In addition to the sea riding, Erhai edge there are not to be missed the secret?

A travel with the Chinese land, has been on the road boys, especially familiar with Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Dali, Lijiang, Guilin and Wuyuan. If there are plans to go to these places a few friends to welcome my advice yo.
erhai by the big black than

First, the Hercynian region

In the Erhai Lake and Cangshan between a relatively flat area, Dali ancient city, Chongshengsi three towers, hi Chau town, butterfly spring ... ... you are familiar with the Dali attractions are in this area. Here, the stretch of the coastline is scattered with large and small white fishing village, where the sea scenery and field blend together. Along the Central West Road all the way to the north, while the blue was enchanted Erhai Lake, one side is not carved pastoral scenery, and only in the Hercynian, where the rich flavor of life can make you feel Erhai Lake is a living sea.

Erhai Haixi region by big black than

Long shrine ancient crossing | thousands of years Erhai ferry

Haidong Haixi between the Millennium ancient ferry, it spent much Jiangshan could not bear the sad joy, but from the end of their years to wait. According to legend, the first eleven emperor of the Nanzhao Mengsong Long, because of childhood villagers here by the blessing, inherited the throne after the removal of the dragon niche tax, and later Royal expedition, the way unfortunately died of illness, ashes back to Dali here Ashore, so the dragon niche wharf named, meaning the dragon filled with the shrine. Here, the trees grow from the blue waters of the sea, standing on the edge of the coastline, with the sea fluctuations. Write a song called Freedom.

Long shrine ancient crossing by big black than

About Dali and the dragon niche The locals have a saying that living in Dali is called free, but living in the dragon niche is called free. "Heart flower Road" after shooting here, the dragon niche really a fire, but the dragon shrine ancient ferry has been quietly there to see the vicissitudes of the millennium. In the ship and other wind over the Erhai Lake, the night is still no wind, tired to sleep, wake up the ship has been fast to shore, which is the Long shrine ancient crossing.

Long shrine ancient crossing by big black than

Mode of transport : arrived in the Dali only from the ancient city of Dali ride to the town niche bus, in fact, the ancient distance of the ancient town of Dali distance away from the ancient city of Dali, the proposed direct drop or taxi to go directly to the master to the niche, walk to the sea You can see the Long shrine ancient crossing.

Long shrine ancient crossing behind a stretch to the depths of the Erhai Lake, you can walk up to watch the depth of Erhai Lake, but we must pay attention to non-slip yo.

Haiyan Yan | Erhai edge of the Buddhist name of the Temple

Landscape voiceless, sea Yan Shengjing. Here is one of the 72 feet of chicken feet, but also the edge of the Buddhist holy sites. Here incense exuberant, people coming and going, but in the Erhai Lake edge of a humble place - most people will only pass here, but do not know the wonderful inside.

Haiyan Yan by big black than

The pious white people came here to tribute incense and pray for peace and blessings. In this piece of blue seaside and blue sky, in this picturesque beauty, Xu wish, came to Dali, there is always a nunner worthy of worship.  

Haiyan Temple by luggage accommodation

Mode of transport : Haiyan Yan in the Long shrine ancient ferry to the direction of the pier on the road, to reach the dragon shrine after the ancient crossing can walk to, but the entrance is not easy to find, if in a white building to see a red door is Haiyan Um  

Haiyan Yan has a strong religious atmosphere, so to Haiyan Temple must go to feel the Erhai sea side of the nave inside the pity of the Bai people, of course, do not forget to pray for their own yo (incense free).

The Temple of the Uprising

The most special is also dedicated to the "Zhang Zhizhong" generals, we can see the white owner of the main body of the city, which is the main temple of the small town. Cultural inclusiveness. Here adjacent to Erhai Lake, is also the collection of Erhai ducks. The most important thing is that this is the organizer of the annual tribe festival, where religion, folklore, beauty are blending together.

The white bust of the sea

It is worth mentioning that the jade case on the south side of a dam, leading to Erhai Lake, is built in 1969 a pumping station, is still in use. At the end of the road there is a "floating" "at the cafe in the sea, the owner named Dali 1969 , also known as the sea ​​cafe . Here to see Erhai Lake without any line of sight to block the entire Erhai Lake are reflected in the beauty In such a beautiful scenery, quietly sit down, the sun, quiet to enjoy this rare Erhai small day.

Sea cafe by big black ratio

Mode: Jade case is located in the Erhai Lake on the edge of the tile village, where adjacent to the village, so if you can go from the ancient city of 2 bus ride in the village and then walk south about one kilometer, if the taxi, then tell the master Hercynian parking lot can be.

jade case, although relatively small, but you can go to the surrounding sea cafes and wetland park to see, in this section of the Erhai sea to see the sea, feeding duck is really a very good experience.

Under the chicken town water station | Erhai door

This is a humble pump station, previously the main role of pumping irrigation, has been abandoned for many years, year after year sea brutal growth, erosion of the other shore of the other water station shore station, and finally left this record only story.

Water pump station by big black ratio

On the surface, the pump station is nothing special, but around the pump station will see a suspension in the Erhai above the "door." This door to the beauty of the lake are fixed in there, in the door of the world, blue sky, white clouds, mountains, Erhai are blending together, and occasionally a gust of wind blowing, paradise but also so.  

Water pump station by big black ratio

This place is more difficult to find, located in the village to Ma Jiuyi on the road, there is no bus to go, if you need to go to the car or ride a bike, the battery car to Ma Jiuyi direction, see the fields in the canal along the canal.

the scenery here no matter how to shoot the United States, came to this place must go to the door of Erhai Lake pictures.

White Tree of the White House

The Bai people like the great green trees, because the Bai people regard the great green trees as their feng shui tree. In every white village there will be a long history of the great green trees, or in the village, or in the main temple, the white people firmly believe that by looking at the growth of the tree can see the future of the village. Time flies, generation after generation of people from the tree through the passage of time, the only change only the tree to protect the villagers of the beginning.

Daqing tree by luggage accommodation

Mode of transport : Daqing tree is located in Ma Jiuyi Village to Dali Road, the direction of the white tower inside the village, no bus to go, you can directly hit the car or drop to Baita Yi can.  

and small partners hand in hand to embrace this big green tree is a certain yo.

In fact, few places mentioned above are scattered on the road each ring Hercynian traffic, traffic is either the bus or a taxi is not particularly easy to reach, it is particularly recommended to ride a bike or car batteries to all of these places linked together to go again, almost Half a day of time, the scenery of the Hercynian can be a clean sweep, to participate in our half-day tour, it is a team leader to play with you. Riding in the sea on the West Road, one side is the blue Erhai Lake, one side is the vast fields, sometimes shuttle in the white fishing village, sometimes along the coastline all the way north, so the sea West secretly a clean sweep!

Second, hi state town

Hi Chau, the Millennium town of white. Today's Hi Chau has Dali's largest and most classic Bai courtyard group, but also Dali's most authentic, the most pure Bai folk culture. Compared to the ancient city of Dali, hi Chau more representative of the Bai culture, there are more ancient buildings. It is because of this heavy sense of history, more and more outsiders choose to live in the hi Island, but they did not disturb the peace of the island. Through the hi Island alley, only to find the time of the island has never gone.

The ancient town of the sea

Xi Chau ancient buildings | white living fossils

Xi Chau can be said that the living fossils of the Bai family, and once here is the gathering of businessmen in Dali, hi Chau business here to create a brilliant, and now, business has been left, leaving a house of white houses. Now the joy of the continent is still alive hi Chau, generation after generation of people here to create a history, into the alley of alley, set foot on the stone road, as if still can hear the voice of history.

Hi Island rounded floor by big black than

Xi Chau town gathered a variety of Bai residential, the most characteristic of the "three square one wall" "four five patio" architectural style here can still see, more rare "into the four homes five House "Zhao Li Ting government although suffering from frost but still well preserved. In the Hi Chau, from the Ming Dynasty architecture to the modern Bai architecture are hiding in the hi-lane of the alley, it can be said to read the hi Chau also read the history of the Bai residential buildings.

Years flow from here, took the hi Island has been brilliant, but the joy of another glory is still continuing. Through the hi Island alley, only to find that time has never been here.

The ancient town of the sea

Transportation: Dali City, there are many buses to the hub of Xi, if the distance from the East Gate, then you can go to the romantic hotel across the bus ride to the hi-bus, if the distance from the Cangshan door can go to the Cangshan door visitors to the center Double Gallery of the bus in the Hi Chau just get off the door can be, the general cost of 7-15 yuan / person.

Xi Chucan town is definitely worth your half a day to savor, hi ancient town of every small alley are worth to go shopping, every old building are telling a past, do not think the town did not mean, You will not think about it after visiting the island.

Xixi pastoral scenery | sunshine and color blend

Out of the ancient town of Xi Island, a large pastoral scenery greeted, where the sun and the fields intertwined. Hi Chau is the second largest plain of Dali, so there is a large tract of fields. Walking through the fields, watching the sun shed, the farmer in the field is more like a beating note, the field of color changes with the light changes, where everything seems so fusion.

Hi Chime Pastoral scenery by black and white

Overlooking the Cangshan and Erhai, Cangshan snow, Erhai blue to set off the field more and more good-looking. Fortunately, in Dali, there is such a beautiful scenery worthy of our appreciation; Fortunately, in Dali, there is such a view can let us imagine.

Hi Chime Pastoral scenery by black and white

Mode of transport : hi Island of the pastoral scenery is in the ancient town of Lake to the edge of the Erhai Lake on a large plain above, there is no public transport to reach, only from the ancient town of Xizhou ride or ride a bike, battery car to.

In particular, it is recommended to visit some of the pastoral scenery, Donganmen near the pastoral scenery, Xi Lin Yuan near the pastoral scenery and hi Island to the village of a pastoral scenery.

The origin of the fish hawk culture

Sand Village is the second largest fishing village on the edge of Erhai Lake. It is also the birthplace of Dali fish eagle culture. Once a "five Golden Flower" made the red here, and now the bustling here, leaving the Erhai Lake that is a fishing boat, and the everlasting Osprey culture. This is located in a bay of Erhai Lake, so the sea here is calm like a mirror, reflection of the blue sky, and occasionally a fishing boat to break the sea to break the quiet, only in the water dangqi wave ripples.

Sand Village Fishing by Big Black

Everything here is very quiet, into the village will be able to smell a fishy smell, tell here as a fishing village in the past. There are very few tourists here, the shuttle in the alley as if into another space. Not carved by the humanistic breath of the head, in the sand village, Dali everything seems so pure.

Sand Village by Big Black

Transportation : Shacun no bus can be reached, you can ride from the hi Island bike, battery car or taxi to a lot of people do not know what is the village, direct navigation osprey performance base can be.

Now the Eagle Eagle Terminal has no osprey performance, so do not go to the necessary, if you go to the village can go to the beach called the sea inn, where is the village of Fisherman's Wharf, you can go to see fishermen out of the sea, luck Good words can also follow the fishermen with the sea fishing yo.

Sea tongue park | Erhai the spirit of the lake

According to the local history of the set: "Green Shazhou, continent 3 long, from wide to narrow people Erhai Lake, such as tongue, named sea tongue." This piece of sandbar, such as the tongue generally into the Erhai Lake, and only here to see 270 ° Erhai Lake. Standing on the shore, standing for a long time, looking at the transparent blue sky, clean white clouds, distant mountains, and reflection in the Erhai Lake on the same scenery, standing freely in front. The meaning of walking, Xu is so wonderful to get, a moment of speechless.

Sea tongue park by big black ratio

Erhai where the glowing bursts of ripples, with the breeze and spread, swing to the distance. The sky here changed the magic, the clouds of ever-changing, and ultimately cast into the embrace of Erhai. The blue on the ground and the blue on the sky are so integrated.

Sea tongue park by big black ratio

Transportation: arrived in the sea tongue park traffic is quite convenient, you can travel from the hi Island to take the tourist car, you can also take a carriage or ride a bike, battery car to go; sea tongue park intersection there are many carriage can go to the sea tongue park door, take the time 5 minutes or so, you can choose according to physical or not ride.

sea ​​tongue park door Yang Shulin is a lot of people ignore the place, we must stop to see, into the park after the tour on their own, how to shoot are beautiful.

Xixi town is worth to spend half a day or a day to slowly taste, especially rent a bike or battery car to the town around the wandering around, will find a different beauty of the pool. A lot of people just to Xi Island as a place in the Erhai Lake, so it will misunderstand the island, give it a little time, this millennium white town regardless of history, architecture, food or beauty will conquer you. If you feel the traffic inconvenience, it is recommended to find a half-day tour of pure play group, not only do not worry about the line, but also know some like-minded little partner Oh ~

Zhou City | Bai tied the town of tie

Where the total floating with a mysterious and wisdom of the intertwined movement, a kind of people touched the rustic and thick; here can be seen everywhere piece of blue and white tie-dyed cloth, every door outside the stone road, Here is known as the "white tie town" of the Dali City.

Zhoucheng ancient stage by big black than

Zhoucheng not only because of its territory of the Butterfly Spring is famous, but also because it is still very well preserved here Bai family of various traditional customs, but also known as "Bai folk fossils." Dense as spider silk stone road, bubbling spring water along the seven bend eight curved road flowing, simple and quiet. Roadway on both sides of a block of white walls and green tiles building, is the ancient city of the White House stone walls of civil construction, "Dali has three treasures, stone walls will not fall" is a portrayal of this architectural features.  

Ching Ching Street by Big Black

Zhou City Bai mainly believe in Buddhism, Zhou City, there are silver temple, Longquan Temple and other Buddhist monasteries. Like other Bai villages, Zhou City also has the worship of the Lord, Zhou City has two local temples. Lingdi Temple dedicated to the Lord is the butterfly spring side of the chopped python hero Du election; King of the temple dedicated to the founder of the city is the ancestor of Zhao Gong Lang Lang. They are legendary heroes and ancestors, is the village of the local protection of God.  

Ching Ching Market by Big Black

Way of transport : in the Cangshan door ride to the Butterfly Spring bus in the city can get off the market.  
In the city must visit the city of Zhoucheng market, look at the ancient city of the ancient city and the city gate, the city is also a small alley to the place. Of course, the most can not miss is that we must do an ancient law tie dye.

Third, Haidong area

In the east of the Erhai Lake, the mountains close to the coastline, creating a mountain and sea love language. Here, not only can see the beauty of Erhai Lake, you can also see the other side of the Cangshan. Famous double gallery, dig color, small Putuo is located in Haidong Area. It is worth mentioning that the East is still a great place to see the sunset yo.

Haidong scenery by big black than

Hongshan Temple | to see no cover sea view to come here

Hongshan Temple is an ancient temple on the edge of Erhai Lake, but here is not the main temple itself, but here the invincible sea view. Where the sea is very broad, the sea is not a trace of the block, can be said to see the sea of ​​the great place.

Hongshan Temple sea view by big black than

Standing on the beach of Hongshan Temple, Shanhai seamless. Blue Erhai reflecting the blue days, in this piece of blue world, it is difficult to distinguish where the sea, where is the day.

Hongshan Temple sea view by big black than

Access: From the ancient city of Dali or Shimonoseki ride to the double gallery of the bus can be reached in the Red Mountain Temple.

here only need to face Erhai Lake, looking at the other side of the Cangshan, this beauty is difficult to say, if there is time to go to Hongshan Temple stroll.

Deer lying mountain | Erhai the quiet side of the land

Deer lying mountain is the sea on the road few people know the small cliffs of the seaside, there is a piece of dry grass, there are flat pebble beach. This place visitors rare, can be described as a quiet place in Erhai Lake. Lying on the rare lawn on the edge of Erhai, listening to the sound of the sound and the sound of the sea, the sun hit the face, everything is so comfortable.

Deer lying by luggage

Here the tree, mostly slender straight, naturally give birth to a neat beauty. Through the straight trees to see the sea, in the quiet of the Erhai Lake, find the real oneself.

Deer lying by luggage

Traffic: deer lying mountain is located in the double gallery to dig color on the road, this place is very easy to find, basically only local talent to know, from the double Gallery Changyu village to the south, to see Erhai Lake there are many huge trees almost Arrived.  

here must go to the grass lying on a lying, look similar to the cliff landscape.

Writing pen village | sea and mountain love song

Along the Central East Road to the south, the mountain closer to the sea, to the pen village of this place, the mountains and the sea directly into one, the seaside trees dotted them, creating a magnificent landscape painting. Winding sea east like a dragon entrenched in the sea, is the sea and the mountain line, through them, enjoying themselves.

Writing pen village by black ratio

Because the seaside terrain is not smooth, so most of the houses here built to the mountains, the overlapping houses so that the village looks quite some Taiwan's taste of nine, climb overlooking the blue lake panoramic view, Put themselves into this piece of Erhai Lake.

Writing pen village by black ratio

Way of transport: you can go in the next off to pick the color of the bus in the pen village can get off.  

Tips: a
lot of people writing pen village are just passing, in fact, the best way to play must be on the slope of the surrounding overlooking the beauty of Erhai Lake.

Jinsuo Island | Erhai in the gem

Jinsuo Island is the largest island in the Erhai Lake, it is said that the shape of the island like a batch of weaving shuttle, so called Jinsuo Island. "The sky wing like a shuttle, want to weave silver Cangshui wave", Jinsuo Island like a piece of jade lying in Erhai Lake. Once here is the summer palace of Nanzhao King, now here is a fishing village. The island has a lot of shops selling Erhai fishing products, if the interest in the Erhai Lake fishing is not as good as the island to taste tasting.

Golden Shuttle Island by Big Black

Because in the Erhai Lake, where it can be said to be the only one can see the beauty of Lake Oh Lake place, standing on the island, the sea east of the sea scenery at a glance. It is worth mentioning that the island has a Dragon Palace, in fact, is a cave, cave stalactite in different shapes, but also the island is worth a place to go.

Golden Shuttle Island by Big Black

Way of transport: Departure ride to the east of the bus to get off at the Golden Shuttle Island, the island need to take a fishing boat, fare 2 yuan / person.  

In addition to the island can go to see the beauty of Erhai Lake, the palace of the Dragon Palace is not missed

Four, Erhai exploration trip recommended

The trip to the sea

Day1: Hercynian area + hi Chau

The day of the trip is scheduled from the ancient city of Dali, the morning trip can go to the long niche ancient crossing, and then along the Long niche - only village - Chicken - Ma Jiuyi line walk, lunch can be resolved in the vicinity of Ma Jiuyi. The afternoon trip from Ma Jiuyi, the trip for the Ma Jiuyi - Fu Mei Yi - 磻 River - the ancient - sea tongue - sand village - hi Island, along the way are excellent in the Hercynian area, dinner, then you can settle in the hi. The day trip distance of about 20 kilometers in the way, the time will not be too busy, you can really go to a taste of the beautiful scenery of the Hercynian region.

Erhai riding by big black than

Many people in the tour of the Haixi region will choose the chartered tour, in some places to get off the camera to take pictures. In fact, because the distance is not too long, so the individual is recommended to visit the Hercynian region when the way to choose to ride the tour. Whether it is a bike or a battery car, this kind of transport is particularly suitable for the journey of exploration in Erhai Lake. Travel to the West, there will be different new discoveries.

Erhai riding by big black than

Some people will worry about riding too tired, there are people who do not ride bicycles and battery cars, but also want to explore such a trip Erhai Lake, here for everyone Amway a means of transport - ATV . This kind of transport is easy to drive, good to get started, similar to the four wheels of the battery car. And the shape is very cool, driving in the Central West Road is also a large landscape it!

Erhaihai ATV by large black ratio

1. Transportation Recommended : Bicycle, battery car, ATV;
2. Travel distance: 20 km;
3. Food Recommended : lunch can be in Ma Jiuyi Bai restaurant to solve, and now because of the protection of Erhai reason, so the seaside restaurants are in the business phase , So you can go inside the village to walk a few steps, which is still a lot of food; dinner, then you can settle in the hi-chi, hi-white white snacks in particular, absolutely able to meet your taste buds, especially to remind the hi Island Baba absolutely can not Missed;
4. Accommodation Recommended: If you like to live quietly live in the hi Island, if you like the lively can return to the ancient city of accommodation, the next day trip from the ancient city again.   

Day2: Zhoucheng + Haidong area

Today's trip from the beginning of the hi-up, the morning trip to the city to be a tie-dye, lunch can be resolved in the city, Zhou City, there are many Bai restaurant. Afternoon can be chartered to the Haidong Area to visit, Haidong only Huanhai East Road, a road, and can play places are on the beach, and the attractions are scattered , so chartered is the most scientific way to visit the Haidong Area. Recommended Haidong trip: River tail - Hongshan Temple - deer lying mountain - small Putuo - Wenpeng village - Golden Island - Shimonoseki. After the end of the trip can be off at the next off by train or bus to leave Dali, you can also go from the next to the ancient city of accommodation, continue in Dali's itinerary.

White tie-dyed by big black

River tail by big black ratio

1. Transportation recommended: chartered or carpool;
2. Travel distance: 90 km or so;
3. Food Recommended: lunch recommended in the city to find a white restaurant to solve; dinner, then you can eat in the customs or the ancient city.  

Concluding remarks

Erhai is a magical sea, where the "sea" there is no ups and downs, but the same let your heart surging; here "sea" no salty, but the same style and moving; here the sea side of the occasion, but the same Let the loosely your mind ... sunrise, sunset, clear sky, clouds ... ... are here intertwined. Erhai the beauty of the United States has been there, waiting for the best time to meet the most beautiful you.

Erhai by the big black than

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