Gubei Water Town Hotel Raiders - Great Wall at the foot of the hot spring town!

In Beijing, there is a place, both soft water town, and the original Great Wall! Is located at the foot of the Great Wall of Simatai, sitting Yuanyang Lake Reservoir, is the rare suburb of Beijing suburbs combined with the northern town. Water town of river, the ancient Tanghe tributaries lingering during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Republic of China courtyard, houses built by water. Whether it is preference for landscapes, or ancient architecture, where are very suitable! When the fog rising, at the foot of the Great Wall to take the snow hot springs, overlooking the Great Wall beauty, but also some wonderful scene. The Great Wall, the night of the night, the Great Wall, the city under the lake fine dinner; tours the Great Wall, Star Hot Springs. The original water town, the Great Wall, hot springs can be so perfect combination.

Spa town of past life

1, ancient North water town spa

Gubei town is one of the oldest Yanshan mountains in the world. It has abundant mineral resources including iron ore. It is influenced by the Mesozoic orogeny. After a considerable period of fault development, the groundwater is in contact with the deep heat source of the crust. Good channel. Atmospheric precipitation along the rock fissures through a variety of complex channels into the crust 20 km below the deeper parts, storage in the structure is stable, containing more chemicals and impermeable rock, due to long-term by the magma waste heat high temperature and high pressure, Various trace elements are gradually dissolved in water, under the control of the structure and the terrain, along the fault channel upwelling, thus forming a rare suburb of iron hot springs, the highest pouring temperature of 61 ℃.

2, ancient North water town history

China's hot spring history can be traced back to two thousand years ago, in the ancient hot springs excavated by the world's long river, Simatai Great Wall (mandarin duck lake) is a gods of the natural miracle. Gubei town is located at the foot of the Great Wall of Simatai, according to historical records, although the Great Wall of the water several times, but like Sima Taiwan "two springs confrontation", and the Great Wall of the situation with the few times. In the Simatai West Great Wall, the perennial flow of water temperature of 38 ℃ hot springs, surprising is tens of meters away from the East Great Wall is cold biting cold spring. Wonderful, it is sigh, the locals called "mandarin duck lake".
According to geological experts, this cold spring is leading to the Wuling Mountain, a groundwater pulse, after a lapse of more than 50 years to seep into here. Resulting in every winter, the library is still rippling blue waves, fog rising. At this time the Great Wall clouds filled, but also some wonderful scene.
According to research, this hot spring is the repair of the Great Wall soldiers found, built and used. Since then, living in the vicinity of hot springs, all year round with this hot spring water bath, both to eliminate fatigue, but also the treatment of rheumatism, skin disease embolism.

3, the Japanese professional hot spring certification issued by the hot springs assessment

Ancient North Water Town Spa Hotel Awards

1, Royal Hill Hot Springs Boutique Hotel

Great Wall at the foot of the lovers hot springs flattery family warm heart time

Royal Palace Hot Spring Boutique Hotel is a hot spring boutique hotel in Gubei Town, which combines two different styles of elegant Japanese and Chinese courtyard. Each Japanese-style room is equipped with indoor soup pool. And the size of the exquisite landscape garden nearly 1700 square meters and quite a Japanese restaurant style, ultra-high-end configuration by consumers as "the best hot spring hotel in Beijing suburbs." Decoration and furnishings, all highlight the water town unique exquisite human style.
Environmental assessment: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Business: hot spring, health food
business hours: 10: 00-22: 00 (public area) 24 hours (room private soup)
hotel accommodation guests free, not open to the
hotel Address: Beijing Miyun County Gubeikou town Simatai village Gubei water town tourist attractions
Recommended reason: high-end Japanese style hot spring to enjoy the room with hot springs pool, private strong

2, eight flag inn

Under the stars of the north courtyard of a pool of open-air private hot springs

Located at the foot of the Great Wall of Simatai, by the traditional Chinese North courtyard residential transformation of the hot spring resort. Daytime in the courtyard meditation tea, overlooking the world's most can not miss the first 25 scenic spots - Simatai Great Wall; star little night, in the room outside the hot spring private soup to listen to the stars of the night. Eight Banners Inn has a total of 15 hot spring kang rooms, all of which are made of traditional northern kang room, full geothermal heating, Wi-Fi and humidification.
Environmental evaluation: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Business: hot spring
Business hours: 08: 00-23: 00
Inn accommodation guests free, not open
Address: Beijing Simatai Great Wall Scenic Area
Recommended reason: the traditional North courtyard houses, special hot spring pool

3, the ancient North of the hot spring resort hotel city hot springs Museum

I and my family a warm winter hot spring memories

The largest spa resort in the resort has 319 guest rooms, large conference rooms, banquet halls, full-time restaurants and other unique, unique and transparent swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, yoga room, chess room and children's entertainment area Make your vacation life colorful. City Hot Springs is close to the hotel and only a short walk from your room.
Environmental evaluation: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Business: hot springs, SPA, foot
business Hours: 07: 00-23: 30
Address: Beijing ancient water town scenic area
Recommended reason: suitable for accommodation type family, conference guests consumption, cost-effective high

4, Duanjia compound

Great Wall at the foot of the northern hot springs courtyard

Both the rise can be seen Sima Tai Great Wall of the open air area, there are floor windows around the indoor pool and sauna. Interior design to show the charm of traditional Chinese elements, warm and warm large lounge, to bring you a comfortable and refined experience.
Environmental evaluation: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Business: hot spring, health food
business hours: 08: 30-24: 00
Address: Beijing Gubeikou town Simatai village Gubei water town resort resort
Recommended reason: indoor and outdoor environment and landscape Good, price close to the people

5, thirteen sister girl hot spring hotel

Unique and exquisite woman theme hotel (not yet opened)
 is located in Wangjing Street women's hot spring theme boutique hotel, a total of 13 rooms, each room are equipped with different specifications, the same exquisite hot spring pool and dry steam room, , Or indoor warm soup, high-end private environment, for you to create the ultimate experience of hot springs private enjoyment. There is a full-time restaurant, book bar, tea bar and so on, so you have a relaxing trip.

6, Royal Tai Chi hot spring city

And the lovers, friends, family and colleagues dream of hot springs experience the
 capital of the Royal Palace style professional hot spring hall, equipped with a large public hot spring pool, suitable for team activities exclusive VIP hot spring room and women enjoy all kinds of spa effect of hot springs Area, hot springs at the same time you can see the show, sing KTV, team open air BBQ ... ... to meet your experience of the spa all the ideas. Design quite palace style, for you to create a beautiful atmosphere of the former royal, enjoy the distinguished experience.
Environmental evaluation: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Business: hot springs, SPA, foot, KTV
business hours: 10: 00-23: 30
Recommended reason: suitable for accommodation families, couples, girlfriends, business meetings, comprehensive strong
service hotline : 010-81008891 / 8892  

7, Wangjing Street hot spring pool

Self-help and enjoyment of the hot spring experience area
 is located in Wangjing Street, the town is the only one automatic coin use of outdoor hot spring pool, not the same self-help experience fun, can be in the Great Wall Music Water Dance show only a few steps away Of the stars, while Yu Yu side listening to the sounds of nature.
Environmental evaluation: ☆ ☆ ☆
Business items: beauty, Yuzu Business
hours: 08: 00-22: 00
Price: beauty 2 yuan / time, Yu foot 10 yuan / time (automatic coin use)
Recommended reason: unique Street hot spring experience

8, Longfeng hot spring pool

Leisurely hot spring interactive experience area
 Longfeng hot spring pool is divided into Longchi and the wind pool, located in the Tanghe ancient village Longfeng Square, is the town free open hot spring bath. "Great Wall down the heroes of the bubble", whether you are climbing the Great Wall, or visiting the area, sit down and let the feet will be able to immediately eliminate fatigue, full of vitality.
Environmental evaluation: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Business items: Royal foot
business hours: all day
free use
Recommended reason: free public hot spring bubble experience

9, dart board foot museum

Relaxed body and mind of the professional foot
 is located in Tanghe ancient village Longfeng Square, close to Longfeng hot spring pool. Targeted physical therapy formula, high-quality raw materials, supplemented by professional nursing skills, so that your body, heart, enough to be loved, relaxed and happy.
Environmental evaluation : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Business: foot
business hours: 13: 30-22: 00
Recommended reason: pure hot spring foot health, technician skills professional, first-class
service hotline: 010-81008409  

Gubei town has a wealth of geothermal resources, mining from 3376 meters deep natural hot springs, you can wash away the fatigue of the work, open the leisure and relaxation experience. Outdoor open air Lu Chi, in the bath at the same time enjoy the magnificent and the beauty of the water town, enjoy the enjoyment of nature leisurely.

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