Summer to come to Tibet Lhasa as an example of the real hammer Raiders Come!

I remember when friends in Guangdong told me that hot dog, and I was Lhasa wearing autumn clothes Qiu ... ...
by ning lexi

Why choose summer to Tibet?

On July 8, the central press release of the national high temperature forecast map can be found, Tibet is the coolest place friends ~
Tibet belongs to the plateau region, although the strong ultraviolet light, but it is a good place for summer. Here is the vertical climate of the plateau, remember to read the time when the geography class, the elevation of 1000M will drop 6 ℃, so come to play must bring enough clothes Oh ~
July - September is the most suitable time to Tibet, The temperature is appropriate, more green vegetation, oxygen content, air humidity is relatively high, this time, the Tibetan calendar festival, the most people into Tibet, very lively.

For example, the capital of Tibet - Lhasa:
Lhasa City Bureau of Meteorology last year, one year on the Lhasa air oxygen analysis:   

The form information represents only Lhasa. Like Nyingchi, Shannan and other places corresponding to the oxygen content of the time than Lhasa about 15% higher, Ali Yumeng Nam wood and other oxygen content corresponding to the time than Lhasa 10% lower. And 7-9 months are the highest annual oxygen content. Visible, this time to Tibet to play, high anti-probability will be relatively low.
July - September Lhasa temperature around 15 ° -25 °. Nyingchi 10 ° -20 ° or so, Everest, Nam Co 5 ° -15 ° or so. In the mainland Meteorological Bureau reported that the high temperature yellow warning, we are in Lhasa covered with quilts ~ is not hot weather, people are also upset it, and quickly come to Tibet summer it. Here in addition to temperature, there are beliefs, people can calm down, pour out the heart of the hot ~ 7-8 months just summer vacation, very suitable for parent-child travel, bring their parents or bring a child, to a trip leisure travel ~  

What is the fun of Lhasa?

1. Potala Palace:    

To Lhasa basic owners will want to go to the Potala Palace stroll, what is it inside? Why limit the number of visitors? 7-8 month season for no time to line up booking visitors, that high prices are prohibitive. If you do not have to explain it just into the big treasure. Inside the cheapest should be a gold.
Into the Potala Palace, the cheapest way there are two, one is queuing to buy tickets, but the basic season are to be early to line up, relatively hard. The other is seven days in advance booking online. This probability of success is very low, and can grab the words recommended to buy a lottery day, but still try, anyway, no loss, grab to earn.
Or you can choose a group of Lhasa day tour of the shopping group, although there are shopping, but there is no compulsory consumption, including the explanation, the car pick up, the price can be.
Traffic: urban area by 1 Road, 12 Road, 17 Road, 24 Road, "pull 100 station" can be off.

2. Jokhang Temple:


Stored in Sakyamuni 12 years old body and body. Many Tibetans will knock the long head around the Jokhang Temple. It is worth a go. It is important to note that the Jokhang Temple does not visit the group in the morning. But there is no limit to FIT, buy tickets can go in. 18:00 pm to stop opening.
Transportation: take the 5 road, 9 Road, 10 Road, 12 Road, 15 Road, 17 Road, 18 Road, 19 Road, 24 Road in Luogu Station, walk to.

3.  Drepung Monastery:

Drepung Monastery is the most famous in the Shoton Festival that covered the slopes of the Buddha, the annual Shoton Festival visitors around the world are directed at the "Buddha" come here thousands of miles, is to see this spectacular The scene of the Tibetan calendar June 30 this day, Drepung Monastery Drepung Monastery Sakyamuni Buddha Thangka, 40 meters long, wide and 37 meters, only to show the true color for the believers, for people to pay tribute , Magnificent magnificent, the monks blowing from the horn, where the sound transmission, where the burning of vanilla incense trees, purple smoke curl, believers pilgrims, have squeezed forward, sprinkle tsampa, offer Hada, with forehead ceremony Buddha. Scene for each view of the Buddha will be surprised. However, in recent years to participate in the Buddha more and more tourists, many people are up early on the mountain to occupy the best location, narrow mountain, overcrowding, need to pay attention to safety.
Traffic: take the bus 17 Road, 24 Road, 25 Road to the Drepung Monastery Station, and then along the bus road on the mountain, takes about half an hour.

4. salad temple:

By: ladybaby

Sera Temple is the most famous argument, to arrive before 3 pm, in fact, other temples also have a debate, but the time is limited or not necessarily open to the outside, and the salad of the defense is almost a fixed time and place, so a lot People are attracted to see the Bible, very suitable for patting the humanities film.
Transportation: take the Lhasa bus 16,24 Road to the salad Temple Station can be off.  

5. Octagonal Street:

By a small spray

In the old city around the Jokhang Temple, the traditional view of the ancient city and the way of residence, it is very Tibetan characteristics, especially at night in the warm yellow lights shine, I feel the best to see after 11 pm, visitors less. That state of octagonal street more style, and sometimes there will be young Tibetans knock in the head, the rain did not stop, you can see the faith in the Tibetan people's mind is a generation of inheritance.
Traffic: same as the Jokhang Temple

6. Princess Wencheng real drama:

Princess Wencheng real drama

Theater is located in the Lhasa River Cixi Lin (formerly Kelvin) China's Tibet cultural tourism creative park. I have seen many scenic scenes in the best and most spectacular, the stage is great. Mainly describe the story of Princess Wencheng into Tibet, it is worth a look. There is no dry description, full no urine point. In the theater can also be far from the Potala Palace, Lhasa City panorama.
Line 1: Yangcheng Plaza - St. Regis Hotel - Lhasa Evening News - Qunfang Art - Zhonghe International City - International Hotel - Western Suburb Terminal - "Wencheng Princess" Theater;
Line 2: Longwang Lake Park East Door - Civil Aviation Authority - Post Hotel - Bougainvillea Square - Tax Building - Telecom Tower - Western Suburb Baiyi Hotel - Sichuan Hall - Lhasa Hotel - Tibet Hotel - "Princess Wencheng" Theater;
Line 3: Gesanglin Card Area - Gold The
opening time: 19:00, 19:20,19:40,20: 00; return departure time: 23:00 performance end of the fare: the end of the day, 1 Yuan.
In addition to bus, you can also choose a taxi, the city starting costs about 50 yuan a day 20 minutes. Or direct booking tickets with the package.

What is delicious in Lhasa?

By the small fan

This is a matter of concern to each of the goods.
Maggie Ami Xiiba it is Chinggang Gyatso and lover trysts, the lover name is Maggie Ami, Tibetan style rich. But the season often need to line up. The bar offers a variety of Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cuisine, yogurt, ginseng salad and lamb chops are special dishes. Sitting on the third floor of the terrace, you can look at the Potala Palace, near the Barkor Street turn the road, although the light dim, the atmosphere is very comfortable.

2. Gangla Meiduo
in Lhasa local famous big shop, the environment is still good. Located in the octagonal street, the card on the use of Tibetan and Chinese in English written "Gangla Meiduo bar." Gangla Meidu Tibetan meaning: snow lotus. Inside the walls of the bar covered with Tibetan-style paintings, with the entire bar of the Tibetan decoration is very fit. The boss is the culture of people is also a businessman, the walls of the paintings can be good bargain to buy away. In addition, with the mainland bar is not the same as the lack of wine and beauty, rich Lhasa complex, make people feel profound. Specialties: sweet tea, yogurt, Tibetan lamb chops, beef patties, red wine braised beef tail, Tibetan steak.  

3. Nama Sade restaurant
Tibetan open-air courtyard, the restaurant's building is also very Tibetan style, mainly to the Tibetan meal and Nepalese meal, Masera chicken with Nan is the point, Nan is Nang cake, the Nang tear Come down and eat curry. Signs are salads, broccoli, small tomatoes, eggs, apples, etc., the content is very rich, fresh and delicious. In such an ancient antique, marked the ancient relics of the courtyard of the courtyard to eat, tea, sun, happiness is self-evident.

Plateau scenery leisure travel:

Holding pictures

Bring the old children to the plateau to play, itself is not a very easy thing, and how to make travel leisure, you can see the beauty, play well? Time is not very good can take short-term, recommend a few worthwhile experience of the trip. 
Which part of the line containing possession of the camera, try to do a return to Tashi Dolma, take pictures. Feeling the whole person.

1. Yanghu half day tour: (possession of the camera) sheep Zhuo Yong wrong - one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, not far from Lhasa. Half a day can be back and forth.

2. Yang Lake + Pu Mo Yong wrong day trip: Lhasa - sheep Zhuo Yong wrong (sheep lake half of the lake) - wave clip - Pu Mo Yong wrong - push Gan Dan Mao Men Temple - back to Lhasa. Spend a day to swim Shuanghu, without regret.

3. Namco wrong day trip (possession of the camera): Namco wrong can be the same day back and forth, one-way about 5 hours by car, the road can be concept Qing Tanggula mountain, Tibetan grassland scenery. Starting time earlier

4. Namco staggered elephant day door day tour: This is a half-way lake trip, the elephant door is in the north shore of Namco a newly developed scenic spots. Not many people. Just a picture can be used as a desktop.

If the time is slightly more can choose a three-day trip. The first choice must be Nyingchi, low altitude, high oxygen content, suitable for children early to the plateau to adapt.
Nyingchi new line + cable village line: the most characteristic is the new 6km light walk, through the grassland pastures, snow-capped mountains forest, looking for another paradise, very suitable for the elderly and children to experience the fun of walking. 2 nights to live in the area, the time to maximize the enjoyment of beauty. Suo Song Village Bed and Breakfast also provide a variety of collections and props to take pictures Oh ~

Tianjie small ring line (possession of photography): This line includes the sheep lake, Namco wrong, Shigatse these people to Tibet are more like to go to the place. Do not go back to the road, save time, but also to Namco missed the night to see the sunset, watching the stars, watching the sunrise ~ However, the higher elevation, it is recommended to adapt in Lhasa to do a good choice.

Family travel, you can also choose chartered. The trip their own set, tightness control, where to go where you want to go Not afraid of children or the elderly have other discomfort affect the team, more freedom.

What is the hotel recommended?

Lhasa cloud and beauty hotel

Choosing the right hotel accommodation is also a part of the parent-child travel preparation. Lhasa, a total of more than 1550 hotels and pubs, difficult to choose difficult to choose, here recommended some for reference.
1. Chain hotel: 7 days chain, such as home, Han court. Hotel chain are basically more brand guarantee, the basic will not appear too much psychological gap. Hotel accommodation is also similar.
2. View Hotel Inn: Xinhua Hotel, the top floor has a very large viewing platform, night can see the cloth palace night, the price is generally around 200-300 yuan.
Pingzhu youth hostel's new building can also see the room of the Potala Palace, the price is more than dozens to hundreds of have.
Some of the skyscrapers and the hotel, Jia Xi Boutique creative hotel, located in the Wencheng Princess Theater, some rooms can look at the Potala Palace, and Lhasa panorama.
3. Tibetan style hotel: come to Lhasa to stay some of the more local Tibetan characteristics of the hotel is also a good choice,
Zaxi Quta Hotel, for the traditional Tibetan garden building, both inside and outside the Tibetan style decoration, set rooms, Restaurant, roof tea house as one of the Tibetan boutique hotel, three bosses are Tibetan, safe, quiet, comfortable, harmonious and healthy Tibetan garden environment, let you feel the authentic local life, bring home in general The travel experience.
Lhasa Vatican Ancient Boutique Inn is located in the old town of Bajiao Street, within walking distance of Jokhang Temple, Bajiao Street and Kankou Temple. Built in the ancient Tibetan style of the old craft, inn filled with Thangka, Mani stone carving and other decoration, the top floor of the mountains, the city and the Potala Palace, in the sun, small interest, chat, tea are Leisurely.

Plan a perfect summer leisure tour, come to Tibet summer it ~ more questions you can click on the picture consulting me oh ~

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