Lijiang five days classic play

Graduation season, such as about, 6,7 months of the campus filled with sad and reluctant to the air, someone with a graduation farewell, some people eat together to farewell, but also by buying drunk farewell, but perhaps better The way? Maybe we can try to use the trip to suspend our next footsteps? Go to Lijiang and night to buy drunk, together to the Lugu Lake feel Mosuo love.
night of lijiang by much  big fish

Rige Peninsula is the most hungry

To the south of Choi Wan farewell

Yunnan has been a hot place for graduation travel, but Yunnan is very large, if you plan a week or so, then remove the cost of traffic time, it is recommended to Lijiang as a site, out to the outside, most people only play Lijiang, but Planning good words 4-5 days time can play Lijiang, Shigu, beam River, Lugu Lake four places.

First, why choose Lijiang - Lugu Lake this line?

1, cost : lower cost, this line per capita 1500-2000 yuan, more per capita savings of 1200-1500 yuan.
2, time : this line down 5 days can be finished, easy not tired, you can also play more depth.
3, the scenery : Yunnan's natural landscape called a must, plus the ethnic minority here, the flavor of the full flavor of the national flavor to be more precious.

Second, how reasonable planning time and space?

Day1: Lijiang - Shuhe - Dayan Old Town (14 km round-trip transportation takes 30 minutes)
Day2: Lijiang - Shek Kwu - Square Street (100 km round-trip transportation in two hours)
Day3: Lijiang - Lugu Lake (one-way 205 Km, the traffic takes 3.5 hours)
Day4: Lugu Lake Lake (Lake Road, a total of 52 km)
Day5: Lugu Lake - Lijiang (one way 205 km, the traffic takes 3.5 hours)

Third, Lijiang and the surrounding eat and drink

1. Lijiang national culture

Pixi Dai month, wearing a blue and gray jacket of the Naxi, yak hair made of fake braids around the head of the Mosuo people, silver robe shiny embroidered Yi, white fluttering Pumi. Lijiang town of rural, still common to a variety of unique ethnic minority dress. Naxi accounted for half of the total population of Lijiang, and the Naxi people attach great importance to education, a high degree of civilization

Naxi by rain

2. Recommended play

First to solve a misunderstanding, Lijiang is a city, the ancient city is a part of it, we often say that the ancient city of Lijiang is the local people say that the ancient city, on the ancient city maintenance fee (80 yuan / person), in the ancient city of North Gate and South Gate of the major alley entrance are checked, to Yulong Snow Mountain, Black Dragon Pool Park, white sand, Lion Rock are required to have maintenance fees of the bill, the ancient city of the various outlets are sold.

Night by fannycmj

Lijiang recommended three places to play: beam River town, the ancient city and stone drums.

Day 1 morning: beam river town

Beam river town

Beam River relative to the commercialization of the atmosphere will be lighter, the characteristics of the B & B will be more, more like the quiet people must turn to the river, do not ask me to study and beam which is good, my proposal is two Have to experience it.
Traffic: from the big study to the beam River, take a taxi, generally do not play the table, driving 15 minutes, one way 20 to 30 yuan. You can also take the 6-way, 11-way bus in the ancient city mouth, and get off at the junction of the beam and walk for 20 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes to ride a bike.
Tickets: pricing is 40 yuan / person, student card half price, but the binding is not strong, basically no one serious treatment.
Beam River Quartet Street : beam town center also has Quartet Street, next to the dragon bridge across the river. Lijiang is said to be the largest and most ancient stone arch bridge.

Beam river square street by ZY_FC

Beam River stone lotus temple: located in the west side of the river town of Lotus Hill, is the heights of the beam River, along the Renli Road, walk a few minutes to arrive, the temple has a side of the pebble paved the platform.
Beam River Jiuding Longtan: beam River town of water from all the clear bottom of the pool - Jiuding Longtan, also known as "Jiuquan", spring water from the Yulong Snow Mountain.  

Beam river lunch Recommended: one restaurant, thick tea and rice, blankly mother dishes, Chengdu kitchen, Dai hand pilaf

Day1 Afternoon: Dayu Ancient City

Big study by Miss meow

Quartet Street:   Quartet Street is the most prosperous streets of Lijiang, Lijiang ancient city is not big, here is the heart of the ancient city, although now has been very commercial, but still every person to Lijiang will visit the place. Every morning there will be a lot of Naxi old people in the dance, light and simple music, Naxi light dance, there are snacks street, you can eat snacks from all over the country.

Quartet Street by nana

Wood House: large-scale palace-style buildings - the village as if the ancient city of the "Forbidden City", was Lijiang hereditary wood of the chieftain's office, although the wood is located in the south, but has a northern style.
Tickets: 60 yuan, student tickets half price
opening time: 08: 30 - 17:30

Wood House by meow Miss

Lion Rock Scenic Area: Located in the southwest corner of the ancient city of the Lion Rock is a great place to overlook the entire study, the top level can take 360 ​​degrees to Lijiang panoramic view, the scenic area has three entrances, it is recommended after the end of the wood from the back door.
Tickets: 50 yuan student ticket half price
opening time: 07:00 - 20:00

Lijiang ancient city panorama by small Sha teacher

Alone to buy the two scenic spots more expensive tickets, the Internet will be cheaper, it is recommended to buy a package, as long as 78, can also be a separate ticket.

Day2 Day: Shigu

Shigu is located 50 kilometers west of Lijiang, but the traveler has been Shimao as a crossing station, get off a few photos on the hurry to leave, but the town has a green wall around the white walls, patchwork of the original ecological village, summer To the fruit everywhere: peaches, pears, the most famous is that you can see here, "the first panoramic view of the Yangtze River," more types of outdoor sports: climbing, slippery cable, drifting. It is worth exploring the idyllic travelers and folk lovers.

Shigu town

Traffic: Lijiang to Shiguo can reach bound to Jinzhuang, ZTE, Gandian, Tacheng and other direction of the bus (15 yuan; 2 hours), get off in Shigu; Jinkai Square, there are many vans to Shigu, Full departure (20 yuan, 1.5 hours). In the Shek Kwu street stop a lot of van back to Lijiang.
Yangtze River First Bay: watch the "Yangtze River First Bay" often go to the location, in the town of Shek Kwu East entrance to the road after the photography home on the hillside, 10 yuan / person.

Yangtze River First Bay by network pictures

Shigang rock climbing : the rich limestone mountain around the Shigu is very suitable for sports rock climbing, from the Shigu town 10 km Shiguang rock climbing base to provide rock climbing, bungee jumping, towering and other outdoor experience, it is recommended to travel to break a self Experience, climbing Ye Hao, bungee jump Ye Hao.

Downhill by bikego

Rock climbing by bikego

To their own climbing base, then it is difficult, only from Lijiang car to Shigu, but still 10 km of the mountain, there is no public transport, driving their own, then, if not by car, then the most convenient way to buy Lijiang back and forth to send the packaged outdoor products.

Shigu drifting: Shijiazhuang Jinsha River water flow gentle, Shigu wharf next to the "Yangtze River in the first drift" to provide three drifting routes, the price of about 168-198 / person.

Day2 Evening: Quartet Street

Evening square street by network picture

The heart of the ancient city, is the center of the tea market, and now the whole city merchants gathered, the most prosperous, the most hustle and bustle of the streets, bluestone paved the way, the house is all brick structure, want to buy all kinds of national shawl clothing must come Stroll, although most are Yiwu goods.

Shops gathered in the Quartet Street by the network pictures

Now the Quartet Street is still the most prosperous place in the ancient city, is the famous local bar street, shopping street, but also the famous city of a snack street to operate pot pots, casserole rice and other local snacks, is the ancient city of the most One of the concentrated dining streets. Of course, you can not be confined to the Quartet Street, shopping at night when you want, how to go on how to go, chances are you can meet the surprise Yo ~

Naxi cuisine by Wei Ni

3. Not recommended in summer

Yulong Snow Mountain: Many people have not seen the snow-capped mountains on the Yulong Snow Mountain has an infinite yearning, but the summer Yulong Snow Mountain is almost no snow, and the weather is not good, may not even see the bald mountain.

There is no snowy snow by little teacher

4. Food / bar recommended

Lijiang region of the food taste salty, spicy, taste the best in advance to inform the light. Lijiang characteristics are mainly black goat hot pot, wax ribs hot pot and salmon, of course, developed by the tourism industry is that you can also eat here all over the snacks, but are more expensive.

Yongxia snacks: loyalty market 108, a small shop, 40 yuan per capita Naxi Cai
88 snack bar: Wuyi Street Xingren upper 88, a super hot Naxi home restaurant, per capita 40 yuan
bait food: in the Seven street Chongren Lane No. 43, store decoration is very small fresh, dishes are not much, per capita 20 yuan.
Naxi chicken noodle: delicious cheap rice noodle shop, do not miss the chicken feet (3 yuan / month), fragrant but not greasy.
There is a pot of wax ribs hot pot: Lijiang New City Xiangshan market, local people often come to eat Huotang hot pot restaurants, business is excellent.

In fact, many people come to Lijiang are directed at the bar, which is the ancient city of the night so much reason, bar singer, sing the traveler, we all under the anesthesia of alcohol flying self, but if the female The child's words or to pay more attention.

Big ice hut: Wuyi Street Wenzhi Lane 80, most of the ice from the boss, admission fee 40 yuan / person.
Rivers and lakes bar: 51 Street Wangjiazhuang Lane No. 41, invited almost all folk singer and a variety of original musicians, the season will be very hot, 100 yuan per capita.
Ban cloth bar: Yuhe corridor B District 2-3, the ancient city can be heard everywhere "little baby" will come from here, 80 yuan per capita.
Flower bar: 51 Street Yin Yu Lane No. 50, very liberal arts bar, per capita from 100 yuan.
Space bar: Xinhua Street Cuiwen paragraph 177, belonging to the maverick bar, 120 yuan per capita.

5. Accommodation recommended

Old class long stay Hostel: 35-45 yuan bed, other room type 150 or so, the city's hostel, in the ancient city of
Naxi inn: 98 yuan, the quiet location, is the ancient city center affordable choice.
Mirror flower different homes Inn: 188 yuan, the inn Linhe built, big bay window or a small balcony can let you side of the sun, while listening to water.
Pillow water house boutique inn: 238 yuan, the door of the flowers and plants are very attractive to visitors, the room sound insulation effect is good.
Flower garden dream garden: 480 yuan, is a famous architects transformation of the old Chinese medicine residence, the stars of the stars, very popular.

6. How to avoid trouble and danger

1. Wine care: Lijiang pretend to meet the men and women in fact is the "wine care", the actor "Aventure Terminator" Henjiao Se, they pretend to meet you invited you to drink, the last checkout, thousands or even tens of thousands, so out Do not play through such a way "Aventure".
2. Bar pay: a lot of bar on the menu of beer only a dozen of the price, buy a bottle of a bottle must be informed in advance, online buy will be cheaper.
3. Rational shopping: Do not believe the inn owner to recommend all kinds of flowers cake ah, silverware ah, what Maka, they are almost all to get kickbacks, there are full of street hand shawls are actually Yiwu goods , But more than a dozen twenty bought to take pictures can also be.
4. low-cost tour: do not be asking price is low "day tour" or van temptation, be careful to the spots strong buy strong sell, would rather spend some of the price to find a regular travel agency travel.
5. Roadside black car: Lijiang is a very developed areas of tourism, dangerous and trouble usually comes from you as "human flesh" all kinds of people, it is best not to follow the roadside without any identification of the black car to various places.
6. big night travel: on this issue, in fact, not only Lijiang, travel in addition to the north of this wide all night brightly lit big cities, you should not travel alone night, especially girls, not wayward, Do not keep luck.

Four, easy to play Lugu Lake

1. Lijiang how to Lugu Lake

Lijiang to Lugu Lake high-speed repair, and about 3 hours from Lijiang to Lugu Lake.
Way to: Lijiang Express bus station every day to the big Luo water (66 yuan; 09: 00,10: 00,4 hours or so)
way two: Lijiang first Ninglang, car grade is not the same, the price is not the same (31 -49 yuan / person, 2 hours), and then from Ninglang sitting local van (30 yuan / person) to Lugu Lake.
Way three: the most simple way, online booking to Lugu Lake car, 08:00 began to pick up, 09:00 departure from Lijiang. Lijiang and Lugu Lake can go directly to the inn, you can also set the return, return can choose 09:00 and 14:00 two classes. Convenient.

2. Lugu Lake national culture

Mosuo people: Mosuo people on the ethnic group has always been a lot of argument, but their ethnic category is some embarrassment, living in Lugu Lake in Yunnan Mosuo people were identified as Naxi, living in Lugu Lake in Sichuan The serfs were identified as Mongolians, but they did not make any difference. But also with the Naxi and Mongolian far and far, strictly speaking, this should be the first 57 ethnic groups, but China's relevant laws have long been clearly defined, no longer identify 56 ethnic groups outside the new nation.

Mosuo people by network pictures

Take a marriage: now a lot of people deliberately misinterpreted the meaning of marriage, in fact, really married is completely free, the real freedom of marriage, the woman living in the mother's life, the man to the night companion home in the morning to return to his home Called "marriage". The establishment and relocation of the relationship entirely by the feelings, does not involve any property disputes, the children are born to the woman, with the mother.  

Marriage when the man turned the window into the woman boudoir by the network picture

3. Recommended lake route & play

Optional clockwise and counterclockwise around the lake, clockwise from the big Luo water, counter-clockwise recommended Rige starting.

Lugu Lake map by standing cool wearing big ones

Clockwise: large Luo water → red heart lovers → viewing platform → Riga Peninsula → small Luo water → Luyuan career → Gome goddess mountain → Laibi Valentine's Beach → Zhaojiawan → Goddess Bay → grass sea marriage Bridge → Sichuan-Yunnan Friendship Bridge → Langliu Village → Daoli water
counterclockwise: Riga → Hongye love beach → large Luo water → Lang Fang → Sichuan-Yunnan Friendship Bridge → Caohai Marriage Bridge → Zhaojiawan → Goddess Bay → small Luo water → Lu Yuan Yu → viewing platform → Riga

Grass sea by one pumpkin seeds

Take a trip to the bridge by one pumpkin seeds

The observation grid is on the peninsula

Walk on the lake: the whole process takes 2-3 days, the difficulty is not big, but from the time cost and scenery, the meaning of walking

Walk on the lake by shallow

Bicycle around the lake: need 8 to 9 hours, a lot of bicycles quite riding, choose a bike. Electric car , then 5 to 6 hours, Lake West slope and corners are more frequent traffic accidents, remember to wear protective gear, pay attention to safety.  

Not the lake section by the most hungry _ body weight

Chartered around the lake: charter lake save time and effort, but only stay attractions and viewing platform, rush to take pictures on the road, the lake 4 hours long, the driver wants to start as soon as possible, in order to Dora live, the driver will turn on 2 ~ 3 laps.  

 4 + 2 around the lake: the business car + bike mode, to avoid the shortcomings of the car, the integration of the advantages of riding, in a day can easily ring the lake, but also to ride the best quality of the two lake road The  

4 + 2 Lake by bikego

Riding a beautiful road by bikego

Sunset when sitting pig trough watching sunset by yo yo

4 + 2 The advantages of the lake is not only the mode of transport, comfortable business vehicles, more secure high-end bicycles, but also by pig trough boat. And this leader and the driver is different, do not need to pull live, are generally trained personnel, so more to ensure the quality of service, full camera, caring service.  

If you choose the next day to return to Lijiang car, the morning can go to the ancient god of the mountain after the valley to see the Lugu Lake is also a few pure sea (that is, the lake, the locals known as Haizi), try the next play, the local Two Mosuo brothers get ATV base, they do not understand all kinds of routines, but also very sincere, very pure play.

The god of the mountain

4. Recommended food

water barbecue city: mainly eat supper, per capita 40 yuan
large Los water | Impression legend: Main Western food, per capita 60 yuan per person,
Lizi home barbecue: the middle of the road business in the middle of the most popular shop, per capita 70 yuan
Lige | Peninsula on the 7th: mainly home cooking, per capita 15 yuan
Lige | Choi Wan Gum wild mushroom hot pot: Delicious, 80 yuan per capita

5. Accommodation recommended

  Now the village along the lake have accommodation, mostly living in the big Luo water and Riga, high-end inn mainly concentrated in the Lang Fang.  

Lakeside Lake House International Youth Hostel: shop 35, Lake View double 248 from the
big water | beautiful places: Lake view double 358 from the
big Luo water | confused years: Lake view double 430 from the
large water | impression legend: Lakeview double standard 500-1000
Rigby | Lugu Lake international Youth Hostel: Shop $ 40, P between 80-100, 180 Lakeview standard double play
Rigby | forgot shallow Villas: Lake View standard double from 380
Rick | Red dust Pure land: standard double 480 from the
Lang put | and slow: 833, the best view of the lake
scene Lang Fang | wind and other half-boutique hotel: 300, boutique bed and breakfast

Do not believe that the enthusiasm of the tour guide to recommend you "Mosuo home visit", this arrangement is likely to become a "Master", "Living Buddha" pointing, and expensive.


Farewell is inevitable, but hope that graduation can make the sadness of the delay to some, so that four years of college life draw a satisfactory full stop.

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