Kaifeng glass tower more troubled, but why Millennium do not fall?

Kaifeng city floods the Yellow River, sediment deposition, the ancient city walls and palaces were buried in the ground, to the modern, over the same period only the construction of Kaibao Temple pagoda.

Kaifeng city floods the Yellow River, sediment deposition, the ancient city walls and palaces were buried in the ground, to the modern, over the same period only the construction of Kaibao Temple pagoda.

Inspired by the rhythm of the Chrysanthemum Festival, the second visit to the tower is still full of piety. All things in the world are the result of the polymerization of the pagoda. The pagoda has survived so many years of rain and wind and still stands still. Such phenomena are as the treasures of the dharma have not changed since they were treasured for thousands of years. Under, shining bright light, because of faith, and unusually strong.

Under the erection of the tower, gazing towering cramped grass in the tower, imagine the back in time, turning the key moment of history!

The towering tower is also the witness of the city of Kaifeng. It has witnessed flourishing streets and chaos of swordsmanship. It has bathed the literati and poet's allegory, and the emperor will send it to God's exhortations. Edge edge scattered, the sun and the moon rotation, in front of the silent tower, dusty past smoke like a dream ... ...


Thousands of years ago, Zhao Taiguzu Zhao Kuangyin took over the land along the Wu-Yue-Wang-Zhe-zang area at the same time, getting a piece of Ashoka's Buddhist relics. He worshiped Buddha's relics in the temple of nourishment in Tokyo and later ordered the construction of a 13-storey wooden tower, which was then called "the crown of the capital," in the blessing sanctuary of the Kaibu Monastery in the city, This is the Kai Po Temple Tower.

55 years later, the wooden tower was destroyed by thunder and fire. In 1049, Song Renzong rebuilt this tower and replaced the tower with the most expensive glass material in the world at that time.

Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, the tower is still being worshiped. Two years of King James University (1225), Yanshou Yan Yan Shou-hou has rebuilt the temple. Yuan, Feng Zizhen has a description of the tower lighting the grand poem:

Qingtian a hurdle cloud low, broken dark power with the same sun and the moon Qi.
Midnight fire dragon flip axis, astrology star ladder.
Light shake 潋 滟 along the pearl, cinerary Cang Shui rhinoceros.
Wen Yan forced lofty, lifting the iron to the empty title.

However, by the end of the Ming Dynasty, the Chongzhen Emperor was in chaos, and Li Zicheng led the peasant army to rush over Kaifeng City from Shaanxi. Therefore, the Yellow River embankment was opened during flood season, causing the Yellow River to invade the Huaihe River and the sediment, leaving Kaifeng City submerged. Since then the tower decadent. Qing Dynasty, waiting for the poem, writing poetry, said:

苕 峣 broken temple left floating map, looking depressed depression wild shop.
Buddha sad bedridden, Buddhist temple Li old monk.
Sand buried in the previous generation of Sui and Tang Wah; cloud dark Millennium relic beads.
Several rubble residual monument to find traces of moss deep hyphenated half-Hu Tu.

Now, carrying so much suffering Tower, three-base also buried underground, underground palace with the Buddha relics have become a mystery over the ages.

Tower line cloud

Karabakh Temple's blessing incredible incredible, even in the modern warlords, Japan's invasion, but also intact, this is an exhilarating phenomenon. Tower silent, but very inspirational, it supports the belief of Kaifeng, and walked all the way, and finally to the 21st century tourism of the whole nation!

Visit to lead the Hall, Jade Buddha Hall, around the tower for several weeks, looking at the body of the tower bird, Unicorn ridge, scratching the head trying to figure out the mood ......

Iron glazed tile over the tower body, is cast iron cast iron deep color, every brick pattern is Seiko. Although the tower waistline relatively small, the tower also tilt, but still can climb, but sub-Ren Jun body is too large, not allowed to enter.

Hearing the hypocritical person said: "tower body ascension ladder, ascend, until the top of the tower .Then go to the fifth floor, you can see the streets of Kaifeng City, board the seventh floor, see the suburbs of farmland and protection City embankment, the ninth floor will be able to see the Yellow River belt, to the twelfth floor will feel Xiangyun ridden, trifling blow, if you step into the virtual, it is "tower line cloud." And the thirteenth floor, Is a mysterious Sambo realm, sealed when the temple built when the faithful who support the Buddhist relics shall not enter ... ... "

Night cool, listen to a pagoda!

Night falls, the tower in artificial lighting, transformed into a dynamic screen background about the old Kaifeng, in the face of modern people, it also "show" a handful.

"Legend of the Tower," Light and Shadow show is divided into "Buddha Shali Ann Feng Dadian" live performances and "Tower Legend" light and shadow show in two parts. With the magnificent scale, strict religious rituals and gorgeous ceremonial ceremonies, the tower was once again completed and the Buddha Shasherian bong served this historic event. The play is divided into three acts, namely: Shanmen Ying St., ceremonial parade, Ann blessing.

Tower Light and Shadow show using 4D imaging, holographic technology, architectural projection, water screen film, laser modeling, through the mechanical means such as incense smoke, so that audiences taste tower experienced years suffer.

The play 40 minutes, through the interpretation of the legendary story of the tower's past lives, reconstruction, catastrophe, life and Buddha five chapters, sketching out the Tower of the earth, wisdom, bright Buddhist paradise ......

Autumn, Mancheng Ju Xiang, once again meet the tower, it is like to meet an old friend. I believe that the tower itself is a spiritual body. In the course of its history, all the trials and tribulations it has experienced have brought it a perfect merit and transformed itself into a Buddha.

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