Zhujiajiao ancient town in Shanghai's hometown, traffic tickets gourmet Raiders

Zhujiajiao now the full name of the administrative region of Shanghai Zhujiajiao Qingpu District. Look at the map will find Zhujiajiao in Shanghai, Suzhou, Jiaxing three cities surrounded by the triangle center.
zhujiajiao at dusk

If you want to learn an ancient poet on the hot day to elegantly summer, the material requirements are as follows: 1 large Mizusawa, mountains; 2 deep courtyard, dense shade; 3 idle life rhythm, a lot can be casual Sleeping time; 4 plus points: some fresh and interesting things can be used to wake up after a walk, pass the time. Zhujiajiao is a good choice!

How to get to Zhujiajiao

Zhujiajiao now the full name of the administrative region of Shanghai Zhujiajiao Qingpu District. Look at the map will find Zhujiajiao in Shanghai, Suzhou, Jiaxing three cities surrounded by the triangle center. Therefore, from the three provinces in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to the ancient town traffic is very convenient.

1. Shanghai Stadium Travel 4-line direct.
2. Shanghai People's Square Pu An Road Shanghai-Zhuhai Line (6: 30-19: 00) high-speed air-conditioned bus, about 4 can reach Zhujiajiao. Fares 12 yuan. Every 20 minutes.
3. Zhujiajiao bus station has a number of trips to or from the bus bus, and do not need to take the Shanghai urban area, you can easily travel between Zhejiang and Jiangsu or Shanghai under the jurisdiction of the suburbs.
Song Zhucheng Line: Songjiang Chengdong Station 05: 25-17: 00 Zhujiajiao 05: 50-17: 50 
Qingfeng Line: Qingpu Bus Station 6: 20-16: 50 Fengjing Bus Station 6: 20-16: 50
Business Line : Qingpu Bus Station 05: 00-18: 10 Business Collapse 06: 10-18: 40 
Green Line: Qingpu Bus Station 05: 00-17: 50 Jinze 06: 05-18: 25
Green Cen Line: Qingpu Bus Station 05: 00-17: 35 Xiteng 06: 05-18: 40 
Qingshi Line: Qingpu Bus Station 05: 15-15: 40 Shi Huandang 06: 35-16: 55 
Green Steamer Line: Qingpu Bus Station 5: 20- 17:20 Steaming 6: 00-18: 30 For 
example, when I was going to Shanghai, take the Shanghai-Zhuhai Express Line that starts on Pu'an Road. Return is seamless docking power relay, Zhujiajiao station (Bus Toll Line 5 yuan) - Business Town (Bus Line Extension Toll Line 2 yuan) - Zhouzhuang Bus Station (Passenger bus fare 16 yuan ) - Suzhou Railway Station (19.5 high-speed rail fare) - Wuxi Railway Station.

Oncoming a little girl riding a bicycle, always feel like acquaintance.

Zhujiajiao tickets and food


Shanghai deserves to be a world-class metropolis, doing things always have a style of speaking tone. Although the ancient town of growing reputation, but insisted that no tickets, which in all parts of the country nowadays climbing the vanguard of the season seems quite arrogance.
Free entry to the town, the town has a number of memorial fees, admission tickets can be purchased scenic area. Including cruise ship purchase price but also 64 yuan. You know, most of the southern town of the market is the light cruise will have to charge per capita 60 yuan -80 yuan.


Township water snacks everywhere.
Zongzi, barbecued meat, smoked green beans, dried bean curd, Zhaotoubang, champion cake, lotus root ... ... a visit, but also can eat food for pleasure.

Zhashou bladder


Pickles in the ancient town is also very famous, to see many decent aunt out to go out when the Shanghai aunt mom packing usually when packaged a few souvenirs.

However, serious catering, or recommended outside the ancient town choose to choose a larger surface, and secondly, lower prices.
Zhujiajiao ancient town area and urban residential area is next to a few steps to go out a little, you can find fashion tea shop, fried chicken shop and other national chain restaurants, there are also many waterfront characteristics of the hotel.

Zhujiajiao night


Zhujiajiao is an ancient town subordinated to Shanghai. The style of the ancient town is different from any place in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. However, it is secretly echoed by the impressed Shanghai people.
Both the secular (stepping on people boast themselves), real (wall painted bicycle props will be collected every night), 锱 baht will be more (every home water terrace photo fee) side, but also the atmosphere (the ancient town to all Free and open), exquisite (self-contained "morning tea") and innovative (neoclassical transformation of the old granary) side.
This mix of taste may be lovely Zhujiajiao charming place.

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