Beijing travel! With the group tour VS free exercise - which way is more suitable for you?

Beijing is a charming city, where both classical charm, but also a fashionable atmosphere. To the Beijing will go to the attractions of non-Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven Park is none other than, in addition, you can also be based on personal interests to diversify the choice. Anyway, whether it is with the group travel or free exercise, you can find the most suitable place in Beijing.
the imperial palace bytripenjoy

One, to Beijing tourism, in the end is to choose a free exercise or tour with the tour?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beijing with Mission

1, the first benefit ~ ~
① save the price advantage with the obvious, traffic, hotels, attractions tickets, travel agencies can get a lot of discounts;
② save time and save with the tour do not have their own attractions, find cars, to eat, to find the hotel, do route planning, there are familiar with the Beijing local ground operators reception, a guided tour to go on it, suffering neither running around, nor queuing for tickets the difficulty;
③ tours with the group mature Travel is generally the local travel agency design lines, the local tourism resources do not have to say that coupled with the experience accumulated over the years, the design of the trip more scientific and reasonable, the choice of attractions is also representative or the essence of the part, Will be appropriate to increase the number of individual attractions, basically to meet the needs of most tourists;
④ safety index travel agencies on the local tourism resources are very understanding of all aspects of the possible unsafe factors have done a professional inspection, step on the line The Reduce the number of tourists due to their own but not familiar with the local situation caused by the trouble and mistakes, which virtually reduced a lot of insecurity.

2, the opposite side of the favorable side, with the tour also indifferent to some unsatisfactory side
① degree of freedom is not enough time with the tour tour, you need to follow the design of a good line to go, each site has a general tour time limit, there are May be in the fun when you have not fun, the tour guide to urge you to go to the next attractions, so inevitably have the feeling of walking;
② waiting for a long time in Beijing, although many attractions, but more people to travel, so to the scenic inevitable Will see the sea of ​​people of the scene, coupled with the group tour is a collective travel, and the number of tourists within each tour is not fixed, more or less when the collection will be late and so on the phenomenon, which of course will indirectly affect everyone in Scenic tour time slightly

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beijing Free Exercise

① convenient transportation Beijing is a free exercise for the city, Beijing from all over the country's air tickets, high-speed rail, the train is more intensive, basically can be booked in advance, Beijing's local traffic is more convenient, basically every subway can go to the subway , In addition to the Great Wall (choose a Great Wall day trip can be resolved)
② high degree of freedom how to go on how to go, how long to play how long to play! (Freedom is not too high Oh) do not wait for the team's collection time, not to be guided by various reminders If you choose a more relaxed roaming mode, you can sleep every day naturally wake up na!

Free line of the drawbacks we must also understand some, here I still summed up a few points for your reference Oh!
① relatively high cost Beijing as a capital, the level of consumption is naturally high, travel accommodation, meals, attractions tickets are relatively expensive, FIT offer and the team offer is equivalent to the retail price and wholesale price, it is certainly not the same, You know how to
operate more difficult is not everyone can engage in their own free exercise, outsiders come to Beijing first put aside the unfamiliar life, just set the traffic route is a big problem, Beijing traffic is developed, but more The more easy to make people confused ah, especially for the direction of the children's shoes is really bad that really is a problem ah
③ relatively long time because of the high degree of freedom, the variable in the trip on the big, with the tour the same trip, if you choose the free exercise, it is certainly longer than with the tour to travel a lot longer.

Second, to Beijing to play, will hit the card attractions!

1, [Palace Museum] - Ming and Qing dynasties royal palace

The Forbidden City is where visitors will go to Beijing, not only in her fame, but also in the cultural complex of every Chinese people. National Palace Museum unique unique collection, is the world's largest and most complete preservation of the Forbidden City wooden structure of the palace complex.

The Imperial Palace byTripEnjoy

The Imperial Palace tour by byriprip

① bus: take 1,2,52,59,82,99,120,126, sightseeing line 1 line in Tiananmen East Station walk about 900 meters arrived at the gate □
subway: take the Metro Line 1 in Tiananmen East Station , About 900 meters walk, you can enter the Palace from the Meridian Gate
PS: the Forbidden City without parking lot, the surrounding public car park is also far away, it is not recommended to drive to
③ tickets: (except statutory holidays and summer (July 4 As of the date August 24), the National Palace Museum throughout the year to implement the measures on Monday closed the day).
off-season (November 1 - March 31 next year): 40 yuan / person (not including museum treasures, watch Museum)
season (April 1 - October 31): 60 yuan / person (not including the Treasure Hall, watch hall)
Treasure Hall, watches and clocks to be another ticket: (not light, season)
Treasure Museum (Ning Shou Palace, Museum Museum, Shigu Hall): 10 yuan / person
watches and clocks (Fengxiandi District): 10 yuan / person

2, [Badaling Great Wall]

Badaling Great Wall byTripEnjoy

Less than the Great Wall of non-heroes! Badaling Great Wall is the ancient and modern people from all walks of life to Beijing to visit the place, so far, including Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, including more than 300 world-renowned people have boarded the Badaling Great Wall at a glance here.

Badaling Great Wall byTripEnjoy

There are several ways to go to Badaling Great Wall:
① self-driving route: from the North Third Ring Road on the G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway (the original Badaling high-speed) to the scenic exit. About 80 km or so, the normal driving about 1 hour or so (depending on the traffic jams may be).
② bus routes: in the Deshengmen take the 877 bus, one-way fare of 12 yuan, about 2 hours by car. (Note: arrive at Deshengmen bus station, you can take the Metro Line 2 to Jishuitan stop, northeast exit, east walk 10 minutes to.)
Tickets: off-season (November 1 - the following year on March 30 ) 35 yuan / person, the season (April 1 - October 31) 40 yuan / person, students and the elderly 25 yuan / person; Badaling cable car tickets for one-way 90 yuan / person, from 140 yuan / person.

everyone in the Great Wall to participate in the day tour must choose the right application channels. Be sure to be alert to those in the train station, Tiananmen Square, Qianmen Street, Wangfujing and other small advertising soliciting unscrupulous traders, do not register from them there.

3, [Summer Palace] - the first of the Royal Garden

The Summer Palace is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, is the first of Chinese classical gardens, with a total area of ​​about 290 hectares, composed of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The whole garden is divided into three areas: the political activity area centered on Renshou Hall; the emperor's living area with Yuyu Tang and Lok Shou Tong as the main body; the scenic tourist area composed of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The whole park to the western mountain peaks as the background, combined with the buildings and the park lake and lake situation integration, so that the scenery changes infinite.

Summer Palace byTripEnjoy

① traffic:
to reach the West Gate: by 469,539 Road in the Summer Palace Ximen station to
reach the North Gate: take the Metro Line 4 North Gate Station D mouth out, or by 303,330,331,346,375,384,563 , 601,608,683,696,697,718, special 5, special 10 Road in the Summer Palace North Gate Station to
reach the East Gate: take the Metro Line 4 Xiyuan Station C2 mouth, or by 209,330,331, 332,346,394,601,608,626,683,690,696,718 Road in the Summer Palace station to
reach the new palace: 74,374,437,952 Road in the Summer Palace under the new palace station 
② Tickets:
off-season (11 Month 1 to the following year March 31): tickets 20 yuan / person, students and the elderly and other half-price concessions 10 yuan / person, coup 50 yuan / person
season (April 1 to October 31): Park tickets 30 yuan / person, students and the elderly and other half-price concessions 15 yuan / person, coupon 60 yuan /
garden in the park to be another ticket: Germany and Park 5 yuan / person, Buddha Xiangge 10 yuan / / Person, Suzhou Street Danning Church 10 yuan / person; coupons, including park tickets and Park Park tickets

4, [Tiantan Park]

The Temple of Heaven is the emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties to worship the gods of heaven and earth and pray for the harvest of the place. Temple of Heaven, including Huanqiu and pray for the altar of the altar, wall points inside and outside the two layers, was back to the shape. North wall for the arc round, south wall and east and west wall at right angles intersect, for the square. This southern circle, known as "heaven and earth wall", a symbol of the ancient "Tianyuan place" said.

Temple of Heaven byTripEnjoy

① traffic:
bus Tiantan South Gate: 36,120,122 Road. Temple of Heaven Simon: 2,20,120 Road
Tiantan North Gate: 6,34,35,36,106,111 Road
Temple East Gate: 6,25,34,35,36,39,41,43,60,610,684 , 685,723,814 Road
Subway Line 5 - Temple of Heaven East Gate Station
② Tickets: season (April ~ October): tickets 15 yuan, coupons (including tickets, prayer hall, won the halls, echo wall) 34 yuan. Off the season (November to March the following year): tickets 10 yuan, coupons (including tickets, prayer hall, won the halls, echo wall) 28 yuan
coupons (including prayer hall, won hill, echo wall): 20 yuan, God Tickets: 10 yuan

5, [Prince Gong House] - and Shen's mansion

Prince Gong House is the most complete preservation of the palace buildings, where the original is "China's largest corrupt officials" and Shen's home, and later gave the Prince Gong, so called the Prince Gong House. It is said that here is the real axis of Beijing's location, and the legendary dragon is also here.

Christine House byTripEnjoy

① Transport: Take 13,107,111,118,204,609,612,623 bus station in East Cabinet
take the road in 13,42,90,107,111,118,204,609,612,623,701 Beihai North Gate Station under the
Metro Line 6 Beihai North Station
② Tickets: ordinary tickets 40 yuan / person (only to visit the open spots and exhibition hall), students, soldiers, the elderly, disabled and other half price concessions 20 yuan / person
series Travel service tickets 70 yuan / person, including: professional interpretation of services, visit the open attractions and exhibition hall, watch the Wangfu opera house and in the theater to enjoy the traditional Beijing show performances, taste Wangfu cover tea and snacks, students, soldiers, the elderly, People and other half-price concessions 35 yuan / person

Christine House byTripEnjoy

In addition to the above, in the cultural heritage of many attractions in Beijing, you can also according to their hobbies for a variety of choices. So the question came, for most of the choice of syndrome patients, how to choose their own way to travel around Beijing

Third, how to choose a suitable way to visit Beijing? The

1, first ask your own wallet

As the name suggests, is to see the line of the budget slightly, this is very practical Oh, but do not look at the price of death, do not be cheap, the so-called "a price of goods", Mo believe that the so-called special group, , The sale of travel agencies will not do business

2, estimated their travel time

3, consider the safety factor of tourism

4, consider their own travel purposes

① free exercise: more suitable for the depth of tourism, like to appreciate the local cultural style of Beijing, with their own mood to love the travel of tourists; intend to vacation, easy travel, and hate to swim ducks travel friends, should also choose free exercise
② travel with the group: suitable for those who want to see a lot of attractions, because the tour is usually very tight, a route, a certain time can usually see a lot of attractions

Four, summary

1, self-help travel for the crowd: plenty of time, intended for the depth of tourism, like adventure outdoors, do not like the shackles of travel with the group, but also have the ability (physical, judgments and other integrated)

2, with the tour for the crowd: just want to go out to see the scenery, do not want to waste too much energy and money tourists travel.

choose to tour with Beijing to pay attention to is that many people in Beijing, especially the roadside leaflets small advertising, the price is also uneven, some low-cost report after the inside are all traps! Strongly recommended in the ant honeycomb App on the choice of regular Beijing day trip / day tour, so more secure and more peace of mind.

After reading the above information, hoping to help you choose their own way to travel around Beijing, with a pleasant trip to the capital.

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