Mountain City, Chongqing most scientific four-day route planning

Mountain city of Chongqing, with hemp Shun's cool cool pot, but also to experience the exciting and cool water world. Although not large but complex, other cities you can understand as a 2D plane, but here is a three-dimensional. Take the phone navigation obviously has come to the destination, but the front is still a wall. Into the door obviously should be the first floor hall, but the elevator tells you at this time on the eighth floor. A lot of incredible here have become granted. Food and attractions are attracting you, but in the face of unfamiliar cities there will be a little worried, do not be afraid, let me tell you how to stroll around Chongqing should eat it!
figure demolition of the eighteen ladder by halogen

Chongqing in the end how to play?

Chongqing downtown attractions sounds more, but many are can take a look at the landmark buildings, and the distance is not too far. The four-day itinerary did not include Wulong Tianchi Seams and Dazu Rock Carvings (there will be a special Raiders to introduce these places yo), so you can finish it in two days. However, Chongqing is not only used to enjoy the eyes, foot measurement is enough, it also has plenty of food waiting to fill your stomach, as well as full of mountain culture is waiting for you to experience. Therefore, personal advice to play in Chongqing, then at least three days or more. Here, we need to slow down, walk slowly, eat slowly.

Ultra-detailed four-day route planning

D1. Eighteen ladder - Jiefangbei - Hongyadong - Siqianmen Jialing River Bridge
D2. Chongqing Haichang Caribbean Sea Water - Nanshan Tree View Garden
D3. Ciqikou ancient town - white mansion - Zhazi hole - the Yangtze River cableway
D4. Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (Huangpi Ping Campus) - Graffiti Street - Lizaba Subway Station - Crown Escalator - Chaotianmen

D1. Eighteen ladder - Jiefangbei - Hongyadong - Si Jian Men Jialing River Bridge

Eighteen ladder has been demolished in fact almost the same, maybe another one or two years no longer exists, the original number of thousands of residents now only sporadic hundred still stick here, if not the "nail house", now You can not see such an authentic old Chongqing. It is not attractive to the locals because they grow up in a similar environment from small to large, but for everybody who is not born in a mountain town, every corner here has a different flavor. From the desolate desolate 18th district, you can see Jiefangbei not far away. There is a microcosm of a prosperous city. It seems that at this time, the Eighteen Ladders is a forgotten corner, giving people the illusion of time and space flies.
Tips: Because here is the place of demolition, so living conditions and law and order situation may have variables at any time, if single is best not to go.

From the eighteen ladder out of a ten minutes walk to Jiefangbei. Visitors usually come here to take a photo. After all, it is the only national monument to commemorate the triumph of the Chinese nation's war of resistance against Japan. It marks Chongqing's great contribution to the country. Here is the same as Wangfujing in Beijing and Nanjing Road in Shanghai. At the crossroads with the monument as the center, there are tall shopping malls, star hotels and snack bars and youth hostels in the four pedestrian streets that stretch out. If you want to arrange accommodation, this is a good choice nearby. The famous Bayi Road delicious street next to tired and walked in the street to a bowl of hot and sour powder, or Alice skewers, Liao mind stick chicken that is quite good ah.

Figure: Jiefangbei. by halogen 亓 亓

If you are longing for Miyazaki's portrayal of the world, then you will love the fantastic style of Hongyadong. Walking from the Jiefangbei you can see a pirate ship, but here is actually the ninth floor of Hongyadong Oh, want to take the panorama take the elevator down to the third floor or go to the Jialing River Bridge to shoot. The night here is particularly beautiful, but it is generally during the day. The wooden structure of the sling group is the most ethnic characteristics of Chongqing's housing construction. Walking down from the highest point, there are ethnic food street, specialty street, foreign style street, etc. It is as if crossing the wall of the second dimension to the dream world of Spirited Away.

Figure: Hongyadong. by halogen 亓 亓

Whether it is not to capture the panorama of Hongyadong, we all need to go to the Jialing River Bridge. It has the same shuttle bridge on the Yangtze River Dongshuimen Bridge, the same cable, and called "Chongqing Liangjiang Bridge." Line 6 after the feeling of rumbling, can be considered a major feature of the area. From here, you can look at Chongqing from a unique perspective. The tall buildings in the Yuzhong Peninsula represent the progress of the times. The bright lights of Hongyadong Cave tell you how tradition has blossomed in modern times. The elegant appearance of Senjumen Bridge is against the backdrop of the Jialing River Rocking reflection, this is the representative of the mountain night. If it is during the day, we must look at the magical sight of the intersection of the two rivers.

Figure: Jianshe door Jialing River Bridge. by halogen 亓 亓

D2. Chongqing Haichang Caribbean Sea Water - Nanshan a tree viewing garden

How can Chongqing do not play water stove it! Chongqing Haichang Caribbean water world is located in the summer resort - Nanshan. Every summer, with a youngest person in Chongqing will come here to enjoy the summer heat. Here lush forests, mountains, as if away from the hustle and bustle of the city's paradise. It is not only full of exotic Caribbean culture, but also has a rich and mysterious Mayan style of the old city, cool Mayan totem, beautiful carved pottery, gorgeous wall murals throughout the park, is a people in the summer Experience a stimulating and icy water theme park.

The reason why it is recommended, because there is a combination of fantasy and magic in one of the integrated water castle - Elf Shui Zhai, also has the wonderful experience of visiting the sea - Wave Valley. The most popular tornado big speakers, vertical slide, wave family fun in this hot summer allows you to experience "through the heart cool." And recently in order to give families with children a better parent-child tour experience, but also increased the Fort adventure, Devil fish skateboarding, Pei Cyclone three new facilities, so I can not help but lament that today's children's living standards really is good .

It's a good time to watch a show when it's exhausted. Full of primitive tribal customs of the "Mayan origin", in the Sun Plaza tell you ancient Mayan sigh; full of rich exotic culture show "Dancing Caribbean" in turn will pull you to a mysterious world of color; to enjoy the Virgin Islands residents Lost and enjoy the song and dance "Virgin Travel" to bring you to experience the unique charm of Coconut Island; large-scale theme festival parade "Carnival Parade" will bring happiness to everyone who longs for laughter. Wait until the evening falls on the Chinese lanterns at the beginning of time, there are cool new theme of large-scale night light cruise "Star Cafe" dream gorgeous theme night show "Carnival Night Party", so you and your little friends passionate.

Opening time in 2016: May 21 - September 17
Tickets: Tickets on the
peak season July 1 - August 31 150 yuan / person, the other time 130 yuan / person. Night ticket June 25 - September 4, 110 yuan / person.
Off-season tickets May 21 - June 30, September 1 - September 17 110 yuan / person.
Children under 1.5 meters, elderly people over the age of 60 fare 80 yuan / person.
Opening hours: 10: 30-21: 30

① strong sunshine during the day must be good sunscreen, sunscreen must be done, do a good job of sunscreen;
② the ground will be very hot tan to bring a pair of slippers, it is best not to bring too good, because there will be Some more unconscious tourists will wear your slippers;
③ bath does not provide toiletries need to bring their own; admission can not carry food, remember yo ~

Wait until the sun westward, the temperature slightly lower, you can start a tree to the Nanshan, if it is from the ropeway over the river, usually in the new street station to sit 346 or 347 Road to the fourth station Car, then walk back for about ten minutes to reach the ticket office. Some people think that a viewing platform but also a bit expensive tickets, but here is an excellent view of Chongqing night, so personally think it is still very worthwhile. Arrived in the evening better, you can see the sunset, but also enjoy the night, the weekend may be more, but not too crowded. In fact, through the viewing Pavilion can reach the top of the viewing platform, before dark can access free, not many people above. However, after the night falls, the staff will ask everyone to leave because there is a charge. However, in front of the viewing platform platform view as great, do not worry do not get a good picture.
Tickets: 30 yuan, 15 yuan student ID, children under 1.2 meters free of charge
Opening Hours: 9: 00-23: 00  

Figure: Nanshan a tree view deck overlooking Chongqing. by SummerHydrangea

Tour scenic spots, it was late, in addition to the bus, the door there are many waiting taxi drivers, depending on personal circumstances can choose to return directly to the main city, or to the river cableway station, or to the subway station are very convenient .

try to choose the high transparency of the atmosphere when the weather went to a tree, Chongqing, fog, if just to catch the time when the fog filled it really can not see the.

D3. Ciqikou town - white mansion - Zhazi hole - the Yangtze River cableway

Take the subway line 1 can be direct Ciqikou. Here is like Wuhan's Huxiang Xiang, Xi'an Muslim Street, like artificially developed commercial town. Along the faint trail, across the stone in the road, both sides of the Ming and Qing Dynasties construction from time to time so that you have a sense of crossing, surrounded by all is a home to sell, small handicraft shop. Here you can see each other choking hand-chutney shop, every few meters there is a family of Chen twist, bustling bustling. It is customary for tourist groups to arrange the last stop of their day trip, so more tourists will be coming in at three or four in the afternoon, and we just have to leave at one o'clock and two o'clock.

Figure: Ciqikou corner. by Anthony

White Mansion and Zhazi Cave are located in the west of the Geleshan scenic area. Across the Geleshan Martyrs Cemetery steps up, only one avenue, directly into the mountains, take a 10-minute look you can see the White Mansion entrance. There will be a lot of uncle aunt around you all the way to the ticket above, there is still a long way you need to attend a day group. But in fact the White Mansion does not need tickets to walk despite the uphill, but not very far away, and the road a good view of the air completely no need to be on their deserved. White Mansion was originally Fragrant Hill Villa, not a very large two-story building was later replaced by the Kuomintang prison, where the detention of carrot heads and Song mother.
White Mansion past Zhazi Dong to walk 20-30 minutes, not too close, you can also take scenic sightseeing car, each 20 yuan. Zhazidong site as early as the day of the massacre of the year on a fire burned, and now the house is built according to the description of survivors. Among the martyred prisoners, the more famous one is Jiang Jie, who is still in the high wall. He can still feel the chill atmosphere and see traces of jail escapes left behind. At that time, The pain of being here.
It is best to take the sightseeing car down the mountain, because difficult to go down the mountain. Take the 821 road and get off at the Martyrs' Cemetery Station and transfer to Line 1 to get off at the station to see the platform of the Yangtze Cableway. Cableway length of 1166 meters, running time of 4 minutes, known as the "Miles Yangtze River first air corridor" and "mountain air bus" is the only air traffic carrier in Chongqing, one-way 10 yuan from 20 yuan. Huang Bo is riding in the "crazy stone" in this cableway, the "ultimate challenge" in the six host also took here. Slightly shabby cable car, with you over the river, watching the Yangtze River east water rolling really there is a trace of inexplicable tragedy yet. Should pay attention to yo, the car is not completely closed, if taking a cell phone camera may have to be careful, in case you do not fall heart can really find it back. Chongqing night view is extremely beautiful, cableway sit better if you sit at night.

Figure: Yangtze cableway. Yaoyao by Yao

D4. Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (Huangpi Ping Campus) - Graffiti Street - Lizaba Subway Station - Crown Escalator - Chaotianmen

Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, one of the eight Academy of Fine Arts, a "miniature 798" said. Graduation season in June when you can see Bi set exhibitions, there is a campus complex here will certainly like. Opposite the school is a graffiti street. More than 800 workers, students and artists took part in the production, consuming tens of thousands of brushes. After 150 days, it completed the masterpiece of the street and brought about a dramatic change in the entire neighborhood.

Figure: Graffiti a street. by small circle circle

By bus or taxi to reach the subway station, take the 2 line to the crown escalator on the road through the Li Ziba station. This is only a very common stop for the local people, but every person who arrives in Chongqing will be shocked to see the more gorgeously dressed people flying in the air. No need to specifically get off here, just a passing point, feel it.

Figure: passing through the city subway. by halogen 亓 亓

Crown Escalator not so much a lift, it is better to call it as a means of transport. Because each ride also pay two yuan yo, so proud of the elevator is really rare. Playability is nothing, but here is the "ultimate challenge" shooting location, a total length of 112 meters to be more than two minutes to finish the whole journey. If you want to experience the way is still possible, but usually are up and down twice, because after you probably do not know where to go, but also the same way back.
Chaotianmen still worth a visit, it is the ancient pier in Chongqing, the ancient city gate, the general direction is to point to Beijing, where ancient officials in Chongqing have to bow down to heaven and earth to accept the imperial edict from the court. Here you can see the magical scene of the coexistence of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River. The flow of the Yangtze River is vigorous and the flow of the Jialing River is clear. After they are brought together, they flow to the mainstream rivers of the Yangtze River with great vigor and vitality. It is also one of the busiest wharves in Chongqing. During the War of Resistance Against Japan many people set off from here to fight. There were also many people who flew here from the enemy-occupied areas in all directions. This wharf was therefore given more historical significance. Around the pier there are many cruise ship projects, sixty or seventy dollars a person, about half an hour's trip will take you to turn around from the river. Midway there someone will guide you to see the so-called magic or calligraphy performance, the final goal is to let you shop, it is recommended not to go, enjoy the night view in the splint is still very good. However, the sailing time is not fixed, that time is good if the tourists will not drag enough for half an hour, it is best to drink their own little bit on board.

Journey to the tongue on the tongue - a large collection of food

Figure: Jiugongge pot. by __ Superman Mo Shu __
Hot pot articles: For Chongqing, whether winter or twilight hot summer, "hot" hot pot are "Pakistan suitable." It is said that the origin of hot pot is the bottom of the boatman who saw slaughtered cattle no one cares about, so pick it up or bought at low prices, with ginger, peppers, salt and other spices like a pot of brasserie eat now. Later someone began to sell along the street, in order to facilitate consumption, soup pots with good points, so that diners separate food, by the square favorite, also known as "water eight."
珮 sister old pot, known as the top three in Chongqing fifty. Many people come here especially when the meal is very horrible place, one or two hours are possible.
Address: Jiefangbei Minsheng Road, Jixian Road, Lane 1
Xiangyu Xiaoyu pot (loquat Hill Street Store), "wine is not afraid of alley deep," the best evidence of folk saying. The hot pot restaurant opened in a slightly dilapidated residential buildings, the store is mostly square table, narrow and compact, but still can not stop the diners' enthusiasm. This shop a lot of stores, but also can choose according to their own location a relatively recent.
Address: Yuzhong District loquat Hill Street No. 86
Small face articles: Chongqing people say hot pot such as hot love, face is the long old affection of his wife. If the locals miss a bowl of noodles, it is uncomfortable. Authentic facets must be added alkali "water leaves" Alkalis. Looks like a bowl of noodles casually, how to add seasoning that is a technical living, each has its own unique recipe. So do not make too many recommendations here, because each one is delicious.
Pear miscellaneous noodles in the flower market, the flower market Pea miscellaneous noodles early in the evening, the diners from all walks of life lined up waiting for a long queue, all kinds of dialects intertwined with the oscillation of the air, a total share of that was instinct euphemistically eager to eat, Naturally drawn into a shop style and some do not match the hustle and bustle of the lively scene.
Address: Youth Road, opposite the Office of the Barbecue Restaurant No. 77
:Chongqing barbecue is different from elsewhere. Most people say 撸 string, it is really a bunch of bites to eat. To Chongqing, are all before the string, roasted finish will give you the same off like cooking to give you a dish.
Yang fat baby barbecue, choose a good food, are sitting dam, dam is quite spacious, quite rich dishes. Consumption of fish is really delicious, is the price a little expensive.
Address: Marble Street, Marble Street, No. 1 Jiangnan Cinema next to the sidewalk
Macy's, in the Bayi Road delicious Street inside, the town shop Sambo is lamb 3 yuan, squid must be 4 yuan and 3 yuan loin delicious Your size is quite big. Super delicious lamb, tender and into the taste children, fried just waiting for the heat, to taste the taste of childhood to eat skewers must come here.
Address: Bayi Road delicious street next to Bayi Square
snacks two articles: Bayu lunar January mountain small dumpling Address: Bayi Road delicious street
again miso sour sauce, Address: Bayi Road delicious Street
Liao Remember stick chicken, Address: Bayi Road Jiefangbei delicious Street lacquer
Chaobing, Address: No. 88, Jia Bin Road, Hongyadong Tiancheng Lane 407, Lane 407 attached to the
macro Rui Li, Address: Jiefangbei Zou Rong Road Ginza Shopping Center Golden Eagle Women Street 139 Restaurant
Chongqing food is not only these, there are more shops hidden in the well waiting for you to dig. After all, eating is also a culture here. If you have been dug what authentic cuisine, we must remember to share with you yo. Maybe the number of attractions is limited, but the search for food never ends.

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