The first time to Xitang, two days how to arrange?

As a typical Jiangnan Water Village, Xitang complete the past town style. Bridge water, ancient Lane Lane Lane, Dai brick tiles, Mucha window, everything is a dream look. What is the correct way to open Jiangnan Water Village? Come, follow me and see.
xitang water town a

Xitang must not miss the first experience

Walk through the lane to go through the corridor promenade

Humanity Xitang have "more than three", "bridge more, get more, Gallery shed more." Xitang beauty, probably with these three are inseparable. River and more, so there are many stone bridge, bridge is not only the bridge itself, behind every bridge has a history and unknown story. In addition to the bridge, the most famous is Xitang alley. "Get along", "water get" and the streets and the streets connected to the small alley, large and small, wide and narrow alley add up to as many as 122. In addition, Xitang has a man named "Amidst the Promenade," Linhe Peng shed, is considered to be a unique ancient town landscape. All black and white tile covered promenade, is the scenery, but also the story. Walking through the ancient town of Xitang, take the bridge through the lane promenade, simple and light folk, the charm of the ancient and breathtaking through these high or low stone arch bridge, or the long or short alley and look unattractive Promenade shed, slowly flowing out.
Recommended attractions: Wolong Bridge, Wufu Bridge, send Zi Laifeng Bridge, Ambassador Bridge; stone get; Amoy Promenade

Make a wish

Figure: Xitang put the river by @simon

Put the river lights Xitang night reserved. Every evening, locals came out and started selling all kinds of exquisite paper folding water lamps. Each one is handmade, embodies the grandmother grandma unique ingenuity. As night fell, water glittering, a light of water floating on the river, a little bit of light shining on the river, but also illuminated the wishes of those who pray. Point a lamp, watching the river diversion, my heart silently make a wish, I believe in the near future, it will be achieved.

Sit back and enjoy the night view

Figure: Xitang night (pictures from the network)

Xu Tong River is the mother of Xitang River, night Xu Tong River is different from the daytime, evening, bright red lanterns along the river, the red light reflected in the river, reflecting the colorful lights, according to the night of Xitang, there is a Kind of bustling and charming. Take a boat, slowly drifting down the river in the water, looking at the night of Xitang, listening to the boat boss about the old story circulating in the ancient town, a moment, the ancient town of the simple and prosperous as if all can touch the moment , And that heart, but also already flew a thousand years ago, an evening in the ancient town.

Listen to a Yue opera singing

Figure: Xitang Opera performances (images from the network)

In addition to put the river lights, Xitang there is a special reservation program: Yue Opera. Xitang has many hobby enthusiasts, who came together to set up Xitang Yue Opera Association. Every night at night, the Chinese lantern, the gentle river flowing, sitting in the Linhe Street near the stage, a pot of yellow cake, a pot of wine, a pot of wine, listening to Nong soft language Yue opera singing, laughing, As if fell into a dream, back to the water of the old days, gentle and old. Xitang it, even if only to listen to a Yue Opera, Ye Hao.

Xitang there are two dramatic drama place, one is in the Xiu Xiuqiao pavilions where every night there are folk art lovers, the other is to send children to Lafayette cruise pier across the stage, every weekend afternoon there is generally more drama Performance, time varies, you can across the water. Specific performance time to be good to the locals in advance.

Live an ancient inn

Figure: Case Xitang boutique inn

Want to experience the authentic southern Yangtze River feelings? Come to Guzhen Inn for a night. Large house, wood doors and windows, bamboo corresponding, whether it is a modern bed or a hundred years carved bed, with the beauty of this southern complement each other. Sit in the wicker chair, drink a glass of old yellow rice wine, smell the air with a sting of moisture, listening to the curl of the southern part of a small tune, feel the history of the mottled and years of precipitation, to enjoy a different leisure time in the past.

Xitang gourmet explorers

Stinky tofu

Figure: tube old stinky tofu

Xitang gourmet TOP1! As Jiangnan folk food, Xitang stinky tofu can be said to be famous. Fried tofu, crisp and delicious, with sauce, the taste is simply a must, eat food punch card must not miss Oh!
Recommended shop : tube old stinky tofu, smelly stinky tofu

Old man stinky tofu, very famous in Xitang, but there are many home is not authentic. Smelly tofu smell is really smelly, but eat, fragrant, and the tofu is very slippery and tender. Ha ha ha, look at the way we know it ~ go to Xitang really can taste Oh!

Xitang has a lot of home care too tofu shop, it is said that the most authentic tube shop in the old lady stone Road 92, but outside the area Oh!


Figure: Lu really come to wonton by @ winded honey

Although the same ravioli blunt, but slightly different ravioli north and south. Xiantang ravioli blunt, thin, meat is not much, but the taste is extremely fresh, but also the best of the brewing brewing alley, fresh and delicious, let people unable to stop.
Recommended shop: Lu really come to wonton

 Lu wonton, in the tofu grandmother (please allow me to call her elderly) across the two small stand very conspicuous children, one can see from the West Street to see, eat a lot of people, are attracted all Come. His family's wonton skin thin stuffing children, fragrant and delicious, soup is also very refreshing, really deserved reputation.

Tofu flowers

Figure: Qian ancestral bean curd by @ Ang Norrington

One of the famous snacks in Xitang, there are also salty sweet bean curd, have to say hello in advance with the boss. Recommended salty, milky water tofu with shrimp seaweed and mustard, tofu tender and smooth, the entrance that is, excellent taste, spicy friends can also be served with a spoonful of chili sauce Oh!
Recommended shop: Xitang money ancestral tofu flowers

The first night we found a Qian ancestral bean curd in the bridge, that business can be called a good one. Sweet and salty to sell. Tofu flower is very slippery, warm inside also added shrimp, a lot more delicious than imagined. To praise.

Sweet stuffed

Q play softball balls, accompanied by a bowl of special fermented sweet rice wine, the taste is really good!
Recommended shop: Ancestral sweet wine stuffed

Stuffed meatballs, rich wine stuffed with QQ balls, coupled with sweet-scented osmanthus foam, sitting in the shop to drink a bowl, looking outside the ancient town of water, feeling super comfortable.

Oil eel paste

Image by @ Do not want to do

Su cuisine to help one of the characteristics of dishes, with "Yumizhixiang" Xitang aquatic resources are abundant, where the taste of eel wire really makes a delicious, and most importantly, delicious not expensive.
Recommended stores: old products Fang, Ding Kee, send the moon floor

芡 real cake: will buy hand letter

Figure: Forest cake real @ brandy milk tea

Xitang local native products, is a soft Han-style pastries, a lot of taste, Xitang's must-buy accompaniment, not one.
Recommended shop: forest cake cake; first-line hand workshop

Route arrangements

Figure: Xitang major attractions

Day 1 West Street → Stone Bark Lane → Ni Zhai → Sacred Church → Ming and Qing Dynasties Wood Carving Museum
Day 2 West Park → Button Museum → Zhang Ge Gendiao Museum → Vang Vang Museum → Yongning Bridge → Amoy Promenade → Send Zi Laifeng Bridge → Xiu Xiuqiao → Drunkard → protect the country with the food temple

Xitang is very small, do not have to bother to remember the route of Xitang scenic spots, spots are next to, walking can go finish, the above two-day tour routes are for reference only. If the time is not well, day trips are actually a good choice.

How to Xitang

Address : No. 258, Nanyuan Road, Xitang Town
Transportation : ① Railway Station: There are no railway stations in Xitang. The nearest railway station to Xitang is Jiashan and Jiashan. There are two railway stations, Jiashan Station and Jiashan South Station. From Jiashan station take the K215 and K152 direct Xitang, K222 from Jiashan South Station take the straight to reach Xitang; ② car: take the car to the Xitang bus station, also known as Jiashan North Station or Xitang station, the best car to Xitang bought the return ticket; ③ aircraft: Pudong Airport is relatively close, then transfer to Xitang.
Tickets : 100 yuan (including the ancient town of 11 spots)
Opening hours : high season March 1 - October 31: 8: 00-17: 00; off-season November 1 -28: 8: 16:30

Curtains in the alleys, look at the elderly basking in the sun, without time constraints, wandering wandering in Xitang, find a Linhe shop, quietly made a stay, you will feel that awesome. Xitang it, for that dream of Jiangnan Water Village.

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