Into the national highway 318, found the southern Sichuan and Sichuan line of the magic of each station

Senior traveler, like to find different countries, not the same beauty! Sichuan, Sichuan and Tibet take you all over the many attractions, only recommended the best! If relevant advice, please poke!
hailuogou by chieftain chicken

First, Sichuan-Tibet line 7 big scenery shocking mind

1, Hailuogou

Speaking of glaciers, most people will think of the Antarctic, or very high cold areas. But the Hailuogou is a do not have to worry about "high", you can see the place of glaciers. Scenic spots the most spectacular "on the 1st glacier", stretching 14.7 km, but also "hidden" China's largest drop of ice falls. Hailuogou there is another kind of fairyland is white - clouds, feeling just cloud can shoot all day!

1, tickets 92 yuan / person, round-trip sightseeing car 70 yuan (must buy), and from the cableway (option to purchase)
2, conch belonged to the high altitude, not strenuous exercise, not drinking, eat more vegetables, fruits, to Anti-alpine response.
3, scenic sunshine strong, strong ultraviolet, strong sunlight reflection. For a long time outdoors, please wear sunglasses. Apply anti-frost to protect the skin.
4, the temperature difference between day and night, glacier climate change with warm and cold clothing, and prepare the commonly used drugs.
5, the proposed play time: 1 day

2, Xinduqiao

Every year from May to August, Xindu Bridge is the most vibrant season. Want to feel the pure snow mountain holy lake, gorgeous Populus euphratica, simple Tibetan Zhai houses, in order to enjoy the fresh tour, Xinduqiao is definitely a good choice.
Magical light, the vast expanse of grassland, curved creek, golden Bo Yang, will you into a rolling hills, Tibetan Zhai scattered in the meantime, cattle and sheep quietly grazing in the western plains of the scenery. This is the Xinduqiao, fascinating "light and shadow of the world", "photographer's paradise."  

Xinduqiao by Beijing wine

1, Xinduqiao, about 3300 meters above sea level, plateau climate, large temperature difference, climate change, the first time on the plateau friends may have varying degrees of altitude sickness. Into the plateau and more rest, drink plenty of water to eat more fruit, no alcohol and tobacco, do not run and strenuous exercise. 
2, clothes and food: high altitude high altitude sunshine, so Xinduqiao weather sooner or later temperature difference can be ahead of time to view the weather forecast, prevent bad weather. Need to prepare long-sleeved clothes and other good warm clothes, and suggested with good sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine and other items.
3, the proposed play time: half a day

3, Daocheng Aden

Daocheng, it is known as the 'blue planet on the last piece of pure land'. About Aden, some people say that she is the heart of the Pure Land, some people say it is the soul of the home, sacred, mysterious, take you into a different world.
Due to the unique geographical location of the area, the environment is basically not disturbed by human activities and destruction, the original style of preservation is complete, coupled with the unique natural landscape, known as the "last Shangri-La", is also a great place to experience the natural scenery of alpine canyons. 

Aden Scenic Area by Guan Bin

1, Daocheng in the alpine canyon area, the annual average temperature of 11.5 degrees to 12.8 degrees, the plateau, the coldest monthly average temperature of -5 degrees, the hottest month average temperature of 10 degrees to 12.1 degrees, the lowest temperature in January, Up to -27 degrees. Sooner or later the temperature difference between the morning and evening attention to keep warm, to avoid a cold. (Be sure to bring thick clothing)
2, Daocheng Aden tickets + tourist car 270 yuan / person
3, the proposed play time: 3-4 days

4, Mao Ya prairie

Located in Ganzi County, Sichuan Province, Litang County, west of the county, surrounded by mountains, such as the sea grassland lush, exposure to them, there is a kind of endless feelings. Summer blue sky, cattle and sheep in groups, green grass, blooming wild flowers colorful. Autumn, clear sky, clouds white, golden vegetation, seasonal changes to give Mao Ya prairie boundless charm and grace.

Mao Ya Prairie by Guan Bin

1, no tickets, the best viewing period 4 - June
2, the proposed play time: 3 hours

5, then the lake

Bi grassy meadow, and the blue lake, white natural snow lake snow peaks, picturesque picturesque. Narrowly Amu Lake to the west meandering more than ten kilometers gradually shrink into a valley, with the different seasons, the river also showed or blue or green and several other colors.  
However, the difference between the Wuhu season, the lake showed or blue or green and several other colors. Many of the rocks and islands in the river are dotted with the four seasons. Of course, then Wuhu is also a Sichuan-Tibet line in a not to be missed attractions.  

However, Wuhu by Mao Mao bear

1, then the lake lake elevation of more than three thousand eight hundred meters, not very high in Tibet, but travel to tourists or pay attention to rest, to prevent the reaction caused by the plateau, visitors should pay attention to do sun work.
2, morning or evening of the Wuhu Lake scenery is very beautiful, suitable for taking pictures.
3, the lake on the beach there are several small streams, if visitors want to reach the lake, then, must remember to wear waterproof shoes with better performance.
4, the proposed play time: 1-2 days

6, rice heap glaciers

The heap of glaciers near the Sichuan-Tibet highway, large scale, easy access, is a typical representative of the southeast of the ocean, to develop beautiful arch arc structure is famous, is also a rare natural wonders.
Here glaciers, lakes, farmland, villages, forests and other together, is a man and nature in harmony with the model, but also an excellent place for travel.

The heap of glaciers by Forrest Gump

1, visitors to the rice heap glaciers should pay attention to the prevention of altitude sickness, it is recommended to bring anti-high anti-product.
2, from the 318 National Road fork to the scenic entrance of about 6 km, 1.5 hours walk can be reached, but the road is poor, it is recommended to travel. From the scenic entrance through the rice to the glacier about 2 km, about half an hour walk to see the glacier.
3, tickets 50 yuan / person
4, the proposed play time: 2-4 hours

7, Lu Lang Linhai

Lu Lang Linhai, located about 80 kilometers away from Nyingchi Bayi on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway.
Lu Lang Linhai is a Yunshan fog in the forest, there are "Jiaoren do not want home," the reputation of the region's rivers and vertical and has a forest of verdant forests and mountains and plains azaleas, and a variety of wild animals.

Lu Lang Lin Hai by the text

1, if you plan to play in the depth of the Lulang Forest Park, you need to prepare in advance waterproof clothing, medicine, sleeping bags and so on.
2, Lu Lang Linhai visit free.
3, the characteristics of food stone pot chicken
4, the proposed play time: half a day

Second, the Sichuan-Tibet line

Number of elevations and kilometers

Chuan Chuan  Line : Chengdu - Xinduqiao - Litang - Batang - Zuogong - Ba Sui - Ranwu Lake - rice heap glacier - Bomi - Lulang Linhai - Bayi - Niyang River - Lhasa (one way: 2246 KM)  

Altitude : Chengdu 500, Xinduqiao 3450, Litang 4200, Batang 4700, Zigong 3700, eight places 3910, then Wuhu 3807, rice stack glaciers (main peak 4600, end 2400), Bomi 2750, Peak 7782, Sejila Mountain 4728, Bayi 2900, Basongo Lake 3700, Mila Mountain 5013, Lhasa 3650.  

The scenery of the Sichuan-Tibet line by Li Heng

Third, to Sichuan-Tibet line Why recommend car or by car?

1, the road conditions, models requirements

Sichuan-Tibet line is now basically along the asphalt pavement, and the requirements of the car itself to reduce a lot.
But from the perspective of free exercise safety considerations, not only the vehicle wear and travel comfort, or suggest that you choose good performance, high chassis off-road vehicles.

2, Sichuan-Tibet line travel the best time and play days

One year, with warm and comfortable and not hot weather, the number of May to October, is the best time to play. November to the following year in April, although relatively cold, but the sun during the day is very good, will be very warm.
For the number of days to play , it is recommended to 6 to 10 days the most reasonable, but also according to their own car or chartered travel time to make the appropriate adjustments.
Along the way scenery on the road, it is better to a chartered free exercise, will be a lot of beauty in the bag.

3, by car pk chartered, carpool

I believe we will be tangled before traveling, even if we chose a free exercise, self-help to travel, but also their own travel or chartered entangled.
For the ride, the Sichuan-Tibet line is a very test and mountain, plateau proficiency and driving skills. The discomfort caused by the highland area, and the fatigue of driving will affect the experience of the whole journey.
The best choice is to ask the driver on behalf of the driver to help, that is, with the driver chartered. On behalf of the driver as a full-time staff, the line and the road is very familiar with the degree of protection to maximize travel safety. In the whole process of the trip, but also recommend the appropriate attractions, accommodation and should pay attention to the details.  

Four, along the Sichuan-Tibet line accommodation

1, on the way along the restaurant

Probably most people think that Sichuan-Tibet line far away, traffic inconvenience, but also in-depth Tibetan areas, of course, that the conditions of eating accommodation will be correspondingly poor.
However, the current feedback from the point of view, Sichuan-Tibet line along the way to eat or Tingzhi, not only can eat the local characteristics of delicious roasted barley, Tibetan cake, Tibetan chicken, Lulang stone pot, Tibetan hot pot, pine Pot rice, along the way there are Sichuan, Northeast cuisine and other restaurants. However, due to the transport of Sichuan-Tibet line more inconvenient, the meal will be slightly more expensive than in Chengdu.

2, on the way to stay

There are two types of accommodation along the Sichuan-Tibet line: standard hotels and local Tibetan houses .
Chengdu, Kangding, Aden, Xinduqiao, Batang, Zuo Gong, Bomi and Lhasa and other places have a lot of accommodation. There are Tibetan family hotels, there are regular modern hotels, there are resorts where there are local dwellings. Of course, there is no shortage of gathered here countless ALICE youth hostel can live. But from the plateau physical energy consumption and comfort to consider, it is best to choose a good environment to stay in the hotel.

The scenery of the Sichuan-Tibet line by Li Heng

Five, into the Tibetan small knowledge

1, Sichuan-Tibet line ≠ Tibet line

In recent years, Tibet has become the first choice for many travel enthusiasts, Tibet to bring more people are the soul of the shock and fascination.
However, many people are not clear the difference between Sichuan and Tibet line with Tibet.
Here to do a simple universal, Sichuan-Tibet line refers to the starting point for Chengdu, the end of the Lhasa, across the Sichuan and Tibet provinces. Tibet lines generally refer to the starting point for Lhasa, travel within the limits of the Tibetan territory.

Sichuan-Tibet line by what is clear Huan

2, what is the symptoms of altitude sickness, how to prevent and ease the altitude sickness

Most people come to the plateau, have or light or heavy headache dizziness and fatigue and other high symptoms, no rules to follow; to avoid or reduce the high anti is the best way to maintain a good attitude. For people who are resilient to the plateau, the general symptoms of altitude sickness disappear within 1-2 days.
Into the plateau before the need to recharge your batteries and take good rest, proper service American ginseng, etc., to enhance the body's anti-hypoxia capacity. A large number of cases have shown that maintaining open-minded optimism can weaken the physical discomfort of the highland reaction zone.

What is the scenery of the Sichuan-Tibet line?

Six, Sichuan-Tibet line recommended equipment list

1, items category

Sunscreen, lipstick (to prevent chapped lips), hand cream, sunglasses, insulation Cup, rain gear, flashlight or headlights, personal special drugs.

sunscreen better than 50 times, and are essential items

The scenery of the Sichuan - Tibet line

2, clothing category

Hiking shoes, thin down jacket, waterproof good Jackets, sun hat, personal washing clothes and so on.

The scenery of the Sichuan-Tibet line by Li Heng

3, drugs and food

Rhodiola, Gaoyuan An capsule, antidiarrheal medicine and wound paste and so on.

The scenery of the Sichuan - Tibet line

Concluding remarks

318 National Road Chengdu to Lhasa is China's most beautiful road, is the life must go once the road, but also the hearts of travelers in the holy road. About the one said to go to travel, to see the "King of Shushan" Gongga mountain, "photographer corridor" Xinduqiao, "the world's high city" Litang, "blue planet last piece of pure land" Daocheng Aden, "the devil Road "Nujiang 72 Road Shui," plateau on the small Jiangnan "Nyingchi ... ...

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