The cheapest Michelin restaurant: Hong Kong street food, the global expansion

Hong Kong's "Tim Good Luck" dim sum shop, which claims to be the cheapest Michelin Star in the world at $30 per person . It won the Michelin star, the restaurant suddenly swept across Hong Kong, and even diners for first-class three hours, only one position.

Founded in 2009, the store was awarded the Michelin Star award by the International Michelin Guide in less than a year after its opening , and has been hailed as "the cheapest star food house in the world " due to his low prices. Tim Good Luck once set a record selling a snack every 17 seconds.

The Michelin star restaurant, which does not cost more than $ 5 for almost every meal, finally, the most anticipated restaurant in New York has been preparing for nearly a year, and on December 16 it officially opened for business.

Just seven years time, "Tim Good Luck" from the initial Hong Kong snack shop development has now become a well-known brand names. Not only in Hong Kong there are many branches, its footprint is more than Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries and cities. Developed to 45 stores worldwide, New York is the nation's first branch, but also Tim Fortune 45 branch. Such a restaurant legend, the boss Peigu and strong brother, but it is only a smile, a rather low-key, "do dessert by heart."

The first "Tim Good Luck" restaurant was founded by the well-known pastry chef Mak Kwai-pei. Master Mak started to learn how to make pastries at the age of 15 and served as the dessert manager at the three-star Michelin restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong, Business path, "

So why "Tim Good Luck" did not choose to first stationed in European countries or the United States? The store said Australia as a multicultural country where diners are more aware of how to enjoy food.

One of the main features of in-store refreshment is also the  reason why "good luck" attracts a large number of diners. This is due to the fact that it does not sell overnight snacks or frozen snacks to customers. In order to maintain the original "Tim Good Luck", the Melbourne Branch has established long-term friendly relations with local farm suppliers to ensure the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Signature Crispy Baked BBQ Roast Pork is the most distinctive feature among the "Four Kings". It not only selects the finest raw materials, but also the most special flour. Even the cooking method is different from the traditional "steamed," with the choice of "roasted." Chef's mastery of dessert production skills, coupled with the store's secret recipe , culminated in this popular Hong Kong-style dim sum.

Most notably, the Melbourne branch specializes in a toaster oven that allows the dessert to be heated more evenly during the baking process . Therefore, excellent restaurant in creating classic dishes, in addition to maintaining the quality of the past, but also inject new bright spots, improve food quality.

It is said that "Tim Good Luck" has four kinds of must-sign signs, but also known as the "four kings" are crispy pork roast package, yellow sand pig intestines, fragrant fried radish cake, sweet-smelling cake , Exquisite styling, fresh and delicate taste.

Tim "Good Luck" can make very simple, very ordinary food to the extreme, won the world's praise, it is worth learning from all our dining people.

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