How to sleep in the ancient city of Phoenix, their favorite inn?

There are many large and small inn in the ancient city of Fenghuang. According to the location, fame, hardware facilities, etc., where the price of the inn from tens to thousands of prices have. How to pick out your favorite one in so many pubs? There is a lot of learning here. I live in the Phoenix for seven years, familiar with the streets of the ancient city, now for everyone to interpret it from several aspects.

Need to book online in advance?

I personally still recommend online booking in advance.
Especially in the high season, such as the summer vacation, Golden Week, remember to book in advance, but do not be too cheap to set the price is too low for the inn, easy to have a pit.
Off-season can not book in advance, but the ancient city of Fenghuang is the stone road, alley and more, not open to traffic, whether it is dragging luggage or carrying a bag to find accommodation, are very hard, and temporary housing may not be able to find Satisfied with the house. After booking online room, after all, a large website guarantee, any disputes are easy to handle.

Phoenix's tourist season is from April to the end of October, during this period prices have risen.

Pay attention to booking traps

Some pub conditions are not bad, but the price is obviously low, occupancy rate is not bad, this is not the legendary "cost"?
Not necessarily!
This inn has a distinct characteristic: the second consumer spending more. Instead of making money for their room rates, they first lured everyone to stay at a low price. The bosses and staffs were generally warmhearted and friendly. They could soon get together with the guests and unknowingly put newspaper tours, Miaozhai day trips, shopping , Eat and other consumer marketing out.
Good conscience word of mouth Inn, push the quality of the consumer most of the better The price is reasonable, pub tourists win. This does not oppose you stay, anyway, happy. However, some black heart should be careful, recommend a very expensive Miaozhai day tour, recommended black car black group, the recommended counterfeit silver products abound, absurdly hide in the hands.

Phoenix City boutique hotel rooms

The solution: It is
recommended to know in advance Phoenix Miao Village day tour, attractions in the ancient city, sidewalk performances, bonfire tickets tickets market. In fact, many day-go products can be purchased directly online, to avoid the scene was 忽悠.
Here I will tell you about the local market ~

In general, the average price of 100-150 yuan without recessive spending day trips basically within a reasonable range, too high or too low we have to consider.
Miao Walled around the essence of the Phoenix day tour is to use one day to see the Miao people live in the village, enjoy the magical landscape around the Phoenix, and passionate Miao paperboard handsome girl singing and dancing together, taste the authentic Miao Home meal. Ample time friends can consider to play.

More famous performance "border town", the price between 100 to 190 (including student tickets 100, adult 170-190), which is Phoenix's most professional performances, the cast reached more than 100 people, can accommodate more than 2,600 spectators . Stage effects, lighting layouts are very good! In order to avoid the hassle of on-site purchase, we can buy in advance on the honeycomb Oh, also comes with free shuttle service to the ancient city to the border town Oh ~

If you want to experience the bonfire of ethnic minorities, then the price is about 40-60. Above this price is definitely expensive, below this price may have hidden consumption. Campfire is a must play to the Phoenix project, a car shuttle, about 15 minutes by car or more convenient.
Remember: obviously lower than the cost price of things, we must not choose.

Photo online pub to distinguish between true and false

Before going to Phoenix to see the online Inn photo is very beautiful, the result to the scene is very large difference, how to avoid this kind of goods wrong board situation?
1, just take a close-up or room photos do not believe the local. Many do not have the yard inn, only take some flowers and plants, I feel beautiful, in fact, because the yard is very stingy, can only take part.
2, many inn Phoenix's rooms are small, so take a picture often take a picture of a pillow or something. It is best to ask for a panoramic picture.
3, part of the site is very popular above the inn is to pay to hand brush speculation, netizen evaluation is true or false, pay attention to distinguish.
4, take a look at tourists blogs, diaries, etc.: Search online inn name, search to the blog is generally not nursery.

Room noise problem with children going out to worry about

Not two youth hostels

Fenghuang ancient city inn is basically a wooden structure, especially the old house, between the two rooms are separated by wood. You can easily hear the warmth of the next door, privacy, companion to pay attention to.
1, when asked to ask clear between the two rooms is separated by what, must be the kind of sound insulation with brick, or noise treatment (according to my experience, the following is basically a pub of 100 yuan Wall);
2, staying at the waterfront stilts Inn partners in particular should pay attention to noise problems.

Which location should choose the inn to stay?

The edge of the ancient city of convenient transportation - the ancient city is not open to traffic, if the car can go to the inn door, it is estimated that this inn is on the edge of the ancient city, accessibility.
Bar street noisy - next to Pub Street Inn careful consideration. Because too near Bar Street, Bar Street at midnight 11 songs can clamor with you. Unless you do not want to sleep at night, is a nightclub cafe, then this is for you.
Remote Inn to be cautious - too side of the inn do not live, may not have lights at night, walking are afraid, can not tell the location of the inn, you can consult me ​​in advance.
Easy to find landmark buildings - the ancient city of the road is very complicated, it is best to live in the vicinity of some of the landmark attractions, so lost you just find the iconic attractions you can find the inn, such as Hongqiao, Fengqiao, Xueqiao nearby.

If only let me recommend a residence, then I will let you choose Hongqiao to Fengqiao Huilongge Street, here to avoid the noisy bar street, go to the core area is also a few minutes away. For example, the following:

Phoenix Hongqiao

Fenghuang Milan other homes

Phoenix Dragon Inn

Inn accommodation price problems

Phoenix ancient city inn price from 40-1000 yuan, have their specific customer groups. I suggest that according to their own economic conditions, choose their own accommodation. Do not need too good, but not too bad sleep, in case of illness, the entire journey is not happy.
In all respects, Phoenix accommodation is generally not expensive, do not blindly choose the cheapest, a share of the price of goods where it works.


Accommodation is an integral part of travel, a good inn will make you happy for the whole journey, go out, safety first; travel outside, happy first. Suggest that you choose a regular website booking, do not believe in soliciting miscellaneous people, so as not to deceive complaints.
If the bees have other problems for the Phoenix Inn accommodation can feel free to ask me questions, will be the first time for everyone to reply!

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