Long live martial arts martial arts city of Kaifeng, across the country back to the Song

From Yuhe to Longting, from the Kaibao Temple to the Old City Wall, Kaifeng City can see the antique buildings everywhere, performing all the time through the Song Dynasty operas.

Big Song's arena

In addition to the temperature so Tianbo Fu Yang, Kaifeng House 铡 United States case, so that up and down the clap of hands applauded there are new drama: "three dozen Zhuang Zhuang!"

In modern times, words and dramas apparently can not satisfy the appetite of the audience, so the talented directors compile the familiar episodes into real drama. True knife real gun fighting scenes, see the tear-off Pegasus, smell gun smoke, coupled with modern sound electro-optical technology to create a strong sense of contagion, ten times the text, little book outline the soul-stirring!

Long March Mountain Martial Arts Scenic Area From the National Day last year launched a large-scale Water Margin real drama "three dozen Zhujiazhuang", the play to the four famous "Outlaws of the Marsh" in the "three dozen Zhujiazhuang" classic bridge section as the base, by the domestic Well-known film and television team carefully adapted to the scene of the big siege warfare as the main method of expression, the integration of the film and television explosion, aerial ladder artillery, large equestrian, stunt and other real shooting techniques, watching the opera at the same time as the infamous diffuse Da Song ancient battlefield.


Look at the four famous master grew up, will inevitably have martial arts plot! The "Outlaws of the Marsh", depicting the lakes and lakes of the Northern Song Dynasty, originated in the late Yuan Dynasty and was published in the Ming Dynasty for more than 600 years before the rivers and lakes of Jin Yong and Gu Long were born. "Outlaws of the Marsh" in these six hundred years that is the country's world of rivers and lakes.

Shui Hu Chuan seems to describe a large bowl of drinking, eating meat, fasting and revenge. In fact, Mr. Shi Naian wanted to proceed from nationalistic motivation, calling for toughness and encouraging resistance and expressing "hegemony" in novels.

Historically, the Northern Song Dynasty emperor in the rule of state lessons from the decline of the experience of the past, heavy literature and infantry, resulting in the late Northern Song Dynasty national decadent, social unrest, green woods, tyrannical consort regiment aristocracy, separatist, the formation of jungle .

Liangshan Liangshui gathered so a bunch of good guys, although only a few hundred people, but the government was unable to destroy. In order to expand the site, the good guys began to work hard with other armed forces and "three dozen Zhujiazhuang" became the starting point for Yangsan to organize a large-scale foreign armed force.


"Three dozen Zhuang Zhuang" is one of the most exciting and moving stories in Outlaws of the Marsh.

Song Jiang led his troops to attack Zhujiazhuang and made the first battle defeat. Therefore, military strategist Wu spent time with him and Zhujiazhuang's ally "Lijiazhuang" made an appointment without promises.

The second invasion, in case of Zhujiazhuang, another ally, "Hujiazhuang" army blocked, this war, Leopard head Lin Chong captured Hu San Niang. Song Jiang Hu San San Niang do threaten, resulting in hujiazhuang summation, Zhu Zhuang does not help.

Song Jiang planning Siu Chong Zhuang, Sunlian bring friends and relatives to vote, with the accounting should be combined with Sun Li and other fake cast Zhu Zhuang teachers Luan Tingyu, pretend to meet the Royal Liangshan; and Shushi show play, it is Sun Li Captured to make Zhujiazhuang not doubt.

Everything is arranged properly, so Song Jiang out 4 soldiers and horses from 4 directions to attack Zhu Zhuang before and after the door. While Sun Li a group took the opportunity to release was captured Liangshan brothers Qin and others, from inside out, Chu Zhuzhuang ... ...

Full storyline throughout the siege scenes heroic, martial arts immediately superb, fire and explosion flying off the mud fell on the auditorium, filled with a strong sense of presence. At the end, the "Hymn song" sounded, the story to the climax, the hero who led the horse, the victory of the class division back to camp ... Real acting again won the audience applause!

Martial arts pride

Built in the Northern Song Dynasty and for seven years (1117), Mount Vientiane, a famous royal garden in the Northern Song Dynasty, is a microcosm of the magnificent scenery of the ancient north and south and the wonders of the national landscape. Praise: "And included, but also wins."

In recent years, Long live the mountain tour area in order to form a large Song martial arts as the core of tourism positioning products, to create the theme song Da Sang theme area, especially renamed: "Long live martial arts martial arts city."

"Road to see an uneasy roar, the shot when the shot, caving Kyushu grams ......", Liu Huan's voice is thick Shandong pancake rolls green onion taste!

Accompanied by this tune, a long afternoon wandering around the mountains, during which many experienced martial arts master and classic story. "Bandit Kansai", "Yang Zhi sell knife", "wild boar forest", "drunk Jiangmen god" ... ... Long live the mountains not only "Water Margin", as well as the Song Dynasty martial arts theme "Seven Mans Wuyi" "Yue Fei Chuan", more than 60 scenes throughout the day martial arts show, back and forth through North and South Song, panoramic view of the millennium before the rivers and lakes!

Autumn, in the long live the root of the mountain wall, smell elegant chrysanthemum, glimpsed that ridicule cursed, energetic folk Song!

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