Small stream of people Shuhe ancient town, these foods can not be missed!

Lijiang must eat list, in the ancient town of Shuhe can row on the first, the location east of the town, quite partial, and always on the road I feel out of town, looks very modest store, I really did not expect such a hot, it is said late will not consume beef.

Tuogang possession of meals

Address: Shuhe Old Town Office of CommScope Lane
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Lijiang must eat list, in the ancient town of Shuhe can row on the first, the location east of the town, quite partial, and always on the road I feel out of town, looks very modest store, I really did not expect such a hot, it is said late will not consume beef.
Tuogang biggest drawback is that the amount is too large, so that we two little girls can only point a yak pot, and then point the butter staple food, acclaimed yak meat pie too much too solid, The boss let us not point, did not taste. This hot pot absolute industry conscience, the thickness of that piece certainly can not eat outside, both of us have to eat desperate, how to eat a fishing or a lot of meat, afraid of more left Tibetan compatriots think he Do not eat well, so this dinner we eat dawn from dawn.
How to cook yak meat did not feel the wood, bite solid, very fragrant. In particular, it is recommended that his family dipped in juice, mint leaves added to the spicy sauce, the taste is unexpectedly harmonious, not too spicy, but also exudes a refreshing aroma, the boss is very enthusiastic with us that if not Will eat spicy, pour more soup against it.
Shortbread tastes dry, direct eating chewy, packaged the next day when eating a little soft, more like the feeling of harrow rake in Lijiang. Boss is very real, will recommend dishes based on customer situations, when not busy will chat with customers, listen to improve the views.

Chen Kee made broth surface

Address: Shuhe Ancient Town Qingquan Road Quartet listening square next to (Qingquan Road and Dingye Street intersection)
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Lijiang must eat list of snacks, main fattening, ordered a bowl of broth surface of a bowl of broth Rice noodles, the amount is very full, broth is very clean, no smell.

Have to mention that they are too lazy Satsuma, once it get on the ground, how do you tease it, it does not bother you, his eyes staring straight ahead.  

The boss looked at the two of us had been trying to entertain them at home, got up and bombarded it a few times, let it move around, who knows it moved from the house outside the house, lying on the ground without a word, calmly yawning, estimated brain Still thinking about MDZZ

Ah An dessert (Shuhe shop)

Address: Renli Road and Jubao Street Interchange (Old Fourth Street, the Green Dragon Bridge, go straight 100 meters, nail junctions, near Jiuding Longtan)
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Angian home yogurt is delicious, yogurt will not feel too too sour. Recommended red bean yogurt, red beans are not greasy, granular clear soft waxy, packed back to eat yogurt easy to disperse, eat better taste directly, see above dense half-red beans, 10 a bowl in the area is also considered the industry conscience, after digestion Will arrive.

Cloud taste copper pot noodle

Address: Shuhe Town Songyun Village Shop 2-6
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This is the innkeeper strongly recommended, take us directly to come eat, Song Yun parking lot go forward, rice noodles 10 to 20 Look, depending on the material inside may be.
We ordered a cup of copper noodle legs, rice noodles are used with a large copper pan, so hot, be careful not to touch the pot, which is the first bowl of rice we eat in Yunnan, is also the only bowl of salty palatability Rice noodles, cloud legs more like the parcels of our parcels, a little bit salty, but just eat with rice noodles. If you know after eating noodles are so unpalatable, I will certainly not drink soup left.

Tongue package on the tofu

Address: Shuhe Ancient Town Dragon Bridge down 10 meters (Dragon Bridge West)
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Lijiang Bao tofu in particular, the public a lot of reviews, I heard that this is the head office, on the tip of China . Small store, I feel like two houses alley take a shed, do not look small, fame big, a $ 10, is baked and then sold. The level of soft and hard tofu between tofu and water tofu usually eat, the skin has been roasted to have a coke, but inside the water is still full, the taste is a bit like the roadside to buy potato chips, tofu itself Taste, look at the whole seasoning, can not eat spicy companions remember with the boss said. May expect too much, do not feel amazing, after all, just tofu ah.

Red edge restaurant

Address: Shuhe ancient town flying touch water (Mamma Mia diagonally opposite)
Recommended index: ★ ★
regiment of a 168 of a fish to eat, the fish is the local salmon, salmon with the usual we eat, the color is relatively shallow Specifically, it should be trout, fish head and fish bone soup, fish slices can be eaten raw can also be shaved, fried fish skin after dipping pepper and salt to eat, also sent fungus, vegetables, tomatoes and tofu, two people eat End, especially the larger amount of raw fish. The fish will be caught first to the customer to see, our fish came up from the big hole in the net slip out, jumped on the ground, once got into the sofa, enough fresh.
Fish raw with salmon quite like, but the feeling of meat is more compact, shabu-shabu when eating a little too soft Pa Pa, not very like; skin deep-fried, but eat feel greasy, especially near the stomach Part; fish soup directly used to eat vegetables, because it floated a layer of shiny oil, did not go drink.

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