Chongqing to play three days, how to arrange the most reasonable?


The first time I heard that Chongqing is known as the mountain city, Jiangcheng, the intersection of the two rivers, a city under the hill, a hill, is the label of Chongqing. Not the fragrant hotpot everywhere in the streets and alleys, nor the classic and modern visual impact of Hongyadong architecture, nor the curiosity of wearing the Lizuoba light rail across the building ... but then it became a reason for me to go to Chongqing .  


day1 : Youth Hostel - delicious Street - Jiefangbei - Hongyadong.
day2 : Ciqikou Ancient Town - Zhazidong - White Mansion - Three Gorges Museum - string crossing over the mouth - Nanshan a tree - the Yangtze River cableway.
day3 : Graffiti Street (Sichuan and the United States Huangpi Ping Campus) - Lao Zao hot pot.

Day1 first met in Chongqing

I live in the Yangtze River near the arrangements for high-level car, I really like to stand down from the height of the feeling, it is amazing, you will see a hill in Chongqing have a house, a house on the road, a car on the road, next to the car Have a house, think about the night here to see the night, I feel comfortable.

First stop: delicious street

To Chongqing is already two o'clock in the afternoon, it is good when the sun is big, clean up in the hostel clean up four o'clock, ready to go out to find food. Resolutely decided to find delicious Street. Delicious Street near the Jiefangbei, just connected together.

Delicious street

Second stop: Jiefangbei

Any city has its own landmark architecture, when the number of people in the mountain city of Chongqing People's Liberation Monument.
I put myself in the crowd to try to integrate themselves into Chongqing, to slowly feel the feelings of Chongqing. Particularly worth mentioning is that Jiefangbei surrounded by trees and the seat, simple and convenient.


Third stop: Hongyadong

When I first went there, the sky was not yet black. I deliberately wanted to see Hongyadong in the evening. Although it is a modern slingshot building, it still can not stop the heart I want to go. At Hongyadong, you can Chongqing fully understand why mountain city.


Day2 feel Chongqing

First stop: Ciqikou

The most full trip in the three-day itinerary is today. Take the light rail line 1 directly to the Ciqikou mouth, down from the light rail, through a food court, you will see porcelain mouth brand. Keep walking forward for about ten minutes and you will be able to go to Ciqikou Ancient Town. Both sides of the ancient town are ancient buildings, a wide range of shops, of course, Chen Chang silver twist. At this moment a little bit of light rain, but it happened to my heart, so go in the town, inexplicable will have a mood.


Here used to be "Crazy Stone" viewfinder, but it attracted me to a large area of ​​greenery, full of fleshy, there is always going the trail, and unique style building, more free and windy.


Second stop: Zhazi hole - white mansion

Out from the Ciqikou out, just 301 city sightseeing car, ten dollars back and forth Zhazi Dong white mansion, the two attractions are not admission tickets. (In fact, it is not to Zhazi Cave, to Zhazi Dong are also paid an additional 20 yuan fare.)
Zhazi Cave and the White Mansion are the Kuomintang detained the Communist Party, witnessed by screenings, looking at the revolutionary predecessors with life tranquility , Is to teach future generations do not forget.

Zhazi hole

Third stop: Three Gorges Museum

Opposite the Three Gorges Museum is the People's Auditorium, standing in the People's Square looking up, the museum is like the Three Gorges Dam. Outside the museum shape blue glass symbolizes the water, the sandstone wall represents the mountains, it also reflects the characteristics of the landscape city of Chongqing.

Three Gorges Museum

Opposite the Three Gorges Museum is the Great Hall of the People . Its appearance is very beautiful. As the Qing Dynasty architecture has more than four o'clock, it can only stay for the second time and regret it.

The fourth leg: more field mouth

Then go to the more mouth to eat hot pot, when the second line after the plum dam, you will be surprised, light rail from more than thirty floors across the tall buildings. Chongqing is known as "the capital of China's hotpot". The authentic old hotpot is deeply hidden in the streets and alleys. It is a combination of "hemp" and "spicy". The red oil floating on the hotpot and the spicy peppercurd Touch the fragrance. I have begun to wait for the string of incense, see this to drool up.

More market mouth pot

Fifth stop: Nanshan a tree

Chongqing is the most fascinating sunset and night, the sun came down to enjoy the scenery before sunset, sunset at night can see.
Nanshan bus last bus trip from the hillside to the top of the mountain, get off and then walk back about ten minutes, inexplicable to come a lot of people, and the mountain is only so wide, so the traffic is not very convenient, but came After that you will find that all the wait is worth it.

Nanshan a tree

Sixth stop: Carpool Yangtze River

Car for the Yangtze River in Chongqing is just a means of transport for the people, a Citizens card 8, many tourists experience the car now, passing through the Yangtze River, one-way 20 yuan, round-trip 30 yuan.
This is a kind of Chongqing people's feelings, is the way of life. Do not hurry down under the cable car, next to the river can pat.

Carpool Yangtze River

Day3 fell in love with Chongqing

Last stop: Graffiti a street

I am very happy to go such a small street, like, very comfortable, flow through the crowd, the sun gently sprinkled on the walls, corners, leaves, it reflects not only a simple beauty, but also A kind of art is a belief that is as fun as a girl on the wall.  

Graffiti a street

Goodbye Chongqing

I try to feel you as much as I can, paying attention to your unique charm and hiding you in my memory, no matter what you look like in the eyes of others, you are in my memory, I have seen , Others do not take, can not get it.
Go ~ ~ Chongqing!


1. Eighteen ladders in the vicinity of Jiefangbei.
2. Feel the light rail wear floor (Li Ziba station) must stand in the front or rear.
3. Three Gorges Museum has a free voice guide, we must remember that with headphones. Four and a half can not go further, five clear, closed on Monday.
4. Chen Chang silver twist, three rows of stations, it is said that the middle one is authentic.
5. Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts has two campuses, graffiti street in the old campus. (Huang Zhiping campus), Chuan Mei itself is also very artistic.
6. Hot pot, string of incense generally low consumer. (Hot pot first sister wear pot must be ahead of schedule to take the number)
7. drink more yogurt, drink plenty of water.

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