Changsha, Hunan + Zhangjiajie + Phoenix tour itinerary

If the ancient city of Phoenix, you can stay for more than one day, Yan Yu Fenghuang really beautiful, suitable for slow.
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Itinerary planning

Day1: Changsha (Yuelu Mountain, Orange Island, Taiping Street, Pozi Street, South Gate)
day2: Morning departure Zhangjiajie, Tianmenshan half-day tour
day3 & 4: Zhangjiajie Forest Park
day5: Mengdong River rafting, Furong town
day6: Phoenix

Changsha food guide

food street

Pozi Street, Palace of Fire Palace headquarters is located.
Taiping Street, snack shopping street.                   
South Gate pedestrian street.

Food (in no particular order)

No.1 Yu Lou East, authentic Hunan (many branches, you can map the navigation from the nearest.)
No.2 Wenhe You Changsha lobster Museum, is well-known crayfish, the address is located in the Xiangjiang River Road Sec. 72, near Du Fu Jiang Court. (This has a lot of shops with the same name, be sure to look for the above address, starting around 4:30 pm, queuing time 1-2 hours start).
No.3 Jinding stinky tofu, Yuelu Mountain South Lake eating street, very conspicuous signs.
No.4 four 娭 (ai soon) 毑 (jie three sound) Stinky tofu, many stores, navigate it yourself.
No.5 old Changsha sausage, egg blast intestine, the address is located in Dongguashan, slope Street, South Gate also.
No.6 black classic stinky tofu, many stores, navigate it.
No.7 all weight barbecue shop, is said to be a star shop.
No.8 alley pigs, located in the south door.

Wen He You Changsha old lobster Pavilion

Changsha attractions Raiders

The following text is purely from the processed cellular profiles combined with their own actual feelings of the tour.
Because Changsha, after all, is a city ah, the city should have a standard city ah, go out that step you can open map navigation friends. Tired to take the bus take a taxi, hungry on the various comments site free to find restaurants to eat.
Really, never felt living in the city or traveling is a need to do something special Raiders.
Do not need Raiders, just want to know the attractions you want to go.

No.1 Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area

Yuelu Mountain 300.8 meters above sea level, is one of the 72 peaks of Mount Hengshan. Foothills scenic free tickets, visit Yuelu Academy need to pay a single ticket 50 yuan (25 yuan student votes); Hunan University teachers, students, new parents free.
Attractions include Yuelu Academy - Yuelu Mountain - love late Pavilion - Lushan Temple - Yunlu Palace - Xinmin learn the site.
Yuelu Mountain South Gate and the East Gate of the points, the recommended East Gate (take the cable car), South Gate (walking). East Gate cableway up 30, down 25, package 50 (generally not necessary). South Gate tour bus 20.
Hunan University snack Street is located in Yuelu Mountain South Gate.
Take the 902,913,152 can reach the Yuelu Shandong gate;
take the first line of tourism, Lhasi green, 202,132 Road arrived in Yuelu Shan South Gate.

Hunan University

No.2 Orange Island

Familiar with everyone familiar with the grandfather of Mao's "Patio Spring. Changsha": "Independent cold autumn, Xiangjiang north, orange Chau." Junior high school has been tortured to death to recite the text, and now only to find, or just remember sporadic Sentences, but feeling mixed concubine can not do wow. . .
Orange Island scenic spot is free tickets, the only cost is a small train 啦, 20 yuan a person. If you want to walk in a circle, then in the summer or a more endurance test.
Chairman Mao's portrait and Chairman Mao's inscription monument are located on the southern tip of the island.
If it happens to be here on Saturday, you can watch a grand fireworks event.
Orange Chau weekend fireworks in the annual May 1 to October 31 every Saturday night 20 minutes and New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, Lantern Festival and other major festivals.
The best viewing point of fireworks is Du Fu Jiang Ge, tickets 11, 58 from the tea. Tea can be returned tickets.
Fireworks show many people, need to book in advance.

Orange Island

No.3 Taiping Street

Taiping Street is the ancient city of Changsha to retain the original street pattern the most complete street. Taiping Street historical and cultural blocks to retain the former residence of Jia Yi, Chang Wai wells, the Ming Dynasty Arch West House former site, the Revolutionary Reunion site, Sizhanshe site and other cultural relics and modern historical relics.
Block along the main street there are 87 stores, the operating area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters, the old name, calligraphy and painting, ethnic handicrafts, cultural and leisure industries, mainly tourism products.
Take the No. 2, No. 11, No. 18, No. 112, No. 138, No. 143, No. 145, No. 202, No. 301, No. 368, No. 803, No. 804, No. 804, No. 901, No. 908, No. 2 Bus to [former residence] Jia Yi station get off.
More suitable to eat stroll.

No.4 Hunan first teacher

The school where Grandpa Mao had been studying now retains the classrooms and seats that the chairman attended at that time. There are various exhibition halls on the first floor.
Haha, why only this one is introduced, as long as this one is enough.
Address: College Road, Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan Province No. 356
by 1,122,134,139,160,804,804,901,908 Road and other buses get off at the first Normal Station that is.

No.5 Tianxin Club

Tianxin Pavilion Park, including the ancient city wall, the Taiping Soul, Chonglie Pavilion, Chong Lie door, Ying Shan floor, Celebrity Stone Gallery, Ming Xiang Yuan, Fufeng Pavilion, Yi Xiang Ting, Chongliang tower and other small attractions.
Park tickets free of charge, visiting the heart Pavilion visit 32 yuan (next to the entrance of the teahouse spent 35 yuan a cup of tea can be free tickets)
park open all day, attic 9: 00-17: 00
by 122,202,314,402,406 , 803,908,908, Brigade 2, Brigade 3 lines and other buses get off at the Tianxin Pavilion.

No.6 Hunan Provincial Museum

The main items are unearthed in Mawangdui, Xin chasing his wife and so on.
Unfortunately, closed in.

Just mentioned the Mawangdui, Mawangdui Han Tomb is not particularly necessary to go, because all the unearthed are moved to the museum, Mawangdui Han tomb in addition to an empty pit No. 3, can not see anything.

Zhangjiajie gourmet guide

Zhangjiajie food recommendations: three pot. Hu master three pot, the world three pot.
Zhangjiajie Pedestrian Street: People's Square pedestrian street, shopping street snacks specialty products.

Forest Park ticket station home cooking

Zhangjiajie itinerary recommended

First day: Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie Tujia customs Park (two attractions are very close from the train station, and both need a half-day tour will be able to complete)
the next day: Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot (stations near the train station under cableway)
first Three days - the fifth day: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Huanglong Cave Scenic Area (Forest Park three days after the tour is completed, down from the Wulingyuan ticket station, a taxi to Huanglong Cave 20. Huanglong Cave now has night service, and night Few people.)

Royal brush peak

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park itinerary recommended (because at that time do Raiders looking at the map and travels and the introduction is still confused, so write a separate tour suggestions):
Let us have a general understanding of Zhangjiajie Forest Park, Zhangjiajie Forest Park Four tickets station (Forest Park Tickets Station, Wulingyuan Tickets Station, Suoxiyu Ticket Station, Tianzishan ticket station), tickets commonly used station tickets for the Forest Park Tickets and Wulingyuan Station (these two ticket stations developed well, and distance Close to the urban area, eating and drinking are very convenient)
Zhangjiajie Forest Park which is divided into the scenic area and the mountain area under the mountain, including kidney village, Huangshizhai, Jinbianxi belong to the mountain area.
Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie, Tianzishan belongs to the mountain area.

planning route as long as you remember: kidney village and Huangshi Walled are separate scenic spots, need to go back. Kidney Village, Huangshizhai, Jinbian Creek, the starting point of the three scenic spots in the oxygen bar near the square. Oxygen Bar Plaza at the entrance to the Forest Park ticket station.
Huangshizhai (ropeway station) - Yuanjiajie - Yangjiajie - Tianzishan several scenic spots have free tour bus can take.

Reference line 1: Forest Park Tickets into the station ---- ----- Oxygen Bar Plaza ----- Kidney Village (recommended climbing ladder, save time, after the same way back, round trip ten kilometers) ---- Huangshi Walled (Huangshi Walled Is a separate area, the mountains and other scenic areas do not want to pass, the recommended ropeway up and down) ----- Jinbulaxiu --- water around the four (---- You can choose to ride the Dragon ladder or climb chaos chase slope ---) Yuanjiajie Scenic Area (Avatar, Optimus Prime, the world's first bridge, even the heart bridge) - Yangjiajie Scenic Area (Wulong Village, Tianbo House, one step ascend to heaven) - Mount Tianzi Scenic Area - Shilihualang - Wulingyuan tickets stand out.

Reference line two: Wulingyuan tickets into the station, and then anti-tour on the trip.

The entire map is too large, only made one, Zhangjiajie Forest Park, a simplified version of the map.

Zhangjiajie attractions list

No.1 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Yangjiajie magic army party

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park includes Jinbianxi, Zi Zhai, Huangshizhai, Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie, Tianzishan several scenic spots.
Which Jinbianxi and kidney village belong to the mountain attractions. Huangshizhai, Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie, Tianzishan is a mountain attraction.
From Huangshi Walled to the mountain attractions have a free tour bus.
258 yuan tickets. Recommended schedule 2-3 days (not climbing), if you need to climb more arrangements need a day's time.

No.2 Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area

Tianmenshan cableway

Tianmenshan scenic guide map

Tianmen Mountain Plank Road

Plank path attractions are right here.
Ropeway next to the train station (bus station) next.
Tickets 238 yuan. Recommended itinerary for 1 day.

No.3 Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

The legendary "you back me in the past, I'll marry you" of the glass bridge area.
Tickets 118 yuan. It is recommended to arrange a trip for about half a day.

No.4 Zhangjiajie Tujia customs Park

Address is located: Zhangzhuang Nanzhuang Ping Wuzi slope, the city drove 5 minutes to the airport, the train station taxi only 10 minutes by car.
Cultural landscape, travel favorite, shopping more.
Tickets 120 yuan. Recommended itinerary for half a day.

No.5 Huanglong Cave area

Bus station in Zhangjiajie take a direct Wulingyuan bus station (about 10 yuan, 10 minutes trip), and then transfer to Wulingyuan City Road 1 bus directly to the Huanglong Cave (about 10 minutes trip), or transfer to Wulingyuan taxi can also The whole journey of about 20 yuan) arrived in Huanglong Cave. After getting off you also need to walk 15 minutes to the hole.
Tickets 100 yuan. Recommended itinerary 2 --- 3 hours.

Mengdong River - Furong Raiders

Hibiscus town - Mengdong River rafting

Mengdong River rafting

Mengdong River rafting is located in Furong Town, Yongshun County, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province. It is only 40km away from Furong Town. Mengdong River rafting generally spend the night in Hibiscus Town, the next morning ride to the Hani Palace drifting.
Starting from Zhangjiajie: 2 and a half hours by car.
Depart from Jishou: 1 hour drive.
From the ancient city of Phoenix: 2 hours by car.

Mengdong River - Hibiscus town day trips, are individual Fight Mission, people too much time delay, the real time left to Furong only one hour, not recommended.

Hibiscus town

Hibiscus town

Hibiscus town waterfall

Fenghuang ancient city Raiders

Phoenix ancient city food Recommended: Longyuan cottage.
Phoenix is ​​no airport, 27 kilometers away from Tongren Phoenix Airport, Zhangjiajie Lotus International Airport 280 kilometers.
And Jishou Deben Miao Village, Yongshun Mengdong River, Guizhou Fanjingshan adjacent.

Longyuan cottage native restaurant

Fenghuang ancient city is free tickets, if you want to visit Phoenix nine single tickets.
Phoenix nine Kingview (former residence of Shen Congwen, Shen Congwen cemetery, former residence of Xiong Xiling, Diao Long Pavilion Diaojiao group, North Gate tower, South Huashan, odd hole, the Great Wall of the South, Yellow Silk Bridge ancient city)

Fenghuang ancient city

Fenghuang ancient city


1. Yuelu Mountain Tour Recommended East Gate, South Gate. If direct navigation Yuelu Mountain will be automatically positioned to the South Gate.
    Hunan First Normal is very suitable for Shouminguozhao.
2. Snacks Street selection Taiping Street and slope Street (Fire Palace Food City worth a go, there are performances). South Gate Snack Street, we are going to construction, did not see what snacks.
3. Hunan all hotels without toiletries (only for general hotel, five-star said do not know).
4. Tianmenshan a long time is not enough to play, it is recommended to go west, then the east line.
5. Zhangjiajie City - Forest Park Tickets Station - Tickets Station Tianzishan - Wulingyuan ticket stations, can provide baggage at the station and the inn front desk can handle the price of 20 yuan a piece of luggage.
    Zhangjiajie Forest Park recommended living in Wulingyuan Tickets Station (belonging to the urban area, convenient accommodation, the price is more normal).
    Ding Xiang Rong All hotel inn has been closed, not allowed to open.
    Do not live Tianzishan ticket station! ! ! (East, West and South Street add up yet 20 meters, and poor accommodation, poor eating. Chopsticks to eat disposable chopsticks used by others took it for you to use. Of course, I now doubt in the end washable )
    Forest Park ticket station is repairing the road, take the bus at the station, 15 a person, the bus last bus is about seven in the evening, start from time to time. If you call yourself, no 200 do not go.
    Forest Park Hill between the various attractions [Huangshi Walled (if you want to go, must ride cableway, no scenery along the way, only the stairs and trees), Yangjiajie, Yuanjiajie, Tianzishan】 scenic tour buses have free to reach. (See a lot of with the group and looking for tour guides to be fooled by air-conditioned bus, an additional two hundred and three hundred).
6. Hibiscus town recommended single reported (because of the round-trip is not convenient), do not report Mengdong River - Furong town day trips (all FIT fight mission, and others, to Furong only give an hour , An hour to visit a small town, the driver is out of date.
7. If the ancient city of Phoenix, you can stay for more than one day, Yan Yu Fenghuang really beautiful, suitable for slow.

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