Chinese contemporary art. I am quite like to study a thing in the past, the Museum of Art today, the predecessor of the art is not very detached, it is only the site of the Beijing brewery boiler room, the development of the old city so that the old plant decline, the new space to grow, Itself is recorded their own "real-time history", who said it is not art? Thanks to the predecessor of the boiler room, the museum has a height of 12 meters of space layout, large load-bearing capacity can meet the requirements of large-scale contemporary art works.

Today, not only this time, but also the past and the future

Museum of the collection of almost all the works of contemporary artists, only Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, Zhang Xiaogang, Wang Guangyi works on the collection of nearly 100 pieces. Every weekend, today's art museum will arrange some interesting activities, with art to narrow the distance and the public. Which the parent-child interaction, artistic creation, small performances are quite popular in the official website can see a lot of children's works.

"Bitter Palace - Ulupolosi element crossing" - Wu Juehui works

[Today] Art Museum
Tickets : 20 yuan (full price ticket); 10 yuan (students, teachers, military officers); preschoolers free
Address : Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing No. 32 Apple community, Building 4,
Metro: Line 1 World Trade Center Station, southeast exit, 10 line Shuangjing station, northeast exit
opening time : 10: 00-18: 00 (closed on Monday), the first Saturday and the World Museum Day (May 18) Closed.  
Tel : 010-58760600
official website :

Yue Minjun sculpture works

Scholar Beijing

National Library (State map)

Student times, whenever I review do not go in or delay the operation of the time, to the school library to stay on an hour can always hold out the point to come. After entering the community, although more stringent requirements of their own, but the library is always reverent, I think they are another heavy space, a step into the impetuous heart began to become quiet, no clue of the work has gradually become Clear. National Library of the internal force is greater, the appearance of solemn style from the 80's architectural style, the second phase of the new museum is added a little avant-garde, who let it is China's largest library, is also ranked third in the world National Library

National Library of the whole do not want to lose weight fat

There are three places in the National Library, namely the Southern District of Whitehead Bridge, the North Hall of the General Hall and the Ancient Museum of Wenjin Street (this is in Xicheng District). 80's retro old building is now a museum , you can see the map of the town of treasures: "Yongle ceremony" and "Si Ku Quan Shu" part of the original, and "Mirror" of the draft or Sima Light manuscript of the manuscript. Want to borrow or sit in the library to see the words of the book, then go to 08 years to build a new museum . Take the sightseeing ladder will be able to see the "book sea" the reality of the picture, the fourth floor has a special camera area, the angle is very praise. From the top down, transparent windows to the sun invited to the interior, the library inside like a "back" word, bookshelves standing around, the table neatly surrounded by a circle, sitting on the chair of the people quiet Quietly turning the pages. They are reading books, craving knowledge, watching them and I am reading the city. Seems to have a little understanding of the words of Borges, if there is heaven, it should be the appearance of the library.

National Library

【National Library】 (with ID card into the museum, read the words have long been a seat)
Address : Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun South Street, No. 33
Traffic : Metro Line 4, Line 9 in the National Library Station
Opening hours :
Library : Monday to Friday (9: 00-21: 00); Saturday to Sunday (9: 00-17: 00)
Children's Hall: Monday to Sunday 9: 00-17: 00 
Ancient Museum: Monday to Zhou Five 9: 00-17: 00 
Tel : 010-88545426
official website : 

National Library Phase II New Museum

Miscellaneous library (miscellaneous library)

Gao Xiaosong in the North Fifth Ring opened a private library, called miscellaneous library, is a public welfare library, is also a free public library library. Miscellaneous library is not downtown in Beijing, the appearance of the building is not conspicuous, the museum is not large but the amount of books is very alarming, nearly a million copies, nearly a thousand. There are two treasures of the National Museum and the new library, there are three layers of the National Museum, some of which Republic of books and literature, the new library is the collection after the founding of the books based. The library will give visitors free of charge to provide tea and fruit, people who wander bookshelves encounter a good book, you can sit on the floor, in reading to find their own "golden house". 

Miscellaneous library

【Miscellaneous Library】 (reservation required)
Address : Chaoyang District, Beijing Cui Guizhuang Township, No. 328, No. 328 Red Factory Design Creative Industrial Park
Traffic : Metro Line 15 Maquan Camp B Exit
opening time : Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00, closed every Tuesday closed
Tel : 010-84308727 (reservation)
official website :

Write a few words to the disappearing and emerging city space

People gathered and the city grows, reinforced concrete space has been torn down or new, big world and small world intertwined, do not know who will meet and collide. I came to Beijing for a long time, and often steal to other cities to go, scenic monuments are love, but not how to experience, it touches on the relatively few people know the space, every time there are new discoveries, so Want to share it, the future and then there are more favorite places, I will add here.

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