Langzhong's food is concentrated in Zhongtian House

Langzhong the most famous two kinds of food, one is Zhang Fei beef, one is Pauling vinegar. The ancient city is also basically occupied by these two kinds of food, exudes the smell of beef and sour vinegar child.
zhang fei beef

However, the most extreme is that Langzhong's vinegar is not only used for food, but also widely used to protect (bubble) health (feet), the ancient city of vinegar foot bath shop far more than selling vinegar shop, it is no exaggeration to say, There is at least one vinegar foot bath in every 10 stores!

Zhang Fei beef

Pauline vinegar

Zhongtian House: eat their gathering place

Zhongtian Tower is not only the vicinity of attractions intensive, but also eat food gathering place! A lot of food mentioned in the comments in various points are here. We do not say snacks, and North Sichuan jelly children, sugar bread, oil incense, rice tofu, etc. are everywhere.

Authentic Sichuan: Lee kitchen

Let's talk about dinner, I am here to give you a key recommendation is the ancient city of Lee kitchen , Sichuan food is called an authentic, affordable is the most fair evaluation of his home! His family currently has four stores, all surrounded by the transit floor, signs are not the same name, the main dishes are not the same, but the taste is great. We ate a total of two, respectively, in the east side of Zhongtian House, opposite the Flower House and the Zhongtian Lou north of one. The recognition of his home is very high, do not remember the name, as long as the walk into the store looked up, if all covered with a variety of delicious head child, then find it!

Li kitchen

Li kitchen

As the first meal here because of the late time, many dishes have gone, according to the boss recommended to a bowl of dishes like water boiled meat, delicious! We also have a stir fried bamboo shoots , the boss is really real, abruptly a plate of bamboo shoots, nothing, but this flavor simply does not know how to describe, fresh and delicious, absolute Need!

Fried bamboo shoots

Because it was so delicious, the next few days did not visit a few things, belly and not obedient, good appetite during the New Year surprisingly, plus living in the food paradise, have taken care of their recent soaring body weight and go Walk, eat! We went on to the Li kitchen, yesterday, did not eat the blood to fill the speed of Wang!

This meal we eat is the North West Road, Zhongtian Lou this family, business was full at noon, due to limited places, basically a table of 5,6 individuals. If we two people, people do not give the table. Killie came outside a family of three, we talked about a bit, they fight together to eat table.

Dishes: Marjoram
fresh and delicious, spicy delicious!
Recommended index: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Duck tongue jelly

Dishes: Iron beef
tender and refreshing, full weight!
Recommended index: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Wound blood Wang, Wow blood Wang, hair Wang! Delicious things that three times!
Recommended index, gypsophila! ! !
What to do when you can not have such delicious food again!

Wound blood Wang

Sweet snacks: sugar steamed mo

Langzhong sugar steamed dumpling is a major feature here, originated in the Qianlong years of Qing Dynasty, it is usually not the kind of astringency we eat steamed bread, is the use of natural cultivation of fermented fermented flavor, soft puff pastry bread , fresh fragrant sweet . It is said Langzhong sugar steamed summer storage of 10 days is not bad, semi-annual winter deposit is not metamorphic, can be considered a boutique in the bread. Wife adults love to eat sweets, see these stuff easily spike general small dessert!

Steamed white sugar

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