Qingdao, there is a slow life you want here

The sea, bookstore, coffee, petty bourgeoisie, literature and art, meet all your longing for a slow life.
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Qingdao impression

Red tiles and blue sky, German style, is the initial impression of Qingdao. Especially the Qingdao Station, the red roof and the semi-circular arch, this German-designed train station is full of Renaissance style.

Qingdao Old Street

In the streets of Qingdao, you will find that without a rush of people, life suddenly slows down. The streets of the old city are up and down, and the walls are full of historical vicissitudes. A bookstore can be encountered in just a few steps. Each has its own characteristics.

Qingdao will hit the card attractions

- Xiaoyushan -

The original puree beer of Qingdao has a pure taste. After drinking, there will be a slight feeling of sensation. At this time, it is most suitable for walking on the streets. There will be many new discoveries. For example, near the Ocean University, we discovered Xiao Yu Shan.


Xiaoyushan is located in Fushan branch road , which is a place that can meet all your artistic fantasies, various characteristic cafes, bookstores, and celebrities' former residences. Because it is closer to Ocean University, there are many students open cafes, and the price is lower than ordinary. The cafe is much cheaper.

Xiaoyushan Park

· Xiaoyushan Park is the first classical style Shantou Garden Park in Qingdao City. This hill was originally named after the mountain and was later known as “Little Fish Mountain” due to its proximity to Yushan Road. · Although the mountain is not high but can overlook, climbing overlooking, trestle bridge, small Qingdao, Lu Xun Park, bathing beach, Badaguan and other landscapes panoramic view. · There are three layers of octagonal towers at Chaoshan Pavilion, 18 meters high, covered with green glazed tiles.

- The Sea of ​​Songshan -

There are basically two lines in Laoshan Mountain, a pure peak climbing area in Jufeng and a scenic spot to see the sea to see the beach in Yangkou. We would like to take a hiked walk to Kyoho, and spent a total of five hours in the next one. The sultry weather sports a complete individual. It was quite released, especially after the dripping of sweat, he sat quietly by the sea to see the sea. There are very few people on the beach near Lushan, and when they watch the wave of waves in the evening, it seems that all their minds are swallowed up in the turbulent tide.

- Qingdao Bookstore -

Desert Island Bookstore

1, Qingdao study: Anna Villa architectural style, set bookstores, photography, art, German restaurant in one. Located at No. 26 Zhejiang Road, Qingdao (nearly Catholic Church).

2. Liangyou Bookshop: The tower style of the Republic of China. It also has bookstores, cafes, art galleries, and flower shops. Located at No. 5 Anhui Road.

3, desert island bookstore: a bookstore with the theme of Qingdao culture, and Lao She's former residence, you can find Lao She, Xiao Hong's many works. Located at No. 2 Fushan Road.

4, Xiaocheng Bookstore: A chain of brands, the store is very small, but the customer is in an endless stream.

Qingdao study

Based on the historical style of Anna Villa, the Qingdao School’s innovative mode has created an “experimental, open, integrated book sales, document collection, reading and sharing, theme salon, public exhibition, beer plaza, cultural and creative design, and tourism promotion. "Sex City Public Reading Space" integrates various elements such as tradition, contemporary, concept, experience, and sharing to create a spiritually oriented, high-quality cultural integration place.

Liangyou Bookshop

It is one of the cultural "landmarks" of Qingdao's old city and is full of retro bookstores of art vans. In an old German building restored on the basis of centuries ago in Guangxi Road, the decorative style of Liangyou Book Fair continued the cultural interest and atmosphere of Shanghai's “Best Friends” pictorial in the 1920s. Here, besides being able to buy books produced by the Liangyou Bookshop and the unique Qingdao Tourism Map, you can enjoy a hand-made coffee and, more importantly, you can feel the culture of the city.

Desert Island Coffee (Fukuyama Road, No.1 Muyudang Branch)

- Huangdao Road Seafood Market -

Huangdao Road, when you ask the locals where to eat seafood, they will recommend the Firewood House, but in fact there is a very cost-effective seafood market close to the Firewood Court, on Huangdao Road.

Huangdao Lu

You can choose your own seafood at the seafood restaurant, and then look for a beer house next to the processing. The general beer house will have its own seafood shop, allowing the boss to bring in the past, there will be preferential. Two people within 200 can eat a very rich seafood meal.

Qingdao is a city that can slow people down, and people can find themselves.

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