Play all over Beijing! You can not miss the free and paid attractions!

Beijing is a charming city, small alley, old teahouse, trendy bar street, bustling business district, infinite modern elements and the old Beijing authentic Beijing taste blend, to build the city of Beijing profound cultural heritage and orthodox and yet elegant lifestyle.
beijing tiantan

Before you leave, you need to know!

On the big traffic: from your local traffic to Beijing, and now to Beijing's aircraft, trains, high-speed rail, motor car is very convenient, all over the country's railway stations, the airport to Beijing trips, flights are more intensive, It is easy to buy tickets, ticket discounts are more transparent, here is not one by one detailed!


About accommodation, bought a big traffic to Beijing, followed by accommodation. First of all, Beijing hotel room is not particularly large, Beijing high cost of land, in recent years the development of relatively fast, five rings are considered the city center, and five ring prices are soared to 4-5w a square meter, so the local Beijing hotel Generally not particularly large, unlike the second and third tier cities of the hotel so much, there are many just just put two beds on the only aisle, and this is a more normal phenomenon.

Tips: Beijing hotel different geographical location of the hotel price gap is very large, good location of the hotel chain will be 3-400 yuan / night, are almost catching the location of the four-star, five-star hotel price.

On the city traffic: Beijing local traffic, the subway is the best choice for travel, Beijing taxi is not only expensive and particularly serious traffic jams, commuting to the peak even can not hit the car, bus transfer trouble and crowded, so the subway trip is The best way, not traffic jams, time control, basically most of Beijing's attractions and shopping district have subway coverage, buy a public transport card to solve all the travel problems! So in the hotel selection can choose a little bit about the three-ring around the hotel is the most convenient and affordable.


These spots are not only free, but also good shopping!

Speaking of the key, first said free attractions, I press a few areas, it may be more clear, according to their own preferences to arrange play time.

TOP1: Tiananmen Area


On the south side of Chang'an Street and the traditional axis of Beijing, the world's largest square - Tiananmen Square, the square center for the people's hero monument, continue to the south through the Chairman Mao Memorial to Zhengyangmen, that is, People often say the front door. The west side of the square is the Great Hall of the People, the east is the National Museum. On the opposite side of the square, the north side of Chang'an Avenue is Tiananmen Square, the city is the sparkling Jinshui River. Every morning and evening, Tiananmen Square will hold a solemn and solemn declaration of the flag, for those who arrived in Beijing, to watch a ceremony is a must. Tiananmen Square on the People's Heroes Monument, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the east of the National Museum are free.

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall: located in Tiananmen Square, closed every Monday, Tuesday to Sunday morning (8-12 points) open, closed in the afternoon, with valid documents free to visit, need to pay attention to is admitted to the need to accept security, not allowed With packets, cameras, cups and other items to enter, so the need to save the package. Every day when the queue is more open, and sometimes will turn a few big bend long queue.


Flag-raising ceremony: Tiananmen flag-raising ceremony every day, regardless of wind or rain, every day according to the sun out of time, early in the summer at 4 o'clock, more than 7 o'clock in winter, if not catch the flag, you can fall in the afternoon sun Time to see the flag ceremony, the two did not catch the words, the flag classes inside the Tiananmen Square, outside the door outside the training, you can see the national flag of the contest style!

Tiananmen Square on the south of the new front door Street, Qianmen Street merchants Lin Li, Quanjude roast duck, are a burning wheat, six must be in the sauce garden, Tong Ren Tang pharmacy, Rui Xiang silk cloth, inlaid shoe store, Zhang Yiyuan tea, Fish mouth snacks, here is the food to eat their paradise, a good place to shop!


TOP2: Shichahai Area

Shichahai area is not only free, and more cultural atmosphere, silver ingot bridge, bags under the eyes of the street, Nanluoguxiang, lotus market, protect the country temple snacks, bar Street in this one, miss the old Beijing are like here, there are the most authentic Beijing taste, before the dignitaries are living here, so here the courtyard, alley are more complete preservation, the lotus market has been to the north is the bar Street, arrived in the silver ingot bridge, over the silver ingot bridge to the north is the cigarette bag Xiejie, Shichahai has been To the east is the Drum Tower, and then east is Nanluoguxiang, where you can visit half a day, the summer night can be in the bar to enjoy the summer cool summer, Shichahai in the winter there are open slippery ice activities, Shichahai area can play half a day To a day. Suitable for petty bourgeoisie, love the old Beijing culture to eat goods and other groups!



Outside the road to the station - 60 road vehicles; 82 Road; 90 inside; 90 outside; 107 Road; 124 Road; 204 night bus; 204 night bus;

No. 20 Road; 90 Road, 90 Road, 90 Road, 107 Road, 111 Road, 118 Road, 204 Night bus, 204 Night bus, 609 Road, 612 Road, 623 Road, 701 Road,

Road in the door - 5 Road; 111 Road; 124 Road; 210 night bus; 609 Road;


Metro Line 6 - Beihai North Gate Station


Nanluoguxiang is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Beijing, among the 25 old urban protected areas planned. South of the north and south direction, north of the Drum Tower East Street, south of the East Gate Street, a total length of 786 meters, 8 meters wide, and Yuan Dadu (1267) completed the same period, is the only complete preservation of the Yuan Dynasty alley courtyard texture , The largest, highest grade, the most resource-rich chessboard traditional residential area. Today, here opened the style of the personality of the shop, compact and stylish private museum, the ancient alley in the Yuan Dynasty old and new, this rebirth, the global tourists love to "lost Beijing."


To reach the north exit: by 107,124,204,635 Road in the treasures alley station, 107,124,204 Road in the small plant under the station, or take the Metro Line 6 or Line 8 Nanluoguxiang station.

Arrived at the south exit: by 13,60,118,612,623 Road in the gongs and drums station, 104,108,113,201,612,758 Road in the north of the troops and horses station, west through the East cotton alley that is.

Tickets: free


TOP3: 798 Art District

Whether you are not a literary youth can be here to install a literary Fan, like art friends to go here, feel the art of this atmosphere, which is an old factory transformation, from all over the world of artistic expression, cutting edge Art can be felt here, art, creativity, clothing, photography, clay sculpture, coffee, bars, all kinds of graffiti, a variety of small shops, performance art, etc., from time to time have activities and exhibitions, can see What exhibition activities need to look at fate, and for all kinds of art to meet the photo, petty bourgeoisie, literary youth!

Traffic: by 401,402,405,445,909,946,955,973,988,991 Road in the Dashanzi junction south station, Metro Line 10 Liangmaqiao station C can be transferred 402,405,909 Road, 1 Line four Hui station can be transferred 402,405 Road, Line 15 Wangjing station can transfer 445 Road.

By car: Fourth Ring Road in Dashanzi Island on the island Jiuxianqiao Road, and then from the Jiuxianqiao Road on the 2nd entrance or Jiuxianqiao Road on the 4th entrance into the 798, the factory can be parked.

Tickets: free, individual booths separate charges

Opening hours: the park is open all day, most of the exhibition time is 10: 00-18: 00, most of the gallery exhibition closed on Monday.


TOP4: other areas

Panjiayuan flea market like all kinds of old objects, the old stuff can go here to visit, Saturday is the big city, all kinds of cultural relics painting and calligraphy, four treasures, pearl agate, shadow mask, foot clothing, porcelain wood, Furniture, handicrafts, collectibles, etc., but inside filled with a variety of fake parallel imports, please polish your eyes to distinguish, the price is very dependent on your preferences!

Tickets: free

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8: 00-17: 30 Saturday: 04: 30-17: 30

Bus line: Metro Line 10 Panjiayuan station


Olympic Park, the most representative of the Bird's Nest, Water Cube, (of course, go to visit the need to purchase tickets) next to the Olympic Forest Park, sink garden, which has a bright spot in the Chinese elements of the seven courtyards, full display of Chinese history and Modern cultural heritage. Northeast for the Science and Technology Museum (additional tickets) for parent-child, family play!

Tickets: free

Opening hours: open all day

Bus line: Metro Line 8 Olympic Park Station


Military Museum, Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum, a comprehensive military history museum, display a variety of weapons, large weapons and equipment, art, foreign military exchanges gifts, suitable for children, the elderly visit, review history.

Tickets: free

Opening hours: 8: 30-17: 30 (winter 17:00) closed on Monday

Bus route: Metro Line 1 Military Museum Station

Capital Museum, Capital Museum Collection, exhibition, research, archeology, public education, cultural exchange in one of the museum, the ancient Buddha exhibition, the ancient jade exhibition, ancient porcelain exhibition, Yan Lai bronze exhibition. Suitable for friends interested in ancient instruments.

Tickets: free

Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (16:00 stop admission) closed on Monday

Bus route: Subway Line 1 Muxidi Station 500 meters east

Xiushui Street in the new "Xiushui Street", you can buy "boutique corridor" in the authentic clothing; also Amoy to the fashionable foreign trade orders merchandise. Suitable for shopping like shopping petty bourgeoisie, the United States compatriots.

Opening hours: 9: 00-21: 00

Getting There: Metro Line 1 Wing On Lane Station

**Sanlitun Tai Koo Li where the 51 is the capital of the most personalized and beautiful landmarks, but also the most dynamic and popular leisure territory, on behalf of the international concept, leading the trend of life. Suitable for the forefront of fashion, the pursuit of international trends friends.

Opening hours: Open shopping center

Route: Line 10 to Tuanjiehu station, A mouth out, west of 500 meters that is; Line 6 to the East Bridge Station, B mouth out, 700 meters north to reach.


Sanlitun, the name has been a lot of people already want to know, whether it has been or have not been sure to have heard, in fact, many people have ignored the three ancient words, I personally feel that the ancient is more suitable for Sanlitun, more Western style more consistent Beijing style. Here is a lot of young people will visit the weekend, whether it is shopping or eating, here are a one-stop place to buy, from the tide card to the luxury, from the ordinary street snacks to luxury Western-style Chinese food, from the diffuse The rhythm of coffee to the bar of the drink, these are undoubtedly Sanlitun elements of the collection.

Worth a few attractions you will visit!

Having finished the free attractions, but also with four must go to the toll spots, the essence of Beijing tourism is complete, the four attractions are: the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace!

Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace are in Beijing, the three attractions can take the subway or bus can be directly to, only the Badaling Great Wall is not particularly convenient, the following details about the Great Wall of the practical Raiders.

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, also known as the Forbidden City, is China and the world's most complete preservation, the largest wooden structure of ancient buildings, known as "the world's top five palace." The Imperial Palace was ordered by Yongle Emperor Zhu Di to build, according to its layout and function is divided into "outside" and "inner court" two parts. To dry clear the door for the community, dry out the door to the south for the outside, north to the inner court. The inner court to dry Qing Gong, pay Thai Hall, Kunning Palace after the third house as the center, as well as east and west sides of the East Palace and the Western Sixth Palace, is the feudal emperor and the concubine residence, which is commonly known as the " The There are a large number of precious cultural relics in the palace, according to statistics, there are millions, accounting for one-sixth of the total number of cultural relics. Watch the clock 11 o'clock and 14 o'clock every day there are watches and clocks, not to be missed.

Traffic: The Imperial Palace is located in the center of Beijing, in the city through the bus, subway, etc. to reach.

Bus 1: 2 Road, 2 Road, 52 Road, 59 Road, 82 Road, 99 Road, 120 Road, 126 Road, sightseeing 1 line, night 17 Road, night 1 Road, night 2 Road, Tiananmen East "stop and then walk about 900 meters to reach the gate. Or, take a road, 5 Road, 52 Road, 99 Road, sightseeing line 1, night 1 road, 2 bus in the "Tiananmen West" get off, and then walk about 1000 meters from the Meridian Gate to enter.

Subway: take the Metro Line 1 in the "Tiananmen East" stop, walk about 900 meters, you can enter the Palace from the Meridian Gate. (The South Gate of the Palace Museum)

PS: the Forbidden City without parking lot, the surrounding public parking lot is also far, it is not recommended to drive to come.


Off-season (November 1 - March 31 next year): 40 yuan / person (not including treasures, watches and clocks)

High season (April 1 - October 31): 60 yuan / person (not including treasures Museum, clock table)

Treasure Hall, watches and clocks to be another ticket: (regardless of light, season)

Treasure Museum (Ning Shou Palace District, opera Museum, Shigu Hall): 10 yuan / person;

Watch Hall (Fengxiandi District): 10 yuan / person.



Roaming the Imperial Palace in the main axis: Tai Wo Men three main hall → dry clear door → dry palace → pay Thai Temple → Kunning Palace → Royal Garden → Shenwu Men (from the Shenwu Men can enter Jingshan Park) East Road: Meridian Gate → Tai Wo door three Main hall → dry clear door → east six palace → Ning Shou Gong → Zhen Fei Jing Road: Meridian Gate → Tai Wo Men three main hall → dry door → West Palace → Cixin Palace → Yang Xin Dian → Shuifang Zhai Palace From south to north one way to visit the route: the audience from the Meridian Gate (South Gate) into the Forbidden City, after the end of the visit by the Divine Gate (North Gate) left the Forbidden City.


Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven is very large, not only significant historical significance, green and very good, strong recommendation, it is worth a go. If you take the subway to the Temple of Heaven Park, then get off at the East Gate Station in the Temple of Heaven, A2 mouth out, turn right is the East Gate of the ticket office, you must buy a package, or can only be regarded as visiting the big park, the core part, , Echo walls and so can not see. Along the East Gate into the west has been able to go to the prayer hall, visit the prayer hall, and then all the way to the south, visit Huanqiu, echo wall. And then turn back to the northwest direction is the God of music, vegetarian palace. If the time is limited, you can go out of Simon, the end of the play, if time permits, it is recommended in the park and then swim in depth, many old trees, green and good, is a good place to relax. Turn to the end of the proposed North Gate out of the street there is the old magnetic mouth bean sauce shop, you can taste the authentic Beijing snacks, the price is not expensive. North Gate out to take the subway, then the demolition of the mouth of the station than the back to the Temple of Heaven East Gate Station can be slightly closer.

Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, is the first of Chinese classical gardens, with a total area of about 290 hectares, composed of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The whole garden is divided into three regions: the political activity area centered on Renshou Hall; the emperor's living area with the main body of Yu Lan Tong and Lok Shou Tong; the scenic tourist area composed of Wanshou Mountain and Kunming Lake. The whole park to the Western Hills peaks as the background, coupled with the buildings and the park lake and lake situation integration, so that the scenery changes infinite December 2, 1998 included in the "World Heritage List".


Arrived in the West Gate: by 469,539 Road in the Summer Palace Ximen station;

Arrived at the North Gate: take the Metro Line 4 North Gate Station Exit D, or by 303,330,331,346,375,384,563,601,608,683,696,697,718, special 5, special 10 Road in the Summer Palace North Gate Station;

To reach the East Gate: take the Metro Line 4 Xiyuan Station Exit C2, or by 209,330,331,332,346,394,601,608,626,683,690,696,718 Road in the Summer Palace Station;

Arrived at the new palace: 74,374,437,952 Road in the Summer Palace under the new palace station.


The different characteristics of each Great Wall

A brief introduction to the Great Wall of Beijing, Beijing, the Great Wall is more north, are defensive fortifications of the year, according to the terrain and built, each paragraph has the characteristics of each section to Badaling Great Wall is the most famous, Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Muti Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall, the Great Wall of Water and so on.

Badaling Great Wall: less than the Great Wall of non-heroes! Badaling Great Wall is an important part of the ancient Great Wall of China's great anti-defense project. It is a pass in the Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall for the Juyongguan important outpost, the ancient name of "Ju Yong is not off in the Badaling."

Badaling tickets, season (4 - October): 45 yuan off-season (11-3 months): 40 yuan

Opening hours: High season (April - October): 06: 30-19: 00 off-season (11-3 months): 07: 00 ~ 18: 00

Juyongguan Great Wall: Beijing Great Wall along the famous ancient city, Yanjing eight scenic spots, known as "Ju Yong Pinnacle", Juyongguan is from the north into the gateway to Beijing, "Kazuo Guan, Wan Fu Mo open" momentum.

Juyongguan tickets, season (4 - October): 40 yuan off-season (11-3 months): 35 yuan

Opening hours: High season (April - October): 08: 30-17: 00 off-season (11 - March): 08: 30 ~ 16: 00

Mutianyu Great Wall: Mutianyu Great Wall is located in the city of Huairou District, Beijing, where the essence of the Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall are mostly foreign friends, domestic tours are relatively small, go to the Badaling Great Wall, so here No one is a sea of people.

Tickets: season (April 1 - October 31): 45 yuan off-season (November 1 - March 31): 40 yuan

Opening hours: High season (April 1 - October 31): 08: 00-17: 00 off-season (November 1 ~ March 31): 08: 30-16: 00


Simatai Great Wall: is the only section of China to retain the original Great Wall of the Great Wall, everywhere can be seen ruins. Beijing Great Wall attractions, Simatai less traffic, there will be people crowded phenomenon. Simatai Great Wall and Beijing other Great Wall attractions compared to the special steep and steep, and in order to maintain the original appearance, not too many fence and other facilities, climbing more attention to safety.

Tickets: 40 yuan

Opening hours: 08: 00-17: 00

Water Gate Great Wall: Water Guan Great Wall Scenic area is located in Badaling County, Yanqing County, close to Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area, belong to the eastern section of Badaling Great Wall, but here is not well known Badaling Great Wall, is two separate scenic spots, water off the Great Wall is not famous, Many local black guides will fake the name of the Badaling Great Wall with visitors here.

Jiankou Great Wall: Jiankou Great Wall is located in the northwest of Huairou District Badahe Township, tickets free of charge, belonging to the wild Great Wall, southern mountains rich changes, extremely steep, some places the Great Wall has collapsed, need to climb, the proposed outdoor sports enthusiasts in Team cooperation to complete, Jiankou Great Wall in a variety of albums in the highest rate of a section, is the Great Wall photography hot spots.

Jinshanling Great Wall: Jinshanling Great Wall is located in Hebei Chengde Luanping County, is the essence of the Great Wall area, known as "the Great Wall, Jinshan Duxiu" reputation, few people, suitable for photography, photography is a paradise for lovers.

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