Possession of the secret - Shannan the correct playing posture

Shannan this southern Tibet of the secret, has a large number of human and natural landscape, but few people can come to a deep experience of Shannan, followed by this Raiders, I take you to visit the depth of a mountain.
ramra near the scenic area

Shannan audio Raiders

Shannan, a place we are both familiar and unfamiliar. Said familiar because many people know that this is the birthplace of Tibetan culture, said strange because a lot of people came to Tibet, but rarely went to the south of the mountain, and rarely know what the end of the mountain in the end where the play, where fun. Today, here to tell you about what the Tibetan mountains have what fun place, you can play a few days, how to play.

Introduction to Shannan

Shannan is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Tibet (2016). It is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Tomb River and the Brahmaputra River, The northern foot of the Kaji Temple, Lapu hot springs, white Malin fault, and then to the south of the Le cloth ditch, where the concentration of all the topography of Tibet and the natural landscape.

Shannan how to play

Today, for everyone to sum up is the specific part of the Shannan specific play. Can be divided into two days, four days, seven days of these three games are played.
1. Two days of play mainly to Lambla as the representative of the attractions, the first line of the scenery to visit it again.
2. Four days of play mainly to color Township, Pu Mu Yong measures, Zhe ancient measures as the main attractions, four days is a small ring line, did not turn back.
3. Seven days of play is a deep experience. This line to Pum Yongqia, Kaji Temple, white Malin measures, Le Bu ditch as the focus, around the entire Shannan region turned a big circle, most of the southeastern attractions caught. Here on the specific to introduce three specific ways to play.

Shannan area location map.jpg

Play for two days

 D1 Lhasa Departure - Ganden Monastery - Sikkimaru - Gondling Prairie - Red Deer Nature Reserve - Zengxiang Township Snow Mountain - Dagu Gorge - Garcia D2 Garcia
 - Millennium Walnut - Ram Lazo - Dagu Canyon - Yarlung Zangbo River View Terrace - Sangye Monastery

D1 Lhasa - Ganden Temple - Sikkimaru - Red Deer - Garcia

Lhasa starting from the west to east out of the city along the pull forest highway to reach the Ganden Temple (tickets 50 yuan), Ganden Temple is the teachings of the Sixth Temple of the most special of a temple.
After visiting the Ganden Monastery and then go back to the Ralin Expressway through the Mexican Zhachenka County arrived in Tibet, the only God of Wealth Lake - Si Jin pull measures. Sijin pulls the god of the lake is located in the treasure plate like gold and silver treasures around to worship the mandala.
Left Sijin pull after the car to the increase in rural areas, along the Gondling grassland, red deer nature reserves, by rural snow mountain. The road after the second half of the road is not very good, if we go by car, it is recommended to set up a good navigation in advance, line to the countryside is easy to get lost. Overnight Gacha County.

Sikh Laval

D2 Garcia - Ramalla - the ancient canyon - Brahmaputra - Lhasa

Morning starting from Gacha, the first to go is the famous can see their past life Ram Lau measures (tickets 50). Ram Lau measures higher altitude, the vehicle can only line up to 5100 meters above sea level parking, viewing platform elevation 5300, where you need to walk up 200 meters, or a little challenge Kazakhstan. 
After coming out of Ramra, after Sang Ri County arrived in Yarlung Zangbo one of the four canyons Valley Valley. Here is the home of wild animals, in particular, possession of macaques on the road to play, to the trip to add a lot of fun.
Through the canyon, and finally to the Temple of Monastery (tickets 50).

Puyong Yong and Yang Hu is the representative of the mountain attractions, here for everyone to prepare a day tour, if you have time can also choose this product.

This line is the top of the day for everyone to sum up the two-day tour, this line can not ride to, Zijia You may not find the road, it is recommended that you can participate in the trip of the individual fight group. This line to meet the small partner time is small, but want to go to Ram Lula's desire.

Two days for the majority of people traveling to Tibet may not be very fun, if you have more time you can refer to the following four days to play time. In the four days of time you can enjoy the culture of Shannan at the same time, you can also enjoy more natural scenery.  

Play for four days

Personally feel that the four-day trip cost is the highest, not much time, the basic coverage of the attractions.
D1 Lhasa - sheep Zhuo Yong measures - playing Long castle
- Pu Mo Yong measures - Lalong Temple - Luozha - color Township D2 color township - Saika Gu Tuo - Luo Zhuowo Long - Lacan - Kaji Temple
D3 card long Temple - measure the United States - Zheguo - Ze when
D4 Ze - Yongbulakang - Samye Monastery - Dorjeza Temple - Lhasa

The four-day trip is shown in the approximate map

D1 Lhasa - sheep Zhuo Yong wrong - to play Long castle - Pu Mo Yong wrong - Luozha

Yang Zhuo Yong measures here do not give you a detailed description of the. After the car crossed the waves, we will be transferred to the south, officially entered the secret mountain. From the town to pull out all the way south down the top of the hill, Pum Yong measures appear in front of us, remember the first time I went to Pum Yongjun time, shines, like the sea general Pu Mo Yong racing waves, and Opposite the ups and downs of the snow-capped mountains group Mengda Gang day, card heat Xinjiang, Kula Kong day together, forming the most magnificent scenery of Shannan.
Continue ahead at 5363 meters above sea level in the mountain of Mondila, we are so close to the snow-capped mountains. The road between the mountains meandering, we also from all angles to enjoy this row of more than 7000 meters of magnificent snow-capped mountains. Turn down the Montana Hill, we can go to a mysterious monastery - Lalong Temple, the monastery of the skeleton wall is the most mysterious place of Tibetan Buddhism Tantric. Dinner can be used in the town of Luozha, after meals slowly drove to China and Bhutan border town of color town, tonight can live color township.

Puyong Yong measures

D2 color Township - Saika Gu Tuo - Luo Zhuowo Long - Lacan - Kaji Temple

The morning of the border town, secret in a peaceful. In the morning, you can visit the two most important monasteries of the Tibetan Buddhism Kagyu faction: the Saikegutuo Temple, the Lao Zhuo Wo Long Temple. Afternoon to Kajiu Temple.
Leaving the color of the township, driving in the Shannan region on the most rugged road, all the way the original scenery there are ubiquitous Tibetan bunkers. Arrived at the border town of Lacan that night, after climbing the top of the mountain Kaji Temple. Walking around Kajiuji, you are likely to meet with the Bhutanese birds - the brown tail red pheasant. 

Ramla Pass

D3 card long temple - measure the United States - Zhe Gu measures - Ze when

Leave Kajiu Temple, we continue to move on the road, in the mountains to the town of measures to the town. I believe this section of the mountain road, will give you a very deep impression. With my years of experience in Tibet, this is definitely one of the most difficult roads in Tibet.
Stay in the town after the simple stay. The middle will be through the beautiful Zhe ancient measures, the lake grassland running a strong wild ass, as well as herdsmen in groups of cattle and sheep. This day is the focus of philosophy is wrong, personally feel that the ancient ruins of Tibet is the most beautiful small lake in a lot, so we can spend some time here to visit.

Kaji Temple

D4 Zetang - Yongbulakang - Sangye Monastery - Dorjeza Temple - Lhasa

Yongbulakang is the first palace in Tibet, the day of the trip is the focus of the first temple in Tibet Temple Temple. This huge temple in accordance with the concept of the universe layout, will let you have a more comprehensive understanding of Tibetan Buddhism. At the same time you can also visit the Yarlung Zangbo River, Tibetan Buddhism Ningma school one of the six main temple of the temple. Boarded the high tower of the monastery, overlooking the spectacular Brahmaputra, people long aftertaste!

Brown tail red pheasant

Looked at the top of the trip is not that the original Shannan there are so many fun places. In fact, Shannan is the most recent place I have been in recent years, because the original and unique, attract me to travel through every corner, the famous border 40 glaciers are also in the territory of Shannan. And we may have never heard of the white Malin measures, Le cloth ditch and so some very small public single scenery is indeed very charming place. If your time enough enough, then the following to introduce you to the depth of the mountain 7 days of the play line, 7 days you can Shannan from head to toe play over. Where the attractions are 99% of people have not been to.

This product is designed for the secret of the Shannu Lebou ditch, there are very interested in Le Bougou small partners can participate in the experience. Some small partners to pay attention to the car, where the need to handle the wrong side of the border to prove that the right to enter.

This trip is for everyone to sum up the above, where the same need to do with the defense ah.

Play for seven days

Shannan seven days is a depth of the line of travel, seven days will be complete through the entire Shannan region, one-time experience the most remote Tibetan mysterious mountain south! Through the Himalayan, into the mysterious southern Tibet, feel completely different from the barren scenery. Snow-capped mountains and lakes, mysterious monasteries, primitive villages, wild animals, multi-ethnic gathering place, one-time to meet your imagination of Tibet! Ali too far, Qiangtang too expensive, then to a depth experience of Shannan it.
D1 Lhasa - Sheep Lake - Pu Mo Yong measures - push the village - Luzza   
D2 Luozha - color Township - two Temple - La Pu hot spring - color rural 
D3 color township - white Malingzuo - Lacan - Kaji Temple 
D4 Kaji Temple - Tougou - the ancient push - Zhe Gu Qiao - wrong that 
D5 wrong that - East chapter waterfall - azalea sea - Le Bu ditch 
Le Bougou - take the day Yong measures - Qiu Duojiang - song Song - Garcia 
D7 Gacha - Ramla - Grand Canyon - Yongbulakang - Lhasa

D1 Lhasa - sheep Lake - Pu Mo Yong measures - push the village - Luzza

Morning departure sheep Zhuo Yong measures, over the snow-capped Tian Tiangang Barak Hill came to the beautiful holy lake side, all the way along the blue lake before the line, enjoy the scenery in the lake to enjoy the mountain.
In the mountains of Mondala, this may be the highest point of your altitude ever, and there are magnificent holiness in the front of the Kula Gang. In the Lalong Temple, in addition to the brilliant palace and the rustic village, you will see the mysterious skeleton wall, personal experience of the ancient Tibetan Buddhism. That night can live in Luoza.

Pum Yong Yong side of the push village

D2 Luoza - color township - two Temple - La Pu hot springs - color township

Early morning left Luozha County, to China and Bhutan border town - color township. In addition to the border area, the color of the township is a very important pilgrimage to the village of Saikegutuo Temple and Luo Zhuo Wo Long Temple is a Tibetan Buddhism Kagyu sent Longxing, is Kagyu send believers The highest in the heart of the Holy Land. Lapu Spa is known for its magical healing effect. Facing the opposite of Bhutan land, comfortable bubble a soup hot springs, think of people are fascinated! After the hot spring, return to the color of a good sleep.

D3 color of the township - white Maling measures - Lacan - Kaji Temple

Leave the small town color township, over the mountains, go to the mysterious white Malin measures. As the master of the lotus peanut lake, white Maling measures to have a very high religious status. And close to the white Maling measures is the majestic card heat Xinjiang peak group, and seven thousand meters of snow-capped mountains so opposite, absolutely let you never forget!
The white marlins in June, or the ocean of the mountains of the Himalayas. Surrounded by the hills around the enchanting flowers, readily shooting are beautiful scenery!

Saikaguto Temple

D4 Kaji Temple - Tuo Mei - the ancient push - Zhe Gu measures - wrong that

Kaji Temple around the forest clusters, ecological preservation intact, many wild animals here unfettered survival. This day of the trip with the top to introduce the four days of the same trip, but the last is living in the wrong south of the county, the wrong and that the county is two counties, we do not confuse Kazakhstan.

Sikh Laval

D5 wrong that - East chapter waterfall - Le cloth ditch

Over the Himalayas, to the other side of the Himalayas. At the end of the road, you can enjoy the beautiful East chapter waterfall, and across the river, you can see the Indian soldiers. And they meet but 30 meters, the middle is just a stream. In other words, you are standing on the border between China and India. There is no border, there is only one stream separated. In the waves valley, there is a secret "rhododendron sea", which is the real secrets of Shannan region! This is the end of the road, surrounded by mountains, several herdsmen's house embellishment period, as if the paradise in general. And the mountains and plains azaleas, will make you indulge in pleasures without stop!
Return from the wave valley to the wrong county, will go to another through the Himalayan Valley - Le cloth ditch. The road began to turn all the way down the snow-capped mountains, which is the hometown of the Western Dalai Lama's hometown of Gyatso, in the green mountains, as if to hear that the first spread of the poems. That night, living in the Lubu ditch Ma Ma Mamba ethnic township. In the house full of Mamba characteristics of the stone room, feel the Indian Ocean blowing warm and moist, this is a long time to memorize the night!   

Alpine cuckoo

D6 Le cloth ditch - take the day Yong measures - Qiu Dujiang - song song - Garcia

The morning of the Le cloth ditch, clouds filled, fog curl. In this piece of Tibetan oxygen bar to wake up, once again feel the immense fresh Tibetan forest! And then will set foot on the way back, the way will pass by Yong Yong, a huge lake and the surrounding snow-capped mountains side by side, but fortunately you will see the early morning to feed the wild animals Oh. Leave to take the day Yong measures, tonight can be overnight check.

Sangye Temple

D7 Garcia - Ram Laca - Grand Canyon - Yongbulakang - Lhasa


From Gacha County will enter the beautiful Cui long ditch, along the scenery constantly, forests, streams, snow-capped mountains, so you dizzying. At the end of the valley is the first lake in Tibet - Ramla. At an altitude of 5300 meters of the Pass, overlooking your past life! Return from the road of Ramalla, walk through the great Brahmaputra valley, the Pentium river will let you not only lament the power of nature, halfway through the ancient waterfall, listen to the sound from heaven, remember that some snacks to feed the group Cynomolgus Oh ~ then, to reach Ze and visit the famous Yongbulakang. And here is also a favorite of photography friends must not miss the place, climb the back hillside, you can overlook the spectacular palace and the mountains into the film barley field.

The following trip is the sum of the above summary of Shannan Miyu 7 day trip, whether it is with the tour, or Zijia You, first of all to ensure that the vehicle through the performance. Especially by car when calculating their own vehicle fuel consumption and mileage, after all, the region is not very convenient to refuel. Remember to handle a good defense in advance Oh, if it is too troublesome personal recommendation is not as good as the direct choice of the following off-road batting regiment better.

Shannan traffic situation

Shannan area of ​​the basic traffic conditions are mainly oil, in the southern region also part of the dirt road, so if we travel to the northern region can be recommended to smooth, but the southern region due to complex road conditions, more dirt road, summer debris landslides, So it is not recommended to travel by car. Although the scenery is beautiful, but the safety first. So if you intend to go to the south of the deeper places to participate in the local fight group, after all, the local fight group of these drivers are very experienced, they are very understanding of the road. If you want to ride to the words, personal advice or to dispel the idea, after all, underdeveloped traffic, some places desolate, or a little adventure. Although travel is an experience, but not experience adventure and suffer.

Accommodation and medical conditions in Shannan area

Shannan area of ​​the administrative office of the town of Ze when the town (now changed to Shannan City) accommodation is also good, there are several four-star hotel, but the county conditions compared to Nyingchi and Xigaze to be worse. Basically are ordinary hotel standard room, the environment in general, in case of tourist season, may not book room, because the number of hotels is also limited. We should be well prepared to travel to Shannan. Medical conditions in general, it is recommended that you prepare some commonly used drugs and simple medical equipment.

About border proof

Shannan area because of the border, so many places need to apply for border defense, and everyone must be prepared before starting in advance.
Need to apply for border control of the county: Luozha, Longzi, wrong that measures the United States.

Shannan's best travel time

As the Shannan area is closer to Lhasa, the basic and Lhasa climate is similar, so every year from March to October is the best travel time in Shannan. Summer night rain, Zijia You should pay attention to road conditions, to prevent landslides and other natural disasters. Every year in June, Lebougou scenic alpine azalea competing open, it is recommended that you go to Le Bu ditch try to choose this time. The rape is open in August or so. Shannon peach will be open in April or so every year, slightly later than Nyingchi, we can refer to these time nodes, to arrange their own travel plans.

Concluding remarks

The above is for everyone to sum up the Shannan travel Raiders, we can refer to the above trip to choose travel time and mode of transport. Later I will give you summed up the more South Mountain more fun and the way to play, I hope this Raiders can help you. Watching Raiders and so what, clean up the bag to start it

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