The Hong Kong Michelin Series has won one star of authentic Cantonese cuisine for many years - Peng Qingji

Just spend 3,000 yuan, you can find a weekend flamboyant flew to Hong Kong, forcing a full-fledged Michelin Samsung French cuisine, eating several Michelin-starred restaurants and Hong Kong-flavored downtown restaurant snacks.

Recommended reason

Reason 1: One Michelin star was selected for several consecutive years.
Reason 2: The authentic Cantonese cuisine is of a high standard. On the basis of traditional dishes, there are innovations. The new flavors are all  great.
Reason 3: Not only seasoning is good, but also the ingredients are fresh. In order to maintain the quality of ingredients, the owner Every day, Peng Bo personally drives to Kowloon to buy ingredients. The weather is not changed and the quality is guaranteed.
Reason 4: Many celebrities and wealthy people will come to this shop to join in the market. Before the impression, there have been news that Marshal Zhang Zhilin has brought Yuan Xiaoyi to eat here. In short, this restaurant is still worth recommending.  

Restaurant address

The restaurant is near Happy Valley, and a bit south of the racecourse. It's not too far from the popular center area. When we went there, we walked directly from Central to see and walk.

Recommended dishes

The menu is this page. The price of the dish is not cheap, but it is worth the money.

Old fire case soup

Where do I want to drink a bowl of hot, ribs, steamed bread, carrot stew soup, taste is pure, no seasoning taste, is the original taste of the ingredients, drink a bowl that is comfortable ~ ~

Cracker roll

His family's explosives are also well-known, like early adopters can choose to fried six treasures, each taste, but I am very clear about their preferences, so directly to the double fight, both are my big love ~ ~

The glutinous rice cakes are loved, and the quail is cut into small diced and fried dishes. There are also several kinds of vegetables inside, which bring out a refreshing feeling. The taste is crisp and very good. The volume of the mussels and the taste of the mussels is very good. It is also good. The wolfberry juice was sour and sweet, and it added another flavor to the oysters.

Straw Pears

This dish is generally fried with pineapple, but his family also offers another option. Strawberries are strawberry. This kind of sweet and sour meat dish I generally do not love, but this feels so good, first eat too hard to feel too greasy, almost no bones ribs, fried very hot and delicious, cooked not bad, there is bite Not too hard. The sweet and sour taste is also very good. In short, everything is just fine.

Shunde oyster carp

This is a dish that the older generation prefers to order, and I think it is mostly with nostalgia for my hometown. It is also a dish marked with "Featured Recommendations".

Look at the cut noodles. There is a thin fish intestine, a fork, a diced vegetable, and a liver.

This shop needs to be booked in advance. We waited for about twenty minutes at the scene. Here regarded as an affluent area of Hong Kong, we look greeting sent people in isochronous bit, really rich to regular customers mostly call them directly is the boss Zhang, Anson something, eat a large pan of a shark fin  
short This restaurant is still worth recommending ~

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