Hit Ziba catch the edge of the field, this Miao village experience the most authentic

The ancient city of Fenghuang, Miao accounts for 60% of the resident population, Miao culture plays a decisive role in the Phoenix culture, and the Miao people live in the village is the root of this culture! For a long time, Miao Village has been a beautiful landscape outside the ancient city of Phoenix. So what kind of Miao experience the most local flavor? I am authentic Miaojia Elder Xiangxi, I am speaking, you understand.
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Phoenix Miao Village audio guide

Miao home brother said Miao Village

I think there are several Miao village Phoenix experience: a look at Miao village landscapes, two taste Miaozhai cuisine, three experience Miao Village folk.

To enter the Miao Village, must go through three cards

First, see Miao Village landscape

In the vicinity of the Phoenix, mountains and lush green water everywhere, and after the development of Miao area, the landscape is more refined.

Miao Valley - strange mountain water, bandit hole in the waterfall

Miao Valley Scenic Area, the Miao Lake Scenic Area Miao Lake and the last generation of Miao Wang Miao Wang Miao Wang Dong, also known as the basement hole, the area remains a lot of witchcraft culture sites, creating a unique style of spiritual beliefs and Sacrificial culture.
Miao Valley is currently the most developed throughout the Fenghuang Miao Village scenic spots, canyon caves, waterfalls in the hole, ethnic customs readily available. To Miao home guest, is also a very good experience!

Miao Pinghu Lake boating

Per capita consumption: 200 yuan / person
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00
Attractions Location: Town, Fenghuang County Early Gang Village
Recommended reason: Miao Valley Scenic Area is far from the ancient city of Phoenix, the scale is not bad, the scenery and folklore can be Miao Village, if your time is not very abundant, to Phoenix Miao Valley play is very recommended!

Deben Miao Village - the legendary Qitai station, winding mountain road wonders

Deben Miao Village, a typical Habitat for Chinese Hmong, Hunan Geopark. Here, you can taste the most wonderful 100 years road and bridge wonders (famous Aizhai Panshan Highway and Aizhai Bridge), Millennium Miao Village style and Wannian Canyon scenery.

Deben scenic weather station

Per capita consumption: 160 yuan / person
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00
Attractions Location: Jishou Detention Village
Recommended reason: Deben Miao Village, located in the valley between the unique canyon created Deming Miao Village The weather station and quicksand falls, and the remote geographical location of rampen in order to retain the tradition of simple Miao custom!

Miao Wangcheng - hometown of Miao Dynasty dynasties, Miao film base

Miao Wangcheng, the national AAAA-level scenic spot, is the only well-preserved ancient Miao village integrating politics, economy, culture, military and architecture in the southwestern region Miao.

Miao Wangcheng Scenic Area

Per capita consumption: 200 yuan / person
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00
attractions Location: Songtao Miao Autonomous County of Guizhou Province Zhengda Township
Recommended reason: Miao Wang Cheng is currently the largest surrounding Phoenix, the most well-built Miao Village, is already a country AAAA scenic area, supporting the construction and other aspects of sound; but personally think Miao Walled play outside in addition to watching the scenery, the key is to deepen the Miao to experience feelings, Miao Wangcheng worth the experience!

Second, taste Miaozhai cuisine

Miao is a farming nation, Miaozhai all the ingredients are their own farming, eating on the table things, in addition to salt is purchased from the market, the other basic is their own production! It is also because of this source of ingredients, destined to Phoenix must not miss the Miaozhai cuisine.

1. Miao bacon

Miao fire pond on the Miao family bacon photographed in the mountain stone house

Why Miao bacon delicious? As described above, the first is the ingredients, Miao bacon are used Miao home pigs to smoked, Miaojia fed pigs do not feed, are fed pigs, and many are stocked, and one Pig at least seven or eight months before slaughtering! And such a pig feeding is not big, about one hundred pounds!

Miao bacon was taken in the mountain stone house

In addition to ingredients, Miao bacon smoked is also exceptionally delicate, the general Miao bacon smoked, it takes 25 days, directly linked to Miao fire pond, the need for fire, ventilation and other conditions, in order to be a pure Miao bacon taste !

Many guests came to Phoenix tourism, see a lot of street lined with bacon to sell. Here's a special reminder: those bacon are quick, add chemical composition, and the source of the meat is unknown (Imagine, a pound of about 20 bacon, maybe?)! Want to buy pure Miao bacon, Miao need to buy, and very expensive, the price is generally about 80 pounds!

2. Miao society meal

Phoenix Xiangxiang Miao Xiang in Hunan have had the Spring Society eating social uniform. The main social club in social day (ie, the fifth day after the beginning of spring), that is, spring club.  

Miao society meal

The method of making the social rice is to pick the fresh Artemisia annua (Artemisia annua, Artemisia annua) on the pasture, the stream and the hillside, pick it up, wash and mince it, knead it, dry it, mix it with wild garlic (shallot) Dried bean curd, dried meat and other accessories sticky sticky rice (sticky part of sticky rice, but you must first sticky rice cooked into half cooked glutinous rice) steamed or braised system. Its delicious, fragrant, soft and delicious, all ages.

social life in the ancient city of Fenghuang actually, but not much, there are some small stalls in the Phoenix Metro, but may not be able to find! See if you have a bite! Recommended to the Miao Jia, there is a stone house in Miaoshan Shanjiang restaurant has a very good social rice!

Miao rice fish

Rice flower fish, fish will be Section, flat side, back straight. Head slightly flat, was scales. Eye big. Chief position, transverse crack. No side line. Back, pelvic fins are small. Dorsal fin plant rear, a few and anal fin opposite.  

Rice flower fish

Rice flower fish taste delicious because of the edible rice flower, coupled with Miaoye own rapeseed oilseed rapeseed fried, then put pepper and ginger refined from a gourmet, if you can eat spicy, then to the Phoenix Miao must go to eat a meal of authentic Miao rice fish!

Miao village to experience if you can experience a catch of rice fish (Lunar New Year in late July), Miao can experience the fun of farming life, but also memorable childhood innocence.

Tips: The
real food is a good idea, Miao rice fish is to some extent seasonal food, but also in the ancient city of Phoenix rarely, go to Miao Village to taste!

4. Miao glutinous rice wine

Miao's wine, relative to other ethnic cultures is a complete system! Miao's wine, brewed formula are word of mouth from generation to generation! Shen Congwen's book reads: "I have traveled many bridges, seen many times the clouds, drank many kinds of wine, but only loved one of the most suitable age"

If you also like to drink, then a little to Miao to taste the glutinous rice wine, the degree is not high, of course, Miao also have a high degree of brewed wine. In addition to drinking itself, if you go to Miao guest house, you will feel Miao's enthusiasm!

In the ancient city of Phoenix, there are many wineries, but I would say that Phoenix is ​​already a tourist city, the ancient city of most of the wine is a tourist product, developed specifically for tourists products! To buy pure Miao wine, or get Miao Village go!

5. Miao village ziba

Miao home festivals to play ziba, sacrifice ancestors to use ziba, build houses to use ziba, with ziba entertain guests than chickens and pigs and dogs entertain.

Miao play ziba

The most interesting is that Miao young men and women are inseparable from marriage to marriage are inseparable every year in the twelfth lunar month, the Miao girls should be prepared for a variety of shapes 糍 粑; Triangle, garden-shaped, long bar, colored 糍 粑 up to the color of the most white Better.  

Miao Miao Ju, itself is a food, not just food. If you can approached the Miao Village, to participate in a hit play, that is the food and the Miao experience double income, and that is our longing for travel experience!

Third, experience Miao Village folk

Miao family customs too much, to Phoenix tourists, the basic hard to have a chance to contact, a lot of holidays! March Malan Festival, April 8 Spring Festival, June 6 Miao Song Festival (Gregorian calendar June 29), July 7 Miao Valentine's Day, August 8 Miao Festival, Miao Year of the Solstice (Gregorian calendar December 22 Day) and so on! Not here for everyone to introduce!

Miaojiaji set

Visitors to the Phoenix, Miao can now experience the customs, the most recommended is to catch the edge of the field (Miao Township market). Market, refers to the Miao people to the market to buy replacement daily necessities, is not to serve tourists for the purpose of group activities. In the market can buy a lot of inexpensive features: fried 粑 米, rice tofu, Miao silver, the traditional seedlings clothing, Chun wood buds, boletus and so on.

Miaojiaji set the way

Fourth, how can we experience authentic Miao style

We introduced the landscape of Miao Village, also introduced the Miao Village food, but also of Miao customs, is there any way to be a Phoenix not miss it? Here we Xiangtu travel tell you, there!

If you plan to travel in Phoenix is ​​not a lot of time, but also think of Miao experience, you can book directly in the hornet's nest to participate in Miao Valley day tour to experience the Miaoshan landscape and Miao style.

If you have plenty of time, want to go to the largest hometown of Miao Wang to experience, we recommend directly in the hornet's nest Phoenix to Miao Wangcheng day trip, convenient, affordable, peace of mind.

If you play more time, or the return is after 5 pm Jishou train on the bus, we recommend you can directly participate in Fenghuang Deben Miao Village day tour, feel the Aizhai Panshan Highway wonders, quicksand falls, the weather station , As well as seedlings cultural performances!

If you are a family to play with friends or Phoenix and want to play alone, do not want to fight with other guests, and want to experience the customs, then we recommend Miao nest on the hornet's nest small parcel, car guide, free time tourists to arrange , With the stop go, in-depth experience into the Miao Miao customs.

In addition to the above play, you can also direct Autopass chartered to go to Miao Village to experience the Miao culture without tourism development, it is recommended to order directly under the nest in the Hornet, Miao local old driver, Play, feel free to experience.

If you are driving a car to Phoenix, want to drive their own to experience the Miao style, then we suggest that you ask a Miao guide guide, it is recommended that we travel Miao A sister guide, to Miao Village to travel a lot Things you see, there is no tour guide you can never experience the meaning of which!


Fenghuang ancient city is already a very famous tourist destination, and Miaozhai encountered in the actual experience of tourists mixed! In fact, Miao Village is not not worth the experience, but we experience is a commodity, not a real Miao!
I am a Miao family, grew up in Miao Village, I am afraid of tourism products are not afraid of guest experience, which disappointed Miaozhai, so I tried my best, and a group of the same from the Miaozhai Ah brother To guide you, bring everyone to our real Miao Village!
Hope that such a Phoenix Miao Raiders make you feel our Miao family's sincerity, if you still have doubts, please contact me, I will be able to bring you with the market is not the same Miao experience!

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