I said that Tibet's best scenery in Shannan (with play line)

Only to the people who went to the south, only to know Shannan from the bones reveal the cultural charm! As the source of Tibetan culture, here the first village of Tibetans, the first king, the first palace, the first temple, the first book, the first Tibetan opera.
sheep lake by small animal jin jin

What are the beautiful sights of Shannan?

Shannan is not only the hometown of the hills, but also the story of Songzan Gambo; not only has a unique cultural landscape, there are beautiful natural scenery. Here for you to introduce the most representative of the Shannan attractions.

Shannan of the lake, holy lake, fairy lake

1. One of the three holy lakes in Tibet --- sheep Zhuo Yong measures

4441 meters above sea level, and Namtso and Ma Pang Yum and known as the three holy lake in Tibet. When the arrival of the post Barrage Hill Pass, in that corner of the moment, the sheep lake suddenly greeted, the kind of beauty can be said to be a stunning live in the United States, do not want to leave a moment of sight, she Like a blue ribbon with meandering between the mountains, quiet and soft, and the sky blue sky and white clouds echoes, people can not help but want to solidify the time to solidify the space, always fall in her temptation. Along the sheep lake down, there are several viewing platform can stay, people can enjoy the sheep from different angles, in the next down to the foot of the road where the road can be down to the lake, you can go to the lake lake quiet Stay for a while.
Tickets: 40 yuan
Address: Shannan area Langkazi County territory
traffic: Lhasa to Shigatse's bus now take a new road, so go to Sheep Lake generally only chartered, carpool or with the group to go. About 2 hours by car, need to climb over 5030 meters of the post of Bala Pass.

Yang Lake high altitude, small partners who do not want to play when playing jump, to avoid high; and yak or Tibetan mastiff when taking pictures please first talk about the price, to avoid friction; Yang Lake 1 day tour early and afternoon Class, the proposed afternoon, because the morning sheep lake clouds too much, do not see clearly.

2. Fairy tears --- Pu Mo Yong measures

5010 meters above sea level, which is a few people involved in the lake, pure and indifferent, quietly flowing between heaven and earth. Distant Himalayan mountains to interrupt the highest peak - Kula Gang day guard in the lake next to. Puyong Yong measures side of the road, three sides are snow-capped mountains, there are three islands, one of the islands on the world's highest administrative village - push tile village. In the village peninsula edge of the cliff, pushing Gan Dan Mao Men Temple has been here for centuries. Legend has it that the lake has been blessed by the master of the lotus, and thus have a sacred gas field.
Tickets: no
address: Shannan area Luozha County and Langka County at the junction of
traffic: from Lhasa to Pum Yongjiao no shuttle, even the car there is very little ride will be very difficult, if you want to go, can only choose Own car, carpool or with the group to the.

Pu Mo Yongzhu belongs to the border area, so the need for border defense to arrive. (Free of charge), you can also go to Lhasa to find travel agents, charge d'affaires is the most convenient, the season charges about 50 yuan / person, but requires at least 4 people to start (if you only 1 person , Travel community to help you get together 4 ID card, but by the number of ID cards, each 50 yuan), visitors are not allowed to apply for personal defense in Lhasa. But generally with the group side of the defense are free of charge.

Pu Mo Yong measures more distant than the sky

3. Predict the past life of God Lake --- Ramra

Ram Lula has a special status in Tibetan Buddhism, the ancient Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama's reincarnation of the souls of the need to look to Ram Lupo view, by God show. Tibetan compatriots that can see from the lake to see their past lives, so Ram Laura attracts good men and faithful who come to worship, from the lake to find their past lives and the future.
Tickets: 50 yuan
Address: Shannan Gacha County
traffic: from Lhasa - Ram Lapu is also no direct train, if you want to go to Ram Lula first arrived in Gacha County, Zetang town bus station every morning as early as 8 o'clock To the car in Gacha County. And then from Gacha County by bus to Cui Jiu Township, after Joan Joyce Temple, after 15km distance, about 5 hours on foot to reach Ramra. So it is recommended to chartered, carpool or with the group to go.

Tips: the
vehicle arrived in Ramra after the parking lot to meet the steps to reach the viewing platform; 5300 meters above sea level, the air thin, take a few steps to pay attention to rest, to avoid high; to reach the top of the mountain, do not loud noise, do not Disturb the devout believers.

Ramra by vanessa

Culture Shannan - the birthplace of Tibetan culture

1. The first temple in Tibet --- Samye Monastery

Sangye Temple is the first formal temple in Tibet, in the hearts of Tibet extraordinary. Sangye Monastery is presented in the form of Tubo, Han and India, and there are four pagodas around the main hall surrounded by the sky. Sangye Monastery also collected from the Tubo period since the various artistic heritage, the main hall of the fresco is the most complete, recorded a lot of Buddhist stories and Buddhist history of the incident.
Tickets: 40 yuan
Address: located in the Shannan Zacon County Yarlung Zangbo River northbound
traffic: Lhasa 8:00 every day before the Jokhang Temple Square in front of a straight hair Sangye Temple shuttle, 50 yuan / person, full of hair. Sangye Monastery back to Lhasa's bus, starting at about 14:00 pm.

Tour tips: Tibet's first "Buddha, law, monk" all the monastery; hall there are many fine murals, you can understand the history of Tibet

Samye Monastery by small beast Jin Jin

2. The end of the well-being of the tragic person --- Qingpu practice

Shannan's Sangye Monastery is regarded as the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet, but the monastery is the true origin of Tibetan Buddhism - which gave birth to the first Buddhist consciousness and guru. In the hearts of Tibetans, came to the Temple of Samye and did not go to the green Park, it is not to turn, so the general will be to the church after the temple to the village.
Tickets: free open  
Address: Shannan area Zaocun County Sangye Temple Northeast
traffic: from the Samye Temple by truck or tractor to the time uncertain, many people will be able to go. These cars are mainly prepared for the Tibetan Buddhists, so back and forth are included, the mountain when the Buddha in the foot of the mountain and so on, and so everyone down the mountain and then back to the Temple. The price is generally 10-20 yuan / person.

to go to the best green vegetables and water, the mountains do not have restaurants.

Qing Pu practice by small M Deng

3. The first Buddhist temple in Tibet - Changzhu Temple

Changzhu Temple is a Gelugu temple, built in the Songzan Gambo period, is the first Buddhist temple in the history of Tibet. It is said that Princess Wencheng had stopped practicing in the temple, leaving the relics. The layout and form of the lower hall of the Changzhu Temple are similar to the Basilica of the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. There is a bronze bell in the temple, which is famous throughout Tibet.
Tickets: 35 yuan / person
Address: Shannan area is the east of the town of Zetang 2 km south of the 
traffic: in the Ze when the bus to Yongbulakang, 3 yuan / person; can also be from the town when the town chartered, prior And the driver said good, including a bus back and forth around 100 yuan.

Changzhu Temple pearl Thangka for the town of the temple treasure, the painting is the period of wood Nepalese pine like (Guanyin Bodhisattva resting map), attracting many believers visitors come to watch the worship.

Changzhu Temple by Extreme bread

4. Tibet's first palace --- Yongbulakang

Yongbulakang is the first palace in the history of Tibet, has been more than 2,000 years of history. Legend of the text of the Princess came to Tibet when the summer will be every summer and Songzan Gambo to live here. Standing on the highest point of the tower in the mountains with lofty ideals, Yalong Valley scenery and pastoral scenery panoramic view.
Tickets: 30 yuan
Address: Shannan Prefecture Zedong Town, Zedong Town, 11km southeast of the next day on the mountain
traffic: in the western suburbs of Lhasa Bus Terminal by bus to Shannan Zedong Bus Terminal, in the Ze when the bus, about 1 hour Car, 3 yuan / person; can also be from the town when the town chartered, the driver and said in advance, the Changzhu Temple and Zangwang tombs are included in the two attractions, including a bus back and forth around 100 yuan, Sit four people.

Tips: the
mountain can choose to ride and walk up the way, back and forth 30 yuan / person, pay attention to safety.

Yongbulakang by a small sprayer

Sino-Indian border first township, Shannan paradise

The hometown of the hills of Gyatso - Lebou ditch

Lubu ditch is the main population of the ethnic minorities in Tibet, the main settlements, national culture unique. Lotus students have been practicing here, here is the sixth Dalai Lama Gyatso's hometown. And if you are tired of the snow-capped mountains and grasslands, then there are layers of forest Le cloth ditch will make you surprised, unlike the other scenic spots in Tibet bustling, where the scenery is beautiful, but few people set foot. There will be a sense of vacation here, rather than fly feeling.
Tickets: 120 yuan
Address: Located in the southern part of Tibet Shannan County, south of the county, along the mountain to the south to India, Southwest across the mountain is the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Transportation: in the western suburbs of Lhasa bus station bus ride to Shannan bus station, and then to the Shannan bus station, and then buy a ticket to the wrong county. Lubu ditch from the county only 30 kilometers look, you can go in the county chartered.

Le cloth ditch belongs to the border town, need to apply for border defense. It is best to bring an umbrella, because the clouds around the Lebou ditch at any time may rain

Lebou ditch by walking the road book

Four lines take you to play south!

1. Meet the most blue of the lake --- sheep Zhuo Yong measures + Pu Mo Yong measures day trip

From the documentary "third pole" after the broadcast, the girl lake is more and more tourists know that she surrounded the numerous mountains of more than 6,000 meters high surrounded by the lake sparkling, blue and clear, sea and sky, spectacular The Play Pu Mo Yong measures must go through one of the three holy lake sheep Zhuo Yong measures, so the two spots together.

Yang Lake by Yang Yang

2. Net Yue spiritual journey --- Samye Monastery + Yongbulakang day trip

The former is the first temple in Tibet, the latter is the first Tibetan palace, the combination of the two let you understand the different Tibetan cultural characteristics.

Samye Monastery by small beast Jin Jin

3. picturesque paradise --- Le cloth ditch three days tour

D1 days: Lhasa - Yajiang the most beautiful viewing platform - Asia reactor pull snow-capped mountains - take day Yong measures - Le Bu ditch
D2 days: all-day Le cloth ditch depth tour, experience the Tibetan drunk oxygen feeling
D3 days: Le cloth ditch - Yongbulakang - Samye Monastery - Lhasa

Raised Tibet, most people's first reaction is blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains. But Lebougou will let you subvert your imagination in Tibet. Here is a mysterious thick and thick, green and subtropical rainforest, is a rare sight in other parts of Tibet.

Take the day Yongzhe by Cheng boat

4. Adapt to the high anti-preferred line --- Nyingchi Hill South Link 4 day tour

D1 Day: Lhasa - Mira Pass - Carved Ditch - Lulang Linhai - Nyingchi
D2 Days: Nyingchi - Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon (near the concept of Namjagbarwa) - Garcia
D3 days: - Lambela - Yajiang Canyon scenery - Ze when
D4 days: Zetang - Yongbulakang - sheep Zhuo Yong measures - Lhasa

Linzhi Shan South Link 4 day tour is the biggest feature that allows you to more quickly adapt to the plateau environment, and do not go back to the road. All the way to watch the place where the gods live - Lulang Linhai, the world's largest Grand Canyon - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, but also to watch the only Tibet Lake - Ram Lula and Tibet, one of the three holy lakes - - sheep Zhuo Yong measures. All the way scenery, have their own characteristics, beautiful!

Yang Lake by Ning Lexi

Concluding remarks

Shannan so beautiful, what are you waiting for? I am waiting for you in Tibet!

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