Lijiang starting, the depth of play Yulong Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake, Shangri-La Detailed

Everyone has a heart Lijiang, quiet and lonely. In Lijiang, met people, met the city, meet the heart. Some people, from here to start wandering, and some people, find hometown here. In addition to literary youth like the city, senior ALICE also love here. Because there is not only a small town story, as well as the other end of the deep sea. If you are ready to experience the city, let me tell you one by one!

Lijiang should be how to play?

Yunnan's many attractions, and the most famous are basically in the northwest of Yunnan. In fact, playing Lijiang City, about a day or two is enough, but we usually take Lijiang as a transit point to go to Yulong Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Puda measures, Songzan Lin Temple, Meili Snow Mountain, Lashihai, Lugu Lake Depth to play a circle. Combined with my years of experience in the local life, I will recommend a most suitable route for everyone, including the day trip to Lijiang City, through the snow-capped mountains tripod (Yulong Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake) and all the way to the north of Shangri-La Row. These routes need to return to Lijiang again, so if the time is not enough friends can pick one or two lines to go.

Lijiang City Day Tour

Daejong Ancient City - Black Longtan - Xiangshan - Qingxi Reservoir - beam River
from Lijiang Railway Station take the 18 bus to the loyalty of the market and get off, you can walk to the ancient city of Dayan. Here is like a maze, there are more than two thousand inn, each has its own characteristics. The ancient city of the road is also accessible, road easy to go in, not easy to come out. If you do not download a mobile phone map is really likely to turn inside half a day out of the. The ancient city of the road is all stone road, girls are best not to wear high heels, so as not to go shopping when sorry for their feet.
If you read "Wood House" that you must be impressed by the extraordinary style of the building. "North of the Forbidden City, South Wood House", showing its status in the local. Into the red wooden door, eyes suddenly see the light, an open ground towering stands a resplendent palace, white marble base carved beautifully, that magnificent momentum, people reminding us of scenes within the palace. Boarded the wood after the mountain, a panoramic view of Lijiang, blue sky and white clouds, filling the momentum of the king of the land. Here to provide free explanation, but need to get enough people will start. Tickets 60 yuan, online purchase will be cheaper.
If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of the town, that the lion mountain must be the choice of the two. Mountain climbing is free, but the top of the hill on the need to purchase tickets, 50 yuan per person. If you feel expensive, in fact, along the way the mountain can be found in the back of some of the inn shooting angle, but also just take a panoramic view. Or you can spend tens of dollars in an atmosphere of the coffee shop while drinking coffee while enjoying the whole picture of the ancient city.
From the ancient city of water tankers against the water, walk about ten minutes to the Black Dragon Pool Park. Black Dragon Pool is known for the place is to shoot the shadow of the Yulong Snow Mountain, according to my years of experience in the weather sunshine strong when the best effect, which lock the bridge is the best harvest point.
Behind the park is Xiangshan. If you want to climb the mountain, you need to register your ID card and do not allow flammable items such as lighters and matches.
The weather is good, out from the park can take the 3-way 6 bus to the Qingxi reservoir. Lijiang is here one of the water source, the environment is beautiful, there is a trail in the middle of the reservoir, the whole reservoir is divided into two halves, there are two arch bridge, there are many willows. When the weather is clear, you can see the whole Yulong Snow Mountain reflection on the surface of the water. Often there will be new people here to take wedding pictures.
During the day to the big study of the ancient city, then the evening can experience the river town, which is a simple environment and quiet, very slow pace of life, relative to the town of lively and commercial atmosphere of the rich, Will be quiet. But in the evening is still very lively, there are all kinds of bars and small museums, many restaurants can be found online to buy tickets, if the meal is still very cost-effective. Store atmosphere are good, is a good place to experience the nightlife.

Tips: Lijiang City, most of the attractions do not need tickets, but will be asked to purchase the ancient city maintenance costs, 80 yuan a, and now the ancient city is not in the ancient city of the card check the ancient ticket.

Into the snow-capped mountains to visit the northeast of the lake three games

01. Lijiang - Yulong Snow Mountain Day Tour
02. Lijiang - Lashihai day trip
03. Lijiang - Lugu Lake - Lijiang two day tour

Yulong Snow Mountain Day Tour

Yulong Snow Mountain has always been the eyes of the Naxi people in the mountains, Naxi people firmly believe that their protection of God, "three" is the embodiment of Yulong Snow Mountain. Yulong Snow Mountain from Lijiang more than 30 kilometers, there is no train, there is no bus. Some 3-8 Road (blue van) so-called to the snow-capped mountains, will be on the way to pull guests to the foot of the snow-capped mountains horse riding, the cost is very expensive. In fact, it is more suitable for participating in the local MITS carpool or day trip, if not with the group can also chartered their own, the price of 200 yuan a day, but you need to rent their own cold clothing (50 dollars) to buy oxygen (68 a small bottle ) The. Fang Hanfu can be rented according to individual needs can not rent, oxygen suggest that you still buy a few bottles, or else under the big cableway hypoxia on the trouble. Yulong Snow Mountain Glacier Park's large cableway is very advanced, ten minutes can rise more than 1000 meters, and is completely closed. Down after the basic will be asthma, oxygen must be prepared in advance, of course, the above service stations have to sell, 100 dollars a bottle.
Morning trip to the snow-capped mountains. Yulong snow-capped mountains into the area after the reunification to Gan Haizi, from the service station to sit in the area of ​​environmental protection bus can go to the Blue Moon Valley or cable car station. It is recommended to go to the Blue Moon Valley to see, where the lake is blue, and the valley was crescent-shaped, far away like a blue moon inlaid at the foot of the dragon mountain. At the same time it is also called the White River, because the bottom of the river bed by the white limestone composition, the rain will become white when the water is really amazing. If not tired, it is recommended that you do not take those electric cars, because the best scenery on the lake, driving will be missed instantly, and the distance did not imagine so far.
Visit the Blue Moon Valley need to return to Gan Haizi, continue to take the green bus to the cable car station. Yulong Snow Mountain cable car may be you have been the most exciting cable car ride, just ride the elevation is already 3369 meters, along the way if you catch a wind and rain, but that adrenaline soared ah. Under the cable car is 4506 meters above sea level, that is, you all the way up the vertical height of more than a thousand meters. Get off and then climb about 200 meters to the highest point. The more the place the more dilute the oxygen, climb the stairs when the slow, do not worry, go fast and easy to high anti, uncomfortable take oxygen suction, altitude sickness with their physical differences, if you feel that physical discomfort must not hard support.
The mountain is not very cold, when the sun shines on the body warm, but a gust of wind blowing and extremely cool. UV is very strong, remember to be coated with sunscreen, with good sunglasses. From the height of 4680 meters overlooking the foot of the mountain, there is a challenge to the ultimate sense of accomplishment.
Night need to ride back to Lijiang, you can in the town or the ancient town of beam to find one of your favorite inn to live one night, the way to feel the nightlife of Lijiang.
Tickets: into the mountain fee 130; large glacier park ropeway 180; green car 20.
Tips: short jacket thick jacket must be brought in the sun out of Lijiang is summer, wind is spring, rain is winter. Umbrellas or raincoats have to bring, in June Lijiang day again and again in the rain between the switch back and forth.  

Lashihai day tour

Lashihai is the first in Yunnan Province to "wetland" named nature reserve, the water is the Yulong Snow Mountain above the snow, from the ancient city of Lijiang about ten kilometers. Such as the mirror of the lake reflects the Yulong Snow Mountain, the time is recommended to go, mainly riding a rowing, feel the natural scenery, the day can be round trip. But here more pit, in the ancient city of Naxi aunt often ask you to go not to pull the city, as long as 5 dollars. But waiting for you to really go, riding a booing a three hundred or five did not come down If you do not play, it is difficult to come back, only their own in the village to find a car, but the city of Lakescape to confirm the great.
Personal recommendations to participate in a day board tour or carpool to travel more easily worry. Generally nine o'clock from the ancient city of Lijiang, because it is mountain road so about 40 minutes by car can reach the city of Lashi. Lashihai local more than 50 horse farms, each of the riding lines are not the same, the scenery is not the same, but the general direction are the so-called Tea Horse Road line. Riding about one and a half hours, after the mountain is the time to eat lunch, you can try to use the local backyard chicken to do the chicken hot pot. After eating full can play kayak, which is a physical labor, but very fun, generally do not wet clothes. Two in the afternoon to return to Lijiang Dayan ancient city on it.
Now a new way to play, save money to save time and time, many friends will go to Dali, many people do not know Lashihai Dali to Lijiang in the high-speed, and now told the launch of the ancient city of Dali → Lashihai (riding Rowing + lunch) → Lijiang scattered group, reverse trip Lijiang → Lashihai (riding boating + lunch) → Dali ancient city scattered
【tickets】 30 yuan / person
Tips: At present, pull city tour play in three ways: one is the plan Iron ore boat, eat horse food, the market price is 80-100 ranging (almost no one asked); the other is to eat chicken pots play kayak (unlimited), the market price is between 150-180, also There is a high school there is the clubhouse, such as "in the water side, rose manor, migratory birds language, etc., you can ride a boat, you can rest in the club, eat afternoon tea.

Lugu Lake Day Tour D1

To Lijiang, how can not go to Lugu Lake it Here commonly known as the "daughter of the country", is the hometown of Yang two car Namu to Mosuo people, no busy, no lights bustling, no crowd bustling, isolated.
From Lijiang to Lugu Lake has opened a new road, about four or five hours by car, before the old road theory, but to 9 hours Oh (including the driver rest and driving time, but also in the normal road conditions). But get off the moment, you find everything is worth it. From the distance overlooking the Lugu Lake, water Bishan green picturesque, visitors appreciate willing to stay, Liuhu Lake, grass long Yanfei, the sunny and! People can not help but want to sing a song: the vast horizon is my love, the foot of the mountains at the foot of the flowers are open ~
Lugu Lake around a lot of villages, more famous is the village and the village of Lige. Live, it is best in the village of Riga, look at the lake will be much better scenery. We can start a good car before you go to the grid, go to the Internet can be set in the grid of the hotel. The day of the lake can rent electric cars (80 / day), or chartered. It is recommended to rent electric cars, so you can stop to take pictures at any time. The lake route can be based on the place you live to set, roughly: big fall into the water - Rige - Nisai - small water - grass sea - take the bridge - big fall into the water.

【Tickets】 Lugu Lake tickets 100 yuan / person
【Transportation】 Shuttle: 1. In the Lijiang Bus Terminal bus bus, first to Ninglang county, to the county after a small van (about 30 yuan / person) can go to Lugu Lake; 2 Lijiang ancient city mouth Yuhe Square parking lot every morning there is a tourist line car sent to Lugu Lake, can reach the large Luo Village and Riga Island, round-trip fare 160 yuan / person, one-way 100 yuan / person (not recommended at their own expense, home visits ) 8:00 am departure, about 3.5 hours by car; 3. Lijiang Express Bus Station every day two buses sent to Lugu Lake Lau water village, respectively, 8:00 and 8:30, the fare of about 100 yuan / person; 4 Lijiang passenger station every day there are two buses sent to Lugu Lake Duo Luo Village, respectively, 8:30 and 9:00, the fare of about 106 yuan / person.
Chartered: from Lijiang City to Lugu Lake can own car rental, the general off-season for the 350-550 yuan, the season for the 550-800 yuan. Fight the price of the price range, the cost of all-inclusive, then you can see if it is cost-effective.  

Lugu Lake Day Tour D2

Lugu Lake cruise is essential. But when the lake we remember to ask the price, it was said that some of the boatman is calculated by distance, do not be pit. Like one of the seven islands of the gem of the island of Riga, surrounded by water. In this you can see the picturesque scenery of the clear water, high-altitude white clouds and the surrounding peaks clearly reflected in the water, the lake landscape into a crystal, beautiful incredible, and really tan too, must To do sunscreen.
Tips: the lake is the local drinking water, can not go swimming, so there is no burning oil Clippers.
If you want to shoot the goddess of the mountain, it must go to Zhaojiawan (commonly known as the goddess Bay). Whether looking at the sunset or watching the lake, here is a great place. But here is relatively remote, more expensive to rent their own car can be a few people together with a car around the island tour to accompany the master to go. It is also because of its inconvenient transportation, so visitors are relatively few, better environmental protection. Even better here is a home buffet snack shop, each person as long as 30 yuan can be unlimited to eat chicken, pine, fish and other food, very cost-effective.
Afternoon can return to Lijiang, after all, driving eight or nine hours, or try not to go the night road is relatively safe.
Mosuo home visits Tips:
In addition to cruise, the most experience or to the local cautious family to understand the customs. Where the houses are round or wooden pavement walls, covered with wood (now more than a cover tile). 1. can not put his feet on the pot Zhuang; 2. can not be in front of the Mosuo people say all about the topic of sex; 3. dinner can not be back to the fire pond; 4 can not take off his shoes in the fire; You can not spit to the fireplace.

All the way to the north of the three days of Shangri-La

D1 Lijiang - Yangtze River First Bay - on the tiger jump - the only grams of ancient city of
D2 Pudacao - flying Temple
D3 fly Temple - Shangri-La - Lijiang

D1 Lijiang - Yangtze River First Bay - on the tiger jump - only grams of the ancient city

Early morning from the Lijiang Passenger Terminal by bus can direct Shigu town, about 2 hours by car. If it is chartered to less than an hour will be able to. Shigu town in the Yangtze River on the first side of the hill, the back of the mountain is also the concept of "Yangtze River First Bay" the best place. Here you will feel the days of high clouds wide, overlooking the Yangtze River, a kind of suddenly feel cheerful.
After the road along the way to reach the "World Canyon of the most" [Tiger Leap Gorge], Tiger Leap Gorge in three sections, the current can play on the tiger jump and tiger jump, the next tiger jump too dangerous, are senior ALICE Go on foot. On the tiger jump points Lijiang Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri-La's Tiger Leaping Gorge, the general will choose Shangri-La section. Shangri-La's Tiger Leaping Gorge walk is up and down the stairs, the first after the next, the total time almost to 1 hour; in the tiger jump is the whole journey back and forth nearly 3 hours, are mountain, trails, more suitable for better physical people. By the way, you can solve lunch in Tiger Leaping Gorge.
【Tickets】 65 yuan
Tips: Tiger Leaping Gorge in the high temperature during the day, can bring shorts, T-shirts. Due to walking physical exertion, need to bring some high-calorie foods such as chocolate, beef jerky and so on. After May each year, Tiger Leaping Gorge area rainy, the road may be some slippery, the mountains will have a rock roll, walking should pay attention to safety.
Only grams of ancient city is not large, from the door into a not wide alley, and then go on the more broad. Lijiang is different from the commercial bustling, here is very quiet, the characteristics of the shop also appears to be mysterious up. In the ancient city can be seen far from the tube, in the moon next to the hill on the square. Along the steps up the mountain, is the steps of the big temple, you can worship. From the right side of the road can be reached around the big turn through the tube. Turn the tube towering, it is spectacular, but the distance can not be photographed with the camera panorama, only in the foot of the mountain shot. The tube has a circle around the circle of about ten centimeters thick steel pipe, wrapped around the cloth belt, is used to let everyone work together to turn through the tube with the. The mountains can overlook the entire city of the only grams, the scenery is very good. Ancient city buildings are dominated by wooden structure, even the roof are covered with wood. Some yard is very elegant, roof design into a terrace, put porcelain tables and chairs, in the mountains at first glance is really quite feel.
You can return to Shangri-La in the evening, you can also choose to live in the ancient city of grams.

D2 Pudacao - fly to the temple

Pudacao Park is very famous, the price is very very expensive (pass 258 yuan / person (including 138 yuan ticket fee and 120 yuan scenic tourist fare), Bita sea cruise tickets 50 yuan / person). Here is not all can be free to move, only the Bitahai and the lake are two plank road can walk or boat, and the other have to take a tour bus, but the light of the two plank road there are more than 7 km, basically Can spend most of the time in this. Here is the paradise of photography enthusiasts, different colors throughout the year. Spring flowers in full blooming alpine meadows, the summer is the beautiful scenery of the mountains, the autumn has colorful layers of jungle, winter can enjoy a white blue waves under the lake.
Arrived in the evening when flying Temple, flying like a small town, the equivalent of a place name, there are many inn for visitors to stay. It is located about 10 kilometers away from Deqin County, Yunnan-Tibet Highway, is the main peak of the Meili Snow Mountain Kawagebo, is shooting "sunshine Jinshan" a great place. That night you can find a comfortable hotel to take a good rest for the morning view of the sun to prepare.

D3 fly to Temple - Shangri-La - Lijiang

Get up early, ready to go to the viewing platform to see the sunrise. But now many inn have built their own viewing platform, so if you stay just right, you can save a ticket money. Because fly to the temple viewing platform must buy a package is not very cost-effective, at least 150 yuan. The best season is the annual 11 to May next year, the summer rain and more to see sunshine Jinshan full of luck.
Enjoy the breath of this moving sun, you can return to Lijiang. Although the bumps along the way, but think about the experience of these days experience will feel that everything is worth it.  

What should you know before starting?

1. Yunnan daily morning temperature difference (5-18 degrees Celsius), travel to Yunnan should pay attention to dress, you can wear half-sleeved T-shirt base, and more easy to wear off the jacket. If you do not intend to rent the local cotton when the mountain snow, you can bring a relatively thick jacket.
2. Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, outdoor ultraviolet radiation strong, pay attention to sunscreen, with a good sunscreen.
3. Lijiang, Shangri-La's high altitude, must not try to brave to go too fast. If you feel uncomfortable to stop to rest, it is best to carry a bottle of oxygen with you.
4. In the scenic area at their own expense riding or riding a yak to take pictures, need to pay attention to safety, follow the master arrangements for guidance, do not make a frightening animal behavior, so as not to cause harm to their own.
5. Travel photography, please pay attention to safety, not to the dangerous areas of shooting or climbing (Lijiang ancient city of water, bridge or Tiger Leaping Gorge of the cliff side).
6. In the purchase of tourism to commemorate the goods or local products, it is best to shop before the three. At the same time pay attention not to arbitrarily move the display of the sample to prevent accidental damage.
7. When traveling in Yunnan, pay attention to environmental protection, respect the local customs of local ethnic minorities.

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