Phoenix driving the old town, where there is parking? Fenghuang car parking Raiders

With the promotion of popularity and the improvement of people's living standards, traveling by car has become a great way to travel in Phoenix. Phoenix has been traveling by car all know, this is simply the hardest hit by self-driving tour: congestion, parking spaces and other issues. The following analysis for everyone Phoenix parking problem.
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First, the Phoenix why the parking is difficult?

1. Phoenix parking lot

Phoenix is ​​located in the mountains, the ancient city hillside riverside built, only 1.8 square kilometers. Although Metro has been expanding, but helpless terrain does not allow more parking. Now let's see what parking is available in Phoenix now.

Fenghuang parking lot distribution map

Phoenix's parking lot, in addition to the holiday Golden Week open temporary parking lot is free of charge, the other parking are charged, the basic charges are 12 hours less than 30 yuan, 50 yuan more than 12 hours, and then 50 yuan a day (car, the price Only for reference); holidays will have about double the increase!

Fenghuang parking lot parking spaces, location description

In addition to the North Phoenix parking lot and the stadium temporary parking parking recommended in the ancient city downstream, it is usually recommended to park the car near the inn parking lot, the ancient city is small, unless you parked in the upper reaches of the downstream need to play, Otherwise do not need to fight!

2. traveling by car more and more

Fenghuang ancient city chestnut bay parking

With the improvement of people's living standards, traveling by car becomes the choice of more people, the traffic is dominated and convenient, and when do you want to go. However, Phoenix parking usually a thousand or two, even if the holidays on the temporary parking spaces, but also far unable to meet the twenty-three million Phoenix Zijia You parking demand!

Not familiar with Phoenix traffic conditions

In addition to the small parking spaces, it is important that visitors to the ancient city of Phoenix where there is parking information do not understand, more cars, are scurrying, do not even know there parking spaces!

Phoenix Road is actually very simple, a 209 National Road old road, and then add Phoenix South Road - Orange Park Road - South Huamen, Phoenix South Road - Hongqiao West Road - South China Road - South China Gate, two rings, and Hongqiao Road and Hongqiao Road Is a dead end road. But for tourists, the first time to Phoenix, this is a big problem.

Second, Phoenix car parking how to do?

1. Book inn, let the inn to help

Fenghuang Diaojiaolou Inn

To the ancient city of Phoenix tourism, are generally recommended to book accommodation in advance, if you are traveling by car Phoenix, then it is necessary to book with the inn when the owner of the park to understand the issue of parking, although more than 90% of the Phoenix Inn no parking spaces, But usually the innkeeper will help solve the parking problem!

Here we recommend a very close to the parking lot, and in the ancient city inside the inn, the innkeeper is very enthusiastic, you can coordinate to help booking parking Oh!

2. Before arriving in Phoenix, make a tour guide

Fenghuang ancient city guide Cuicui

Zijia You travel easy, but such a parking Phoenix has become a big problem, become inconvenient. Here you are advised to appoint a tour guide before arriving in Phoenix, so tour guides first look for parking spaces near the reservation inn. In addition to tour guides can solve the problem of parking, while playing in Phoenix have a professional tour guide is very necessary!

Appointment tour guide suggest that you directly in the ant honeycomb booking guides, settled in the cellular service business tour guides, quality assurance, butler service, there will be no do not understand the consumer!  

3. Night stay in the ancient city of dry state

Usually non-holidays, Phoenix parking is not serious, the problem is not big. However, if it is the holidays and the Golden Week come, do not want to guide with play, but also do not want to live in Fenghuang high-priced inn, it is recommended to drive directly to the ancient city of Qianzhou (43 km from the Phoenix), over there accommodation is not expensive, Parking is also relatively easy!

Conclusion: Traveling by car has slowly become the travel mode that we say go away, the concentration of travel time and a lot of facilities did not keep up with the destination, resulting in the inconvenience that would have been convenient to travel. The ancient city of Fenghuang parking is the most scarce resources, the off-season peacetime to the problem, the Golden Week season, we best prepared in advance to give you travel to be a surefire!

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