Xitang what is worth the experience of quality inn?

Tom Cruise in the white wall Daiwa jump between the shuttle, in the rainy beaches between the rapid bolted, but also the beautiful town of Jiashan County, Zhejiang, with the "Mission: Impossible III" together to bring the world. Although the commercial atmosphere of Xitang already let it no longer the past quiet, but can still play early in the morning, or find a non-holiday day, stop and feel their Xitang.

One, a picture seconds to understand Xitang

How to get there

Railway: Xitang is located in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou center, across the country to the three train-intensive train, Shanghai-Hangzhou railway route Jiaxing station and Jiashan station, both have direct bus to Xitang.
Aviation: Xitang from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport are within 2 hours by car, full high-speed, road patency.
Travel camp: for the convenience of tourists travel, the current Shanghai tourism distribution center (every day classes), Hangzhou Tourism Distribution Center (weekend classes) has opened Xitang tourism green car, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu major hotels have opened Xitang tourist routes The  

Second, people recommend Xitang play routes

Half day tour: tour Zhangzheng Gendiao Museum, Jiangnan Wadang Hall, burn Hong Kong, Ni Tianzeng ancestral home exhibition hall, church, walk misty rain promenade, stone skinning, species Futang, West Park, China Button Museum, back (three hours Tour)
Day tour: morning tour Zhang Zhenggong carving hall, Jiangnan Wadang Hall, burning Hong Kong, Ni Tianzeng Zuju Museum, Church, Tang Dong Street, China Wine Culture Museum, enjoy the water specialties, afternoon walk Yanyu promenade, tour seven Old temple, drunk garden, stone skin, the kind of Futang, West Park, China Button Museum, return to the two-
day tour: D1: about four o'clock in the afternoon into the town, visit the West, burn Hong Kong, Ni Tianzeng ancestral gallery, church , The Tang Dynasty Street, the Chinese wine culture museum, enjoy the water specialties, boat tour Xu Tong River, Huadeng early, view the ancient town night, stay at the hotel; D2: visit Zhang Zhenggen carving hall, Jiangnan Wadang Museum, Xitang best viewing - Yongning Bridge, walk the misty rain promenade, tour seven old temple, drunk garden, after lunch tour the world first get - stone skin get, kind of Futang, West Park, China Button Museum, back.
Video tour: along the United States Hollywood blockbusters "Mission Impossible three" in the scene of Tom Cruise running from the Ming and Qing Dynasties food generation → An Jingqiao → Yongning Bridge → promenade → send child Lai Fung Bridge → River Bridge → farming (All in the Xitang film and television film production) → West Park (World Tourism Miss Photography Exhibition) → Button Museum → Yongning Bridge to Wanan Bridge (the last shot in the film)

Three, what is worth the experience of the inn?

Xitang inn distribution is more uniform, more concentrated in the area of ​​the town of West Street, Tang Dong Street, misty rain promenade, Wolong Bridge and other attractions nearby. Most of the inn are built on the river, there are nearly a hundred years old homes alterations, as well as private courtyard of the family inn. Are very Jiangnan Water features, living in this night is the best travel experience.

West Street is the center of Xitang, is the most famous and most lively commercial street, since the beginning of the Ming Dynasty already exists. Very typical water street pattern, narrow roads, both sides of the building antique. Along the street attractions are more distributed, stone skin get, West Park, Button Museum and so on in this area.
Tang Dong Street was the Republic of China to the liberation of Xitang one of the most prosperous streets, is still bustling as ever. It is known here because it is Xitang famous bar street, there are rich and wonderful nightlife. Tangdong Street, many of the attractions, there are well-known burning Hong Kong, bridges and rivers side of the Ni house, the Ming and Qing Dynasties wood carvings and so on.
Yanyu promenade is Jiangnan Water Village in the unique building, is a unique landscape in the town. Walking along the river in the promenade, catching rainy days, misty rain you will find the most beautiful Xitang. The misty rainy beaches are the heart of Xitang and are full of boutiques, gourmet shops and specialty pubs.  

1, Xitang Shende Church 丨 live in a hundred years of history

【Key words】 retro, antique, centuries mansion, service intimate, suitable for parent-child tour
[recommended index] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
inn itself is also considered a private tourist attraction, is a 500-year-old old Zhaizi, was Xitang town family Wang's house. Not in the ranks of the ticket, the building structure of the building, Diaolianghuadong details are very delicate, like the ancient building of the bee bee will like this. Excellent location, in the stone on the west side, from the misty rain promenade, Lai Fung Bridge, An Jingqiao are less than 1KM. Chen Kaige's movie "with you" is here in the viewfinder.

Shende Church is the twenty-third generation of the Ming Dynasty mansion, is also the ancient town of Xitang scenic area only ancestral down, painted Liang Diao of the Ming Dynasty architecture, has been included in the national cultural relics protection. Visiting the tired water back to the inn to rest, listen to aunt to tell you about the history of the old house and the local customs.

2, Xitang Yi Jiangnan boutique inn 丨 cost-effective

【Key words】 boutique inn, garden courtyard, service intimate, suitable for family
【recommended index】★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
Inn is located in Xitang Town Tourism Scenic Area, located in Xitang Town, West Street, Lane 55, Lane 131, is a set of leisure , Cultural image in one of the boutique inn. The hotel has four different styles of rooms to choose from: I love (private balcony bath room), memories (Chinese-style retro round bed tub room), recall (cultural double bath suite), remember (cultural double bath suite) The In addition to providing private travel pictures and travel wedding photography services.  

3, Xitang secret garden

【Key words】 good location, good service, parking spaces, high comfort, quality inn, suitable for the family
【Recommended index】★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Xitang the most popular hotel, returnees artists designed, each room has high star Class accommodation, the inn is located in the center of the town, with the only parking area within the area, free bus station shuttle service.

Inn in the center of the scenic area, go out is the misty rain promenade, alley exit is tower Bay Street, from the drunk garden is very close, there is also a high popularity Yulu Spring Hotel. Inn has three yard, sweet-scented osmanthus trees, tea in the yard is very comfortable! Inn has its own scenic area within the parking lot, probably can stop a 7-8 car. The room is large, the bathroom dry and wet separation, there are screens.  

To find a temporary water inn, or push the window on a railing and overlooking, or sitting in the courtyard of the courtyard of the cup of tea, quietly enjoy the town of slow time. Xitang essence in the morning and evening, accompanied by the sun from the hazy in the morning gradually woke up, at night, the streets of all kinds of windows, doors, revealing the color of light, walking in which a trace of a warm romantic. If only to vacation, then do not control what the line, and Xitang small, may wish to go inside the town of each street, tired in the street characteristics of the store to sit, buy some food, and street Side of the sun's grandparents on the look, made a daze. To the meal time, every family smoke curl, you will find, Xitang so fresh.  

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