First arrived in Xishuangbanna, what do you want to know? (Full coverage of room and board)

Warm and generous, helpful people Xishuangbanna people, familiar with Banna, love Banna, and you want to become friends, with you easy to travel version of the bag. Small P travel enthusiasts waiting for your advice.

First, why should come to Xishuangbanna?

Xishuangbanna has a wide variety of animal and plant resources, known as the animal kingdom and the kingdom of plants. For example: leisurely Asian elephant group, peacock aristocratic green peacock, the legendary see "blood seal throat", thousands of years of ancient tea tree. Of course, the most worthy of recommendation is here the colorful national culture. Dai girl's graceful posture you can only see to be stunning yo.

Second, when to Xishuangbanna the most appropriate?

Xishuangbanna summer without heat, no cold winter. There are only dry season, the rainy season, the annual November - the following year in April for the dry season, the rainy season in the 5-10 months each year. Recommended spring and autumn (October - next May) travel better.
Even in January, the sunny weather is also very high, a sweater, a jacket enough winter. Of course, the rainy season to Banna can also be a real treat, a large number of tropical fruits listed in this season. Rainy season also let all kinds of wild vegetables, fungi, bamboo shoots have listed, is the best time to eat vegetables. In addition the rainy season of the Banna night cool, colorful night life, suitable for leisure and leisure.

Third, the local characteristics of food and specialty which?

Food is more rich, mainly to the national flavor, by the regional climate and natural resource conditions, the taste characteristics of acid, spicy, fragrant, fresh mainly. I am here to recommend you Banna food, mainly divided into four categories:

1, the main flavor of the meal

To the Banna must eat a Dai flavor, if you have not eaten Dai taste, then your version of the line is white. If you do not want to order or not local dishes, you can directly choose the restaurant with a good table meal, according to the number of your choice of different packages.
Such as citronella grilled fish, test pork, roast chicken, pineapple rice, wild soup, the flavor cook rice dry, plum platter are very worth a try. Special flavor of the wild, not only delicious, four seasons are different. If you choose the rainy season to Banna, not only Shanmao wild vegetables, bamboo shoots, as well as wild fungi and let you dare to challenge the insects, the extent of the rich absolutely let you raspberry.
If you are free to do, you can go to the Dai village, so you can be more authentic to the local dishes, and here you give you back Suo and Man King Fort two Dai stockade, are locals like to go to the place.

2, Dai barbecue

The best place to eat barbecue: riverside night market (from the splashing water square near), complained the stars night market, Man listen to Xiaozhai (from splashing square near) Reference
price: per capita consumption of about 50 yuan
Dai barbecue must try, and other places The taste of the barbecue is very different. Dai barbecue dishes are rich, baked and varied, directly on the charcoal roasted, with banana leaves wrapped, into the bamboo roast, different baking method can get different taste of food, matched with different dipping, taste endless.
Here you recommend several barbecue dishes: fire dry bar, lemon grilled fish, roast chicken, roast pork ribs, roast pork face, roasted tofu, wrapped pork, wrapped in pig brain, wrapped in wild vegetables and so on. You can also try the oil choke stinky cowhide, heart tube, hair belly, etc., strong aroma of condiments coveted.
In order to neutralize the barbecue hot, can accept bitter taste can point some taste: sea boat, small bitter fruit, bitter cold dish, water parsley.

3, special snacks

The best taste of the location: Tuzhuang Xishuang star night market Banna snacks strongly recommended cabbage fish: with lettuce or raw lotus white wrapped fried fried fish, rice money, parsley, topped with special sauces, coupled with Several pieces of peanuts. Can only be used to describe the super delicious. Price: 40 yuan / copies of
bamboo rice: with the use of bamboo with a special filling bamboo sticks soaked glutinous rice, purple rice, peanuts, charcoal slowly baked, so that bamboo incense and glutinous rice fragrance blend, has become a Banna food One of the representatives. Price: 5-10 yuan / a
rice dry: one of the locals favorite one, with the field of rice noodles, powder close to the taste of a certain difference, thin and tough, but also with the local spices to taste Teach with local characteristics. 7-10 yuan / bowl of
cold: may be because of the reasons for climate, version of the people like cold, sour cool cool will be away. Very special Chung chicken feet, Chung papaya, Chung cucumber, lemon jelly, oyster sauce mango, mixed
pineapple ... ... 10-20 yuan / copies of small rice corn: different from other parts of the corn, small, very sweet糥, worth a try 2 yuan / month.

4, tropical fruit

Recommended: urban markets, farmers market, Jiangbei Mange fruit wholesale market. Mango, pineapple, coconut, passion fruit, papaya, sausage fruit, egg fruit, dragon fruit, jackfruit, grapefruit, banana, banana ... ... Xishuangbanna fruit variety, four seasons constantly, affordable, Eat fruit have eaten all over, it is not worthwhile trip Oh.

5, version of the special products

Recommended shopping points: Xizhuang Xishuang Xishuangbanna let us take away the specialty is very rich: Pu'er tea, small grain coffee, tropical dried fruit preserves, spices, herbs and some very ethnic characteristics of handicrafts, such as national costumes, national Jin silk, gold Silver jewelry, black pottery, bamboo, wood and so on. You can also buy Thailand, Myanmar goods Oh.

Four, how to choose accommodation?

On the accommodation, it is recommended to live in Jinghong City. Banna's scenic area is scattered, and Jinghong City is the distribution center of various scenic spots.
Jinghong downtown accommodation is divided into three sections: Zhizhuangxi Shuangjing, Jinghong City Center (near the splashing Square), Wanda Resort , each section has its own characteristics, according to their own needs and preferences , The season and the off-season price fluctuations, advance booking is the best choice in the season a room is hard to find the situation is often Oh

1, show Zhuangxi double King

Mainly to the characteristics of the inn and commercial and residential apartment building mainly in the price of 100-500 yuan.
Which the price of 180-280 yuan in the room price is high, but the inn's room is small, need to book in advance. Commercial and residential buildings are farther away from the business district, but the environment is elegant and quiet, the availability is greater, in addition to the tourist peak easier to book.
I personally recommend living in the village, during the day out of the area to play, if you do not participate in the bonfire during the day, singing and dancing party, stroll in the village to visit the stars night market, tours the Great Tower, taste local snacks, buy some local products to send friends and family , Is also a good choice. Zhizhuang gate has a day trip through a car on the train point, to participate in a day tour in this area more convenient to travel.

2, Jinghong city center

Mainly scattered in the splashing water near the square, the old hotel, the majority of business hotels, affordable affordable, the price between 100-300 yuan, Samsung Crown Hotel, Jindu, four-star Jinglan, live, sightseeing, in the 300-400 yuan The
The advantage here is convenient transportation, splashing water square from the riverside night market closer, the river has a bar street, near the supermarket and commercial street, more lively and convenient. Splashing plaza Minsheng village bank has a day trip to a car on the train point, to participate in a day tour in this area is more convenient to travel.

3, Wanda resort

Wanda tourism resort is far away from the urban area, but the beautiful environment, high-quality high-end brand hotel concentrated in this area, in addition to apartment-style hotel supplement. For the Wanda theme park and Dai show theater provides a convenient.
Very suitable for Xishuangbanna cold shelter of the crowd to stay, and now has opened the Wanda Plaza to the village of private bus, an increase of traffic convenience.

Five, Xishuangbanna travel traffic which?

1, external traffic

Xishuangbanna is currently no train choice, only by plane, car, by car or walking (joking friends).
Aviation: Xishuangbanna Airport is located in Jinghong City, south of Ga sprinkle Township, Jinghong City, 5 km away. Kunming to Xishuangbanna at least two flights a day, the season up to 6-10 flights, route 520 km, flight time 45 minutes, non-season period ticket discounts are very large, recommended ride.
Xishuangbanna Airport to provide airport to the city direction of the airport bus, the way Jinfeng Hotel (platform), Choi Xin Hotel (platform), Airport Expressway, fares 4 yuan / person, running mode for two-way, every day 6: 30-22 : 00, every 30 minutes every 30 minutes. But also directly by taxi to the urban areas, the taxi to the urban general asking price of 30 yuan does not play the table.
Car: Xishuangbanna in the road traffic is more convenient, Kunming to Xishuangbanna Jinghong City about 560km, about 8-10 hours or so, the fare of about 250 yuan (excluding insurance), along the border check, need to produce identity cards. The best choice to take the "fast passenger", this type of car models better, relatively fast speed. Spring Festival and Songkran Festival, the flow is relatively large, the fare will float 15% -20%.

2, internal traffic

Bus: Jinghong Bus Terminal (North Station): North Station is Jinghong largest long-distance passenger station, both to Kunming, Ruili and other provinces and cities outside the bus, but also sent to the area of ​​the attractions Like valley, botanical garden) and so on. Jinghong Passenger South Station: the main operation to go to Kunming and other provinces within the bus, but also sent to Laos Luang Prabang international bus. 【Banna Bus Terminal】: The main operation with the suburbs of the suburbs of the country's short-distance shuttle bus, and to the wild elephant Valley, Botanical Garden and other attractions of the shuttle.
Scenic area train: Xishuangbanna scenic area scattered, travel to the area need to transfer or half-way off, not familiar with you may not be able to find, so do not recommend their own car to the area, where recommended by the government-sponsored Xishuangbanna Travel public service center or Kaopu travel agency opened the scenic train.
The tour has been opened tour: Wangtian tree area through train day trip, the Chinese Academy of Botanical Garden through train day tour, wild elephant valley Guinuo cottage scenic tour day tour, forest park Lancang River boat Meng Bala song and dance show day Travel and so on. From Wanda Resort, Flower Park parking lot, splashing water square and Zhuangzhuang Xixi four driving points can be distributed starting, very convenient.

What are the attractions in Xishuangbanna?

Hope tree

[Hope days tree]: boat experience South River tour, challenge the "China's first air corridor corridor" and so on.
[Chinese Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden]: the country's largest and most abundant botanical garden.
[Virgin forest park]: the original natural oxygen bar, with "tropical valley rain forest", "peacock culture-based wild animal display", "Hani - love Ni people-oriented folk customs show" three themes.

Jungle leap

[Virgin forest park jungle leap]: every project is full of thrilling, people timid, inner fear, heart rate, and even sweating, so every step is a step by step startling, a pure stimulation experience.
[Wild elephant valley]: dense forest habitat Asian wild elephant, bison, green peacock, monkeys and so on.

Keno cottage

[Keno cottage]: to the natural village as the basis, opened the mystery of the Jinuo family.
[Man listen to the park]: Dai Wang was the back garden, Dai used to call her "spring" means "soul of the garden."


What is the most important travel information? Eat and live line, and now on the Xishuangbanna dry goods information I have to help you solve slightly. Beautiful Xishuangbanna waiting for you to glimpse of what you really do not know what to click on the lower right corner of the window I yo, all services are to bring you the best Banna experience.

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