Enjoy the quiet time: Slow Travel Yunnan Shuhe Ancient Town Raiders

Look at the most beautiful sky to the river ~

Yunnan Shuhe

In the ancient town of Shuhe in Yunnan saw the starry night sky, as if back to a small time. Summer night, enjoy the cool weather outside the house you can see stars in the night sky. Shuhe River in Naxi, said "Shaw dock", meaning "under the peak of the village." She is an important part of the ancient city of Lijiang, a world cultural heritage. Walk in the small town of Shuhe, you will see a more realistic look of the ancient city, while the town is full of vitality, in the small Paris Bar Street, while tasting food and wine, while watching the visitors hurry.

Itinerary recommended

Beam River is a place where people can forget the time, slow down, intentions to feel. Travel to Shuhe, it is recommended for more than 5 days. There is no hustle and bustle of the city, there is no lively downtown, some are just ethereal, quiet and peaceful. Listen to the wind and enjoy the moon here, the wine when the song, looked up at the starry, as well as towering Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Travel tips

Best travel time

Shuhe ancient town is suitable for travel all year round, here and sooner or later the temperature is lower, noon will be a little bit hot. Summer and fall belong to the rainy season, mostly rainy cloudy days, ultraviolet light. Lower temperatures in winter and spring, abnormal dry, most of the blue sky and white clouds, but Lijiang weather is the best time.


Traffic to Shuhe is very convenient, you can fly to Sanyi Airport in Lijiang and then transfer to the airport bus; you can also take a train to Lijiang, and then transfer; of course, you can choose to travel by car, along the way you can stop to enjoy the beauty; You can also get car rental or group tour after arriving in Lijiang.


Beam River food particularly large variety of snacks and local specialties can be seen everywhere. Like to eat fish friends do not miss the rainbow trout, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain perennial spring culture, fresh and delicious fish, to ensure that you unforgettable. Shuhe jelly, farm ham, rice enema, butter tea, soil wine, water stew 粑 粑 these snacks are also very good!


The ancient city inn in particular, the price from tens to thousands of dollars, it is recommended to book in advance, many of the inn is the package take-off, but also to find the room later. However, the ancient city of Lijiang and Shuhe is a stone road, either dragging a suitcase or carrying a big bag, are very hard.


1, Yunnan sun is very powerful, clean air, strong ultraviolet light, if prolonged outdoors, it is best to bring hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.
2, Yunnan, the temperature difference is relatively large, when traveling must be prepared cold clothing.
3, when you need to walk more, you can prepare some energy package, half-way to add physical strength.
4, Yunnan is relatively dry, can prepare a lipstick, to prevent cracking the lips, we must remember to drink plenty of water, replenish the body moisture.

Shuhe Inn renovation is very unique, the yard is full of plants, wooden loft adds a bit quaint to the inn next to the parasol is also particularly interesting!

Towering Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, within reach, the snow-capped mountains under the blue sky is particularly beautiful!

In the edge of the ancient city, the light is less, the field of vision is also more open, is the perfect place to shoot the stars!

Lazy afternoon, the sun can be in the inn, a daze and kittens companion, enjoy a pleasant time!

The night town a little less lively, more a bit quiet, slightly yellow light so that the night a little more warm!

Exquisite patio umbrellas, blocking the sun slowly shining, the sun shines, parasol skeleton clearer to show.

Many inn town naming is very special, perhaps for the convenience of tourists memory, may also be just to attract more people's attention.

Bumpy ground, twos and threes of the pedestrians, patchwork of the roof, the red lanterns hanging at the entrance are so antique streets look more flavor!

Crystal clear water led plants in the water, graceful water plants swaying along with the direction of the water flow.

Star sky

Came to the quiet Shuhe, must not be missed is the beautiful sky.

Ready to shoot the stars

Essential equipment: tripod, SLR / micro single camera, lens: generally about 18mm wide-angle lens.
Exposure parameters: Shutter exposure time is generally controlled at about 30 seconds, ISO adjusted to 1600, white balance recommended 3500K, or tungsten lamp mode.

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