Lhasa 24H 丨 depth of the Tibet Center tour

To Lhasa travel how to play better? The scenery at the door to take a photo, your friends circle dazzle even like it? NONONO, the most authentic way to play or to me to teach you. Now, the master I, to work it!
dragon king lake park beat the palace of reflection

Lhasa as a large tourist hub of Tibet, every day with a large number of tourists. Consult a variety of Raiders you intend to play Lhasa? Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, plus a Barkhor Street, take back a few sheets in the palace gate of the scissors hand tourists, congratulations, your friends circle dazzle together, you can summon the dragon ~ ~
but if You want to experience the depth of Lhasa is not the same customs, no longer do a hurry to pass, then quickly take the small books to take rough, I immediately want to play Lhasa Cheats to teach you.

(Intimate tips: this play is used to dare to play the travel of the run, do not worry about those who look hard)

6:00 AM Have you ever been to the sun?

The morning of the morning when the cloth palace is the most beautiful time of the day. The best place to shoot the cloth palace is the observation of the king of the mountain .
Get up at about 6 o'clock in the morning, before 7 o'clock to the viewing platform. Of course, if you want to shoot the best moment or to go to the early position. We did not advocate the risk of condemning the conscience of the conscience to do so, charges uncle 8:00 to start work until 21 o'clock in the evening, until the night, I hope you can fill the ticket in time Kazakhstan, after all, only 2 yuan tickets.
For photography enthusiasts, remember to take a good tripod tune parameters to take pictures of the delay, the late look to the computer will be estimated that you will turn the United States.

Youshan Mountain View Observatory Potala Palace Sunrise

It is not important to shoot well, who have not two tools, we have to believe in the power of science and technology!
Yes, 50 face value of the yuan is the back of the Potala Palace Oh! A lot of funny stars will hold 50 yuan soft sister coins to take a comparison ~

50 Comparison of the ocean and the Potala Palace

Shoot the fans (bi) people (bi) sunrise directly to the Potala Palace spicy!

How do you get tickets for the Potala Palace?

Network booking

Savings of small partners who can line up their own to buy a palace vote or online booking, go along the way you can listen to the tour guide.
Potala Palace Tickets booking official website: http://www.potalapalace.cn/ , need real-name registration, 7 days in advance booking Bu Gong votes .

Site booking

Climbing Palace in the peak season (May 1 to October 31) the implementation of ticket booking system, visitors come to visit the ID card / military card / passport to the scene booking. Open an appointment at 9 o'clock every day, a limited number of first-come, first-served basis. The specific reservation location can refer to the following figure: E point for the ticket booking window.
After the appointment is successful, you can get a reservation ticket from the Potala Palace. Be sure to keep it! On the day of the visit, 1 hour to 1 and a half hours in advance by the booking coupon, the ticket will be entered from the main entrance with the booking voucher and the ID card (see the entrance to the south gate below).

① the scene to buy the student card can be discounted Oh, after 94 years of undergraduate education below the undergraduate;
② Bu Gong votes need to make an appointment in advance, such as plans to June 2 to the cloth palace, June 1 morning to get the original ID card appointment ; 7, August need to be 2 days in advance to get the second day of the appointment after the appointment, the next day to make the third day of booking tickets;
③ by the time of the scheduled votes in advance of more than 40 minutes to reach the Bugu ticket, overdue automatic Void.

Potala Palace topographic map must be collected

The most worry way to buy tickets

If you can not stand the sun again and again to the palace gate to run, just to make an appointment for this ticket, I think half-day cloth palace tour is the most suitable for you. Tour groups every day there will be a certain amount of tickets, as long as the registration Senate, the basic will not have any situation without votes.

Like the economic benefits, you can pick some with the city day trip travel products, although will enter some shopping, but do not buy to see is to see themselves. This integrated down, the shopping group will be much cheaper than pure play. But do not participate in the roadside do not fly the pull group Oh ~  

Traffic Cheats

1. To the East Gate or South Gate, to point F in the "China Post" Department. Here is the nearest point to the East Gate, South Gate.
2. taxi to the Potala Palace must pay attention to, if it is their own to line up the appointment ticket, tell the driver to the Potala Palace Xiba White Tower and then walk to the ticket booking window; if the ticket has been made an appointment, told the driver in China Post And then walk to the East Gate or South Gate;
3. Connect the Potala Palace and the square of the underground passage, see the figure in the blue figure.
4. To the cloth palace transport: taxis, human tricycles, drops, sharing bicycles, centralized parking point see Figure F.

11:30 AM fill your stomach

Most of the morning home of the people who have been tired of cloth, have to go to the sea to eat a meal, or carry the afternoon. Stroll the magnificent cloth palace, hurry to outsiders do not know the authentic Lhasa snacks - Jim jelly, cool!
Not much to say, on the map:

Known as the best snack in Lhasa ----- jome jelly

Address: Yao Wang Shan viewing platform on the right side, the construction bank left hand side.
Do not worry about this address is too vague, to the scene you will find that actually quite easy to find.
Some people will say that your taste is to eat roadside stalls fly shop wow? But here the taste of jelly is indeed delicious inside Tibet, and for the sake of food, the taste is more important! Jelly finished, you can go to the famous old yogurt Square, come, look over!

Potala Palace West Side Yogurt Square

Local well-known yak yogurt! Shop inside long this:

Yogurt square rest

Onlookers a bit, feeling here blowing in addition to the aroma of food, as well as poetry and distant atmosphere. You can be here in a green ~ ~
If you think just the contents of the food can only be considered before, then the following long to enlarge the move, only my family came to Tibet to go with a place to go:  

Auspicious holy snow - a museum-style Tibetan restaurant

This restaurant is not very easy to find, but you know that wine is not afraid of the alley deep this feature Well
At the following address: soldiers and civilians Road 9 Group 2 tie finely Village Lane 5 (near the northern suburb of waterworks and Wie supermarkets)
This is a story of a restaurant, shop owners purpose is to promote Tibetan culture, not only to every door Guests offer open Hada, but also free rental clothing Oh!
If this distance is a bit far from where you are, you can also try a few other more distinctive restaurants: Maggie Ami, Snowy Restaurant, Na Mather, Tibetan Banquet, etc ...

Auspicious snowy feast

Must order dishes: acid radish beef is very tasty, beef and tender . As well as holding the lamb dipped in chili sauce that feeling is simply not put it!
(Tibetan bosses see here, the next time you can not give me a discount?

2:00 PM lazy afternoon and "Jokhang Temple + Barker Street" more with

(Lunch 85 yuan / person) , if you do not want to spend money on the outside to see also very good, here turn and knock a lot of people head long.

Jokhang Temple tickets are not limited, casually buy, but every year in July there will be a provision in August, the morning for the team / pilgrims / pilgrims visit time, after 12 noon FIT can be a regular ticket to visit. Stop at 6 pm, please plan time.

Jokhang Temple before the devout pilgrims

Legend in the Jokhang Temple line of 1000 full of worship ceremony, you can achieve their own desire Oh ~

Octagonal street entrance

Do not remember to wear a hat into the Jokhang Temple Oh!
There are Barkhor Street, the transition is to pay attention to, we must walk along the clockwise, with the direction of the tube is the same, so there will be good luck Oh! Anti-up without good luck Kazakhstan. Do not know clockwise counterclockwise, follow the direction of the Tibetan people can go.

3:00 PM Sala Temple of the debate, the Buddha whisper

Lhasa has three famous Gelug Sects, namely: Drepung Monastery, Ganden Monastery and Sera Monastery. The reason why choose the salad temple as the afternoon trip, because there is a legendary argument here!
Debate, the layman seems to have a bit like a quarrel. Such as the Gelug Sect of the debate, there are a lot of people can not help laughing gestures and movements, fast speed, do not understand the outsiders may think they are going to dry up. In fact, people are just a debate only.

Sera Monastery

There are many forms of debate: there is a one-on-one reply, and another person standing in the middle of the other monks questioned the debate; have the same level (equivalent to grade) mutual defense, there are other levels (high grade, ) The debate.
But we usually see is one to one competition. The questioner and the respondent argue about the difficult problems in the theory, and the natural nature of the answer is lost.

on the salad temple defense, every Monday to Saturday, 15:00 start, the duration of 1.5-2 hours or so.

8:00 PM The fountain of the cloth palace square, the sunset is singing

Lhasa evening is between 8: 00-9: 30. After nine o'clock in Lhasa, genius will slowly turn black. Evening Potala Palace Square, music fountain has been opened, the United States was not like.

Potala Palace Square to see the fountain

Many couples who go hand in hand, said the fountain in the Potala Palace to marry, the success rate is very high ~
if unsuccessful, anyway, did not know you a few, it will not be too embarrassing ... ... (ha ha ha)
will play Friends, patted in addition to a lot of exotic couples photos, the following pose for reference:

Do a Tibetan people, wear a Tibetan

9:30 PM Wencheng princess under the moonlight Jiao Yan

The wings of Tibet, where is it?

Look at this picture, the background is not very unique? According to the scenery in the text into the Princess show, can only tell you so much ~
Wencheng Princess open field real theater, in the south of the mountain city of Lhasa, only in the night under the backdrop to see its grand stage effect, shuttle time body taste Tubo Dynasty The epic scene.  
The show is very popular in the local, basically every person who arrived in Lhasa will not miss this show. So please book two days in advance Oh!

To the Tibetan must see the performance of the text into the princess

Address: Lhasa City Chengguan District Cixi Lin China Tibet Cultural Tourism Creative Park, about 7 km from the center of Lhasa.
Traffic: Lhasa city bus to 30 yuan per person to the hotel access, after the end of the show back to the city of Lhasa; taxi alone about 50 yuan; if traveling by car, the venue has free parking, but the parking spaces advise in advance One and a half hours to reach a bit.
Special reminder: feel good friends can ride a bike ride, 7 km, anyway, tired people die, hehe.

Potala Palace to Wencheng Princess Performance Route Topographic Map

Princess Wencheng position distribution

Performance time: 5-6 months, 21:10 every night opening, need to arrive 30 minutes in advance. 7-8 months, 21:40 opening.
Performance time: 100 minutes
Ticket location: No. 2 parking lot. But the site to buy more expensive, it is recommended to buy tickets online in advance, not only concessions, but also in advance seat selection.    

After the end of the show from the drove back to the city of Lhasa, smooth, then 12 pm to the hotel, if the event of traffic jams, about 1:00 or so to return to the room, although missed the time for the applause of love, but look Such a wonderful performance is worth it ~ ~ ~

Have you both raised your hands?

So, to see the text of the Princess Princess to live in the text of the day to perform the mountain is the best, the current three hotels / inn, accommodation conditions are good, the three hotels have been listed to give you the
most money: Monali International Youth Hostel
Economic Tour: No. 21 Inn
Boutique Tour: Lhasa Tibet Jia Xi Boutique Hotel

Princess Wencheng Night

Local people can also live there in the viewing room, you can see the stars at night, in the room view of the Potala Palace night, but only a luxury room, the best set in advance! Finally attached to the Princess Cheng opera theater hills the Lhasa night and stars! But I believe that your level of photography may not be shot out, haha.

Princess Wencheng Night Galaxy Star Sky

Lhasa travel Raiders have been done, 1 day trip is very tense, it is recommended to complete in two days. Xiaopen friends, take your notes to take the rough to let the palace to see, play Lhasa into a skill has been taught to you, waiting for you to play in Lhasa.

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