Local people finishing the ancient city of Phoenix play, it is worth collecting!

Many people mentioned that go out to play, say no time, in fact, have a long time have a short play, at least the phoenix is ​​like this. I lived in Phoenix for seven years, I want to use my understanding of the Phoenix play, to share with you the different length of time, how to play in the Phoenix? Half day, one day, can play!
the same picture of the ancient city of phoenix landscape

When is Phoenix the best?

Overlooking the Tuojiang

Every half-ghost festival in July, over the years, March three Miao Valentine's Day, April eight ancestral ceremony, June 6, Miao Song Festival, Phoenix will attract tourists. The student party proposed to stagger the Ching Ming Festival, May Day, Golden Week holiday like this, not only many, but expensive in all aspects.
Visitors to the public: all year round Jieke, spring and autumn is better (personally prefer four to six months). July and August many people, but more fun to play. Relatively cold winter time, good luck can see the snow.
Photography enthusiasts: around March 1, April 15 or so, September 10 or so, November 20 or so, the scenery throughout the year vary.
Folk lovers: Spring Festival, Lunar New Year April 8, Lunar June 6, Dragon Boat Festival.
Have fun tourists: the ancient city of Castle Peak green spring tours, summer Tuojiang River natural bath ice water bath, the town after harvest in late autumn harvest border (young men and women love expression), the winter cold Phoenix Street Stone Street to find ancient.

Phoenix can be how to play?

Three days time enough to travel outside the city of Phoenix, outside the city in addition to the Miao Village can go to the Canyon, Aizhai Bridge, caves, etc., at night you can also participate in the Hmong rich bonfire party.
The ancient city of regular play within the not too much to say, that is, stop and go, take a look at eating, and all the ancient city, feel it is an atmosphere.
If you stay overnight in the ancient city, you must remember to get up early the next day to see the morning light in Phoenix. Quiet early morning Phoenix pleasant, laundry sound, a soy sauce dictation, a running sound, the most beautiful or the Tuofeng water fisherman ferry. Many photography enthusiasts played a special early morning, carrying a tripod, find a good angle, this moment freeze. So Phoenix's morning view is that you ALICE must see oh.
If you have time, I recommend you to play around. Then I divided the length of time to recommend play arrangements.

If you have only half a day

Tuojiang ferry boat

Of course, the conservative way is to stroll the ancient city.
Wake up with the gurgling Tuojiang sound of water, began to visit the cultural attractions of the ancient city, taste the cultural atmosphere of the ancient city. Shen Congwen former residence, the ancient city wall watchtower, Yang ancestral hall, former residence of Xiong Xiling and other in-depth understanding of the ancient city of Phoenix. Tuojiang rafting in the evening, experience the sunset in the ancient city twilight, enjoy the stunning scenery Tuojiang.
At present, there are two sections of Tuojiang boating, the upper reaches of the regular cruise ship, north of the Beimen watchtower on the east side of the ship to march to Longevity Palace disembark, halfway to enjoy Tuojiang River scenery, the cost has been included in the scenic pass; Sightseeing Bridge Pier, private boat for the farm, can be a separate ticket (adult 30 yuan / person, student 15 yuan / person), summer can also be boating at night, but the scenery in general. Ride the boat when the best position, raise your camera all the way to scratch it. 

If you only have a half day, you can also choose to go to the Qiliang Cave: gather mountains, rivers, canyons, rapids, cliffs, waterfalls, jungles, pastoral villages in a hole, known as the "odd, show, secluded, Jun" four major characteristics , There is "Qi Liang returned from looking at the hole," said.

If you only have one night

Fenghuang ancient city campfire evening is an indispensable highlight of the style tour, at the party you can enjoy to the ancient mysterious and slightly horrible Xiangxi carnage and Nuo play, soul-stirring Miaojiajiangdao sea of ​​flames, full of ethnic characteristics of seedlings Home wedding and Tujia cried, you can experience Miao young men and women to catch the "side of the field," the lingering, but also taste infinite flavor pure rice wine in Western Hunan. Generally, it starts at 7:40 in the evening and ends at 9:30 in the evening. There is a free express train in the scenic area. It is good to reserve a good online booking.

Night can also take a serious look at the night view of the Phoenix, the night of the charming and passionate Phoenix, even if the night is bright and bright, brilliant, colorful, prosperous dream. Tired during the day, you can sit in the bar on the waterfront, the banks of the Diao Diaol on both sides of the lanterns hanging hair, reflected in the water swaying this posture, buy drunk tourists loudly laughing, as well as lovers whisper. Phoenix is ​​the most beautiful at night, the neon light shines through the ancient city, looks so beautiful, the night of the Phoenix is ​​absolutely eradicating the best memory! Remember the North Gate watchtower waterfront, Hongqiao, Fengqiao three places at night is the most not to be missed Oh!

If you have a day

If you have a full day in Phoenix can participate in Miaozhai Canyon day tour. After breakfast, travel to Miao Village, it is estimated that noon can reach the Miao Village, along the way you can enjoy the view of pastoral fields, though not as spectacular Yuanyang, but the scenery is very beautiful. Hmong girl on the car will teach you to sing folk songs, introduce Miao Village landscape and folk customs, to Miao Village entrance and Miao family card song, drink glutinous rice wine to enter the stockade.
Then you can watch the Miao song and dance performances, look at the waterfall in the Valley of the Valley beauty to understand the local Miao village folk culture, is expected to return to the ancient city in the afternoon. Because the majority of Phoenix Miao accounted for Miao people to taste the taste of a Miao is also essential for a life experience. Recommended here Deben Miao Village. The Miao Village actually Jishou territory, is the largest surrounding Miao Village, but the distance is not very far away, within an hour by car, I heard a lot of went to go yet.

If you love to sleep late at noon

If you are a person who likes to sleep late, then go to the Miao Village Canyon to play at night to see the show is also a very good choice.

5. If you are a phoenix in summer

If April to October travel to the Phoenix can also participate in thrilling Canyon rafting, the whole drift about 2 hours, along the cliffs cliffs, greenery, clear water, rapids, Rundan star chess cloth. Very suitable for stimulating friends yo.

Phoenix also received no tickets?

April 10, 2016 into the ancient city has no need to charge, but as time to fully experience the Phoenix connotation, or the need to travel to play the ancient city of nine King, because Tuojiang Tuo River alone in the core area of ​​the river worth enough to fare.
Fenghuang ancient city ticket price adult price 148 yuan, the purchase of ancient city of Phoenix tickets can visit [Zonta Church], [former residence of Xiong Xiling], [Yang Ancestral Hall], [East Gate Tower], [Tuo River boating], [Longevity Palace], [Shen Congwen Former Residence], [Museum], [Hongqiao], [South Huashan], after entering the attraction to buy tickets for 2 days effective.

How to pick inn in Phoenix?

Fenghuang ancient city inn online style. Everyone can book a room through ant cell. Next to introduce you to the classification of accommodation:

The first grade: Hotel

Raiders online view Raiders are free exercise of friends may not spend hundreds of dollars to live in the hotel. This is more suitable for middle-aged or self-driving a class of tourists to facilitate parking. This is a lot of later built a new antique stilt, not recommended, but most of the package will be wrapped down, more noisy.

The second grade: Linjiang Diaojiao features inn

Close to Tuojiang, these hotels are picturesque, comfortable and safe, and are the choice of most people.
Diaojiaoling Diaojiaolou are on the second bank of the Tuojiang River, but divided into the upper reaches, the middle reaches and the lower reaches. Upstream near the Metro, is repaired in recent years, there is no flavor of the ancient city. The middle reaches of the best location, but only relative view, accommodation is not the case, because of the development of tourism, the bar is growing, you may have to spend noisy at night, of course, the spirit of the second day of travel, People who have come to Phoenix generally know this.
Therefore, Tuojiang accommodation is the most concentrated change in the middle and lower reaches of Hongqiao to the fog bridge this section, and to the Phoenix North Bus Station directly take the 1A bus to the county People's Hospital and then turn the car a dollar can go directly to Hongqiao. Hongqiao Huilongge Ancient Street is the best place to stay, away from eating and drinking are very close to the place, but relatively stilted floor to a lot of peace. Huilongge Street accommodation is in the ancient city of the waterfront, beautiful scenery, take good rest, a few minutes walk to the core area of ​​the ancient city, and not very laborious. Diaojiaolou middle and lower reaches of the scale is usually larger, and the selectivity is relatively large, Hongqiao on both sides of the Riverside room to find it slowly, comfortable to see though live it. Essential Inn conditions facilities, fame and location, in general, the peak season, the weekend Linjiang room between 150 to 500, the off-season is generally between 80 to 200.
If the viewing requirements of students may wish to look back to the House of Milan Court, the roof has a large panoramic balcony, overlooking the ancient city and Tuojiang, really beautiful ah!

Figure: Milan Inn

The third grade: the ancient city of Phoenix is ​​not the bed and breakfast

Not reliable bed and breakfast generally in the back of the waterfront inn. Conditions are somewhat worse, the price halved, the off-season is generally about 50 yuan, the season is generally around 80, many poor students like to live in this poor.
If it is a single person, no one share the cost of living this is OK. If someone can travel together, it is best to live in a better point of the inn, the price is similar, the safety is also higher.

In particular, is to note that the Phoenix inn charges are not air-conditioned and invoice. General air conditioning to 20-30. There are some of the ancient city of most of the inn does not provide one-time toiletries, towels, towels need to bring their own, in addition to the star hotel, the price does not contain invoices, if you want invoices guests need to make their own taxes (taxes 8 -10 points).

Coming soon, how to reach Phoenix?

Transportation is generally a train car, respectively, the traffic hub Please note! The first one is the capital city of Changsha (which is the most convenient and most frequent high-speed rail train car), one is the Huaihua train hub (with high-speed rail), the other is Jishou (the student body hub, which costs time but saves money) Tongren Phoenix Airport .

1. Changsha bus to Phoenix: Changsha West Bus Station (Changsha Railway Station from Changsha West Bus Station take a taxi for 30 minutes, the cost is about 30 yuan is the fastest. You can also sit 312 yuan 3 Road is the most affordable), every day Made four classes, to Phoenix North Bus Station, to the ancient city of Phoenix there are about 5 minutes by car.
Departure time: 8:40, 10:40, 15:30, 17:30 Daily 4 classes, reference fare: 155 yuan / person, from 300 yuan / person.
At present, Changsha to Phoenix or Changsha Railway Station (not high-speed rail station Oh) take a tourist bus more convenient daily departure time is 7:30 and 12:30, fare round-trip only 200 yuan / person, direct access to the ancient city of Phoenix, And the whole tour guide car, about 6 hours by car, you can directly book it in the ant cell.

2. Changsha high-speed rail arrived in Huaihua, China and Pakistan Fenghuang ancient city: Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanchang and other places are now high-speed rail direct Huaihua South Station (HSR), Huainan Huainan station to Phoenix North Station about 1 hour.

3. Jishou to the Phoenix: Jishou can be reached by train from all parts of the country. Jishou City is an prefecture-level city away from the Phoenix and an hour's drive from the Phoenix. At this stage a Jishou station there is a direct bus to Phoenix, it is convenient, 25 dollars a person. To the north of Phoenix bus ride full take the train, it is recommended to take the regular bus, do not believe the low-cost Showaways taxi, so as not to affect the travel mood. If you want to pursue convenient and efficient tourists, you can choose chartered service, affordable, time-saving effort.

4. Huaihua to the Phoenix: Huaihua can be reached by train from all parts of the country, now Huaihua West Bus Station to Phoenix North Station is 90 minutes 40 dollars. At present, the south of Changsha to Huaihua South high-speed rail has been opened, Huaihua West Bus Station from Huaihua High Speed ​​Rail Station taxi 25 yuan, about 30 minutes by car.

5. Tongren to the Phoenix: From Tongren Railway Station, there is near Tongren Railway Station to reach the North Phoenix car (as early as 7:30 - 16:30), with 1 hour, fare 30 yuan / person.

6. Tongren Phoenix Airport to Fenghuang Ancient City: There is a small airport in Guizhou Tongren Daxing (Fenghuang) that opens a direct flight from Daxing and Guiyang to Daxing. It takes only 40 minutes by car from Tongren Daxing Airport to Fenghuang Old Town. 7 o'clock Daxing Airport bus pick up, from the airport to the Phoenix City Hongqiao can chartered to the cost of about 140 yuan, you can consider carpool to.

7. Chongqing to Phoenix: Chongqing over. There are high-speed, about more than 400 kilometers. Driving more than 6 hours, all on a high-speed tunnel, speed limit most of the 80 to 100 yards, last time I went to Chongqing I opened more than seven hours. If you take the train, get off at Tongren, Guizhou. Tongren Railway Station ramp to the door is to Phoenix's bus station, an hour's drive, but also very convenient.
8. Phoenix North Bus Station How to get to the Old Town Center Hongqiao: After arriving at the Phoenix Bus Station (about 10 minutes away from the ancient city), the most convenient way to get there is to get the 1A bus to the County People's Hospital with green color The sightseeing car 1 dollar can sit directly to Hongqiao, Hongqiao belong to the ancient city area. Or out of the bus station to spend 10 yuan to hit the soil to Hongqiao KFC get off, remember not to take the black car, regular vehicles will not be any form of soliciting, so as not to be fooled.
9. Self-drive to Phoenix: Self-driving generally to Phoenix First consideration is how to stop, at present the most convenient stop at Hongqiao East Road, there are three large parking lot, the charges are generally 30 yuan -50 yuan overnight. After the high-speed, do not easily take up any soliciting staff, especially motorcycle soliciting, so as to avoid collision accidental porcelain.
More about how to properly consume Phoenix and avoid the pit in the journey can see the " Phoenix teach you how to spend in the ancient city of Phoenix reasonable   " this strategy ~

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