How much does it cost to go to Lijiang? How can we save money?

To Lijiang tourism, many people will care about the cost of the problem. Lijiang is the tourist city of northwest Yunnan, rich in tourism resources, traffic is relatively convenient, you can choose according to their own preferences attractions, so to what attractions, play a few days, and personal budget is closely related. Here to give you a few different games are played and the budget, I believe that after reading, for you to spend your bottom.
lijiang ancient city map by the case of security

Lijiang is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Lijiang City is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau connection, the elevation is generally more than 2000 meters, Lijiang is a multi-ethnic areas, in addition to the Han, a total of 12 ethnic minority, 22 National tourism resources, there are tourist attractions 104, including the ancient city of Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Laojunshan, beam River town and other famous tourist attractions. If the budget and time is more adequate, you can go to Lijiang surrounding such as Dali, Shangri-La and other places.

Tiger Leaping Gorge map by floating light glimpse

First, to Lijiang's big traffic to spend much money?

Lijiang is called the northwest of the traffic hub, airport, railway, highway and other traffic is relatively perfect, to Lijiang tourism, you can choose to fly, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other cities have direct fly Lijiang Of the route, some tourists will choose from Kunming transit. It is recommended to book in advance, you can buy cheaper tickets.
Fare reference:
round-trip Lijiang are direct flights: about 1800-2500 yuan (if starting from Shanghai and other places, in advance to buy special fares, cheaper than high-speed rail tickets)
Under normal circumstances, other cities will fly directly to Kunming than Lijiang To be cheap, so fly to Kunming and then take the train to Lijiang, the price is more affordable, Kunming to Lijiang train sleeper fare 152 yuan.

Lijiang Sanyi Airport map by Cai glutinous rice

Second, the local transportation costs

1, from Lijiang Airport to the ancient city of Lijiang transportation costs:
a Airport bus: 20 yuan / person, not directly to reach the ancient city, to reach the blue sky hotel, you can hit the ancient city, 7 yuan;
b taxi: reference price 80 yuan / car, not Playing the table;
c blue minivan: reference price 80 yuan / car, the general can take 7 individuals;
d drops of the taxi: the reference price of 80 yuan.
2, the ancient city of Lijiang to Lijiang railway station costs:
a bus: 16 Road, 1 yuan; b taxi: about 40 yuan, do not play the table; c van: 10 yuan / person; d drop taxi: about 24 yuan.
3, Kunming Railway Station to Kunming Changshan Airport costs:
a Airport bus: 25 yuan; b Taxi: about 110 yuan; c drops of the taxi: about 93 yuan.

Long water airport map by Wu rabbit

Third, Lijiang about the level of consumption

Lijiang ancient city of things more expensive, but the ancient city of new urban consumption level is low. Lijiang ancient city of the average price of the restaurant in the 100 yuan, accommodation, then the off-season about 200 yuan in general the inn, the environment is very good, the peak season prices will generally be higher than the usual 5% -10% of house prices.

Four, Lijiang accommodation costs

Lijiang ancient city accommodation conditions are more mature, choose more, there are 40-50 yuan CYTS, 200-300 yuan of the inn, there are 600-800 yuan resort hotel, the inn is a major feature of Lijiang accommodation, but also large Most tourists stay first choice. In general, like the lively friends live in the town of Dayan, like quiet on the dull river.

Five, Lijiang, the cost of food and beverage

Snacks and hot pot is the most famous food in Lijiang, chicken bean jelly, Naxi grilled fish, Baba, Dongba barbecue is the most popular snacks, hot pot is wax ribs hot pot, potato taro hot pot, black goat hot pot, fungus pot, yak Meat pot as a representative. Eat snacks inexpensive, a bowl of chicken bean jelly 8 yuan or so, a bowl of rice noodles about 10 yuan away from the ancient city center a little cheaper place. Lijiang restaurant more, there are salmon (rainbow trout) restaurant, potato taro hot pot, tilapia hot pot, wild mushroom hot pot, wax ribs pot, etc., per capita consumption of about 60-100 yuan.

The ribs and the water

Six different games are played different budgets

① recommended within 500 budget

Play time: 2 days
Destination Recommended: Lijiang ancient city (1 day), Lashihai and Songcheng eternal love (1 day)

1, the ancient city of Lijiang :
Dayan town is that we often say that the ancient city of Lijiang, it is the ancient town of Tea Horse Road, has about 800 years of history. Come here you can sun, daze, enjoy the good times, you can also carefully dressed up in the ancient city of framed art. Ancient city has black Longtan, Lion Rock and other parks, boarded the Lion Rock Valley ancient building can look over the ancient city of the whole picture and the surrounding villages.

Lijiang has a variety of delicious snacks, where you can taste chicken jelly, pots and other special characteristics of rice. Lijiang ancient city near the Dashiqiao, loyalty market, Quartet Street are concentrated snacks. Lijiang bar famous for the country, divided into trouble it, quiet bar and fire pot it, you can choose according to personal preferences like the bar.

Play cost : about 100 yuan (in the clear bar drink, or to the cost of taking pictures of Vancouver)  

Lijiang Ancient City Photo by SandyH

a travel in Lijiang, to pay 80 yuan ancient city maintenance fee, some hotels will be charged at the guests, some visitors will enter a scenic spot by the scenic area. Gu Wei Fei pay once, pay to keep a good receipt and carry with you.
B Lion Rock Park: mountain climbing free, Wan Gu Lou 50 yuan / person.

2, Lashihai:
different seasons to pull the city can see different views: spring and summer season, rape, peach, pear bloom; autumn day high clouds, large cosmos in full bloom; winter, a large number of migratory birds in this habitat winter The To pull the city of the sea, and ultimately riding, boating. In the city of Lashi can enjoy the auspicious pastures and Naxi field scenery, in the clear water canoe can enjoy the scenery.

Pull the city chart see

Now on the market there are high-quality Lashihai day trip, allowing visitors to self-riding by the hippocampus riding two hours, rafting when there are professional coach Professor kayak skills, you do not have to worry about cheating phenomenon. Travel with lunch and lunch, very worry. If you own car to the car, and their own riding a boating project, spent about three or four hundred, day tour price is 160 yuan.

Day tour costs : about 160 yuan

3, Song City
Lijiang you if you are interested in the culture of ethnic minorities, then suggest that you look at a Songcheng eternal performance, it uses the shocking scene to reproduce the history of Lijiang thousands of years of history and legend, is the journey of knowledge to refuel station. In addition to the performance, Song City, there are thrilling big pendulum, free fall and other recreational facilities, as well as shaking flames, wooden government and other real theater, interactive performances. It is advisable to book online in advance, including pick-up, easy to travel, and do not have to worry about late to miss the show.
Cost: about 240 yuan

Lashihai day tour has a different package, there are 160 yuan, there are 319 yuan, which includes the ancient customs show. If you want to see the show, choose Lashihai day tour package more cost-effective.

Songcheng eternal love picture from the network

Lijiang 2nd tour Total cost :
straight ticket (about 1800-2500), Sleep (about 200) + Catering (about 150) + airport fare to Lijiang (about 20) = 2170-2870
Lijiang (1 day: 100 Yuan) + Lashihai (1 day: 319 yuan) Old city maintenance fee (80) = 499 yuan
Total: about 2669-3369 yuan

② budget around 1500 recommended

Play time: 3 days
Destination Recommended: Yulong Snow Mountain and the ancient city of Lijiang (1 day), Lugu Lake (2 days)

1, Yulong Snow Mountain and the ancient city of Lijiang :
Yulong Snow Mountain is located about 15 kilometers north of Lijiang, about 40 minutes by car. It consists of 12 snow peaks, is from the equator of the recent snow-capped mountains, scenic spots are Yunshan Ping, Gan Hai Zi, Blue Moon Valley, ice Tallinn and other attractions. To the scenic area, you can take a large cableway to more than 4506 meters above sea level, to the glacier park to enjoy the snow, down the mountain after the tour of the Blue Moon Valley and Baishui River, go to the natural meadow pasture Gan Haizi take pictures, where the stream meandering, cattle and sheep, Very beautiful. Night back to the ancient city of Lijiang, you can stroll in the ancient city, feel the ancient city night or bar atmosphere.

Yulong Snow Mountain Figure by the sounds of nature Xin

If you go to Yulong Snow Mountain, you need to arrange scenic spots tickets, Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area tickets 105 yuan, 180 yuan glacier park tickets, scenic car 20 yuan, "Impression Lijiang" tickets 190, only need to spend more than 495 yuan, but also rent cold Clothing, oxygen, etc. (mountain rent of about 100-200 yuan), more trouble. It is recommended to book a day trip in advance, including scenic tickets, cableway, also provides Fang Hanfu, oxygen and round-trip shuttle, peace of mind and affordable.
Day trip cost: 499 yuan

2, Lugu Lake:
Lugu Lake landscape charming, can arrange two days tour. To Lugu Lake to buy tickets, 100 yuan / person, the first day can be around the lake, the lake can rent a car ride, about 80 yuan / car, more consumption of physical, want a little easier, you can chartered, chartered price is 250- 300 yuan / car. Sail boat is also the local experience of the project, the price is about 50 yuan / person. Lugu Lake residents are mainly Mosuo, visit Mosuo culture is also an interesting part of the journey. Lake view room is a highlight of Lugu Lake accommodation, the price range from 200-1000 yuan.

Lugu Lake by a lot of big fish

Lugu Lake from the ancient city of Lijiang far away, about 3-4 hours by car, it is recommended to book high-quality Lugu Lake two-day tour, not only easy to play, and live more style. The hotel is one of the highlights of the two-day itinerary. The Langkan Village is located in the heart of the city. The hotel is located in the heart of the city. The hotel is located in the heart of the city. If you live in the village of Rige, the animal husbandry village is a good choice. Two-

day tour cost: 589-989 yuan

Lijiang 3 day tour total cost :
ticket (about 1800-2500) + accommodation (about 300) + catering (about 200) + airport to the ancient city of Lijiang fare (about 20) = 2320-3020
Yulong Snow Mountain and Lijiang ancient city (1 day: 499 +80) + Lugu Lake (2 days: 589-989), a total of about 1168-1568 yuan.
Total: about 3488-4588 yuan

③ budget around 2500 recommended

Play time: 5 days
Destination Recommended: Kunming (1 day), Dali ring Erhaihai (1 day), Yulong Snow Mountain and Lijiang Ancient City (1 day), Shangri-La (2 days)

1, Kunming:
to Yunnan tourism, many people will choose to go to Kunming, and then transferred to other tourist destinations, then you can spend a day to visit Kunming, Green Lake, Western Hills, the village is worth a visit to Kunming. Cuihu summer view lotus, winter look seagull, to "Tsui Chai Chunxiao" famous Quartet, near the army and the military and other cultural attractions. Deng Xishan must go to the gantry, which is Yunnan's largest and most beautiful Taoist grottoes. National Village is the essence of Yunnan's ethnic minorities, one day can be traced Yunnan many ethnic customs.

Green Lake Park map by Europe Xiaoxie

(40 yuan / person), Dragon Gate scenic spot ticket (25 yuan / person), the national village ticket (90 yuan / person), a taxi about 150 (10 yuan / person), Longmen scenic ticket (40 yuan / person) Yuan, but the day is more urgent, it is recommended to book a day trip, led by the old driver, allowing you to successfully travel through Kunming scenic area.
Day tour cost: 360 yuan

2, Dali:
Kunming from Kunming by train to Dali, as Dali stay one day. "Off the wind, on the Guanhua, Cangshan snow, Erhai month" is Dali four must go to Dali must not miss the scenery of Cangshan and Erhai. Deng Cangshan can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the twists and turns, but also take the cableway to wash Ma Tan, from about 270 yuan, the mountains have deep pools, streams and summer snow line. Dali also has famous cultural attractions, such as Chongsheng Temple three towers, coupon 121 yuan / person (including Dali three towers park, three tower reflection park).

Dali Erhai map by a lot and big fish

Erhai Lake and Cangshan depend on each other, blue sky and white clouds under the Erhai a blue, beautiful scenery and charming. To Erhai Lake can try ringing Erhai Lake, charter ring Erhai Lake (about 300 yuan / vehicle), can also do cruise tour (about 150 yuan / person). Ring Erhai riding can go to some of the Bai village to feel the local bed and breakfast, enjoy the local snacks, boat trips can not only enjoy the scenery, you can also see the wonderful Bai song and dance.
Day tour costs: about 360 yuan

3, Yulong Snow Mountain:

Impression Lijiang map by Ji Bei card

Previously mentioned to the Yulong Snow Mountain can not only go to the glacier park, Blue Moon Valley, Baishui River, Ganhaizi enjoy the natural landscape, if the national performance is interested, you can also enjoy the "Impression Lijiang" large-scale performances. Yulong Snow Mountain Day Tour Package includes "Impression Lijiang" performance, more cost-effective than buying a separate ticket, it is recommended to book online in advance, in the local temporary ticket is easy to be raised.
Day trip cost: 639 yuan

4, Shangri-La:
Shangri-La's sacred beauty, the same proposal for 2 days. If you are from Lijiang chartered to Shangri-La, about 800 yuan / car, the first day from the ancient city of Lijiang, enjoy the Yangtze River First Bay, Tiger Leaping Gorge (tickets 65 yuan / person) and other famous attractions, to Shangri-La to see the world's largest The turn of the tube. Shangri-La is the most not to be missed Pudacuo National Park (pass price of 258 yuan / person), where the original ecological environment well preserved, fresh air, along the path along the cliff, you can see the plateau lakes, but also to see the rich ranch The

Napa chart by JOJO take you to the world

From Lijiang to Shangri-La attractions are scattered, it is recommended to book a two-day tour in advance, a full-time drivers and guides to lead you to find the best viewing location, along the way, but also allows you to better understand the lives of local people.
Day tour cost: 789 yuan

Lijiang 5 day tour total cost :
ticket train ticket (about 1400-2300) + accommodation (about 700) + catering (500) + local transportation costs (50 yuan) = 2650-3550 yuan
Kunming (1 day: 360) + Dali ( 1 day: 360) + Yulong Snow Mountain and Lijiang (1 day: 639 +80) + Shangri-La (2 days: 789) = 2228
Total: 4878-5778 yuan

Shangri-La by JOJO take you to the world

Seven, traffic, accommodation, catering how to save money

Travel expenses, travel expenses is the bulk, if you want to save transportation costs, and the time is more adequate circumstances, you can choose from the surrounding city transit, such as from Beijing to Lijiang, you can choose to sit high-speed rail to Tianjin, and then take off To Lijiang, one-way savings of nearly 300 yuan.
In addition, the train is a more affordable way to leave more budget for the play. Off-season to Lijiang travel, accommodation is much lower than the peak season, some destinations to book a two-day tour, make you play more happy, live more comfortable, and more than their own book to be a lot of cost-effective. Food, then recommended in the new city of Lijiang foraging, the ancient city of downtown, but the price is higher Oh.

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