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Ancient Palace
Tibetan Buddhist temple tour in Tibet - Lhasa
The legend of Tibetan wilderness is the shape of the witch, which goes back to the time when Princess Wencheng entered Tibet in the 7th century. According to legend, the princess Wencheng predicts that the Tibetan terrain is similar to the supine shape of the Rakshasa in accordance with the Central Plains' Eighty Five Elements Counting Observations If you want to stop the women of Raksha, you need to build thirteen temples. This is the origin of the main Tibetan Buddhist temple ...
Tibetan restaurant
What are the most authentic Tibetan restaurant?
Came to the Tibetan Plateau travel, can not ignore the life of the top priority - eat. So how to solve this problem? Fat monkey open radar search all over the streets of Lhasa, for small partners carefully selected a number of stores to meet your taste buds trip. There is nothing to eat can not solve the problem, if there is, then continue to eat!
Summer to come to Tibet Lhasa as an example of the real hammer Raiders Come!
I remember when friends in Guangdong told me that hot dog, and I was Lhasa wearing autumn clothes Qiu ... ...
Lhasa 24H 丨 depth of the Tibet Center tour
To Lhasa travel how to play better? The scenery at the door to take a photo, your friends circle dazzle even like it? NONONO, the most authentic way to play or to me to teach you. Now, the master I, to work it!