Chongqing do not want people crowded? Go to niche attractions from another point of view

As a native of Chongqing, often have friends to play but do not know where to recommend, can often say that those who are familiar with, crowded places. And I just do not like walking in the crowd, so I went to some little time to know the place. Unknowingly, already accumulated a lot of material. Write this travelogue, not only to help our friends, but also for their thick nostalgia.

1. Ho Ho Street

Located in the South Bank area .
Very old buildings, even the feeling of being demolished, but there are still some unique shops and snacks.
Almost all the older people here are still here and have grown up to this day.
Has been guarding the area will soon be destroyed.

Ho Hau Street

2 square

Located in Jiangbei District .
Very unique bookstore.
Relatively few people, not so noisy voice.
Everyone is sitting quietly on the stairs, sitting on the ground, bow down reading.
Come here for your own heart to find a safe haven, return to self.


Three Gorges Museum

Located in Yuzhong District .
Understand the history of Chongqing will come.
From time to time there will be some exhibitions, interested can go and see.
I went to see Pan Yuliang's exhibition.
Lucky woman, at that time met the love of life, whether it be people or things.
A thought study painting, worthy of respect for the great woman!
Interested friends can go to see her movie "painted soul."

Pan Yuliang self portrait

4. Luo Zhongli Art Museum

Located in Shapingba District .
Art Museum in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts here Huxi campus.
Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts there is an old campus, in the graffiti there, often go, but not photographed there, the next opportunity to make up.
Like art galleries, like the feeling of being surrounded by art.
Everyone has different experience of different exhibits, including me.
Art training is not enough, but it still can not stop my love of art.

Luo Zhongli Art Museum

5. Eling Ridge Plant Wenchuang Park

Located in Yuzhong District .
It used to be a printing house, and it is in the process of rebuilding now, and many places are not perfect yet.
But still a small fresh literary place, suitable for taking pictures.
It is said that "passing by your world" has a view here.
But according to my experienced friend, it does not seem to be a place of filming, just like a movie to cater to a movie.
Even so, it still can not stop people from enthusiasm for the movie.
No matter what, are considered a good place to be worth.

Eling Ridge Plant Wenchuang Park

6. Jinlin Machinery Factory

Located in Wansheng District .
In the past was an arsenal, and later all the workers were moved away, leaving only some elderly people, almost all empty.
The movie "I 11" is filmed, some of the filming of the site has been removed.
Very quiet, very suitable for taking pictures of the place.
Came here to a feeling of empty city.
Few people come, especially like this place.
Still find a period of dusty history.

Jinlin Machinery Factory

7. Montenegro

Located in Wansheng District .
Many people know the Black Valley Valley this area, but do not know the scenery outside is actually beautiful.
Never thought of Chongqing, there is such a paradise on earth.
Scenic crowded, it is better to go outside, maybe to see other people have not met the King.


North Road

Located in Jiangbei District .
There are many people running at night, you can sit on the waterfront to rest to see the night.
You can also rent a bike ride on the river.
A leisurely place, you can walk to the river to feel the river.
You can also stand on the side of the road overlooking the voyage of the vessel.
You can also see the steady stream across the road vehicles and their counterparts light rail.
Just like a combination of ancient and modern picture scroll.

North Coast Road

9. Foreigner Street

Located in the South Bank area .
There are many small rides here, like friends can play.
And the food here is very cheap ~
like I do not like the rides, you can come here to take pictures, eat.
There are many colorful walls here.
There is a green railway.
Put aside the rides point of view, but also a good place for taking pictures.

Foreigner Street

10 Chongqing amusement park

Located in the South Bank area .
Very old amusement park, the project is basically children to play.
But it is precisely because of this old only let us have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the old Chongqing.
There are not many people to play because they are all children's projects.
But it is recommended that everyone take the Ferris wheel here at night, you can see the night view of Chongqing.
Have been walking to the mountains during the day, few people, a good place to take pictures.

Chongqing amusement park

Chongqing Industrial and Commercial University Jiangbei Campus

Located in Jiangbei District .
Because the campus is relatively small, so fewer people, in general, is still very quiet, very campus atmosphere.
People often come here to take pictures.
I used to come here very much, because here's the library without credit card, but also to run.
But now the library is going to have a credit card.
But it does not matter, next to the school is Jiangbei District Library, the same can read.

Chongqing Technology and Business University Jiangbei Campus

13.Ba Bin Road Wetland Park

Located in Banan District .
Family picnic to the riverside, or barbecue, or kite flying, are a good choice.
Can close contact with the river.

Bairin Road Wetland Park

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