Weekend suburbs to Changping, five experience to conquer you! (With seven theme lines)

Changping is the northwest suburb of Beijing, "Beijing's back garden," said, but also my personal weekend Beijing tour preferred, to ask why? Because the game here is everything, rich enough. Throughout the year, Changping can give you a different experience: spring outing flowers, summer summer cool, autumn autumn harvest picking, winter ski hot springs. Whether it is friends Sahuan children, parent-child play, bring the old to enjoy, or to the world cultural heritage Ming Tombs visit monuments, in Changping can find the corresponding experience projects. How do you play specifically? I'll talk to you.

Changping not to miss the five experience

One to Changping had to visit the monuments
Second, Changping Xiaotangshan - Beijing's most famous hot spring town
three, to Changping do day farmer
four, to Changping feel the speed and passion of movement
five, to Changping taste on the tip of the delicious

One, to Changping had to visit the monuments

1, Ming Tombs - real out of those things

Ming Tombs, as the name suggests, is the Ming Dynasty thirteen emperors of the mausoleum collectively, is a region, almost foreign tourists to Beijing tourism will be the attractions, but also Beijing travel business cards, and the Forbidden City par. The mausoleum of the emperor is comparable to the royal palace, to show their status and momentum, and according to feng shui, these mausoleum and natural mountains and rivers, water and vegetation perfect combination.
Although there are thirteen emperor tomb, but currently open only three of them, respectively, Changling, Dingling and Zhaoling, coupled with the Shinto to visit, so there are four major attractions of the Tombs can open the tour. In the tour, through the tour guide to explain, we can really show those things. Literary history lovers, you can do homework in advance.
[Changling] Zhu Yuanzhang son Zhu Di's tomb, the first of the Ming Tombs, the largest and most tourists, but the underground part is not open to visit. For the sacrifice of the grace of the temple super large, can see the old super-luxury level. There are a lot of unearthed cultural relics in the hall, we must look at the gold wing wing good crown, super fine, light crown on the scales used 8400, the absolute national treasures.
[Ding Ling] the only open palace of the imperial tomb, the underground part of the area is very large, especially deep, perennial temperature is very low, a bit dark. Qingshi underground palace, white marble Shihmen, Chang Ming Deng, and Wanli emperor and the two queen's coffin, visitors can witness to watch. Unearthed a large number of cultural relics displayed in the Dingling Museum, which has four national treasure waiting for you to find.

[Zhaoling] ground building has been repaired very complete, the general team tour will choose to Dingling and Changling, so here visitors are relatively small, very quiet, it is suitable for walking nostalgia.
[Shinto] be the leading part of the Ming Tombs, on both sides of a variety of vivid stone. Ancient Shinto Shinto Shrine is the form of construction, from the stone arch began to go north, followed by the red door, stone students, dragon and phoenix door, interested in the grave students can focus on research. God Road is very long, a lot of pine on both sides of the road is still growing dense. But also distributed Shuling people later planted picking garden, autumn, then, in addition to visit the emperor, you can pick the apple.

Arrival traffic:
starting from Beijing: along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway (the original Badaling Expressway) to Changping Xiguan around the island, the north into the Bank of Beijing Road, 500 meters after the traffic lights into the Changqi Road, along the way through the stone arch, Ten Thousand Shinto Road, seven hole bridge. After crossing the T-junction, straight line is Changling, turn left is Dingling and Zhaoling.
Bus: Deshengmen take the 872 road directly to the Ming Tombs (from Deshengmen to Dingling all about 2 hours)
Subway: Changping line to reach Changping East Gate Station, A mouth out, into 314 Road
internal traffic: the four open There are some distance between the attractions, since the car will be more convenient, bus 314 road can connect Changling, Dingling and God Road.
four attractions season: 130 yuan season, off-season 100 yuan; Dingling: 40 yuan off-season, season 60 yuan; Changling: 30 yuan off-season, season 45 yuan; Zhaoling: off-season 20 yuan, : 20 yuan off-season, season 30 yuan (off-season: November - the following year in March; season: 4-10 months)

2, Juyongguan Great Wall - the ancient military battleground

Juyongguan is the Great Wall on the famous ancient customs, the situation is dangerous, is the northwest into Beijing's main road, since ancient times is the battleground. Juyongguan is off the city, as a defense, its location is essential, in addition to the customs, it also has the South, North and Shangguan three lines of defense. In fact, the north is what we usually say Badaling, to say strategic position, Juyongguan, but much older than the Badaling. The Great Wall must choose Juyongguan. And Badaling compared to here, there is no flag of the tour group, a lot of foreigners are preferred here. Juyongzhuan than the Badaling to steep, higher steps, and some places are not smooth, board the Great Wall need to have better physical strength.

There are two lines, east and west lines. The east is relatively short and gentle, climbing to the highest beacon takes about 2-3 hours. Like to be challenging Then to the west line, where there are very steep slopes, the whole takes 4 hours or more.
The most suitable to Juyongguan season is the fall, when the temperature is most appropriate, walls on both sides of the leaves, with the winding Great Wall, rich colors, shoot the Great Wall photos are more beautiful. Climbing overlooking the front of the magnificent scene must let you praise.
Juyongguan the head is the relics of the Yuan Dynasty, to focus on watching the beautiful manure on the head, mainly concentrated in the coupons and coupons hole: coupons engraved with the King Kong pestle, Rui animal relief, the middle is the Golden Eagle Bird; There are four caves in the cave embossed, as well as sweat, possession, back, Mongolia, Vatican, Xixia six kinds of text engraved "Duo Luo Ni curse." The deep rut prints under the head of the cloud also show the old age. These details are of particular cultural and historical value, the time of the tour do not pat down the bow, while ignoring them.

Arrival traffic: self-driving: take the G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway Juyongguan (46) exports can be; bus lines: Deshengmen take the 919,880 bus directly to Juyongguan Great Wall.
Tickets: off-season (11 - the following year in March) 40 yuan; season (4 - October): 45 yuan

Tips: the
whole Juyongguan scenic areas need to walk, need a good physical strength.
To bring some water and chocolate, etc., halfway need to add strength.

Second, Changping Xiaotangshan - Beijing's most famous hot spring town

To say that in Beijing hot springs, it must be Xiaotangshan. The town of large and small hot spring resort distribution, can stay and hot springs, experience the royal family to enjoy the distinguished.
The town is relatively large fame to Longmai Hot Springs and Jiuhua Villa, the two are located in the big willow island around the east and west sides.
[Dragon Spa] in the old Beijing people's minds, but the highest awareness, it is Xiaotangshan first hot spring resort, has a good local reputation. And other people is different, there is a lava hot springs, the Guilin natural lava and the combination of Beijing's hot springs, lava modeling strange, so I feel like a hot spring in the cave!

[Jiuhua Villa] hot springs have more than 10 areas, large area, after the stunned! Here is the difference with other hot springs, that is, by his family's first health spa, located in the open-air hot spring experience area on the east side, six Chinese medicine bath, are prepared by the court physician secret recipe. There are moxibustion and rich Tibetan Tibetan medicine bath, can be sure to experience the next! In addition to the reception around the tour, but also received business group building, training and exhibition needs, my friend company is here to open the annual meeting. Also has a large Jiuhua health examination center, but also particularly suitable for parents and elders to corruption.

In addition to the two, Changping there are many hot springs waiting to experience.
[Yu Lin Tang Quan] is the most popular among the young people in the resort, where the new facilities, there are private soup small courtyard, high privacy, suitable for couples to spend the romantic weekend. Valentine's Day, Tanabata Festival or anniversary to celebrate here is not a good idea?

【Yiquan Garden Hotel】 is located in Xiaotangshan Agricultural Demonstration Garden, there are single-family hot springs small courtyard, Chinese, Japanese and European style can choose, privacy is absolutely good, you can also close to flowers and small animals. Couples two world can choose hot spring standard room, warm family of three can have a spa suite, a friend happy party and spa courtyard.

[Lafayette Castle] is a French castle, from the building to a variety of decorations are filled with the court Fan children. Attracting a lot of crew to take this viewfinder, the most famous to the number of Feng Xiaogang's film "private custom", and Song Dandan ordered the scene of all Beijing lights out here.

[Wendu Shuicheng] I feel very suitable for parenting. Hot spring area is large, according to research Kangxi was the palace in the temperature are now the city of water within the region. HI water space is a large water playground where children can swim and play with water. There are roof skiing in winter, slow slope, difficulty is small, suitable for beginners and children early experience skiing fun.

[Fengshan Hot Spring Resort] is located at the foot of the Mangshan Mountain, is a small Tangshan outside the chic spa resort, but also particularly comfortable, indoor and outdoor there are a lot of hot springs can be a small pool of milk, and some also designed a tropical rain forest, As if to a southern country of the secret. The key is very few people, do not have a lot of people crowded a pond, you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere of bathing comfort.

Three, to Changping do day farmer

Changping strawberry, but the national geography of the logo products, good quality no words that Beijing people love here to take strawberries, the best time is 12 months, to the following year in March. Xing Shouzhen is a collection of holy sites, strawberry garden concentration, there is a strawberry landscape, both sides have picking garden.
This is the largest of the day Run Park, there are many varieties of strawberries, his family is the first to introduce Christmas red varieties of the picking garden, from Christmas until the spring, there are a variety of varieties can be picked. As a girl, no resistance to strawberries, fresh strawberries are fresh, a mouthful of taste down, there is a touch of milk, really happy bursting.
Another scale is also relatively large Tianyi, Xingxing Town and Xiaotangshan two picking garden. Strawberry is taken by the three-dimensional picking way, do not need to bend over, picking very effort. In addition to winter and spring strawberries, summer there are too large red cherry can be adopted Oh.
Changping apple is also super delicious. Here the soil, water quality and climatic conditions, are conducive to the growth of apple trees. Every year in mid-October to mid-November, is the best time to pick apples. During this period, Changping will host the Apple Cultural Festival, attracting a lot of tourists in the city. Changping north of the Ming Tombs town, near the town of Changling, there are days Huiyuan, green, green park and many other apple orchards gathered, especially the Apple theme park, but also in the play to understand some knowledge of Apple science.
Cui Village in the east is also the apple town of agriculture, represented by the real village, from the beginning of the Qing Dynasty there is a kind of fruit tradition.

In addition, the town of Ma Chi is also gathered in the farm, where the fruit variety, not only Changping traditional apple, strawberry, as well as dragon fruit, grapes and other fruits and vegetables. Ma Chi mouth in the town there is a micro-manor, known for the rich dragon fruit. The door is not big, but there are no cave inside, 50 acres of manor, greenhouses planted a lot of vegetables, fruits. The most must have a table in each vegetable shed, put on the pot, you can start Shabu-shabu, and if you want to eat vegetables, pick their own to the ground, washing can be a pot!
In addition to the same farmers can experience the joy of harvest, you can live in the farm. Different from the monotonous hotel, Changping country hotel unique, there are characteristics of the farm rice and agricultural experience, in the city for a long time, another style is also very good.

Ma Chi mouth in the town of the town of grass fishing village, in addition to bed and breakfast, the best play to the number of fishing. The shop can rent a variety of fishing rods, fishing chairs and other equipment and utensils, so that guests can taste the fun of fishing. Catch the fish can be processed on the spot, eat their own fishing fish, taste particularly delicious it.

Four, to Changping feel the speed and passion of movement

Changping not only historical and cultural heritage, there are many modern and extreme sports can challenge. Winter skiing in the past few years in Beijing is very popular, many people are hooked on this movement. Jinghu Lake Resort and Snow World Ski Resort are very suitable for beginners experience. If you like real live ammunition, or want to know more about the history of weapons and equipment development, you can choose to the North International shooting range touch the real gun, feel the thrill of shooting.
Snow World Ski Resort is the closest ski resort in Beijing. The resort is divided into practice road, primary snow trails, intermediate snow trails and fine snow trails. Junior snow difficulty is relatively low, good snow, it is suitable for beginners experience, feel the charm of skiing. There are a lot of activities for the parent-child, such as skiing and dog sledding, you can also snowball, snowman. In general it is suitable for beginners and children to experience.

Jinghu Lake is a resort, the environment is very beautiful, spring and summer full of flowers, there are small churches, there are many new people here to take wedding photos. There is also a small zoo in the resort, there are sika deer, horses, sheep, rabbits, peacocks, etc., can feed small animals, there is a nearby children to expand the small recreation area.
There will be skiing in the quiet lake in winter. If you live in a resort, you can ski at night, especially when you can experience skiing. The ski resort has children's skiing parks for children, ski lessons for children, summer camps and winter camps. After the skiing, you can also go to the hot springs bathing, in the quiet lake, to experience the two days of fire.

North International Shooting Range

To the North International Shooting Range to experience the real gun shooting, but a very exciting thing, I am here for the first time in life to touch the real live ammunition, super excited. Each to experience the shooting of tourists will have a one-on-one professional guidance. There are three main items to experience: pistols, rifles and flying saucers.
Pistol: divided into 15 meters and 25 meters two shooting distance, the shooter with standing one hand or both hands gun, shooting; rifle project: divided into 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters three shooting distance; UFO project: divided into UFO multi-directional, two-way, two more to three projects.
Shooting field also contains a weapons museum, is China's only weapons professional museum. Museum is divided into domestic and foreign parts, there are cold weapons, hot weapons, modern weapons and other types, such a large-scale weapons exhibition, but no other museum than the way.

to shoot the field of visitors must bring a valid identity documents, can only enter the entrance registration.
Individual visitors can only play EM332 air rifle, if you want more experience, the need for units to introduce a letter of introduction, the letter of the letter can be downloaded from the official website (http://www.bfshoot.com/).

Beijing Flying Paragliding Club

Look at foreign travel Some people sit paragliding, and my heart a little envy. Beijing had already had this sport! Just at the foot of the Mangshan Flying Paragliding Club. Here can experience the power delta wing or paragliding stimulation, experience the feeling of flying in the air. No flight experience does not matter, there will be experienced coach with fly.
Take a paraglider from the mangshan glide down, from the air overlooking the Ming Tombs Reservoir, Mangshan, seven hole bridge flowers and other scenery, this angle of the scenery, but elsewhere can not see!
After the experience, if you fall in love with this extreme sports, you can also apply for a paragliding or parachute training course. If you have some little timid for flying on the sky, you can also choose the water challenge - water board surfing, this skateboard is easy to learn, but also more than other water projects.

paragliding experience to be one day in advance telephone booking, booking phone 010-68055114
For safety reasons, to determine the weather conditions in advance, rain, wind can not experience yo.

Five, to Changping taste on the tip of the delicious

Changping has a lot of unique rural cuisine, especially Changping four big feast: Kangling Zhengde spring cake feast, Changling Yongle 饸 饹 feast, mourning mausoleum banquet dinner and mouth Ma Wuzhai donkey roll banquet, they not only taste delicious, There are cultural and historical content, really is hook out my saliva.
[Kangling spring cake feast] is the characteristics of Kangling village, according to legend, this is the emperor of the Ming Dynasty emperor Zhu Houzhao, he is very fun to travel, do not want to delay in the meal time, the attendants are afraid of him , Ready to pizza, roll onions, sauces and a variety of dishes, both convenient and delicious, Zhengde emperor like this kind of eating, the birth of the earliest "royal fast food".
Now in the village of Kangling, every household can eat this royal food. The villagers of the craft through a unified training, each level, type and dishes are similar, you can choose a free. Where the spring cake feast is self-help, about 40 yuan per person, side dishes are sauce elbow, spread eggs and a variety of side dishes, up to 20 kinds of species. The most important thing is the taste of the spring cake, where the spring cake is now eat now baked, the cake is very thin but chewy, wrapped in a variety of side dishes, appetite, you can even eat a lot of sheets, can be considered a meal, Haha.

[Changling 饸 饹 feast] is derived from the Ming emperor Zhu Di. Ming Yongle years, he came to Changping for the mausoleum of the site, the Changling village, was a side of the museum braved the steaming hot pot to attract. Tasting the noodle shop in the face, Zhu Di praise. Since then, the village of Changling village named "Yongle 饸 饹 surface".
The surface is cornmeal, buckwheat noodles or other miscellaneous beans and soft, with iron, there are many round eyes of the bed, the face through the round pressure out to form a small round bar. 饸 饹 than the average noodles to be thick, but more tough than the noodles, eat when mixed with a variety of smell of urine, and noodles eat almost. If there are many people, you can choose to banquet package, in addition to 饸 饹 in addition to a variety of cold dishes, jeans, chicken, etc., will not be monotonous, and not expensive.

[Mausoleum of the Mausoleum of the Mausoleum] "Baked cake" is the traditional staple food of the North, with corn, sorghum, millet made into the skin, with leeks and eggs or bean sprouts into stuffing. There are 20 kinds of side dishes, plus a bowl of corn residue boiled porridge, very rich. In addition to meat and eggs, other vegetarian can be added free of charge, absolutely enough tube! Mausoleum Mausoleum Village is also a number of farm homes can eat baked feast, the best word of mouth is the country Yan Nong homes, but also the first to do the dinner feast of the farmhouse.

[Top donkey roll] We all know that donkey roll is Beijing snacks, can not know, authentic donkey roll, in fact, from Changping Huankou village. Before the Eastern Han generals Ma Wu in the mouth of the troops, afraid of the soldiers anorexia, by the donkey roll on the ground and think of this method of making rice cake. Now the mouth of the village at home are making donkey roll, in addition to the traditional brown sugar stuffing, but also the development of jujube mud stuffing, red bean paste, etc., and now point to do, when the table is still warm.

More rich information, you can also go to Changping tourism official online stroll Oh: http://www.iscp.com.cn/ 

Seven lines, there is always a suitable for you

One, with the baby to the countryside, to experience the rural wild
two, autumn tours maple, clear lungs shot large
three, self-driving Barry ring corridor
four, Yanshan at the foot of summer and autumn by car
five, with parents leisure travel
six, the family out with High
seven, Skiing hot springs correct

First, with the baby to the countryside, experience the rustic rustic

D1: City - Wali Township House - Yu Lin Tang Quan Hot Spring Accommodation D2: China Aviation Museum - Tianrun Park Strawberry Park picking - return to Beijing Day1: starting from Beijing, driving from Beijing to Beijing high-speed, turn right at the white horse junction You can reach the town of Wali House. It is a rural paradise, where to eat the farm food, see the rural farm implements, play the country playground, feeding is the family circle of cattle and sheep, is the parents of a great place to take the baby to the countryside. The children here to feed chickens to feed the sheep, picking fruit picking vegetables, when the little farmer a day is also good.
Township House weekend restaurant is particularly hot, driving here at noon to the restaurant first place. The oil chicken is a la carte for each table, and is a local free-range chicken, eating insects and fish and grows, and the meat is unique. But also with the old style of the big pot boiled, stewed out of the chicken special tasty, taste is also different. Other farm dishes also taste full, the amount of food is also large, absolutely can eat very well.

After eating, you can take the children in the rural building Sahuan play, Wali Museum which stores a lot of labor tools, plow, rake, large guillotine, and some even adults have not seen. The children are most interested in the zoo. Cattle, sheep, ducks, rabbits, peacocks, there are rare alpacas, children feeding animals, that interest, but Lao Gao!
Playing in the home building, presumably children are also tired adults, the next stop, so hot springs to go! Driving to the nearest Royal Palace Tangquan stay, where the hot spring courtyard is very suitable for the whole family together, good privacy, but also bubble soup hot springs, relax it
Day2: the next morning after breakfast, you can go to the nearby Chinese Air Museum, where the most suitable for the parent-child tour. It is Asia's largest aviation museum, great momentum, showing hundreds of retired aircraft, for children, with the most irresistible attraction. Like the history of World War II, more interested in the aircraft, will also like here.

The museum is divided into two parts, open-air exhibition hall and hole gallery. Open-air exhibition hall free of charge, a large area, a frame of aircraft to visit a long way to go, you can choose to take the car battery car, the driver will simply introduce the basic knowledge of the aircraft. Indoor hole need to purchase 20 yuan a person, into the hole must be added clothes, the cave inside the temperature is very low. There are Chinese and foreign aircraft in the hole show, but also introduced the history of aviation, suitable for older children.
China Aviation Museum after the tour, driving 10 minutes will be able to Tianrun Park strawberry picking garden, where there are many greenhouses, strawberries are used in three-dimensional planting, picking more effort, if it is winter and early spring, you can pick in the back Fresh strawberries take home. Summer can also come here to pick cherries.

Second, the autumn reward maple, clear lungs shot large

D1: City - Mangshan National Forest Park - Fengshan Hot Spring Resort D2: Apple theme park picking apple - Changling 饸 饹 feast - Zhang Gezhuang Ginkgo - return Day1: into the end of September autumn is getting thick, Beijing and a year Among the most flavor of the season. Last year we went to the most famous Xiangshan, almost burst crowded, and I advise you still do not see the sea of ​​people. Want to see the most beautiful autumn scenery, went straight to the Mangshan National Forest Park it.

Mangshan mainly four bright spots: 1, mountain trees, high forest coverage, vegetation varieties are more, autumn color and level are very rich; 2, the foot of a mountain in the north of the largest stone Buddha, stone Buddha before twelve 4, boarded the top of the hill, there are Beijing's highest painting corridor and the ancient tower, the top of the hill overlooking the Ming Tombs, pythons, and so on. Yamagata and Changping City.
From the Mangshan down, you can stay Fengshan Hot Spring Resort, Bubble Hot Springs, soothing the mountain tired. Fengshan Hot Springs is divided into indoor and outdoor, outdoor courtyard-style small pool, dotted in green leaves, but also back to the Mangshan, the environment particularly comfortable. The most rare is that this hot hotel is not much, almost a family can enjoy a soup pool. Especially at night quiet, no light pollution, but also to see a lot of stars.
Day2: In the fall, the Apple theme park is a good place for the family to fall. The most important thing is to pick the apple, the variety of super, there are Ga things, Fuji, Guoguang, bonuses and so on. A variety of apple trees under the detailed notes, including varieties, taste, efficacy, origin, etc., can gain a lot of knowledge about Apple.
Apple Park in a small zoo, there are piglets, lambs, etc., there is a small entertainment park, including swings, swivel chairs, single-plank bridge, you can play with children here.
At noon to Changling taste authentic Yongle 饸 feast, from the Apple theme park driving only less than 10 minutes.

Afternoon return, you can take the reservoir north road, to Zhanggezhuang walk, and ginkgo shoot camera. Beijing's ginkgo forest to the fall is particularly favored, Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue and Sanlitun East Fifth Street, although it is easy to arrive, to the weekend overcrowding, want to find a place where no one to take pictures are difficult to take pictures of people, than ginkgo biloba More!
Changping Zhang Gezhuang is not the same, and ginkgo forest area is particularly large, super shock, there are more than 830 million ginkgo, than the Diaoyutai Ginkgo forest do not know how many times, absolutely suitable for shooting people and scenery. And expensive in the people less clean, even if there will be a lot of tourists on the weekend, because the area is large, scattered throughout the forest, you can enjoy the play, casually concave shape, unlike the ginkgo tree in Beijing, so crowded. Changping ginkgo discoloration to be earlier than the city park, the best viewing period is best at the end of October.

Third, self-driving Barry ring corridor

Barry ring corridor: the village stream - Guangzhou white - white sheep ditch - Long Valley City - trotters feast - Wolf children valley - the village stream Changping west of the village there is a flow Barry ring corridor, began in the village stream around the island, and finally the village stream Around the island, the whole about 62 km, along the beautiful scenery, characteristic folk village, red revolutionary history, delicious rural cuisine can be a clean sweep, there is a car family welfare.
3 kilometers north of the village is Aries City, once Aries City, long city, town border city, and said Beijing border three cities, and Juyongguan together constitute the northwest of Beijing fortifications, now Aries has been dilapidated, only broken wall Ruins.
Through the Aries City, is the white sheep ditch natural scenic area. Scenic scenery is very beautiful, no tickets, ditch on both sides of the mountain steep, the mountain is gurgling streams, cool and pleasant summer, autumn and autumn leaves, fresh air under the breath is refreshing. Baiyanggou reservoir can also be fishing.
White sheep city west, is the long valley city. Long valley city because of ancient times is the fortress, military powerhouse, the typical ancient village, now the village before the ancient city walls, crenellated, Urn on the old track is also vaguely visible. The village has not yet large-scale development of tourism, still maintained the original ecological village style, the villagers are very simple and warm.

The village has a mountain road, if not found, you can ask the villagers, the villagers are very enthusiastic to help the road. Along the slope boarded the top of the mountain, Hebei and Beijing can see the boundary markers.
In the long valley village visit, you can stay to eat lunch. Long valley city of the trotters feast can be known because the villagers Zhao Zhao, his family's trotters are the most common spices, but the stew and its soft rotten, tasty, eat, just a full of collagen, And then point to solve the greasy vegetables, is definitely a happy meal to meet.

Ring Road south of the wolf children village, is a long history of the old revolutionary base areas. Before the war of resistance against Japan, there are members of the Communist Party of China underground revolutionary activities here, after the Marco Polo Bridge incident, Changwan County in this set up, here has become the anti-Japanese base, so far the village also kept Changwan county government, county, propaganda department Ruins. There is also a Changwan County Revolutionary History Exhibition Hall showing this history.

circular corridor highway has a sharp bend, driving must pay attention to safety, corner to whistle. Rainy Tianshan Road may have landslides, do not travel.
Barry ring corridor is also very suitable for cycling, along the road scenery is good, there are a lot of bike enthusiasts, but the sharp, steep, more suitable for experienced riders.

Four, Yanshan foot reward autumn ride

Yuk Shou Temple - Black Cottage Village chestnut mushroom feast - seven hole bridge flowers / Yinshan Tallinn fall the most suitable choice for this line, enjoy the scenery, hydrophilic and intimate, very suitable for stay in the city office workers, to a weekend to flee Haze of the Qingfei trip.
Changping north there is a Yanshou Temple, even more than the history of the Ming Tombs. Located in the black cottage in the col, surrounded by mountains, lush vegetation. When we walked into the monastery, we had a huge "Buddha" word, and the shape was the word, and it was the door. Through the "Buddha", we could reach the main hall. Temple of the "Panlong Song", "Phoenix pine" worth stop, the two trees have 500 years of history, like a dragon and a phoenix corresponding, but also a wonders.

Yanshou town black cottage village specialty called "chestnut mushroom" mushrooms, this mushroom has a high content of cellulose and vitamin E, but also help the body to discharge harmful substances. The village launched this "chestnut mushroom feast", can be powerful, there are cold, stir-fried, soft fried, clear stew ... ... 20 kinds of dishes are made from chestnut mushrooms.
If you like barbecue, noon can also open to the north of the Ming Tombs Longmu Villa. Villa can be rented tables and chairs and barbecue, prepare some skewers, in the lake to enjoy homemade barbecue is very comfortable. Do not choose barbecue, then there are farmers rice: grilled rainbow trout, paste pancake, vegetable dumplings, wok chicken and so on. Barbecue with chicken, goose, sheep are kept for their own. Villa, including drinks are produced for sale, absolutely safe and secure.
Satiety full, to the seven-hole bridge flowers can be a good meal. Here acres of flowers, standing high view is very spectacular. Here are mainly cultivated for cosmos, iris, verbena, gesanghua, etc., these flowers open season is different, the best viewing period is generally 5-9 months. In the flowers, just can see the paraglider from the air hovering over, look at my heart itch, but also want to experience a fly in the sky free feeling.

In fact, this line can also visit Yinshan Tallinn, but the attractions are currently in the renovation. But if you want to novelty, you can not go to the main entrance, from the nearby village or Yinshan car camping to wear. Walk up the mountain, the mountains are crowded pine, cypress, oak. As the name suggests, there are large tracts of ancient tower, from the Liao Dynasty, modeling are very beautiful.

Five, with parents keep leisure travel

Too Shenxiang and Villa - Jiuhua Villa - Tianrun Park picking parents often more hard work, to the weekend to take them to ease, the whole family had a weekend. Pick up a weekend to take them to Changping leisure about. First to Tai Shen Xiang and Villa walk, it is near the Longze, is a palace style garden architecture. Here too the hospital, so that the Chinese medicine to the pulse, where there are problems can grasp the Chinese medicine conditioning.
Seen Chinese medicine, where the use of health food. Here the health meal pay attention to health with the seasonal to go, dishes with the seasonal change, the idea of ​​suitable for different food to eat food, food ingredients, solar energy and homologous medicine and food effectively combined. Villa is also equipped with gold medicated bath, the public medicine pool has five soup, respectively, emollient, relieve waist and leg pain, kidney, treatment of insomnia and meditation five kinds of effects, are formulated by the prescription.

Left Tai Shen Xiang and Villa, fought Jiuhua Villa, it is small Tangshan town veteran hot spring resort, take the style of the royal garden wind, hot spring is the largest in Beijing. If you have time, you can stay here one night, very suitable for winter family entertainment together.
Villa 16 District has a large indoor luxury hot springs - Mermaid Spa Leisure Palace. The main hot spring type of super, there are Chinese medicine bath, Tibetan medicine bath, ginseng bath, mud bath, stone steam bath, etc .; Tangquan palace is another outdoor soup spring, the most popular, open-air hot spring pool, Kind of effect of the small pool. In particular, traditional Chinese medicine bath, are made by the old Chinese medicine herbal medicine, each pool has a small card, written with a variety of effects, according to the needs of each need. And parents together, comfortable bubble in the hot springs, chatting together, it is to enjoy.
On the way back, driving to Xingxing town, strawberry road on both sides there are many orchards and greenhouses, winter strawberries are the most classic. We have taken some organic strawberries, take home to eat some of their own food, gave friends sent some.

Six, the whole family sent together

Xiuhua farm (picking) - Grass fishing village - Hong Kong's Wonderland music and more with this route for families with children or friends will be happy to play both rural leisure fun, but also to stimulate the theme park, but also to buy buy Buy, is simply fun.
The area of ​​the flower farm is super large, and cherries, peaches, plums, pears, apples, grapes, strawberries, watermelons, vegetables, corn and other fruits and agricultural products are planted. The best to eat is undoubtedly a grape, incense, giant peak, giant rose, love roses four varieties are particularly welcome.
With the children to pick up the old people, but also hands-on, but also enjoy the pure organic fruit, simply super satisfied.

If the weekend two days have free, you can go to the grass fishing village at night, leisurely fishing, vent their own is also leisurely. If you do not intend to stay in Changping, you can go to Le more Hong Kong Hong skin look.
Le Duo Hong Kong Holiday Plaza area is large, mainly divided into two parts, Outlets shopping center and fantasy paradise.
Mothers can enjoy the shopping in the Outlets, the Outlets is divided into four layers, a negative layer of sports and outdoor brands, one or two layers of clothing, shoes, bags, etc., three mainly food. In short, eat and drink shopping and so on, there is a day to visit the day is also possible.
Fantasy Paradise is a theme park, and other theme parks are the same, there are different. The same is that there are a lot of exciting entertainment projects, the difference is that these entertainment projects also combines China's historical human elements. Such as the giant screen theater, is the story of Zheng He's voyage as the background, real boat and the giant screen disaster theater perfect combination, so that passengers experience thrilling adventure tour; "Quest Tombs" is the secret adventure and the Ming Tombs Combination. But also some children for the less exciting items, children here to play the fun.

Seven, skiing hot springs correct

Snow World Ski Resort - Fengshan Hot Spring Spa - Impression Mountain Snow World Ski Resort is the closest ski resort from Beijing, and if you want to try skiing and do not want to hurry too hard, choose skiing here. Children can also play snowball here, ski circle, play the fun.

Play finished snow on the sport, to Fengshan to bubble hot spring it, warm about the body. Really is the day between the two days of ice! Fengshan hot springs are small soup pond, people are not many, and sometimes a family can dominate a pool, like a private soup. Chatting here, or simply hair daze, but also a rare quiet time.

Impression Villa in Changping Yanzikou Village, drove into the swallow mouth, Panshan winding path, European style pastoral style into the eye, summer to this, like into the green mountains and rivers of the screen, the whole Villa are relatively quiet.

The dishes here are home cooking, but not just the taste of Beijing, as well as the flavor of Hubei and Guizhou cuisine. 50 yuan per person can eat full of full.
In addition, the Villa also has a Kesheng Road West restaurant, not many people know that the environment is more intimate, imposing the grid is really full. Whether the decoration or the taste of dishes are amazing. Service is also particularly intimate, serving the waiter is with a white glove. Here is an open kitchen, you can see the chef's cooking process, eat at ease, and more fun. Here hidden in the market a rare Belgian monastery to send the beer, its taste of the rich, heavy, called the ultimate, to be sure to taste.

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