Phoenix campfire in the end how to choose?

Fenghuang ancient city is not annoying little town, but its reputation outside every tourist season is full of tourists. If you want to find the traditional Miao characteristics, in today's commercial atmosphere has been somewhat difficult. However, the ancient city of the bonfire party can still make you feel different national characteristics!
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One. Why campfire is 60% of Phoenix tourists must go to attractions?

Fenghuang ancient city campfire evening is an indispensable style highlights, at the party you can enjoy the ancient mysterious and slightly horrible Xiangxi carnage and nirvana, soul-stirring Miaoshang stunt on the edge of the sea, full of ethnic characteristics Miao Wedding and Tujia cried, you can experience Miao young men and women to catch the "side of the field," lingering, but also taste infinite flavor pure rice wine in Western Hunan. So this is why 60% of Phoenix tourists will go to Phoenix to experience the campfire.

Second, the campfire where? Campfire how to choose?

Phoenix in the end how many campfire?

Bonfire party location schematic

Phoenix currently has 3 campfire night, respectively, is the dream center of the ancient city of Rainbow Bridge Tuo, Tuohuaao Tuojiang downstream campfire, Mountain Museum Miaozhai story party, in addition to fantasy Tuo River in the ancient city of the night, the other two campfire are needed Go by car  

2. What is the difference between each campfire?

Feng Miao Miao Peach Island campfire

A: Dream Tuo River in the ancient city of the evening;
B: Story of Miao Village in Shanjiang;
C: Phoenix Miao Island Peach Blossom Island campfire.
Highly recommended C line, 15 minutes away from the ancient city of the car, thrilling, suitable for young people, performance time is about 70 minutes, many actors and audience interaction is able to mobilize everyone's emotions, performance venues in an isolated island above, it appears More atmosphere, booking tickets in the ancient city have rendezvous have free shuttle service.   
If you want to go to Miao Village to taste a Miao lunch, by the way to see a bonfire party, then choose the B line, the only is the car a long time, about 50 minutes by car, booking tickets in the ancient city have a rendezvous have free shuttle service .      
If you are both elderly and children, then choose the A line, no need to travel in the ancient city, you can walk to, not too tired, the performance time of 60 minutes look. 

Three. Phoenix campfire tips

Fung Miao fire campfire

1 take Changsha to Phoenix tour bus tour guide will certainly be selling, the price is basically between 80 to 200, very expensive, or carefully purchased better.
 2. When staying at the inn, the boss will certainly recommend that you have cheap tickets to send you in the past like the past, look good, in fact, have the interest, free delivery in the past, but the registration of about 50-100 yuan / person And so on, you dozens of dollars more than normal, and basically enjoy no additional services.
3. There will be pulling the city side of the roadside, do not believe the roadside low solicitation guests or free to go to your campfire. Easy to buy some fake tickets, resulting in problems can not be admitted to the park, then more trouble.
4. Is not recommended to drive their own car to the scene to buy, because the scene 80-180 yuan / person's price, there is no room for bargaining, to find the price is very expensive, then turn the phone to find, it was too late.

Tips: It is
recommended to buy tickets in advance in the ant cell, will be complimentary free shuttle service every night 18: 00-19: 20 in the ancient city of Hongqiao KFC or Nanhua Gate have a shuttle, more secure, very convenient.


Campfire this play is with the Phoenix tourism development continues to evolve, with most well-known scenic spots more or less with a trace of the nature of the commercialization of the scene there are auctions of calligraphy and painting links but there is no strong strong buy Oh, the basic Most of the friends come to Phoenix travel will choose to participate in the mixed reviews, everyone wants to see things are different, we can choose according to their preferences to participate, holding a curious heart you will Have a nice evening on the campfire!  

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