Phoenix "border town" live performance watch Raiders, teach you how to choose a good seat

"Biancheng" This live performance is a Phoenix tourism card, personally think that if Phoenix did not see the travel, it is like going to Beijing did not go to Tiananmen Square. Since the "border town" so attractive, then the focus of this Raiders talk about the city where the performance, tickets how much money, performance time, booking methods. In my Raiders to explain to everyone.
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1 on the "border town" live performance

"Border Town" is the world's first adaptation of the forest from the famous literary performances, with Cui Cui, Zhuo send and Tianbao romantic love story as the main line, about the three seeking love missed, their life and death End of the world sadistic love, I bring my own friends Seen no less than 10 times. Each touch is different. The closer you are to the stage, the more you can feel the professionalism and dedication of the dancers. They do not have the slightest slack, permanent devotion and forever struggling portrayal of a fixed performance every day. It is precisely because of such a group of people that batches of tourists after visit to the Phoenix, to the "border town" and to the feelings between people have been updated and deepened. Follow the music, follow the story, this show is definitely worth the fare!

I do not know whether Shen Congwen's border town is the story of a phoenix. However, this real adaptation of the real stage drama is really awesome! I feel the eyes are not enough it! Please feel the changes under the picture order of the United States and the United States! Of course, I was the first time I saw this kind of live stage show, so it was amazing. Seventy minutes too short! !

2. "Border Town" performance venue where? how to get to?

Performance Address: Phoenix Road, Tuojiang Town, Fenghuang No. 1 (Phoenix Hotel in the world 200 meters)
Biancheng place from the ancient city of Phoenix is ​​not very far, if you live in the vicinity of Nanhuamen small partners suggest walking directly to the general about 12 minutes You can arrive at the theater, living in Hongqiao near the small partner or taxi directly right, the cost of about 10-15 yuan.

3. "Border Town" performance time

Because November to March is the Phoenix tourism season, so "Biancheng" normal performance time is early March to mid November each year.
March - April a day to play a time is 20: 30-21: 40.
May-August night two games, the first show time is 20: 00-21: 10, the second show time is 21: 40-22: 50.
September - November play a day, the time is 20: 30-21: 40.

4. Look at the "border town" how to buy tickets? How to choose a good seat?

The "Border Town" performance auditorium is similar to a movie theater. It is formerly low-end and high-end, and is divided into districts. The fares vary from region to region. A total of 28 rows of seats are available. Please see the specific diagram and the corresponding fare instructions.  

"Border Town" is a commercial performance, so there is no children ticket, the elderly votes that, but children under 1.2 meters can buy tickets, but there is no seat Oh. As shown above, we can very intuitively see "Biancheng" seat arrangement and fare analysis. VIP seat is relatively expensive 11 rows of expensive, dedicated local tycoon sitting chair comfortable point, there are some snack drinks to drink.  
 I recommend to you the most cost-effective agent is A District 5 to 13 rows, viewing angle and distance from the stage are good, it is recommended to advance honeycomb booking, you can give priority to contact customer service seat selection.

"Border Town" theater very humane design, the auditorium is covered with shelter, even if the rain will not affect the normal performance of the show, we can rest assured that advance cellular booking website, also comes with free shuttle Service, very convenient oh.

5. Evening to see "Border Town" performance, what can be played during the day?

Shen Congwen former residence

Came to the ancient city of Phoenix, in addition to feel her Millennium Gu Ma historic mottos, appreciate her clear water Castle paradise, enjoy her Smart Tuojiang ease, more importantly, is to deeply understand the ancient city. Feel a city, the deepest cut is her historical style, and record these historical style is the Phoenix humane history of the city - Nine Scenes Phoenix. Personal recommendations to see the "Border Town" performance and visit the ancient city of nine on the same day, Phoenix nine scenic spots are in the ancient city, within walking distance.

It is recommended that during the day, it is recommended to play the nine scenes of Phoenix, Shen Congwen's Former Residence, Xiong Xiling's Former Residence, Yang's Ancestral Hall, East Gate Tower, Boating on Tuojiang River, Wanshou Palace, Zonta Hall, , [Hongqiao] The nine attractions with about 5 hours or so, is a very casual route.

Shen Congwen spent his childhood after he was born here on December 28, 1902. It was a small room purchased by Shen Congwen's grandfather after three generations. When he walked into the former residence, the middle of the low courtyard was a small courtyard , Surrounded by eight old houses, 15-year-old, Shen Congwen left here, his home after several owners, Shen Congwen died, the local government bought back this house, renovated and renovated, hung up the [Shen Congwen] Plaque. Now is the national key protection units, to visit the former residence of Phoenix Shen Congwen year after year in an endless stream!

Fenghuang nine King and "Border Town" separate ticket if the performance is more expensive, Phoenix nine King is 148 / person, "Border Town" performance is 260, separately scheduled to more than 400, is not worth the money, it is recommended nest in the nest booking comparison Cost-effective.

6. Conclusion

It is not only 12 years of elaborate performance, the top ten masterpieces of the national treasure, the deduction of 237 national actors, the shocking debut of 3,769 pieces of silverware and the grand monarchy of 180 million yuan, mainly because only "Border Town "In order to allow you to find the most immersive Xiangxi people, as well as your heart the most pure" Cui Cui "," Border Town "really worth a visit!  

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