Eat in Hangzhou, taste these Hang Bang flavors

I have long heard that the taste of taste is the best. It is located at the entrance of Huagang Guanyu, and the environment is very good. The first time I ordered a dish in Hangzhou, I thought it was very small. I didn’t expect it..
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Knowing taste

I have long heard that the taste of taste is the best. It is located at the entrance of Huagang Guanyu, and the environment is very good. The first time I ordered a dish in Hangzhou, I thought it was very small. I didn't expect it... It was quite big.
Recommended: Braised Duck, Chips Chuan, Longjing Tea Crisp  

#卤鸭's meat is very tender, the sauce is very tasty, and the white rice is excellent.

Braised duck

#片儿川大碗, like the bamboo shoots in the noodles with a sour taste. It is a very sticky staple food.


#龙井茶酥 has a Longjing tea on the top. What surprised me the most is not the tea smell that overflowed when I bite down, but the kiwifruit wrapped in the center just right to solve the tea cake.


Personally feel that Dongpo meat and crab yellow cages are very general and unsatisfactory.

Crab yellow cage

Crab yellow cage


There is a food street in the Xiaohe District. Today I chose the alley. Its family's dishes are sweet, and friends who don't like sweets should not choose.
Recommended today: halogen chicken feet! Braised chicken feet! Braised chicken feet!


#卤鸡爪 It is delicious to always lick chicken feet with white rice.  

Braised chicken feet

Give the soles and sugar to the numbness.


Sweet shrimp potted plants, shuttle crab rice cakes are sweet, and now I still feel a bit tired....

Sweet shrimp potted

Swimming crab rice cake

green tea

The green tea in the West Lake District, the whole store is on the lake, a large area. The decor is also more ancient. It is the head office of green tea.
Recommended: bread temptation, green tea roast chicken, dry pot potatoes, coconut milk chicken soup, spring water frog

green tea

The business of green tea has been opened all over the country. Of course, today is not the first time to eat green tea, but every time I eat #面包, the feeling of temptation just wants to applaud this dessert, which is a perfect blend of bread and ice cream.  
#Green roasted chicken, the outer skin is crispy and the inner meat is elastic.

Green tea roast chicken

#茶的干锅土豆 is the one I have ever liked. I can eat two more bowls with rice.
#椰汁鸡汤 is sweet and delicious.
#泉水蛙肉 is tender and smooth.  

New week

This new weekbook on Zhongshan South Road is so hot. No lunch at 14 o'clock in the afternoon, until 16 o'clock to start receiving the night market.
Some dishes ordered today are good: stuffy pumpkin, song squid, stinky tofu, sauce cucumber

New week

#闷骚南瓜 is probably a dessert in every Hangbang restaurant. I thought it would be very sweet and greasy. Unexpectedly, the natural sweetness of the pumpkin just integrated the cheese's greasy.

Wonderful pumpkin

#宋嫂鱼羹 uses 藕 powder, the soup presents a slightly thick taste, but the whole soup is very refreshing.

Song carp

#臭豆腐 and Changsha are completely different! Milky white, with ordinary tofu is undoubted, but smells very stinky, but it tastes no different from ordinary tofu taste and taste.
The sauce cucumber is very refreshing and suitable for summer.

Stinky tofu

Hangzhou Restaurant

Hangzhou Restaurant in the most prosperous neighborhood seems to be the first choice for many people. We started queuing around 5 o'clock, about a minute and a half. Very sorry, when we arrived, the chicken was sold out....
Today recommended: West Lake vinegar  

Hangzhou Restaurant

# 西湖醋鱼 How to describe its taste? More satisfying than the sour vinegar taste is the tenderness of the fish.

West Lake Fish With Vinegar Sauce

Horse lantern tribe

This lantern tribe is at the top of the mountain, and it is about 10mins from the foot of the mountain. It uses wood in its home, and the decoration is a wild but not gentle style.
Recommended today: Loofah River Shrimp Soup, Cabbage Fans, Clams.

Horse lantern tribe

#丝瓜河虾汤 is very sweet, it is good for cooling off.

Loofah River Shrimp Soup, Cabbage Vermicelli, Clams

#包菜粉丝 is very tasty, adding a bit of chili is very sensational.

Cabbage fans

#藕夹酸酸甜甜, suitable for dinner.

Horse lantern tribe

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