How to swim the Three Gorges? Of course it's a cruise ship! (Attached to selected boat Raiders)

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is one of the top 10 scenic spots in China. In particular, the fifth set of RMB ten yuan printed with its pattern, countless people longing for it. It is well-known that the Three Gorges is a watercourse, and naturally all the means of transportation on land can not meet the travel needs. The best choice is the cruise ship, it should be how to choose cruise it, below to share with you my views.

Why do you have to take a cruise on the Yangtze River Three Gorges?

Facilities luxury luxury experience

       The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River ranks among the top 40 tourist attractions in China. For the Three Gorges Tour cruise, of course, is your best choice. You can not only enjoy the beautiful beauty of the Three Gorges on the cruise ship, but also get you unexpected luxury experience on the cruise ship. A variety of facilities and services will certainly be beyond your imagination.

Comparable to Li Bai's poetic experience

        Li Bai Zeng Fu "Dynasty White Clouds, thousands of miles Jiangling on the 1st still can not live the sound of apes across the Strait, Qingzhou has million mountains." Thousands of years ago, Li Bai body Provisional Three Gorges, by a leaf boat, was the scenery of the Three Gorges Surprised, wrote this song "Baidicheng early hair", became a popular eponymous. Now a leaf boat into a large cruise ship, but the scenery remains the same, the rapids are still, do not you want to experience a poet's happy life?

Comfortable and safe travel experience

        Many people will think that the price of luxury cruise ships is too expensive, set an ordinary cruise ship to play a play just fine. In fact, it is easy to understand that ordinary cruise ships are cheap but certainly not high in hardware or software. Not only do you not get a good travel experience, you are constantly worried about security issues.

Comparison of software services, there is always contrast will be different!

Comparison of hardware services, the legendary hard goods. (Source: Sogou Encyclopedia)

About the Three Gorges luxury cruise selection

       Three Gorges luxury cruise line for the 4-5 star hotel standards, including double standard room accommodation, meals, tickets, guided service fees and entertainment fees. This means that when you get on a luxury cruise line you get a more sophisticated and sophisticated experience than a 4-5 star hotel. Cruise line by route is divided into: Chongqing to Yichang, Yichang to Chongqing. Different cruise ships have different modes of operation, the following is to introduce you to some of the super-powerful luxury cruise ship.

Chinese and Western culture of the cruise ship: the United States Victoria Series luxury cruise ship

      American series of luxury cruise ships in Victoria, "Carlyle, Keely, Kailin, Kai Zhen, Kay, Katie, Keisha," the seven cruise ships is the largest series of cruise ships on the Yangtze River. It is the only cruise company to fully adopt the American management fleet, but the most outstanding feature of the Victoria Series luxury cruise line in addition to its internationalization is that they arrange "Tai Chi Teaching" every day; kite talks; pearl, embroidery, calligraphy and painting lectures, etc. Activities related to Chinese traditional culture. The cruise ship's soft service is among the best on all cruises, and if you want to enjoy world-class service while learning traditional Chinese culture while on the Three Gorges, the cruise ship is perfect for you.

American Victoria cruise picture

American Victoria cruise hall interior view

High class restaurant

Double room

Gym, have time to exercise

The most magnificent cruise ship: Gold Series luxury cruise ship

       Gold Series luxury cruise ship is currently the most luxurious cruise on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the ship can not stop the helicopter, you can play golf, as well as open-air swimming pool. The cruise ship's most attractive place is that it has a complete commercial street and food court, so you can have a boat in the city center night experience. If you eat tired, there are books on board, sauna center. Imagine the darkness, although the Three Gorges in the Yangtze River you can also call a good friend walking in the food court on the street eating delicious, finished to the book to call a cup of coffee to read a book of poetry, or to the sauna center to lie To be a sauna. The wind on the Yangtze River, this is definitely a unique experience ah! ! And it is running men's cruise it! ! Have seen friends running men know. If you want to have a convenient lifestyle like in the city, if you want to experience the domineering men with the same cruise ship, the Gold Series luxury cruise ship is your only choice!

Gold Series Cruises

Gold Series cruise sunshine deck

Gold Series cruise front desk

Gold Series cruise hall

Gold Series cruise helicopters take off Ping

Gold Series Cruise Multimedia Conference Hall

Gold series cruise the food shop

Gold Series Cruise Billiard Room

Golden Series cruise mahjong Museum

The most fresh cruise ship: Century Series luxury cruise ship

       Century Series luxury cruise ships include, brilliant, legend, emperor, diamonds, myths, a few cruises. Myth, the legendary price is still more favorable. What is important in the new century is innovation. The first hollow hall, creating the largest Yangtze River cruise sunshine deck, the largest per capita public area, you can imagine the hollow element of this fashion to join the high cruise ship moment can imagine. Technology updates make the noise lower and you do not have to worry about being disturbed on board. The first 270-degree all-you-can-eat sunshine restaurant and sun bar, there are innumerable ways to satisfy you when you "eat"; the first to enjoy the four seasons theme travel to meet your needs in all aspects so that you can only soak in the Three Gorges Beauty can not extricate themselves. If you want a fresh and rich boat experience, then you can decisively choose Century Series luxury cruise ships.

Century Series Cruises

Century Series cruise reception hall

Century Series cruise sunshine bar

Century Series Cruise Lounge

Century Series cruise cafeteria

Century Series cruise hairdressing room

Century Series cruise mahjong room

The Most Humane Luxury Cruise: Presidential Luxury Cruises

       The Presidential Series luxury cruise ships include President Presidents No.7. They are the same design, the same craft sister ship. It has a very good place is it in the luxury standard room design, fully taking into account the actual needs of family tourists, of which 100 special design can be upgraded to triple family room, so travel with children you will not think Squeezed panic. Of course, the most special is that they have the perfect conference facilities with their own translation system suitable for meetings of hundreds or hundreds of people. Therefore, all kinds of corporate welfare tours and corporate luxury travel groups can fully develop the travel conference A forced. Moreover, the Presidents No.7 and No.8 also have the certificate of China Classification Society and the ship safety certificate (SMS) issued by the state. The safety factor is naturally very safe.

President Series Cruises

President Series Cruises

President Series Cruises

President Series Cruises

President Series Cruises

President Series Cruises

President Series Cruises

The most mythic luxury cruise ship: Chinese goddess luxury cruise line

       Huaxia goddess series includes goddess cents Ting, Sin Na two cruise ships. Cruises are unique in decoration, they rely on the Three Gorges goddess story culture as the basis, the establishment of the goddess sculpture, relief, drawings and so on. Tourists can watch these cultures on the cruise ships and learn about the goddess stories and historical legends of the Three Gorges. Walking on the boat as if in the story of Goddess, you can be described as a fantastic and wonderful combination of fun. Of course, in addition to this feature on board the hardware facilities are very comprehensive, such as: business rooms, standard rooms, gym, cigar bar, Internet clubs, bar, beauty salon, Chinese and Western medical centers and theaters. Only you can think of it without it. If you want to make your trip to the Three Gorges has become interesting and different, then Huaxia Goddess Series luxury cruise is your best choice.

Chinese goddess cruise ship

Huaxia Goddess cruise hall

Chinese goddess cruise ship

Huaxia Goddess Cruise Restaurant

Chinese goddess cruise ship

Huaxia Goddess cruise sculpture

China Goddess cruise ship interior view

You want to know about cruise?

What to eat on board? What to play?

       Three Gorges luxury cruise tickets include accommodation and catering on board, similar to the ocean cruise. Except for rooms that differ from other room types, the same on-board dining and other services (of course, excluding the Presidential Suite, which includes VIP services) are the same, with no worries about eating. When you want to try a western-style meal, you will have a rich variety of Western-style buffets that will give you an advanced dining experience. Of course, when you miss the spicy Chinese food will also provide a rich flavor of Chinese food, make you happy bites.
       Play is even easier on the cruise pool, golf courses, dance halls and everything, do not have to worry about boring.
Many cruise ships have HD cinemas for free. There are also specially set children's play areas for kids to play. Foreign luxury cruise ships have basic gym, do not understand can consult the front desk, are free. Running, weightlifting and other facilities are complete.

      Rich rides are perfectly suited to your needs, so enjoy the beauty of the boat while at the same time having a good time playing the boat project, making this trip a great one! Value! Travel it.

Swimming pool, you can swim in the evening

Exercise makes people healthy

Children can enjoy playing

Sit on a luxury cruise ship seasick it?

      In general it will not, because the cruise ships are generally traveling at night, normal rest entertainment will not be affected. Three Gorges cruise speed at 26km / h or so, and now technology advances, large cruise ships have a balance wing. And now the cruise metropolis choose to sail in a mild climate, smooth flow. Castle Peak became a natural wind screen, it is difficult to form a catastrophic winds. So most passengers will not have any discomfort. Of course, you have to choose your body in all aspects of the situation is no problem under the premise of travel, to enjoy the fun ah.

Need to tip for each service?

       In fact, China is not a tip of the country, the state is forbidden to ask for tips from guests, but the normal tip of the guests are very welcome by service staff. However, it should be noted that, regardless of any tour guides, service personnel if you are not tip to make things difficult for you, not to give you the service you deserve, you can complain to him.
       Under normal circumstances luggage students, room waiter, full service guide suggested to pay a tip, to indicate his approval of services. You can also get a more enthusiastic service, so that each can be happy to spend the boat life.
       The actual amount of tip depends on the service you enjoy, and you feel that good service staff can pay a little more tip. Of course, I think it all depends on how you feel.

When is the best time to go to the Three Gorges, the best season for tourism in the Three Gorges?

      The wet season is the peak season for tourism in the Three Gorges. During the dry season, some places may not be appreciated by the scenery because of the shallow water level. However, after the completion of the Three Gorges Dam, the water level in the Three Gorges section has risen by more than 100 meters. Basically, there can be no difference between abundant water and dry water.
       According to the climate to points, the most suitable season for the Three Gorges tourism or the spring and autumn, when the temperature is more comfortable. You do not have to worry about getting too hot because of the air conditioning on board.
        The climate is not suitable for the winter season, we all know that winter is certainly very cold, but the winter price is relatively low. However, basically the vast majority of the Three Gorges cruise ship started its suspension in December and will slowly recover in March if it is the second year.

Qutangxia crosscutting such as cutting, towering cliffs, the river cliff in the raging surges, since ancient times there is "risk Mo Jiange, Xiongmooruo" reputation.

Three Gorges route choice - on the water or water

        Here I will give you a brief introduction of the cruise two routes tour the Three Gorges, so that we can have a good choice before traveling.
Yangtze River Three Gorges Cruise Ship generally have the sub-upper and lower water, the basic sequence of launching route is Chongqing - Fengdu ghost town - Shibaozhong County - Fengjie Baidicheng - Wushan small Three Gorges - Maoping Three Gorges Dam - Yichang. Sheung Shui tour attractions in the order just right.

        Sheung Shui cruise ship time is five days and four nights, have enough time to watch the coast scenery and take a group photo. If you want to learn more about China's culture Sheung Shui part of a professional seminar. Sending the boat downstream is 4 days and 3 nights, so the speed is faster, shorter time, daytime arrangements for attractions. Resting pleasure on board is unaffected by the itinerary. The shortcomings of the water is too fast, prone to photographing too late. 
       If you are worried about missing some of the attractions at night, then you can set the alarm clock yourself to the place to wake up, this way for young people to secretly use their own, or with the elderly children hope that the elderly children a good rest, after all, the body is a tourist Revolutionary capital!

       Choose your own cruise ship, it is recommended to choose the date for their travel, first determine their day departure? And then according to their own schedule, choose the sailing is the water or water, in general, the Three Gorges luxury cruise the price of water is about the same, to determine the sailing schedule and then look at that day there are a few cruise ships, and then compare the cruise ship Type, price and room type to choose the trip for the Three Gorges cruises.

Fengdu ghost town by Yan Wang drunk red dust (Fengdu)

Baozhai by the vast

On the boat Raiders

Booking ferry tickets
for the Three Gorges ship tickets and general attractions tickets and airline tickets are different, the Three Gorges luxury cruise tickets are used distribution system, so there are many online booking sites, select a good booking site is very important, the election Yes, service and quality are guaranteed.

by the Three Gorges cruise ship, the ideal is to choose between the schedule of Chongqing to Yichang. Visitors to and from Yichang and Chongqing between the big traffic is very convenient, aircraft, trains, cars and so on are very convenient.

Arrived in Chongqing or Yichang to the pier after the easiest way:
a. Chongqing Jiangbei Airport - Chaotianmen Terminal
1, taxi: 60 yuan table, do not hit the table about 100 yuan, the estimated time of 40 minutes;
2, light rail: Jiangbei Airport by light rail line 3 to get off at both ends of the station, not out of the station into the Subway Line Chaotianmen direction to get off at the terminus station small Shizuizhan, then take a taxi (8 yuan, 5 minutes), consumption Hours 1 hour and 20 minutes, light rail + subway transfer costs 7 yuan + small word taxi to Chaotianmen 8 yuan, a total of 15 yuan.
3, the airport bus: take the airport bus from Jiangbei Airport to the Shangqin Temple (15 yuan) get off, taxi to Chaotianmen pier (15 yuan) total cost of 30 yuan, took about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
b. Chongqing North Railway Station - Chaotianmen Terminal
1, taxi: about 50 yuan table, do not fight about 80 yuan, the estimated time of 30 minutes;
2, light rail: Chongqing North Railway Station by light rail line 3 to the two No car to the junction of Subway Line Chaotianmen direction, get off at the terminus station small Shizu, then take a taxi (8 yuan, 5 minutes) took 1 hour and 20 minutes, light rail + subway to Cost 4 yuan + small word taxi to Chaotianmen 8 yuan, a total of 12 yuan;
c. Yichang Sanxia Airport - New Century Pier / Peach Village Pier
1, about 60 minutes, about 80 tables, do not play 130 Yuan or so, the airport taxi refused to hit a table;
2, the airport bus: get off at the terminal Qingjiang Mansion, take the rental New Century / Peach Village Pier, the total mileage of 52 km. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the airport bus costs 25 yuan / person + 25 yuan for a taxi. The total cost of 50 yuan;
d. Yichang Railway Station - New Century Pier / Peach Village Pier
1, the taxi: the estimated time of 40 minutes or so, about 60 yuan to fight the table, not playing around 80 yuan table. Station Taxis generally refused to play table;
2, Yichang East Station (Bus No. 9) 330 Engineering Bureau to get off, 10-way bus ride, get off at the terminal three-hole tour. Walk about 300 meters to reach the New Century International Travel Terminal, about 1,000 meters walk to the Peach Village Pier, a total mileage of 21 km, took about 1 hour, the bus 1 yuan / time.

Three Gorges beauty

Three Gorges beauty

Travel essential five small tips !!!

Tips1: ID card (students can bring student ID card, military personnel please bring official certificate, elderly tourists, please bring away, retirement documents); you have to believe that as long as there is always a certificate with a discount encounter.

Tips2: portable mugs, water bottle toiletries; these things I still think their best, so take it with you as much as possible.

Tips3: skin care products, sunscreen, sunglasses (summer) and personal hygiene products for ladies; personally think that these things are very necessary for every lady. Do not go back once on a black octave trip.

Tips4: umbrellas or raincoats; it is recommended that no matter what season are prepared, because after all, such a raining thing, the weather forecast are not allowed.

Tips5: Cash is a must have, and then prepare a small and strong package, what the important items of cash apart. Pay attention to keep personal property.


We are all choices in life, so dilemma, looking ahead and care. Someone would say that it would be nice to have one heartlessly stomp and "casually" one. "Casual" is always easy to say, a short life, no one wants to spend time. So, every choice should be appropriate, should be based on the heart. Travel is also the case, I introduced more cruise ships is only a reference, whether people or boats are always suitable, like the most important. Find a cruise ship you like, bring the people you want to take with you to the Three Gorges

About the Three Gorges cruise ship, I introduced very detailed, and what do not understand, you can click on the bottom right corner to consult yo ~ take advantage of the best season is coming, it is recommended to be booked in advance! Otherwise it may not be set! The beautiful Three Gorges are waiting for you ~  

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