Do not miss the night of the ancient city of Phoenix

You can miss the ancient city of Fenghuang during the day, but do not miss the night of the ancient city of Fenghuang! Phoenix night, is the hazy beauty of this town is not easy to be aware of the surprise! In Phoenix journey, as long as you experience the night of Phoenix, you can encounter a different Phoenix beauty!
fenghuang ancient city night sunset ancient building a river border town landscape

Fenghuang many of the city's entertainment projects, the Phoenix's "nightlife" is particularly exciting. I believe many of my friends did not come before the ancient city of Phoenix, the Internet has been beautifully online pictures of the ancient city of Phoenix attracted. Here to tell you, in addition to the night of the ancient city, there are more exciting nightlife in Phoenix, the following one by one for everyone:

Fenghuang ancient city night view - classic must see

In all the nightlife that Phoenix deserves to experience, enjoy the night view of Fenghuang City, which must be ranked first. Fenghuang ancient city of lighting project, which lasted several years, cost hundreds of millions, of course, the results do not live up to expectations! Phoenix night view of the beautiful, in addition to spending a lot of light from the layout, of course, is more from the unique charm of the river stilts, against the background of the light, you are like in the middle of the painting ~

Night Tuojiang BY clouds exposure Tuojiang Tuo walked on the water, near the reward stilt style

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
per capita consumption: 80 yuan
play time: 19: 00-23: 30
play Address: North Gate of the ancient city of Phoenix Tuojiang boating on board
Recommended reason: You can miss the ancient city of Fenghuang during the day, but do not Miss the night of the ancient city of Phoenix, feel the city under the light of the same map under the beauty of experience from the edge of a small town quiet!
We recommend that you go directly to the honeycomb order to buy night-time Tuojiang River, with ID card boating, but also an affordable package options, highly recommended!

Phoenix campfire - the whole family

Fenghuang ancient city has a profound cultural heritage, with the development of tourism, many cultural essences are integrated into the travel experience, and campfire is the most representative. Came to the ancient city of Phoenix, in addition to exposure to the Phoenix night, of course, can not miss this in-depth experience!

Campfire barbed wine

1) "Border Town" large-scale forest live performance

Investment 180 million yuan to create the "border town" to Xiangxi landscapes, local folk culture as the core, literary master Shen Congwen's "Border Town" in the story for the story, about 80 minutes. Plot in a romantic love story vividly reproduce the folk customs, folk music, public feelings in Western Hunan, the unique folk culture of Western Hunan and Wu culture, organic culture, for everyone to send a very rich cultural connotation of audio-visual feast, panoramic view , In-depth appreciation of the folk culture in western Hunan.

Big city forest real performance, waiting for a rainy day!

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
per capita consumption: A District 190 yuan / person B District 170 yuan / person 20 years of age 80 yuan / person VIP 580 yuan / person
Performance time: 20:30 - 21:50 (two holidays)
performance Address: World Phoenix Hotel 200 meters
Recommended reason: "Border Town" through the live performance, we will be able to see the landscape of Western Hunan, Xiangxi heard the voice of the woman and man felt the Xiangxi, at the same time a touch of nostalgia. It is a grand performance of reading the ancient city of Fenghuang in the border town! Recommended to the cellular single, eliminating the trouble of queuing tickets, ID direct admission, the most critical is: affordable! ! !

2) Miao Village story

This performance tells the story of a life in Miao Village. For thousands of years, the Miao family made the sunrise and lived in the Miao Village in the sunset. They met each other with the love of the wood and expressed their love with the song. The performance is divided into banquet dance, fire, wine, love four chapters, show Miao Village folk customs. 

Miao Village story show, a scene from Miao style interpretation

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
per capita consumption: 128 yuan / person
Performance time: 19: 30-21: 00 (holiday two)
Performance Address: Mountain Miao style park
Recommended reason: a nostalgic Miao Village, a period of ancient vicissitudes Story, a pot of delicious Miaomiao wine, a melodious Miao Song melodious side of a moving style, a beautiful and luxurious Miao silverware, feel Miao flavor! It is recommended to directly participate in the Afternoon Miao Village Valley + Miaozhai story tour from the ancient city of Phoenix, departure in the afternoon to experience Miao Village style, but also to experience Miaozhai story!

Fenghuang ancient city bar - Aventure place

Fenghuang ancient city bar, is the product of the tourism market, the Phoenix before doing tourism, there is no bar. Tourists came, the bar came, and the Aventure Index was up. Bar, but one of the hottest places in Phoenix nightlife!

Fenghuang Ancient City Bar BY Gen

Fenghuang bar points hi bar and clear it two, the most obvious difference can be directly distinguished from the music, Hey, it is very kind, DJ lead interactive; Qing bar is one or two singer folk playing that! Aventure index, the first of course, still depends on the feeling of both sides, followed by how much alcohol to drink, to some extent, Hey, it is easier for people to drink more (evil)!

Phoenix old town bar BY ah Zhen Chen Zhen

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
per capita consumption: 200 (to see the specific, a beer 35-60)
Hours: 19: 00--23: 30
Bar Address: Tuojiang, the ancient city of Phoenix many
Recommended reason: Phoenix itself has The kind of ambiguous atmosphere, making the bar become very strange feeling. Travel, this is a spiritual or physical experience, I wish every one to Phoenix's small companion "all wishes come true!" However, do not be confused by the Aventure, Phoenix has begun to have wine bar, bar consumer attention to the menu!

Fenghuang City Bar Street BY ah Zhen Chen Zhen

Phoenix barbecue - favorite food

Many tourists know that Phoenix is ​​a food paradise, but I do not know Phoenix barbecue night market is the most concentrated place for this Phoenix cuisine! In the past, Fenghuang barbecue night market near Hongqiao, many tourists have a chance to experience, and now Fenghuang barbecue night market was moved to Phoenix Metro Tuqiao Road, from the ancient city at a distance, many tourists lose the opportunity to taste this food! Recommend here, if you have enough night time in Phoenix, be sure to go to Fenghuang barbecue night market to experience the Phoenix cuisine.

Phoenix night market BY clouds in the food walk

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
per capita consumption: 60
Business Hours: 20: 00--02: 00
Night Market Address: Phoenix Metro Tuqiao Road (the ancient city of the past 10 dollars)
Recommended reason: Phoenix Food Concentration Camp, fried frying Everything is there, Phoenix native barbecue habits, kebabs, fried fish, roast pigs, etc., everything! If you are also a food, then the night market is also a must-miss Phoenix Phoenix night market is a good place to go!

Fenghuang the ancient city of night, there are noisy noisy comfort and ease. If you come to Phoenix, remember not to go to bed early ~ because of a fall, you will miss a lot of wonderful! Phoenix nightlife, take you to feel the most authentic town style.

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