Qin Shi Huang Tomb

Qin Shi Huang Tomb is located more than 30 kilometers away from the city of Lintong County, east of the foot of Lishan.
qin shi huang tomb views

Qin Shi Huang Ying Zheng from the 13-year-old ascended the throne began to build cemetery, by the prime minister Li Si presided over the planning and design, generals Zhang Han supervision workers, construction time up to 38 years, the vast project, the magnificent spirit of the feudal rulers of luxury precedent.

Famous family of the emperor, due to the completion of the great cause of unity and down the ages. Qin Dynasty only existed for 15 years, his emperor dream will be shattered. Can emperor system, the emperor consciousness affected China for thousands of years.

Not only the beginning of the emperor's life experience, life, merit attracted attention, even at the foot of the Lishan at the beginning of the emperor also because of many mysteries and much attention.

Qinling palace refers to the emperor of the tomb of the emperor, due to special reasons have not yet excavated.

In order to make up for regret, according to the historical records of Qin Shi Huang mausoleum, with mercury for the rivers and lakes of the sea, concentrated performance of the Qinling historical picture.

The imperial emperor is the first imperial cemetery in Chinese history. It is the crystallization of the diligence and ingenuity of the working people of our country. It is a treasure house of history and culture. It is famous for its large scale and abundant burial in all the ancient imperial tombs.

According to "Historical Records Qin Shi Huang this century" records, the tomb has been dug to the underground spring, with copper reinforcement base, above the coffin ... ... inside the tomb filled with treasures.

Tomb of the main organs of the machine with a sharp arrow crossbow, Tomb of the people will be shot near a close. The tomb is also filled with mercury, a symbol of rivers and lakes; the tomb of the night pearl, symbol of the sun and the moon stars; the tomb with fish oil lights, in order to immortal ... ...

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum found a total of 10 gates, north and south gate and the south gate of the same axis in the same. The north side of the mound is the center of the cemetery, east and west sides of the tomb to the tomb, east and west sides also side by side with four architectural relics, some experts believe that the bedroom is part of the building.

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum embodies the "things like death," the ritual system, large scale, magnificent momentum, the structure of special special.

Mausoleum Palace Palace is the place where the Qin Shi Huang coffin, the tomb around the burial pit and burial more than 400, a wide range and 56.25 square kilometers. Mainly buried in the pit there are bronze cars, Ma Hang, rare birds and animals pit, stables pit and terracotta warriors and horses, over the years has more than 50,000 important historical relics unearthed.

1980 to unearthed a group of two large-scale painted copper car horse - high car and car, is by far the largest body found in China, the most decorative decoration, structure and the Department of driving the most realistic, the most complete ancient bronze horse, Known as "the crown of bronze".

Qin Shi Huang cemetery burial, underground palace, inside and outside the city wall shape and its ritual architecture and layout are different from any one of the prehistoric king cemetery. This mausoleum mausoleum magnificent, peculiar design.

Cemetery project, the number of workers as much as the duration is unprecedented.

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