Hidden in the old streets in Chongqing, a small minority, independent style

Mountain city of Chongqing, still retains some of the most popular old streets, making him different from any of China's cities. These old streets are hidden in the depths of the city, tourists rarely arrived, where will understand what is the mountain city, what is Chongqing. Then go in with them and listen to the story of time and life.
magic mountain city   chongqing by images from the internet

Old Chongqing taste, you need to stroll tasting

Chongqing is known as "mountain city." Because of its peculiar topography, scattered buildings, the Internet was exclaimed as a magic 3D city. Many people travel to Chongqing will only go to the more familiar Jiefangbei, Hongyadong, Ciqikou, auditorium ... do not know, they pass by a lot of Chongqing city secret. Unique mountain city landscape has its own unique flavor of Chongqing, and only into these old streets, is the right way to open the city.

Hidden Chongqing Old Quarter by big black ratio

When it comes to Chongqing's Old Quarter, eighteen ladder is more well known. Once eighteen ladder Chongqing well culture is a representative, with the demolition of the beginning, this old neighborhood has gone away from us. Chongqing City can also hide a lot of old streets like eighteen ladder, no one is in purdah. Today we bring you into these corner streets with the most taste of Chongqing bar.

Eighteen ladder once by pictures from the Internet

Chongqing, what are worth visiting the Old Quarter?

Chongqing Street Map by Big black than

Ho Hau Street

Ho Hau Street, was connected to Longmen Hao pier and the must-pass site, a hundred years ago is very prosperous. Today, here is a worldly market that has never been seen before and prosperous. It is a brilliant successor to Nanbin Road next to it. Into here, I saw Diaojiaolou, stepping on the stone road, passing Huang Ge tree, as if accidentally cross the space-time. The life here has nothing to do with the bustling, all you can see is the vicissitudes of the time.

Ho Ho Street main street by pictures from the network

The old look of the ear floor by the big black ratio

The history of Xiahao Old Street can be traced back to Qing Emperor Qianlong's time at the time, when it was already a market here and was very lively. Xia Hao Center Street, including the Mi Street section, door Zhaojie Lot, Dongjiaqiao lots, grapes plot Lot 4 neighborhoods, Bayu name brake feel Lin Temple is also here. Liberation, Longmen Hao old pier is a passenger and cargo terminal in Chongqing, from the pier to the new street, under the ho is the only way through the street.

Ho Hau Street opposite the river is the mother city of Chongqing Yuzhong by black ratio

The noisy car fade away, the streets are sparsely populated day by day, and now the Ho-ho block is not a traffic arteries, leaving only a small number of residents and hunters visit. Outside of civilization has come here, so under the ho, the Old Town transformed into a relatively literary place in Chongqing City. Traces left once the pier culture still left traces of indelible time to stop here ...

Frozen green room photos taken by tourists outside the big black ratio

Under the ho old trees and tree graffiti by big black ratio

Subway: Take the Subway Line 6 in the new street station off, go out from the exit on the 1st that 100 meters;
bus: get off at the gate station in the day, towards the Dongshuimen Bridge forward 100 Meter.
【Attractions】: the Yangtze River cableway, Nanbin Road
[around the food]: odd peanuts, more than ten bean curd

Mountain City Lane

Chongqing is a mountain city, but no shortage of urban trails. These so-called trails are convenient for Chongqing citizens to go home near. With the development of the city, there are few places like Shancheng Alley that retain the original flavor of old Chongqing. There are Bodhgutan towers left by China's first official town and evil cult movement, as well as the Yanziyan Old Street on the edge of the cliff, as well as the symbol of Chongqing becoming a city - the waterworks and the old city gate of Chongqing - Tongyuanmen .

Hill Lane living area by luggage and lodging

France Renai Church is a typical Western-style building, is the predecessor of Chongqing First Hospital. Now people go empty, leaving only the reverie of the year by the luggage and lodging

Shancheng Alley is the third step of the mountain city, wandering among them, just as back to Chongqing as the wartime capital period. At that time, a large number of government officials, warlords, compradors, landowners, etc. gathered in Chongqing and wantonly built mansions. Although the official residence of a small number of buildings, but exquisite workmanship, many imitate the style of Western-style houses. The small number of mansions but concentrated in the mountain lane, in particular, represented by thick House. Thick House for the Sichuan warlord Liu Xiang Mansion official residence, with the characteristics of Shanghai Caves Gate building. Now it has become a landmark on the hillside alley.
Walked to the last trail overlooking the Yangtze River, view of Chongqing city beauty. A section of the trail is repaired in the cliffs on the edge of the Yangtze River, there is a temporary temporary boardwalk range.

Mountain Trail temporary empty plank by luggage

Subway: Take the subway line in Qixinggang Station, get off from the No. 2 exit;
bus: Get off at Guanyin Rock Station, walk 100 meters toward Jiefangbei.
【Attractions】: Tongyuanmen wall ruins park, Jiefangbei
【Food】: pure Yang pub, mountain chateau old pot

Zhongshan four

Once such a road has been called "the most beautiful highway in Chongqing", he is Zhongshan four. Thick Republican style, lush Huangpi tree, built on the cliff road, these should be your impression of the mountain city of Chongqing.

Zhongshan four retro street sign by big black ratio

In the history of World War II, Zhongshan four is also famous. From 1937 to 1942, in the "indiscriminate bombing" of Japanese imperialism for up to five years, Zhongshan No.4 Road in Chongqing, as the command center of the world anti-fascist alliance in China, guided by its uncompromising attitude the people of the entire nation that stubbornly opposed Japan Fascist rule and achieved important victories, gaining time and favorable conditions for the United States and Britain in the Pacific battlefield.

Zhongshan four kinds of trees planted by the big black ratio

Four Zhongshan Road, time seems to be back to the era of war-ridden. Double-10 agreement signed - Guangxi Garden, Eighth Route Army Chongqing Office - 50 Zeng Jiayan, Dai Li mansion, presidential palace of the National Government and other historical evidence have spread along the streets. This is a road to history, bearing too much memory with the capital, recording too much history in China.

Dai Li Park by big black ratio

Zhongshan four by pictures from the network

Subway: Take the subway line in Zeng Jiayan stop, exit from that on the 2nd;
bus: get off at the Shangqingsi station, towards the auditorium direction 100 meters.
【Attractions】: Chongqing Auditorium, the Three Gorges Museum
【Food around】: Nine Park Restaurant, Liao Kee casserole

Huangpi ancient trail

Huangpi Road, Chongqing is the most famous ancient road, with 800 years of history, was the only place Chuan Qian merchants must pass through, known as Chongqing's "Silk Road." The trail began in the Tang Dynasty, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties reached its peak. On both sides of the trail is the dense woods, because planted many centuries Huangpi tree, hence the name Huangpi ancient trail.

Huangpi Road, Huangpi tree by pictures from the Internet

"Faint Nanshan, Huangpi ancient trail to. Green stone, merchants horseshoe. Green greenery trees, breeze blowing incense." Here had traders caravan tea caravan, walked around in Sichuan and Guizhou merchants, Expeditionary officers and men who had also fought in Burma.

Huangpi road exercise on the public by the pictures from the network

Even the time in the Huangpi Tracks engraved with the traces of years, but still beautiful and exciting. Should be the phrase "old streets, the older the more taste." Impetuous age, simple feelings, prosperous, the shadow of the shade of the shade of the house there are many stories?

Huangpi ancient stone road by pictures from the network

[Transportation]: Take the bus to get off at the new street station.
[Attractions]: Nanshan Scenic Area, Foreigner Street
[around the food]: Road Douhua, Nanshan spring water chicken

Jialing new road

In the Yuzhong Peninsula, there is an old road connecting the lower half of Yuzhong, which he calls Jialin New Road. Jialing new road is not "new", you can even say everywhere "old" taste. The starting point from the traffic lights at the main street of Li Ziba, to the end of Health Road, a total of five kilometers, compared to the same well-connected city of the Shang and lower eighteen ladder taste well here more copies of winding paths and small literature and art.

Jialing River sideview, hillside and repair, winding winding winding road one after another old residential area. Along the road, and sometimes see the lush tree shade revealed the smell of the city, and sometimes see the riverbanks row upon row of tall buildings, sometimes passing some literary shops. Speaking of shops, the most famous way to the number of Ami and flower cafe, and here on a point of afternoon tea at Riverview, really satisfied.

Jialing new way to see Jiangbei by pictures from the Internet

Here is also a historic place, where you can find General Stilwell Museum, Flying Tigers Gallery, feel House, Wu Tiecheng mansion. These historic buildings are on this winding mountain road. Simple museum, moss on the tile, carrying too many older generations of Chongqing's memory.

Jialin New Building on the Republic of China by the picture from the network

Subway: Take the light rail line 2 in the plum dam or Buddha map off to get off.
Bus: Take the bus to get off at the track Li Ziba station.
【Nearby Attractions】: Eling Park, Buddha map park
[Food around]: plum dam Liangshan chicken, tea, rice, mullet flower

Diamond monument

Diamond monument was built in the Qing Emperor Kangxi years, in the Qing Tongzhi, Diamond Monument pier is very prosperous. Today, like all the riverside wharf towns, it is gradually forgotten. Once the bustle and liveliness are part of the years, is a long history of the overwhelming.

Diamond Monument entrance by the big black ratio

The beautiful Jialing River, near the mouth of the mouth of Wen Tong, a stream from Jinyun foothills to the Jialin River upside down. Between the brook and the valley, growing dozens of ancient trees, thick shade day, Glen deep wild, gurgling water, there are years of ground rough, winding stone trail. Some wear fighting green tile-roofed house, bamboo wall house scattered in small groups in the valley between. Here is the famous Diamond Monument during the War of Resistance Against Japan.

Diamond Monument Street by the big black ratio

The most ancient villages that have been exuded of purity and grace have the beauty of simplicity and beauty of unity of nature and mankind. It is also imperative to show their blind attachment to water. Peaks such as green snail, Yishanbangshui. But also because fewer people seem to be old, but because of this, anti-attract countless people rushed to come here from all directions, leisurely in the quiet street, take a look at ancient trees, see the courtyard, even if only to see the cover Live bluestone bluestone road, but also need a quiet and tranquil heart ...

Vanity exhausted, a lichen mark by big black ratio

[Transportation]: Take the Subway Line 6 get off at Beibei Station and then turn to the North Hot Springs, Chengjiang direction of the bus to get off at the medical treatment station.
[Attractions]: Jinyun Mountain, North Hot Springs
[surrounding food]: Zhang Douhua, gluttonous old home

Huangpi Ping

Here is China's first graffiti Street, here is China's eight major Academy of Fine Arts - Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is located. Huangpi Pingli is an art center in western China and also the heart of the "Huangpyeong". .

Huangpi Ping Street by the picture from the network

Traffic teahouse is a symbol of the gas here, lively is a cultural landscape in Chongqing, from the yellow tree to the table to the teahouse, there are always endless across the collapse, put the Longmen array. The teahouse is the best place to spend time after the meal in Chongqing, after dinner, friends, Liuniao, chess entertainment in this belongs to the teahouse in the woods, you can deeply feel the people of Chongqing straightforward and passion. Use Chongqing dialect is the most grounded place.

Traffic teahouse by pictures from the network

The soil of the urban-rural junction in Huangpiping is sown with seeds of art everywhere. From the Academy of Fine Arts to the Academy of Fine Arts to Peach Blossom Hill, many of China's leading contemporary artists and art critics live here. From 501 to Tanks to 102 to Guanjialin, the newest art center in Yishan, there are two or three hundred yellow drifts and artisans brought together.
Every year in June, there are art candidates from all over the country come to camp here. Therefore, walking in the Huangpi Ping Roman Avenue, the air always filled with the atmosphere of art, everyone may seem like artists or future artists.

Tank base by the picture from the network

This is Huangpi Ping, marketplace and art, industrial city and art city, is the surreal space in Chongqing.

Huangpi Ping Street by the picture from the network

[Transportation]: take the bus to get off Huangpi Ping Station.
【Nearby Attractions】: Chongqing Zoo, Hua Yan Temple
【Food around】: Ladder chopped bean curd, bean curd noodles, Hu Ji shoe flower


Chongqing can be said to be a very magical city. There may be many cities with mountains. But cities like Chongqing are in the mountains and cities in the mountains are rare. It is precisely because of the unique mountain landscape, so that Chongqing has so many interesting old streets. Although these old blocks are not easy to find, they are just some of the features in Chongqing. Now that the homogenization of this Chinese city is very serious, it is not easy for Chongqing to save so many old neighborhoods, perhaps waiting for you to actually come into these old neighborhoods to understand what it is called Chongqing.

Eighteen lost ladder by picture from the network

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