Chongqing, the most worth to go in several places / with a complete photo Raiders

Because of gorgeous lights and night scenes, it is called Little Hong Kong, but it has a unique flavor of Sichuan and Chongqing. In addition to the air are filled with hot pot string of scent, in fact, it is also a particularly suitable for taking pictures of children! This issue we talk about Chongqing suitable for taking pictures of those places.
 hongyadong cave during the day

Concerned about the small North Microblogging @ Little Commander of the three generations  of comrades should have known I went to Chongqing some time ago, this time there are a lot of silver private letter I want to travel Raiders, well, today I specifically draw the weekend time finishing About ha ~ content is more, so divided into two up and down, you can see after the horse 


This place should be considered to be one of the preferred punch card to Chongqing, and first look at a few phone shots of the map ~ 

▲ Hongyadong night scene

Hongyadong has a history of more than 2000 years. Before long long ago, it used to be a military fortress. It is the only landscape in Chongqing with the unique culture of Bayu culture and Diaojiaolou.

Or night

Is not a little familiar! Yes, here is the legendary Spirited Away building if you do not see the logo inside I really do not know what their floor ... First to briefly introduce Hongyadong: 

Hongyadong has more than two thousand Years of history, before the long long ago here was a military fortress, is currently the only heritage of Chongqing Bayu culture and Diaojiaolou culture landscape.

Looks very much looks like soup mother soup house, reminded to remember that "do not work hard will become a pig!"

Hung Cliff Cave not only Diaojiao Lou can shoot, there are all kinds of snacks! Small North My favorite is the Hongyadong Tiancheng Lane Bayu style street, it has an ancient folk customs, people walking in the street really have a feeling back to the past ~

with a variety of this street Chongqing snack food features everything, it can be said that they are eating paradise!

To tell you the truth, Chongqing spicy is really the heart of the heart, refreshing side of Si Ha Si Ha while eating non-stop eating is my normal, really delicious to stop up ah ~

In Tiancheng Alley, you can from time to time can encounter only in Chongqing can see the mountain city Bang Bangjun ~

2. Serious door bridge

With Hongyadong is a neighbor is a thousand servant door bridge, the same landmark of Chongqing, Yan value or online ~

A full range of photos showing the dual-use light rail bridge ~

As the most popular pedestrian bridge for the public, enjoying the scenery on both sides of the bridge at night is wonderful. At

night, Was paralyzed by the United States 😌)


Behind it, is the hole just mentioned Hongyadong friends ~ seen "from all over the world," the film comrades should be familiar with the door to the bridge and Hongyadong photo is familiar with ▼ ▼

It is also good to shoot Hongyadong from thousands of people, with a good selection of perspectives. This type of composition can help with combing with virtual lines to satisfy a sense of depth that disappears at one end. ▼

3. Yangtze cableway

Every six minutes, across the Yangtze River, take the Yangtze River in Chongqing cableway, the most suitable interpretation of the three-dimensional traffic in Chongqing  ~

 The Yangtze River cableway, which has been hailed as the first air corridor of the Yangtze River  and  Mountain Airbus , has been in operation for 30 years  

To take pictures in the evening, really good to see wah-wah screaming (like a mentally retarded children 🙃) the city's silhouette and the sky was blooming color complement each other ~

Want to make a different Yangtze River cable with others? Try to down from the cableway building beat - cable box instantly became hin cute ~

Dairy fruit comrades luck as good as me, you can also use the color of the sky as a diagonal distinction, cold and warm contrast , but also a little attention to the golden point, the cable car on the meeting point!

Yang shot, you can also diagonal cableway building

If it is sunny, you can use the silhouette and backlight, by controlling the exposure mode to get a silhouette photo

Some comrades will shrink, you can not deceive a small north, Chongqing, but the fog, go when most of the cloudy ah ~
table panic! ! !
Yang beat in the sky to find some lines like lines and their own handsome tall back, without a positive face can be cool!

4. Eling two plants

"Passing by your world" - a creative park converted from an old factory building

Punch to Chongqing, how won this art place! The old building is very flavorful, you can see a large part of the Old City scene, real literary youth to nostalgic photos ~

High and low stairs interspersed with each other really interesting to me

There are even some interesting shops in the factory, delicious and fun ~

Real is the meaning of the above few friends, there are a lot of factories, not here one by one map

The street between the old house is a wrong place to take pictures, the use of narrow streets, easy to shoot a sense of depth!

Last time I said in the video can find a window to composition, this window is in the plant Ha, the use of picture frame composition, highlighting the characters ~ good to use not!

Second plant is too good to take fun spots and too many, due to space reasons, I will not be a small one one recommended here, comrades have the opportunity to send a few to find

5. Traffic teahouse

Some people say that if you go to Sichuan and the United States, you will have to go to the traffic teahouse, an old teahouse with a real sense of authenticity at the Huangpiping campus and the movie "Crazy Stone"

Look at the teahouse, old-fashioned wooden beam frame, old wooden table, old stool, old-style ceiling fan, light and dark, noisy environment, as if biu a backwards, back to the 1980s old Chongqing!

Sometimes can see the students of Academy of Art to sketch, market atmosphere is strong, very suitable for making some documentary full of soap ~

⚠ ️ pay attention to the composition of the flatness

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