Fenghuang town traffic short Raiders (including car anti-fraud matters)

Fenghuang this small town in western Hunan blurred like a dreamy night scene, there are unique Diaojiaoxiang, there is a section of the bluestone street, but also surrounded by soft Tuojiang. How many people it attracts patronage, today I will give a brief description of the traffic in Phoenix.

About Phoenix town traffic

1, the plane:
① flew to Changsha, then take the bus from Changsha past the Phoenix.
② fly to Tongren Phoenix Airport, and then take the bus past the Phoenix.
2, the train: take the train to the Jishou Railway Station, then take the car to the Phoenix.
3, high-speed rail: Huaihua South High Speed ​​Rail station, then take the car from the high-speed rail station to the Phoenix bus station, and then take the bus to the ancient city.
4, car: Phoenix only 1 bus station - Phoenix North bus station.
5, the city traffic: the ancient city of Fenghuang small size, the city can basically rely on walking, but also bus, but not many lines, or take a taxi can be.

Tips: When
many of my friends want to go to the newspaper tour, I feel more convenient, on the tour, I would like to say: the phoenix is ​​not big, walk around better, if you must report to the group, please remember: the sky will not fall Pie, wool from the sheep, cheap tours do not report!

Anti car fraud tips

1, high-speed rail station in Huaihua out, do not listen to the driver around the soliciting, go to the regular ticket points to buy tickets, high-speed rail station exit is the ticket point, the whole grid departure, the fare 40 yuan.
2, arrived at the Phoenix North Station, do not listen to the bus to solicit those who say: what the road in the bus can not go in only a small bus can go in and so on like the ghost story, it is best to go by bus If you can, to the roadside haulage, taxi about 10 yuan, you can also drop a taxi.
3, If you are unfortunately on those small bus, they will go around for advertising in the car, this time you do not listen, do not buy! And they'll just let you down on the road, and then need your own walk into the ancient city ...

Huaihua South High Speed ​​Rail Station exit is formal ticket points.

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