Chongqing has a temperament, called the industrial wind reveals the taste of literature and art

There is no place in the world, like Chongqing people, so love their city. New Weekly said. Chongqing, there are many faces. Mountain City? Fog? stove? Heavy industry? Or people in Chongqing temper? However, this time, I took you from the point of view of Chongqing people to meet you in Chongqing, a city you have never seen before, to taste the taste of heavy industry.
chongqing city under heavy industry by the black ratio

Heavy industry cities also have a taste of literature and art

Chongqing is a mountain city, but also a heavy industrial city, far away from the word art. In the early years of the year, Chongqing gradually settled down as a city due to the dockside trade. Coupled with the special mountainous terrain here, the hardworking and acute children in Chongqing played the ultimate role. I do not know the fertile soil of Bashu and the climate of raising a person, but also to make Chongqing a more lazy and ease, the word art has gradually integrated into people's lives, which is why people in Chongqing understand the reasons for life.

Big hidden in the city's streets

Ciqikou | Millennium ancient literary turn

Ciqikou, a thousand years old town, is the foreign tourists to Chongqing, one of the places to go. Here, the ancient streets prove the bustling culture of Bayu. The bluestone road tells the mottled past, and the clusters of stilts record the enduring stories of thousands of years. In Ciqikou, the air is filled with the flavor of history.

Ciqikou Street by big black ratio

From the Hengjie No. 16 Music Club settled here, Ciqikou has always been a gathering of young artists in Chongqing. Now the Ciqikou, music bars, cafes, bars, shops and other creative lifestyle shops like to get together here, their vitality Ciqikou into another look. These shops in the Ciqikou Hengjie and Street is particularly concentrated, walked into here reminding us of shuttle time and space, but the roadside stilts remind you again, here is the most authentic old Chongqing.

Ciqikou happy street by big black ratio

Ciqikou cross-street art shop by big black ratio

In particular, a small shop called cat adults , Ciqikou sidewalk. If you like cats, come and get ready for your scream. All the stuffs in the shop are about cats, and the shopkeeper is a cute Garfield.

Cat adults by big black ratio

location: Shapingba District Shabin Road and the magnetic circuit junction

Zhongshan Road | Anti-Japanese War Street Arts Fan

Zhongshan 4, a record of the most ancient streets of Chongqing from the past, since the 1930s will be locked from the eyes of the world, is still the best spokesman for the city. Here not only the accumulation of history, but also full of energy and imagination, as it is more and more people know, Zhongshan Road also began to transform the direction of literature and art.

Zhongshan four street view by big black ratio

When it comes to Zhongshan Arts and Culture Landmark on the 4th Road, it is definitely Zhongshan Cultural Industry Park . The appearance of the Republic of China building, courtyard flowers, just entered the industrial park there is a thick literary atmosphere. Various types of shops in the park gather together, transformed, became sought after place for young artists in Chongqing.

Zhongshan Cultural Park by big black ratio

Special recommended four Zhongshan Road on the classic bookstore and O'Brien coffee , the two stores can be said that the way the iconic shop. Good afternoon about two or three friends come here to sit, hold a book, the sun, a cup of coffee, enjoy an afternoon tea, the time here is stagnant.

Classic Bookstore (Zhongshan Road Branch) spiral staircase by the big black ratio

Four Zhongshan Road
Location: Yuzhong District Shangqian Temple and had rock

Ho Hau Street | City life literary taste

Ho-ho Old Street was originally a humble old street in Chongqing, but he was a living old alley in Chongqing. After the "China National Geographic" "National Geographic" coverage, this experienced centuries-old streets gradually returned to the eyes of the world. Walked into Xiahao Street, the face of a thick thick old Chongqing municipality smell, cooking fume smell, the elderly under the Huangpi tree, gathered playing cards great sticks ... ... These are the true appearance of Chongqing.

Ho Hau Street Street View by Big black ratio

Some art shops have also moved to Ho-Ho Street, in stark contrast to market life. Can be precisely because of this, the atmosphere of literature and art has instead turned into a Xiahao old street
under the name card Hao Li and frozen green room is the first to come here two shops, drink tea here, dumbfired, market trivial It has become so lovely here.

Under the ho by big black ratio

Green house by big black ratio

Ho Hau Street
Location: Nan'an District, East Gate Bridge South Bridge and South Road between

Chongqing flavor petty landmark

Dongyuan 1891 | Nanbin Road, the art of heaven

Sheraton Petronas Towers, Begonia Yanyu Park, love zebra crossing, find these three places will be able to see this is located in the Yangtze River, Nanbin Road literary landmark. Dongyuan 1891 is not only an excellent place to watch the night view of Chongqing, but also a place where Chongqing's art shops gather together.

East fountain 1891 by the big black ratio

Classic bookstore is the spirit of food in Chongqing, in 1891 inside the original East. In this can see the Yuzhu Peninsula bookstore, you can order an afternoon tea, won a book, looking out the window of the scenery, enjoy your lazy time here.

Classic bookstore by big black ratio

Classic bookstore by big black ratio

Dongyuan 1891
Location: Nan Bin Road, South Bank District, next to the Sheraton Hotel

Chongqing Xintiandi | Chongqing creator of petty bourgeoisie

Like Xintiandi in Shanghai, who led the leisurely life of Shanghai's petty bourgeoisie, Chongqing Xintiandi also created a petty bourgeoisie in Chongqing. When Xintiandi opened in Chongqing a decade ago, there were a large number of bars and cafes here and the first shark restaurant in Chongqing for VIP consumption only. Ten years later, Xintiandi still represents the best of Chongqing Fashion attitude to life.

Chongqing Xintiandi by pictures from the network

As an ancient fishing village, Chongqing Xintiandi nestles beside the Jialing River. Apart from having a bourgeois and literary shop, its architectural style has also attracted many people to take pictures. The store's displays are carefully designed, each season's trend elements are fierce collision with the imagination.

Chongqing Xintiandi by black ratio

Chongqing Xintiandi
Location: Yutianzhong District Hualongqiao Rui Tian Road 150

Chun Sen Binku | Beibin Road petty gathering place

The other side of Spring Forest has always been the Petty Priory on the North Shore Road, the leader of the literary style. There are a lot of unique shops here, with a four-storey coffee country flagship store opened here, more and more people come here to enjoy Coffee Time.

Mancoffee flagship store by the black ratio

Mancoffee flagship store by the black ratio

Chun Sen
location on the other side : Jiangbei District, 258 North Beiluanyuan all the way

鎏 Ka pier | aquarium art world

鎏 Jia Wharf can be described as North Avenue now "upstart", and here there are aquariums, there are art galleries, prompting a large number of literary youth sought after. Of course, the bar here is the most, at night it becomes an endless city.

Zoo coffee by big black ratio

鎏 Jia dock night by big black ratio

鎏 Ka Wharf
Location: North Road, Jiangbei District, No. 1 (Yellow Garden Bridge)

Hide the city literary bookstore

Square bookstore | Chongqing-featured high-force grid bookstore

In the southwest, mountains meandering like rivers, cities like stars do not destroy, we embrace knowledge, such as the fire cast the city of culture, the United States windward in the sky. Square, a taste of reading Square, sitting in Chongqing, waiting for you to read.

Square by the black bookstore

Square is a very emphasis on the design sense of the bookstore, the book's display, seemingly random but there is a sense of ups and downs; bookshelf placed, at first glance fragmented but was surrounded by landscapes. The design of the Square draws on the landscape of the city of Chongqing, Chongqing is a mountain city, and the square gives you the feeling of winding paths.

Square by the black bookstore

Location: Jiangbei District Guanyinqiao Walking Street Sunshine Century Shopping Center B1 floor

Chongqing Book Center | 24 hours without breaking the bookstore

In this huge city of Chongqing, there will always be some people who return to the night, or people who do not want to go home late at night, come to the Chongqing Book Center, spent a long night with their own books. As a habitat, literary decoration, but there is a very strong inclusive.

Chongqing Book Center by big black ratio

As the largest bookstore in Chongqing, there are a variety of books here, and what types of books can be found here. Bookstore agent also a lot of cultural and creative brands, more bookstore added a touch of literary atmosphere.

Chongqing Book Center by big black ratio

Chongqing Book Center
Daping shop: No.38, Daping Street, Yuzhong District Longhu Times Street C, B2
Guanyinqiao Shop: Jiangbei District, Building 16 North Road, Maoye Department Store B1 (near Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street)

Time independent bookstore | memory of old Chongqing taste

In one of the most peaceful corners of the Grand Theater, an independent bookstore is hidden, nicknamed "Time." As the name suggests, it's time to come here. The entire bookstore uses Chongqing gray color, decoration is also antique, quiet atmosphere is suitable for books, and the city for a dialogue.

Independent bookstore by big black ratio

Independent bookstores in time also committed to the reproduction of Chongqing culture, such as the famous Chongqing this year, the director Zhang Yibai together out of a book called "Gucheng Time" book, recorded in Chongqing 50 to 90 years of life of people in Chongqing's memory .

time independent bookstore
Location: Jiangbei District, Wenhua Street East Grand Theater No. 1 door

Wu month academy | legacy and independent college

Wu month boss graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, coincidentally engaged in carpentry. Earlier years have traveled all parties, and finally returned to the mountain city opened Wu Academy. If you have not been here, it's hard to imagine such a quiet college backed by the noisy streets. The academy has its own magic: when you walk into it, the outside turmoil seems totally isolated from you.  

Since it is a college, naturally no no book. The book here is mostly the owner's collection, there are many visitors presented gifts, such as Chongqing scholars Luo Yu donated "missing Shangqing Temple." Compared to the commercial books sold in bookstores, the books here are more culturally rich. Uncertain mood to Wu month to read the book, chat with the boss, you will find here every brick has its own story. Do not believe, you come sit. 

Wu Academy
Location: Yuzhong District Jialing River Riverside Road 158

Nanzhushan Bookstore | a bookstore that can see the scenery

Nanshan deep, hiding a book called "South Mountain" bookstore, quiet around in addition to cicadas no more noisy voice. This is not so much a bookstore, not to mention that this is a place to enjoy life, won a book, order a pastry, so lazy to sit an afternoon, the top of the sky is changing day by day and Cloud shadow, Yuanwang panoramic view of the mountains, clouds, river ...

South Mountain Bookstore by the black ratio

Occasionally when a mountain breeze comes, even the air has become fresh. If you do not worry about leisure, it is a good time for the world. Forget the clock of the hour, discard the noise of the hubbub, if you like, here, enjoy a quiet, and exclusive to your Nanshan good times.  

South Mountain Bookstore by the black ratio

Bookstore Bookstore
Location: Nanshan Park Road, South Bank District, No. 128

Rebirth after the Cultural and Creative Park

Eling Ridge Plant | Passing from your world

Here was the Central Bank Mint in the Republic of China. For the older generation of Chongqing people, Eling No. 2 Plant is a memory, from 1950 to 1970, Chongqing people in the life of the food stamps, the meat is produced here. After filming the movie "Passing Through Your World," Eling Plant No.2 has become a place of dream for literary young people. In addition, where higher terrain, overlooking the city of Chongqing is a rare place.

Eling Ridge Plant by the black ratio

Eling Ridge factory inside is the largest coffee shop, but lazy fish especially recommended time hall . The shop owner called "lazy fish", he called himself "strange uncle," because he has a lot of "quirks": like to collect "junk", but also love all kinds of succulent plants. Come here for a cup of coffee, sublimation of a period of time, is not it not to enjoy.

Lazy fish time hall by big black ratio

Beginning of the shallow summer, smile laugh safely, lazy fish time boss here will be decorated into a small love song, in line with all the expectations of literary enthusiasts, nocturnal, light Kai heart.  

Lazy fish time hall by big black ratio

lazy fish time
Location: Yuzhong District Eling Street is located on the 1st

Memphis stone | urban legend of the revival of the road

Legend has it that there is a stone here, a cat lying on a stone slab on the waterfront, whose eyes fall asleep, so the stone has a fun name called "Memphis Stone." Once white cat detergent, Shu embroidery license soap, these are our familiar products are produced here; today's meow children stone, whitewashed walls, fashion charm.

Mevin Shi Wen-chuen Park by big black ratio

Here is the assembly of dreams, there is never a lack of creativity, how many young people literary dream Sailing in the Memphis.

Mevin Shi Wen-chuen Park by big black ratio

A Tibetan building in the park which seems out of place, this is the Om space . Tibetans living in Chongqing love this place, covered with prayer flags in the restaurant, seems to really came to a small restaurant in Lhasa. Come here for a cup of butter tea, eat a Tibetan meal, in Chongqing can enjoy the Tibetan life.

Om space by big black ratio

BladeCenter pub is a bookstore, a pub, but also late at night canteen. Here you can read a book, you can drink coffee, you can drink. Suddenly remembered the old movie "Casablanca" in a classic line "There are so many small towns in the world, there are so many pubs in the town, but she came into my."

Edge Book Tavern by Big black ratio

meow children stone Cultural Park
Location: Jiangbei District, built 176 West Road

North warehouse | City of shared space

North warehouse was once a brilliant textile base, with the decline of the textile industry, but also gradually lost its luster. Today, however, it embodies the city's shared space and in another way started the road to rejuvenation.

North warehouse Wen Chong district by big black ratio

North warehouse Wen Chong district by big black ratio

Here is the most beautiful library in Chongqing, North warehouse. In this "city public bookstore", you can read the story behind the city. "Reading area" shelves, filled with manual, lifestyle aesthetics based books, you can borrow or sell. From time to time, the library has writers and artists who share their life stories and aesthetics and listen to them as if they are involved in different lives.

North warehouse by big black ratio

Beicang Library
Location: Jiangbei District Guanyinqiao Street North Tower Road, No. 55, Ping

N18LOFT small courtyard | a new life in the old days

Mottled brick walls, rusty window sills, vines attached to the building and growing wildly in the spring ... As the sun embraces these buildings, built in the early 1980s, giving a picture frame, this is one A slightly yellowed old photo.

N18LOFT small courtyard by the black ratio

Into it, you can feel a sense of history can not be erased. The small courtyard in the past was the fifth Chongqing printing plant, perhaps not yet dispersed ink, I have indescribable joy.

N18LOFT small courtyard by the black ratio

As long as entering the park always the first time to see this blue door, it is a few gardens . The roof of the high roof every night music echoed, when night fell, here becomes the voice of the world. Point a cup of coffee to listen to a few songs, this is the cultural life of Chongqing.

A few gardens by big black ratio

N18LOFT small hospital
Location: South Nanping Road on the 18th

501 art base | yellow bleary mind entrusted

Here is the "yellow bleaching" of the art world, no matter from what point of view it can feel heavy industry style and artistic atmosphere. Huangpi Ping with an open mind to accommodate this group of people with artistic feelings, these people are called "yellow drift", they created the 501 art base to repay Huangpi Ping this treasure.

501 art base by big black ratio

Graffiti everywhere, but the favorite place for young artists, but also the assembly of photography enthusiasts. Here you can see everyone using a camera, taking their story and leaving their mark.

501 graffiti art base by big black ratio

Mr. Zou Taofen said: "People have personality, the store has a store." Any bookstore is a character. Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and Huangpi Ping graffiti street living environment, developed a " Himalayan art bookstore, " the unique temperament. Among the art studios and art shops scattered around it, the ink of the book is in vague drifts and is really a rare view of the academy.  

Himalayan art bookstore by big black ratio

Himalayan Art Bookstore
Location: Jiulongpo District Huangpi Ping Ping Street, No. 5-15


In addition to the places I mentioned above, Chongqing will have more literary places to go in the future. They are still under construction and are still under construction. Chongqing is a complicated city. Whether you say it is heavy industry or petty bourgeoisie, they are all indispensable elements of Chongqing. Chongqing will not change anything, has been waiting for you there.
Therefore, Chongqing, we must go.

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