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Where is the most fun in Hangzhou? Open your circle of friends, the friends who are going to Hangzhou are not in the West Lake, or on the way to the West Lake; not in the Leifeng Tower to take tourists photos, is to wear
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Where is the most fun in Hangzhou? Open your circle of friends, the friends who go to Hangzhou are not in the West Lake, or on the way to the West Lake; not in the Leifeng Tower to take tourists photos, is to travel in the traffic of Lingyin Temple to find the way up the mountain. How can we avoid these people and feel the romance of Hangzhou? Let's take a look at these literary shops that are suitable for taking pictures.

Art and food venue suitable for taking pictures

The best French dessert shop Esperluete

Hidden in the network red dessert shop in the downtown alley, Lin update, Jolin Tsai are full of praise for it! 200 square meters of glass house, cactus, emperor flower, marbled tableware, with a slightly cool style of simple decoration, no matter which angle to take pictures are good.

Figure: Esperluete.

[Don't miss it ]
The dessert in the store is nothing to say. This time I tried Paris toon, ink, and pretend to be a raspberry, all of which have both value and connotation~
1. Paris toon: outer layer The pink cream is lychee-flavored, wrapped in cranberry crumbs. After cutting, it is a layer of cheese and a layer of rose sauce. The bottom is a cookie. The taste is very layered and the aftertaste is not felt.

Picture: Paris Toon.

2. Pretend to be a raspberry: it is the girl's heart that has sprouted the old man ! A cake that is disguised as a raspberry, cut out the crispy skin of the flour, filled with raspberry sauce, served with cream and biscuits, and the sweet taste is like first love.

Picture: Pretend to be a raspberry.

3. Matcha cake
"Ink" is a piece of Matcha cake, looks like a gray pyramid, but it is a fresh matcha color, and a chocolate sandwich, sweet chocolate balls with a bitter matcha, sweet taste Not tired.

Photo: Matcha cake.

Esperluete is in a creative park and the location is not easy to find. On the same day, I took a taxi to the entrance of the Creative Park. I walked in and found that there was no decoration around. There was no drink in the store. The boss gave us free black tea, which was very intimate.
A good shop, a bit of a depression, is almost desperate to find this sunny glass room. However, the wine is not afraid of the deep alley, if you come to Hangzhou, you must taste it!
[Address ] 11th Floor, D9 Block, No. 18, Kaixuan Branch Road, Hangzhou.

Yu Wenle also wants to eat specially, the dining room

It is also a food hidden in the alley. The restaurant is located in Queens Park. I thought it was a park. I didn’t expect it to be a small alley where the tide shop gathered. The alley went to the end, and a “colorful” store was the place to eat. Room. The red carpet and the dark green signboard are very retro in color. The store is also the feeling of an old-fashioned tea room, and there is a mahjong wall~

Picture: 唔 The dining room.

[Do not miss it] It is
recommended to simmer black pork, small pork sizzling with black slightly sweet sauce, dilute the greasy pork. Pan-fried dragon fish is also very special. The soft-fried dragon fish is wrapped in thick peanut powder, which is delicious and suitable for baby to eat. Desserts such as quicksand, sun egg and pineapple are also worth a try.

Picture: 唔 The dining room.

[Address] 1st Floor, Queens Park, 277 Wulin Road, Hangzhou.

Literary library suitable for taking pictures

Zhong Shuge The
most dreamy bookstore in Hangzhou, Zhong Shu Ge, the overall design is like a playground. The ceiling is all decorated with mirrors, just like the buildings folded in the dream space. Sitting on the bookshelf looks like a dangling. The bookshelf in the children's book area is a pirate ship and a turntable style, and all kinds of fantasy designs make the children forget to flow.

Photo: Zhong Shuge.

[Address] No. 203, Building 4, Hangzhou Xingguang International Plaza.

The most suitable literary town for taking pictures

Creative Design Center
Hangzhou Creative Design Center was originally a 50,000 square meters of waste factory. After some renovation, it gathered a group of literary cafes, shoppers, home decoration stores, and almost only local talents in Hangzhou know, very quiet, take The camera can take a day, and you can also touch the net red and model that came to take pictures.

Figure: Creative Design Center.

[Not to be missed]
1.Oneday: A good place to eat Brunch, a limited amount of dessert. The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow the interior to be transparent, and the second-floor open-air dining area allows you to enjoy the sun while enjoying the sun. The style of the store is also very simple and fresh, you can shoot ins wind casually.

Photo: Oneday.

2. Huayan: From afar, you can see a large area of ​​floral decoration on both sides of the store door, beautiful flower arrangements and vases, you can also buy it yourself. Opposite the shop is a cat house, the boss looks like a little gray cat who loves to spoil, usually it is lazy lying at the door of the store waiting for someone to come.

Figure: Huayan.

3. Damei buys a shop. The
entrance is a large rose wall, very dreamy. There are a variety of niche brands of clothes and accessories, and occasionally Pilates classes and afternoon tea.

Photo: Damei buys a shop.

4. Concave homes
Everyday, natural wood-like bump furniture with a variety of strange and interesting creative household items makes your life more interesting.

Figure: Bump home.

[Address] Area A, Hangzhou Creative Design Center, No. 102 West Lushan Road, Hangzhou.

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