Escape from the city to enjoy the winter sunshine, pointing the most beautiful spots around Lijiang

Everyone has a heart of Lijiang, quiet and lonely. In Lijiang, meet people, meet the city, encounter heart. Some people, from here stray, but also some people, find their hometown here. In addition to literary youth like the city, senior ALICE also love here. Because here is not only the story of a small town, there is brighter future at the other end of the sky. If you are ready to experience the city, let me explain it for you!
winter snow capped mountains and lakes northeast line three play

How to play in Lijiang?

Yunnan a lot of attractions, if you want to play all the time not a month is not estimated, but the most famous attractions in the basic northwest Yunnan, Lijiang more around the most famous attractions in Lijiang almost three Jade Dragon Snow Mountain + Lashihai + Old City, but to Shangri-La, Meili Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake starting from Lijiang, and then back to Lijiang. We usually take Lijiang as a transfer station to go to other attractions, combined with my years of experience in the local life, I would recommend a most suitable route to everyone, including day trips in downtown Lijiang, northeast through the snow-capped mountains trip Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Shangri-La) and the most popular variety show "Dear Inn" will be introduced to all of these routes need to return to Lijiang again, so if time is not enough friends can pick one or two lines to go.

Lijiang city day tour

Dayan Ancient City - Black Dragon Pool - Xiangshan - Qingxi Reservoir - Shuhe
take the 18 bus from Lijiang Railway Station to get off at Zhongyi Market, you can walk to the ancient city of Dayan. Here is like a maze, there are more than two thousand inn, each one has its own characteristics. The ancient city of the road is also extending in all directions, easy access road, not easy to come out. If you do not download a mobile phone map is really likely to turn in half a day can not get out. The ancient city of the road is full of stone road, girls are best not to wear high heels, so avoid shopping when I'm sorry my feet.
If you read "Wood House" then you must be impressed by the extraordinary architecture. "North of the Forbidden City, South Wood House", we can see its status in the local. Across the vermilion wood door, suddenly in front of an open ground stands a towering magnificent palace, white marble carved exquisite base, that magnificent momentum, reminding us of scenes reminding us of scenes within the Royal Palace. Mount Wood House after the Mount, a list of panoramic views of Lijiang, blue sky and white clouds, filling the momentum of Mufu King. Here to provide free to explain, but need to get enough people to start. Tickets 60 yuan, online purchase will be cheaper.

 If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of the ancient town, the Lion Rock must be the best choice. Mountaineering is free, but the roof of the Wan Dynasty floor need tickets, 50 yuan per person. If you feel expensive, in fact, up the mountain when you can look in the back of some inn for shooting angle, but also just take the panoramic view. Or you can spend dozens of dollars in a seductive cafe drinking coffee while enjoying the panoramic view of the ancient city.
Water from the ancient city at the top of the water, about ten minutes walk to the Black Dragon Pool Park. Black Dragon Lake is a well-known place where you can shoot Jade Dragon Snow Mountain reflection, according to my experience all these years the weather is sunny when the best results, including locking Cuiqiao side is the best sampling point.
In the back of the park is Xiangshan. If you want to climb the mountain, you need to register your ID card. You are not allowed to bring flammable materials such as lighters and matches.
The weather is good, out from the park can take the 3 6 bus to the stream reservoir. Here is one of Lijiang's water sources, the environment is beautiful, there is a trail in the middle of the reservoir, the entire reservoir is divided in two, the trail has two arch bridges, a lot of willow. The weather is clear when you can see the reflection of the entire Jade Dragon Snow Mountain reflected in the water. There are often new wedding photos taken here.
During the day went to the ancient city of Dayan, then you can experience the ancient town of Shuhe at night, this is a simple and quiet environment, the pace of life is very slow, relative to the bustling town of Dayan and commercial flavor of the rich, developed here relatively late, Will be quiet. However, the evening is still very lively, there are a wide range of bar small restaurant, many restaurants can buy online coupons, if the meal is still very cost-effective. The atmosphere in the shop is good and is a great place to experience nightlife.

Tips: most of the attractions in Lijiang city do not need tickets, but will be required to buy the ancient city maintenance fee, 80 yuan a, now the ancient city has no card check the ancient city of Victoria ticket, Black Dragon Pool will check the ancient dimension, beam Hemenkou will have a staff check, you need to buy Shuhe tickets (30 / person)

Into the snow-capped mountains and lakes northeast line three play

01. Lijiang - Yulong Snow Mountain day tour
02. Lijiang - Lashihai day trip
03. Lijiang - Lugu Lake - Lijiang 2-Day Tour

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has always been the god of the Naxi mountains, Naxi people firmly believe that their protection God "Three" is the embodiment of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain more than 30 km from Lijiang, there is no train, there is no bus. Some 3-8 Road (blue minibus) to the so-called snow-capped mountains, will pull guests on their way to go horse riding at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, the cost is expensive. In fact, here is more suitable for local FIT carpool or day trip, if not with the group can also be chartered, the van price of 200 dollars a day, but you need to rent clothes (50 dollars) to buy oxygen (68 a small bottle ). Winter clothes can be rented according to individual needs can not rent, oxygen suggest that we still buy a few bottles, or else under a large cable anoxia on the trouble. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Glacier Park is very advanced ropeway, ten minutes can rise more than 1,000 meters, but is completely enclosed. After the basic will be asthma down, oxygen must be prepared in advance, of course, the above service stations are also sold, 100 dollars a bottle.

 Early departure to the snow-capped mountains. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain area into the future to be unified to Gan Haizi, from the service station take the scenic green bus can go to the Blue Moon Valley or cable car station. It is recommended to go to see the Blue Moon Valley, where a blue lake, and the valley was crescent-shaped, far looks like a blue moon inlaid at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. At the same time it is also called Baishui River, because the bottom of the riverbed is composed of white limestone, the water will turn white when it rains, really amazing. If it is not very tired, it is recommended that you do not take those electric cars, because the best view on the lake, driving will be missed an instant, but also far from unimaginable.

 Wandering Blue Moon Valley need to return to Gan Hai Zi, continue to take the green bus to the cable car station. Yulong Snow Mountain cable car may be the most exciting cable car you've ever sat, just driving point is already 3369 meters above sea level, along the way to catch up with a windy rain, but the adrenaline soared ah. Under the cable car when the elevation is 4506 meters, that is, you rise all the way the vertical height of more than one kilometer. Get off and then climb about 200 meters to the highest point. The higher the oxygen is, the thinner the stairs, the stairs must be slow, do not worry, fast and easy to go high, uncomfortable to take oxygen to breathe, altitude sickness with the physical differences between the individual, if you feel unwell must not be hard support.
The mountain is not very cold, the sun shines on the body warm, but a gust of wind blowing cool again.Very strong UV, remember to apply sunscreen, with good sunglasses. From the height of 4680 meters overlooking the mountain, there is a sense of accomplishment challenge the limit.

 Need to return to Lijiang by car at night, you can find a big ancient town or Shuhe Ancient City Inn favorite one night stay, the way to experience the nightlife in Lijiang.
Tickets : Into the mountain fee 130; Glacier Park Cableway 180; Green car 20 .
Tips: short-sleeved thick coat must be brought in the sun in Lijiang is the summer, the wind is spring, the rain is winter. Umbrellas or raincoats have to bring, Lijiang in June repeatedly switch back and forth in the rain between day and night.  

Lashihai day play

Lashihai is the first nature reserve in Yunnan Province named after "wetland". The water source is snow water above Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about ten kilometers away from the ancient city of Lijiang. As the mirror reflects the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lake, the time recommended to go, mainly riding boating, feel the natural scenery, the same day you can from. However, more pit here, in the ancient city of Dayan Naxi aunt asked you not to Lashihai, as long as 5 dollars. But wait for you to really go, riding a boating not three or five hundred simply can not come. If you do not play, it is difficult to come back, only to find their own car in the village, but the view of Lashihai sea confirmed great.

 Personal advice to the group to participate in a day trip or carpool to more convenient and peace of mind. It usually starts from Lijiang Ancient City at nine o'clock in the morning, so it takes about 40 minutes by car to get to Lashihai. Lashihai local there are more than 50 racecourse, each riding a different line, the scenery is not the same, but the general direction is the so-called Tea Horse Road trail. Riding for about an hour and a half, after the downhill is the time to eat lunch, you can try local roast chicken with local chicken pot. After eating full can play kayak, this is a physical activity, but very fun, generally do not get wet clothes. Two o'clock in the afternoon to return to the ancient city of Lijiang Dayan it.

 Now a new kind of new gameplay, save money and save time, many of my friends will go to Dali, many people do not know Lashihai Dali in Lijiang to the high-speed, and now tell the introduction of the Dali Departure → Lashihai (riding Boating + lunch) → Lijiang bulk group, the opposite trip Lijiang → Lashihai (riding boating + lunch) → Dali ancient city
[tickets] 30 yuan / person
Tips: At present, Lashihai play three points: one is to draw Tin boat, eat horse cauliflower, the market price is ranging from 80-100 (almost nobody cares); the other is to eat chicken pot playing kayak (not limited to), the market price is between 150-180 There is a tall and noble club house, such as "on the water side, Rose Manor, Migratory Birds, etc., you can ride boating, you can rest in the club, eat afternoon tea.

Lugu Lake play on the 2nd

D1 Dear Lugu Lake the latest fresh games

To Lijiang, how can we not to Luguhu it. Here commonly known as the "daughter of the country," is the hometown of Yang Er-car Namu to Mosuo-based, there is no busy, no lights busy, no crowd bustling, isolated.
The new road leading to Lugu Lake from Lijiang has been opened, about four or five hours by car, but the previous old road was theoretically nine hours in duration (including driver rest and driving time, and under normal traffic conditions). But get off the moment, you find everything is worth it. Lugu Lake from a distance overlooking the water, Bishan Qingqing should be picturesque, tourists enjoy the stay, Willow lake, Grass Yanfei, sunny days and! People can not help but want to sing a song: the vast End of the World is my love, rolling flowers at the foot of open ~ ~
a lot of villages around Lugu Lake, more famous is the village and the village of Lig. Live, it is best to be in the village of Lige, see the scenery of the lake will be much better. We can ask a good car before departure to go in the grid, to the Internet can be ordered if the hotel in the grid. The same day the lake can rent an electric car (80 / day), or chartered. It is recommended to rent electric cars, so you can stop to take pictures at any time. Lake route can be based on where you live to be set, roughly: big falling water - RIGE - Nessie - small falling water - Caochai - take the wedding bridge - upset.

Winter snow-capped mountains and lakes northeast line three play

[Tickets] Luguhu tickets 100 yuan / person
[Transportation] Shuttle: 1. Lijiang Bus Terminal bus ride, first to Ninglang County, to the county after the small van (about 30 yuan / person) can go to Lugu Lake; 2 Lijiang Ancient City Gate Yuhe Square parking lot Every morning there are tourist hotline to the Lugu Lake, arrived at the large Luo Shui Village and Island, the fare of 160 yuan / person, one-way 100 yuan / person (will not recommend their own expense, home visits ) 8:00 departure in the morning, the journey 3.5 hours; 3. Lijiang Express Bus Terminal every day to the Lugu Lake Dalaisha village, respectively, 8:00 and 8:30, the fare is about 100 yuan / person; 4 Lijiang Coach Station every day there are two cars sent to the Lugu Lake Dalaisha village, respectively, 8:30 and 9:00, the fare is about 106 yuan / person.
Chartered: From downtown to Lugu Lake Lijiang car rental, the general off-season for 350-550 yuan, peak season for 550-800 yuan. Fight the group, then the price range, the cost of the whole package, then you can see if it is cost-effective.  

D2 Loiwa Princess Island • Dear Inn

Luguhu beautiful look at the most recent mango Taiwan 'dear inn' to know, many tourists are watching this variety show came to Lugu Lake, where the inn will be a specific introduction. In the Lugu Lake cruise is essential, Liu Tao sister is also a boat to go out to purchase supplies, Luo Wa pier, please remember the name, not three village nor large, small water, is Luowa dock, a boat is 100 yuan. Usually we know is the village of three, the size of the drowned, Nissai, where rowing is generally 20 yuan a.
Tips: The lake is the source of local drinking water, can not go swimming, so there is no oil-burning Clippers.
If you want to shoot Goddess Hill, it must go to Zhao Bay (commonly known as Goddess Bay). Whether watching the sunset or watch Lake Bay, here is a great place. But here more remote, more difficult to find their own rental car, you can pack a car around the island with the master to go. It is also because of its traffic inconvenience, so relatively few tourists, the protection of the environment better. Even better is that there is a home self-service snack bar, as long as thirty yuan per person can eat unlimited chicken, matsutake, fish and other food, very cost-effective.
Afternoon can return to Lijiang, after all, eight or nine hours drive, or try not to go the night safer.
Mosuo home visit Tips:
In addition to cruise, the most experienced or to the local Momo family to understand the customs. The houses here are all round logs or square wooden walls, covered with wood (now mostly tiling). 1. can not put their feet on the pot Zhuangzhuang; 2. can not face in the face of Mosuo all about the topic of sex; 3. when eating can not be back to the fire pond; 4. can not take off the shoes before the fire pond; Swearing tongues;

Shangri-La in the winter three-day trip

D1 Lijiang - the first bay of the Yangtze River - on the tiger jump - Duke Zong ancient city
D2 Pudacuo - Feilai Temple
D3 Feilai Temple - Shangri-La - Lijiang

D1 Lijiang - the first bay of the Yangtze River - tiger jump - Duke Zong ancient city

Early morning from Lijiang Coach Terminal can take a shuttle bus directly to Shigu town, about 2 hours by car. If it is less than an hour chartered to go to. Shek Kwu town in the Yangtze River next to the first hill on the hill behind the view of the "First Bay of the Yangtze River," the best place. Here you will feel tall and clear, overlooking the Yangtze River, a kind of suddenly feeling cheerful.
Followed by the road to continue to reach "the world's canyon"】 【Tiger Leaping Gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into three sections, you can play the tiger jump and jump in the tiger, jump tiger too dangerous, are senior donkey talent Go trekking Jump on the tiger tiger leaping Lijiang Gorge and Shangri-La's Tiger Leaping Gorge, the general will choose Shangri-La section. The Tiger Leaping Gorge in Shangri-La walking down the stairs, the first to last, the total time to almost 1 hour; tiger jumper is the whole trip back and forth for nearly 3 hours, are mountain roads, trails, more suitable physical fitness young people. By the way can be solved in the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge lunch.
【Tickets】 65
Tips: Tiger Leaping Gorge high daytime temperatures can bring shorts, T-shirts. Due to the physical consumption of walking larger, but also with some high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, beef jerky. After May of each year, the scenic area of ​​Tiger Leaping Gorge is rainy. There may be some slippery roads and stones will roll down on the mountain.
Duke Zong an ancient city is not large, from the door to enter is not a wide alley, go further wide inside. Different from Lijiang's commercial downtown, it is quiet here, and the specialty shops also seem mysterious. In the ancient city far away you can see the prayer wheel, just next to the Moonlight Square on the hill. Along the steps up the mountain, is on the steps of the Big Buddha Temple, you can worship. Turn around from the right path to reach the Great Warp. Traverse tube towering into the sky, it is spectacular, but simply can not close the camera with a panoramic view, only in the mountains shot. The outer circumference of the cylinder has a circle of about 10 cm thick steel pipe, wrapped around the tape at intervals, is for everyone to work together to turn the barrel. The mountain overlooking the entire Duke Zong ancient city, the scenery is very good. Ancient city buildings are dominated by wooden structures, even the roof are covered with wood. Some yard is very elegant, the roof is designed as a terrace, put on porcelain tables and chairs, glanced at the mountain is still quite feeling.
Shangri-La can be returned to live at night, you can also choose to live in the Duke Zong city.

D2 Pudacuo - Flying Temple

Pudacuo Park is very famous, but now the two spots closed, but Pudacuo itself is very beautiful, close the two attractions is not too affect the entire experience index. Not all of them are free to move here, and here is a paradise for photographers, all year round, with different scenery. In the spring, there are flowers and alpine meadows in full bloom. In summer, there are beautiful mountains and colorful scenery. In autumn there are colorful layers of jungle. In winter, you can enjoy a blue lake with white snow.
Arrived in the evening flying Temple, flying temple like a town, the equivalent of a place name, there are many inn for tourists accommodation. It is located on the Yunnan-Tibet Highway about 10 kilometers away from the county town of Deqin, facing the main peak of Meili Snow Mountain, Kawagebo, and a perfect spot for shooting "Rizhao Jinshan". That night you can find a cozy hotel to take a good rest and prepare for sunrise view tomorrow morning.

D3 flying Temple - Shangri-La - Lijiang

Get up early, ready to go to the observation deck to see the sunrise. But now many of the inn have built their own viewing platform, so if you just have a place to stay, you can save a ticket money. Because flying temple viewing platform must buy a package is not very cost-effective, at least 150 yuan. The best season is 11 each year in May, the summer rain and more to see Rizhao Jinshan rely on luck.
After enjoying this breathtaking sunrise, you can return to Lijiang. Although bumpy along the way, it is worthwhile to think about what you experience through these days.  

What should you know before departure?

1. Yunnan daily temperature difference between morning and evening (5-18 degrees Celsius), traveling to Yunnan should pay attention to dress, you can wear half-sleeved T-shirt base, with more easy to wear and tear off the jacket. If you do not intend to rent a local cotton paddock while going to the snowy mountains, bring your own thicker jackets.
2. Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, a strong outdoor UV exposure, pay attention to sun protection, with a good sunscreen supplies.
3. Lijiang, Shangri-La higher elevation, must not go too bravely. If you feel uncomfortable to stop and rest, it is best to carry a bottle of oxygen.
4. In the scenic riding at their own expense or take a picture when riding a yak, you need to pay attention to safety, listen to the owner to arrange guidance, do not be scared of livestock behavior, so as not to cause harm to himself.
5 travel photography, please pay attention to safety, do not shoot or climb to dangerous areas (Lijiang ancient city in the waterfront, bridge or Tiger Leaping Gorge cliff edge).
6. In the purchase of souvenir products or local souvenirs, it is best to shop around than three. At the same time be careful not to move the furnishings of the sample, to prevent accidental damage.
7. While traveling in Yunnan, pay attention to environmental protection and respect the customs and habits of local ethnic minorities.

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