Shanghai excursion a good place - Zhujiajiao travel tips

Zhujiajiao is a very suitable weekend leisure place, so how to play a small Zhujiajiao it? Some tips for you.
zhujiajiao ancient town

The required play time

1.  We left at 11:30 am and left at 4:30 pm, a total of 5 hours before and after, but we did not catch up with time, did not play attractions (only a clear post office), there is no charter, nor go by boat Dianshan Lake.
If you do not eat, do not play attractions, take a look around the pocket, then, about 2 hours is enough; if you want to play fine, go see class plantations, the Qing Post Office, Yuan Chun Temple, etc., all day or of;

Zhujiajiao ancient town how to play?

Zhujiajiao play block division

2.  According to my own feeling, I can roughly divide the ancient town into the following

sections : A red area 1 - cross the two sides of Xijing Street, and three bridges from north to south: Yongquan Bridge, Zhonglongqiao, Yong'an Bridge. Both sides of the road is along the river, you can see the scenery in the river, you can shop by the side of the road, be a good place to combine river and street scenes. On both sides of the small shops, handicrafts mainly there are several restaurants, is the seemingly opposite side of things rather not cheap.

Green 2 regional block - the main is the liberation of the bridge north and south sides of the bridge is the hotel gathering place, by the Cao Gang River restaurant mostly hydrophilic platform, while eating, the general scenery, feel good. If it is winter, it is best to choose the North Bank hotel, the sun is better, the summer to choose the South Bank hotel, not so sun. Boat to Dianshan Lake, on the north side of the release bridge to the east.

The 3 blocks of purple - mainly the triangular area enclosed by Qijia Bridge, Zhongguanyin Bridge and Yongfeng Bridge, and the section from Yongfeng Bridge to Daqing Post Office. This area with a small fresh, personalized teahouse, bed and breakfast-based, shop layout are under the effort, the environment is relatively quiet, suitable for friends, drinking tea in a daze.

Orange 4 area blocks - mainly modern commercial areas and newly developed residential properties, including Starbucks, Joint Publishing, etc., with the ancient town very coordinated, undermining the integrity of the town.

Zhujiajiao ancient town

Not over-developed

3.  Overall, Zhujiajiao, apart from releasing the modern commercial and residential areas to the southeast of the bridge, greatly damaged the integrity of the ancient town. The protection of the entire ancient town was fairly complete and the ancient town was not over developed. The difference between the years is not great. Relative to Xitang three-step bar, five-a-state home, Zhujiajiao is relatively quiet. Of course, Zhujiajiao place is small.

Zhujiajiao ancient town

Recommended route

4.  For the car to Zhujiajiao friends, the bus station in the lower right corner of the tour map, after the car should go to Xinfeng Road.
Adhering to the principle of not going backwards, my personal suggested tour route is: Zhujiajiao Bus Station - Xinfeng Road - Fangqiao - Dongjing Street (Grandma Tea House) - East Side of Xijing Street - North Gate of Scenic Area - Yongquan Bridge - West Bank West Bank (School Plantation and Heartland) - Yongan Bridge - Dongjing Street (Dianshan Lake Cruise Terminal) - Reissue Bridge to the south bank of Cao Gang River - North Street (you can choose Restaurants) - Tai'an Bridge - Caohe Street (Yuanjin Buddhist Temple, Financial and Temple) - West Lake Street (Daqing Post) - Yongfeng Bridge (near the tea house to rest) - East Lake Street - Zhongguanyin Bridge - Daxin Street - the United States Zhou Road (470 ginkgo tree) or Xinxi Road - Xinfeng Road - Zhujiajiao bus station.

See the schematic below, the red line to go, the green line back. I turned the original tour map according to the actual direction of the southeast to the northwest by 90 degrees. Although the word does not look right, the route is according to the actual direction, so please pay special attention.

Zhujiajiao tour route map

Not suitable for foreign tourists

5.  In fact, Zhujiajiao is not suitable for special field trips to Shanghai, a friend, because the place is too small, the road from Shanghai in the past is not close, time back and forth at least two and a half hours, but if it is Zhujiajiao - Grand View Garden - Lake Dianshan several attractions Tour together, is also a day trip can be considered.
If you really interested in the ancient town, the preferred area in Shanghai should be Zhouzhuang, Zhujiajiao time allowed.
Therefore, Zhujiajiao mainly suitable for local leisure travel, weekend and family and friends in the past to visit, eat, enjoy a moment of relaxation and quiet.

Traffic to Zhujiajiao

We travel this way by car, but in fact, from Shanghai to Zhujiajiao bus lines are still many, there are many places in Shanghai have sent to Zhujiajiao direct train, Shanghai Stadium Gate 5, Old Road, Yan'an Road, People Square Pu'an Road, Jinling Road, and so have a shuttle bus, departure time between 5: 30-18: 00, about 10 minutes to 1 hour classes.
Shanghai Stadium, No. 5 door tourist routes and Yan'an Road, Chengdu Road direct bus, used to sit in front of many times, time is also an hour more.

Departure from Shanghai to go to Zhujiajiao bus route, you need to change to the Qingpu bus station Old Chengdu North Road, Caoxibeilu bus station, Shanghai South Railway Station, Yan'an Road, Chengdu Road and other buses, departure time at 5:30 - 22:00, about 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Children need to check the bus line can log in Shanghai public transit network for specific inquiries: . 

Yangpu District, from my departure for peace near Park, driving to Zhujiajiao navigation about 1 hour and 15 minutes or so, toll 20 yuan (because I loaded the car ETS, so the charges in Shanghai can hit 95% off, the final actual income 19 yuan).
In fact, we went to the day, in Yan'an elevated Shanghai-Chongqing high-speed block, so walked almost 1 hour and 45 minutes.

More than a decade ago went to Zhujiajiao Huqingping are taking the road, and later opened to Shanghai-Chongqing high-speed Zhu Feng Highway, and if not traffic jams, Shanghai in the past is still very convenient.

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