Eight things to do in the ancient city of Phoenix, these places most feel the charm of the town!

Phoenix is ​​a poetic place, where the unique food culture, simple and kind Hmong lady, where exquisite handicrafts are people forget. The first time to Phoenix, how can we experience the most beautiful spots in Phoenix in the shortest time? Now let me tell you that the first time those Phoenix is ​​to experience it!
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One. Ancestral temple to listen to a Phoenix Miao old drama

Yang Ancestral Hall by Prince Edward Taifu, Guo Yong Hou Yang Fang rate people in the Qing dynasty 16 years (AD 1836) began construction, Yang family feng shui, the door oblique open, facing Tuojiang, you can make the ancestors of the ages, Vang Rongchang , Such as a steady stream of water Tuojiang. Ancestral hall is a typical courtyard buildings, wood structure, up and down two floors, by the door, stage, hall, gallery room, the main hall. Yang ancestral hall was once the city of Phoenix listening to the public places to watch the movie, Huang Yongyu and other Phoenix celebrities as a child often watch the movie here and back to stay, while the elders in the family on both sides of the gallery promenade watch. Singing opera, percussion, lively, very popular. Nowadays, the corridors on both sides of the ancestral hall have become small exhibition halls for Miao articles and handicrafts. At the same time, in order to carry forward and inherit the ancient folk art of Fenghuang, a wonderful folk drama is played every day on the ancient stage of the Yang ancestral hall Lights, Yang play, etc.), we can go to the Yang Temple ancestral hall to play a Phoenix Miao old drama, feel the charm of the old Phoenix.  

This Yang Ancestral Hall, I saw this place in a television series, the name is probably called "Xiangxi Bandit journal" it, a name that speaks of the country was just liberated, the People's Liberation Army in this bandit bandits story. The first episode of the first scene is here. Yang Ancestral Hall is very important in the local very famous, Yang is a famous family, the scale of the ancestral hall built is not small

Traffic: Fenghuang ancient city along the North Gate Walk 200 meters walk, you can reach the Yang Ancestral Hall.
Tickets: Yang Ancestral Hall included in the Phoenix Eight Kingdoms, pass 142 yuan
Yang Temple ancestral hall Opening hours: 7: 30-18: 00.
Yang Ancestral Hall Performance Time: 09:30 am 10:30 pm 15:00 pm  

Yang ancestral hall

Two. "Border Town" theater to find the hearts of "Cui Cui"

Tracy Cui Cui, the protagonist of "Border Town", is the goddess of Miao culture in the heart of Shen Congwen and the "essence" of Miao culture in western Hunan seen by Shen Congwen from the perspective of "the Other" (Western). Tracy is a pure, kind, beautiful, vivid girl image. What is the appearance of Cui Cui in your mind? Let us go to the "border town" theater to find it. The "Border Town" is mainly composed of the romantic love stories of Cui Cui, Zhuo and Tianbao, the poignant sadomasochistic love and sorrow of the three people seeking their loved ones, their unique life and death.Being unique Miao folk songs and ballads, Sing Miao people enthusiasm, simple folk customs; Vivid reproduction of the Western culture.

Transportation: the ancient city of taxi over the past 5 to 10 minutes, you can reach the "border town" theater.
Tickets: Area A, Area 260, B, 220 (ant nest can book concession tickets)
Performance time: 20:30 - 21:40 

"Border Town" is a large-scale live performance not long ago launched by Phoenix. Of course it is worth watching if you want to know the culture of western Hunan. It is an outdoor performance. When I first went to see it, I cried and listened.

Three. Shen Congwen's former residence to find masters of the shreds

 Shen Congwen's former residence is over a hundred years old and is the late Qing Dynasty building. Now it has built a display room for Shen's life story. Display the old ink, artifacts, relics and relics. Phoenix to many people are directed at Shen Congwen go, often many young people crowded in front of their home to buy a book counter, scrambling to buy Shen Congwen's fine work, since the Phoenix so it is necessary to look at the former residence of Shen Congwen, looking for masters here Of the crushing shadow.

Transportation: The city is within walking distance.
Tickets: 148 yuan, nine scenic Phoenix package includes attractions.
Performance time: 20: 30-21: 40  

Shen Congwen spent his childhood after he was born here on December 28, 1902. It was a small room purchased by Shen Congwen's grandfather after three generations. When he walked into the former residence, the middle of the low courtyard was a small courtyard , Surrounded by eight old houses, 15-year-old, Shen Congwen left here, his home after several owners, Shen Congwen died, the local government bought back this house, renovated and renovated, hung up the [Shen Congwen] Plaque. Now is the national key protection units, to visit the former residence of Phoenix Shen Congwen year after year in an endless stream!

Shen Congwen former residence

3. Boating Tuojiang listen Miao Mei sister folk songs

Tuo River rafting, is not much in the nine bright spot. Tuo River boating starting point in the ancient city walls, get on the U-Peng boat, listening to the public's son, Shun down, until Hongqiao, Longevity Palace, 000 towers, wins Cui Lou greeted, as well as ancient A century-old Tujia stilts, a far away from earthly southern Yangtze River feel comfortable. Often people ashore, the heart is still Tuojiang among, stop looking back, thinking back to the cross-strait people who continue to retreat, housing, you will have a feeling like passing away.

Transportation: The ancient city of Phoenix walk to the north gate terminal, take the "Tuo River cruise" cruise tour Tuojiang, the ship will cross the Millennium Diaojiaolou, you can listen to the Miao Ah Miao singing folk songs on board.
Tickets: Tuojiang boating included in the nine scenic Phoenix, pass 148
Tuojiang River Rafting Operating hours: 7: 30-18: 00.

Tuo River is the mother city of the ancient city of Phoenix, she slowly flows along the walls, nurturing ancient city children from generation to generation. Sit on the black canopy boat, listening to the public's son, watching the two sides have a century-old Tujia stilts, do not have some flavor. Down the river, across Hongqiao a picture of Jiangnan Water Village will be displayed in front of: Longevity Palace, 000 towers, wins Tsui House ... ... A feeling far away from the earth leisurely.

Into the canopy boat across the ancient city of fantasy night

To Phoenix, we must remember to see the beautiful night view of the ancient town. Night, red lanterns and shining lights, so beautiful the ancient city of Phoenix become more attractive and more beautiful. And Lijiang, Yangshuo night is the difference between the ancient city of Tuo in the quiet side of the river reflection of the ancient city of the more colorful dreams.
The tourist season Tuojiang River is also bustling tourists, this time suggest that you avoid crowded people, choose to sit on the boat through the Millennium Diao Diaopou, near the boat to enjoy the night, the breeze hit, really beautiful! 

Traffic: The ancient city of Phoenix walk to the North Gate Terminal, take the "Tuojiang night" cruise Tour Tuojiang
tickets: 80 yuan
Tuojiang night tour operation time: 19: 00-23: 00.  

Tuojiang Night Tour Dream Night

V. quasi-mention to find Huang Yong-yu old man authentic

Phoenix Hui Long Court there is a quasi-called my nunnery worth a go. Here is the only completely preserved Buddhist temple in Phoenix history, with a long history and profound culture. May be the last or the only one born in China more than four-star tourist attractions and not by burning incense and worship Buddha's Pure Land! Despise Shaolin Temple here. Believe it or not, you can visit the temple inside the temple. To the merit box which five ten casually with a little money, discuss with the host let her elderly allow you to visit the back of the mountain, there are famous painter Huang Yongyu old students murals. Then look at the eighteen hell in the end what is what, you are worthwhile Oh.

Recommended play: 30 minutes
Tickets: Free
Recommended Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★    

Mr. Huang Yongyu up close watch authentic ink paintings

VI. Wax Soul Art Museum experience handmade batik

  Wax Soul Art Museum is located in the Huilong Pavilion gu, far visible walls, showcasing many of Wang Yao's works, his works are broadly divided into: national class, landscapes, characters, pattern combinations, colors With the traditional blue and white two developed to today's color batik, Museum of Art unique ingenuity shop decoration and unique style of work, so many tourists linger, is to Phoenix to play one of the places not to be missed.  

Recommended play: 1 hour
Admission: Free
Opening hours: Winter: 8: 00 ~ 17: 30; Summer: 7: 30 ~ 18: 00.
Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★    

Inheritance of non-heritage culture, manual experience batik skills

Seven. To Tuqiaolong night market to eat enough Miao food

 Fenghuang ancient city in addition to ancient history and ancient customs, there are many delicious food worth a visit, to Phoenix tourism, do not eat a snack here to eat, it is in vain ah! However, many people worry that in the ancient city of Phoenix to buy something to eat, a standard or plastic mandarin betrayed himself, was severely slaughtered, so do not buy snacks, in fact, this also caused a lot of regret, here to give everyone Phoenix is ​​currently the most popular food recommended for Tuobu Night Market, the new night market from the original new move to the soil bridge section named after the arrival of nightfall the largest flow of people, a few hundred meters are placed barbecue stalls, popularity is also Very busy, many local people eat Phoenix supper. At least which specific delicious? Here is a very simple trick to tell everyone, which family go to which quasi-true!

Transportation: The ancient city need to take a taxi to fare about 15 yuan.
Opening hours: 19: 00-24: 00.
Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★      

Dobashi 垅 food street

Eight. Miao Village trip to experience the ethnic customs

In addition to the ancient city of Phoenix, the most worthy of the accident is the countryside Miao Village, surrounded by magical landscapes, passionate Hmong Miao paper, authentic Miaoyufan visitors are reluctant to let off the grounds, if the trip before you do Ample homework, you can turn around to see. However, if you are not familiar with the local historical background, it is recommended to visit the delegation or a tour guide to explain. Play Miao Village seems to have formed a fixed pattern, after entering the area, you need to climb Miaowang hole, and then by two ships before entering the Miaozhai, first drink barricades, then you can visit the Miao Museum Wang Long Yunfei's residence), take a look at the Miao sister's traditional costumes. If you want to feel more pure Miao culture, you can go to the square in front of Miao Church, take a look at Miao singing and dancing, stepping on steel knife performances, participate in interactive games jumping bamboo pole.

I feel very good, go to that tourism is a spiritual enjoyment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, back to nature, do not need shopping, keep the car, Miao Valley scenic area, is a beautiful natural picture. Mian Shan Lake along the bamboo along the water against the blue waves rippling, clear shore green. You can feel the beautiful scenery of "the glittering river and clear waves everywhere you look". Narrow valley Zhonggu Cang-dong, cave in Tibet, like a maze, is worth a wonderland. Valley perennial perennial mountain season flowers, streams gurgling, canyon twists and turns, spectacular cave through the mountains, flying waterfall magnificent

to sum up

If you come to Phoenix to play, I will take you early to eat a bowl of authentic Hunan rice noodles, to Shen Congwen idle sloshing, walking on the wall, take a stroll to the north gate Tuojiang River rafting, crossing the most beautiful stilts. Afternoon hang on the edge of the Tuojiang, Tureng Hui Tse Street tired pick a cafe near the bar, take a look at the novel, brushing circle of friends, a nap daze. Go to the wax soul Museum of Art at night to see batik, or in the real city sidewalk experience shocking and moving scenes, you can also night off Tuojiang in Longevity Palace embarked to find a bistro to drink a micro-Bo! Only such a day, you can feel That city flavor of Phoenix flavor!  

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